Wysolone Side Effects

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Wysolone Side Effects
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i have ulcerative colitis i'm prescribed wysolone of 10 mg four tablets a day i'm having four tablets from past two months but i dont find much difference in my condition i have ulcerative colitis from last 30 years what worst side effects could i have by having wysolone 10 mg ## Wysolone contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, it is a corticosteroid. The possible side effects can include: headache, fluid retention, weight gain and muscle weakness. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ...
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Wed, Jul 27 '11, 12:26 PM
side effects of wysolone
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I m 9 week pregnant. Had heavy bleeding in 7 week . Doctor prescribed me wysolene 40 mg a day for 2 week than 30 mg and so on. I am having moon face with paiful pimpels and excessive facial hair growth. Will these facial hair and other problems will automatically disappear after stopping this medicine ? ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Mon, Sep 22 '14, 10:44 AM
Wysolone 5 Mg Side Effects
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my daughter is 5 years of age. she is suffering from allergic cough, many medicines are given, along with seroflow and asthalin inhalers, dr. advised to use wysolone 10 mg for 2 days and 5 mg for 4 days, i want to know what are the side effects? ## Wysolone contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, it is a steroid class medication and its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and fluid retention. Learn more Prednisolone details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## My wife previously got arthrities.At that time Doctor suggested to use Wysolone 5mg Tab. Now she got paralasys stroke. She is relieving pains with Wysolone Tab-5 none other than this. What are the side effects for using long term and what are alternatives. ...
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Fri, Feb 15 '13, 11:00 PM
wysolone post side effects
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Hi i have ulcerative colitis i'm prescribed wysolone of 10 mg four tablets a day, i started taking the tablets 2 weeks ago. Suddenly my cheeks have started swelling, i feel to hungry and also there is a rapid growth in my weight. According to my doctor i just need to take these medicines for another 2 weeks My question is : Will I get rid of the side effects once i stop having wysolone ? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Tue, Nov 25 '14, 11:21 PM
Wysolone 10 Mg Side Effects
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My vet has given my labrador who is 11 and half yrs 1 tablet of wysolone 5mg. He was diagnosed with high sugar levels t3 thyroid. He was given amaryl 1mg and thyrosone in the last two days. He is not finding it easy to walk, as he is really a big fat dog so wysolone was given. What and how would that help? I want to know, plz advise thanx ...
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Sun, Jan 13 '13, 1:07 AM
Side Effects Of 5mg Wysolone
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My mother had a petutary tumor operated in 1998,after 6months as per doctor's advice radiation was taken. After taking radiation doctor adviced wysolene5mg as a physiology dose. Since 12yrs she has been taking this.In 2008 she had golbladder operated,now due to wysolene she has become a patient of acute ostheoporosis and suferring from acute vertibral compression fracture.Doctor says due to Wysolene her bones have become very fragile,is there any way to stop taking Wysolene? ## You say ur mother has been taking wysolone for 12yrs....has it caused any side effects? ## I'm 27 old any said efeict concor5mg ...
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Thu, Jun 09 '16, 1:07 AM
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Hi, dis is Sripal am. Using wysolone 5 mg. Tablet from last. Fiveyrs. Am. Kidney transplant patient. Tel. Md hw does Of effects my body ## hi i m pardeep,i use wysolone 10 mg from last 2 years,i m transplant patient,now my eyes are effectaed with white motia due to side effects,what i doing now please tell me,any medicine which removes white motia or any other solution of this.... ...
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Mon, Jun 10 '13, 4:14 AM
Wysolone EFFECTS
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i am prescribed with wysolone from last two months......before i took this medicine i was too ean but now as i have started with this medicine i have become very very plumpy n my face started luking so round...m very very worried about this as i m just 23 yrs.......please help......to recover from this.. ## i am prescribed with wysolone from last two months......before i took this medicine i was too ean but now as i have started with this medicine i have become very very plumpy n my face started luking so round and my weight is increasing day by day...m very very worried about this as i m just 26 yrs.......please help......to recover from this.. ## Dear Never use wysolone or any other steroid drug without the prescription of DOCTOR.Consult them regularly & use the drug if suggested ... ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Sat, Nov 19 '11, 12:48 PM
wysolone side effects in diabetes
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im am diabetes . recently i have suffering from bells pelsy on 27 th jul 2014, Dr prscrib wysolone 60 mg per dey, but my diabetes lavel not control.I have also take nsulne, ...
