Will Adderall Show Up On A Drug Test

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Will Adderall Show Up On A Drug Test
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I took 2 30mg generic brand adderalls on Saturday in one sitting. I took one yesterday and then one today. I have a pee test on the 30th of this month; will it be gone by then? ## Amphetamines are usually only detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 5 days, after last dosing. The time frame can vary from person to person, however, depending on your metabolism, overall health, fluid intake, activity levels and etc. Learn more Adderall details here. Are there any other questions I can help with? ## I weigh 208 pounds and I have a slow metabolism but I do drink a lot of water and I don't get sick easily.I get what your saying but will it show up even with These factors? ## There are so many veriables that it is impossible to give you the assurance you need. Why are you wo... ...
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Tue, Jan 24 '17, 8:34 AM
How long will adderall show up in a drug test?
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I was out drinking last night, Saturday, and a friend gave me an adderall and I took it before remembering I have a drug test on Monday. I made myself throw up within 30-45 minutes of taking it. I have been drinking water all day and taking cranberry pills and will go run all sweaty like in a bit. Is there anything else I can do to flush it out? Will it be in a drug test come Monday or should I postpone it till Tuesday? ## It was a 20 mg IR By the way ## PLEASE HELP ME How long di i need too get 50mg adderall out my system ...
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Sat, May 09 '15, 8:37 PM
will adderall show as meth on a drug test?
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I had to take a drug test for dhr bcause i left my husband secondary to domestic violence. My psychologist currently has me on adderall and my urine drugscreen was positive for meth, which i have never done in my life. When my dr started me on the med he told me I would fail drug tests. Now dhr has sent the test off to the lab and are awaiting results. However, it has been 18 days and they tell me they still havent received the results from the lab. I know it doesn't take that long bcause I am also an RN. So what do you think the problem could be? Also, what should I do to get this matter cleared up, if anything? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks! ## Adderall could show up as an amphetamine but should not show up as methamphetamine. IF the initial urine... ...
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Fri, Oct 28 '16, 8:56 PM
2 weeks off Adderall Will it show up in a drug test
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I took 10mg adderall, 2 days after that i took another 10mg, day after that I took 20mg, and the day after that I took another 20mg (did adderall for 3 days in a row for a total of 50mg consumed). 2 days after that I did 10mg of ritalin. I has been exactly 1 week since I haven't done anything, and been drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice. I have a drug screening 7 days from now. will I pass it???? Day 1: 10mg of adderall Day 2: none Day 3: none Day 4: 10mg adderall Day 5: 20mg Day 6: 20mg Day 7: none Day 8: 10mg of ritalin Having the drug screening on Day 20 ## 20 mg xr 24 hr for a month off and on havent taken any in a week drank a total of ab 20 waters and yesterday and today took a 5mg foclin that is non xr. drinking only water will i pass a urin test in a week? should t... ...
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Tue, Aug 19 '14, 12:02 AM
Adderall drug tests
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I only took 1 30 mg adderall 2 days ago and might have a urine and hair drug test any day. Will it show up? ## I took 1 20 mg Friday and 1 more on Saturday and I have a drug test wesnday will it be out of my system ## I took one 10mg capsule of amphetamine,of my granddaughter,by accident it looked just like one of my meds, I have a blood test at the hospital tomorrow will it show up, I'm doing pre-op for a hernia surgery. ## For the first time in my life, I took a 10mg of adderall. Like I said, first time ever with that stuff. I weight 120 pounds, 29 years old. Will I pass a hair test in two weeks? ## If I took 50mg of adderall 5 days ago, would it show up on my urine drug test tomorrow morning? ## I have a friend that took 5 (25 mg xr) adderall today and has a drug test. Will apple... ...
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Sun, Aug 20 '17, 3:12 PM
Adderall on hair drug test
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About six months ago I asked my doctor if she would prescribe me Adderall. I took it in my youth and stopped after graduating school. Recently, I've tried going back to college and I thought maybe it would help me to concentrate. She started me on a low dosage (10mg) of generic adderall (amphetamine salts ER) and the next month I asked if she could up it because I didn't really notice a difference. She put me on 20mg. After three days I didn't like the side effects, so I stopped taking it and she told me that was fine and that if I changed my mind to let her know. Five months later, I'm taking a drug test (hair from leg) for a new job. I'm wondering if the adderall from months ago is going to show up on the results. Should I be worried??? ## You will be fine, if it s... ...
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Sun, Jul 31 '16, 8:00 AM
adderall and drug test
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I took a 20 mg of adderall yesterday and just found out I will be having a hair test in the next 2 weeks. Will it show up that quickly? ## What happened?? Did you pass your test? ## must not have passed the test and is in jail and cannot reply. ...
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Sat, Mar 05 '16, 6:44 PM
adderall hair drug test
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April 7th of 2015 i had taken 30 mg adderall. I have a hair test coming up, september of 2015. I cut my hair a little over 90 days after the last use and let my hair grow out since then for this test. Will it show up in a hair follicle test? ## A hair drug test is meant to show consistent use over time. A 1.5 inch sample of hair, cut at the scalp line, will go back 90 days. With that small amount of use my best educated guess is that it will not show up in a hair drug test. ## Before that i was heavy using, roughly 15 of 30 mg a month... last use was 30 mg in april. ## If they only test back 90 days you still should be OK provided you didn't do much in the last 90 days. ## I haven't done any in 5 months. Last use was april 9th. ## My job requires employees to take a randomly dis... ...