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Fri, Aug 29 '14, 1:14 AM
wysolone 10mg tablet side effects
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For Bells Palsy I have been given 3×7=21days.Next 7days 2×7=14.And next 7days 1×7=7.How would it effect my health,what are the side effects I will face ## Doctor priscribed me defcort 12 for 7 days and then changed it to wyslone 10 for five days and then wyslone 5 for five and then to stop is their any possibility of adernal crisis or side effect. ## 10 days taken for wysolone 10 Prescription-morning-2 Night-2 &after taken wysolone 10 only for one time..for 2 weekss But by mistake i am taken wysolone 20...please tell me...How would it effect my health? ## My son is 8y old. He is suffering from urticaria. Doctor advised him 20mg of whysolone and 20mg of areas tab. After one week he got swelling on whole body. What should be done. ...
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Fri, Aug 26 '16, 8:19 AM
WHAT are the Wysolone Side Effects
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i am asthamatic female age 33yrs doctor has recommended me to take Wysolone 10mg incase i get my asthama attack. Does it have a side effect ## All medications carry the risk of side effects, even over the counter products. Wysolone contains the steroid class active ingredient Prednisolone and its side effects may include: nausea, headache, weight changes and acne. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Tue, May 15 '12, 3:31 PM
side effects of wysolone 5 mg tablet
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I am 23 years old & I am consuming wysolone 5 mg tablet. I wanted to know the side effects of the dosage?? How would it affect my health in the future? Is it advised to take wysolone for body pain & leg pain? ## This is a steroid class medication that can be used to treat inflammation, allergic reactions, and immune disorders. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, acne, nervousness, irritability, fluid retention, and weight gain. There shouldn't be any long-term issues, unless you have a bad reaction to it, or don't follow your doctor's instructions for taking it. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Sat, Feb 25 '17, 10:10 PM
Wysolone Side Effects in pregnancy
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hello, i have boderline ana positive and im pregnant for the second time. the first was a biochemical pregnancy loss. i have been asked to take wysolone 5mg two times a day. im now 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant. kindly let me know if this is safe and will it effect my baby in any way. ## Same here ...wife is 13 weeks pregnant ...she is been asked to take low dosage wysolone 5mg tablets daily this looks like a steroid once in a night ....and they will monitor the FHR every week..... curious to know if this affect any other parts ..like any effects on child growth or mother abnormalities ## Wysolone contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, which is a steroid class medication, but it is listed as being in pregnancy category C, which means it is not known whether or not it may harm the b... ...
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Sat, Jul 01 '17, 9:08 AM
wysolone 10 mg overdose side effects
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I have taken 7 pills of 10 mg, what are the possible side effects of having taken too many? ## dear sir, what are the side effects of continuation of wysolone 60 mg after 25 days? This is after five injections of steroid, treated due to optic nuritis. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Mon, Oct 26 '15, 1:16 AM
steps to reduce wysolone side effects
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hi, i'm 22yr female, i'm consuming wysolone 10mg 3times a day.. i'm having effects like swelling of cheeks and round face.. can anyone help me to recover from it.. please... ## AM ALSO 22F.FACING SAME PROB WITH WYSOLON.IF U KNOW SOLUTION TEL TO ME pls pls ## hi, i m using wysolone 5mg twice a day , along with wysone i am consuming COQ FORTE, POTKOLR SYRUP, SHELCAL, LOPRIN 75, GLYCOMET SR 500 due to 3 miscarriage and high antibodies of thyroid.i m facing side effects like facial hair growth, due to wysolone 5mg. i want to know to reduce the side effects of wysolone. please help me. ## take dis tab b4 8am ok ## Know the natural ways to get rid of medicines & its side effects. ## Know the natural ways to get rid of medicines and their side effects ## ya, same problem is wit... ...
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Fri, Sep 15 '17, 7:35 PM
Wysolone 20 Mg Side effects 5 days usage
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Will there be any side effects of using wysolone 20 mg daily in thi night for 5 days? ## Every medication carries the risk of side effects, regardless of how long you take it. Wysolone contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, it is a corticosteroid. The possible side effects can include: headache, fluid retention, weight gain and muscle weakness. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have right ear hearing problem. My right nerve sensing report was shown negative. ENT Dr recommended me to take Wysolone 20 X 3 = 60 mg 1 time aftr food / ZOVIRAX 800 mg 5 times a day and Rabonik 20 empty stomach FOR 7 days. Today is 5 th day.Now I can start hearing from Right Ear but some time I get different sound from Right ear. Shd I continue for 7 days and visit Dr or can go tomo... ...
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Wed, Sep 20 '17, 2:49 AM
Wysolone 20 Mg Side Effects 14 Days Usage
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My mother had Wysolone 20 Mg for 2 weeks in the year 1999 and till the date she is suffering from fluid retention, weight gain, Swelling and muscle weakness and facing weekness after periods as it is abnormal. ## HI, Naveen! Sorry about the problems that your mother is having. Has she sought medical attention? Side effects from a medication that was taken so many years ago would not still be affecting her. It is most likely that there is some other cause. If she's getting symptoms after her menstrual cycle, as well as other times, then there's a high likelihood that she has a hormonal imbalance and may need to supplement her progesterone levels. ## My father had steroid wysolone 20mg for 1 month & then 10 mg for 1 month. Then he slowly reduced the dose to nil. After nearly 1... ...
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Mon, Oct 19 '15, 4:32 AM
My experience of side effects on Wysolone
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My younger brother aged 35 years had a problem of double vision in left eye due to nerve damage and as per doctor advise, he used wysolone tablets 120mg per day along with other medicines for 45 days. The doctor did not told us the side effect of wysolone and precautions which we have to take while using wysolone. We don't know that wysolone is a steroid. Due to this drug, my brother got side effects such as round face, double chin, rashes on all over body and heavy hungry. His eye problem is reduced in these 45 days. after 45 days, the doctor reduced wysolone drug by 80mg, 60mg,40mg like that per day. After 3days, he got problems of loose motions and vomtings and he became very weak. I took him to hospital . Doctors told that he is suffering with lack of immunity power due to stero... ...
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Sat, Sep 30 '17, 10:59 AM
Wysolone Side Effects After Pregnancy on my baby
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Dear Mam/Sir, I am taking 40 mg Wysolone tablet after Pregnancy. My question is that What is the side effect of this medicine on my baby because baby depends on me (feeding). ## Hi, Meenaskshi! Congrats on the baby! :-) This is a steroid, it contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, which is known to cross into the milk and thus, also to the baby. However, testing showed that the amounts ingested by infants were actually negligible. They really don't think that the exposure that an infant receives is significant enough to worry about. But if you're concerned, please discuss the issue with your doctor. Learn more Prednisolone details here. ## Dear Mam, Im in the 8th week of pregnancy. My platelet count was 35000 during the 5th week of pregnancy. hence i was advised to take wys... ...
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Sat, Jan 30 '16, 7:39 PM
wysolone 10 mg side effects for psoriatic arthritis
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hi i am a 34 years lady , last year i was diagnosed with asymmetric psoriatic arthritis, i was given sum lotion for my skin problems , i was also prescribed wysolone 10 mg once in night for 30 days, later it was reduced to 5 mg .... i felt active when i take it and they told me to reduce to alternate days and once in 2 days. Past 5 moths i was without any pain killers.... what i wish to know is that during cold seasons again my symptoms have come back and people scare me that if you take wysolone everyday your liver may fail , etc etc. i believe evry medicine has side effect but how long does it take to become severe..... and is there any other alternative medicine much preferred than this drug ??? please help and guide me as i have a small son so please guide me ..... ...
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Wed, Mar 05 '14, 6:49 AM

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