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Fri, Jul 14 '17, 12:49 PM
how long will 160 mg of adderall show up in a urine test
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How long will 160 mg of Adderall show up in a urine test? I've been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice also. ## I go to a suboxone doc and did aderall on sunday and have to see him on wed and woudl be tomorrow morning can I just dilute my pee with water and pass ## Adderall has a long half life of 11hrs so if you took it for example on a Monday I would give until at least Friday that's a whole 3 days. After your last dose just figure 11hrs later half of it is gone then another 11hrs later half of that amount is gone and so on until it's all out. ## I took 20 mgs for 9 days . I took my last one 6 days ago. I need to take a drug test at my Drs office tomorrow.. Will I be olay ## Typically 3 days, 4 At the most. But also, just so you know the half life on Adderal is di... ...
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Thu, Sep 14 '17, 7:01 PM
urine drug test for adderall
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I took an adderall on Thursday and one on Friday. Would it be out of my system Tuesday morning for a urine drug test? ## Did it show up on your drug test? Lots of people post these but never what happened after! ## Hi Barbaraj. I know this may not help you. Short-acting Adderall is always out of your urine in 3 days. Always. From experience mine has always been gone in 3 days. And I am 55 years old. I've never had any problems after three days. Not 4, not 5, but 3 days. I hope this helps someone else. Have a great day. :) ## Hi CajunLady: I agree people will ask questions and never come back on this thread and tell us how it ended up for them. More people need to do that. When I had a lot of questions no one, I mean no one would answer my questions. Short-acting Adderall is always o... ...
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Sat, Jul 01 '17, 7:21 AM
drug test for xanax and adderall
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Does xanax and adderall show up in a urine test as the same thing? ...
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Wed, May 04 '16, 10:32 AM
Adderall Hair Test
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So I took 10 mg of adderall on two separate back to back weekends in 5 mg doses over a month ago and had a haircut the following weekend. I potentially have a hair test coming in the next week or two. It's a pre-employment screen for a position I was offered through a staffing agency so it could be any of the tests. I also have a haircut scheduled for this week (wedding this weekend). If I show up and find out it's a hair test will I hit the cutoff for a positive test or will the concentration be below the 300pg/ml or whatever the cutoff is? ## A hair drug test is meant to show consistent use over time. A 1.5 inch sample, cut at the scalp line, will go back 90 days. My best guess is that you will be negative as that amount is not enough to show up on a Hair 5 Drug Panel test. Bu... ...
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Thu, Oct 05 '17, 7:27 AM
20 mg Adderall XR and drug testing
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I took one 20 mg Adderall XR yesterday and I've got to take a drug test tomorrow. Will I pass? ## What shows up in your test while taking foclian xr? Is it possible that the test could read that i'm taking methamphetamine when really i'm not? ...
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Wed, Dec 07 '16, 6:48 AM
Adderall Drug Test small dosages
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I took adderall 30mg XR once in june and will take one more in sept (just one time in sept). It helps me focus when i take practice exams for my career (exam days are about 8 hours). I have read that after 5 days it will be pretty much gone - is this true? Will the quantity i have taken show up on a hair drug test? Will the small amount i have taken show up on a drug test (urine) if i have waited 5 or more days after taking it to take the urine test? Thanks all! ## There is no hard and fast rule for the detection times, it can vary depending on the individual and the many factors relevant to their own metabolism. As to a test showing how much you have taken, that will depend on the type of test. There are some that just check for the presence of a substance and there are others that che... ...
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Thu, Oct 12 '17, 4:52 PM
Adderall saliva drug test levels
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I took 40 mg of adderall on Tuesday, 20mg on Wednesday and was called this morning which is Thursday for an interview tomorrow Friday. I was informed they do saliva testing. Not sure if it's during the interview or when hired but will it show up on the test? ## I also weigh 125 pounds and have a fast metabolism I'm told is why it's hard to gain and maintain weight even though I don't diet or really exercise ## I drank Epsom salt and took a bath with it brushed my teeth used mouthwash and peroxide. I passed the test.Not positive it was because of what I did or if the amount in my stress very little undetectable amount. ## I found out my job has been performing random saliva tests. I take 150 mg in a week of adderall. Not a lot. I don't abuse it and break it up into qu... ...
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Sun, Jul 30 '17, 7:59 AM
Adderall 30mg XR Saliva Drug Test
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I took adderall this morning at 6:40 (it's Monday) and I have a pre-employment drug test at Kroger with a saliva drug test on Friday at 6 PM. I was wondering will I be fine for the test or am I just over thinking? Additional info: 130 pounds, 5"11, Fast metabolism ## How did the test go? I took 40 mg on Tuesdays 20mg on Wednesday and was called to interview on Friday.idk if they test at the interview or when hired I really want this job,and a bit scared of not passing. ## Went just fine passed with flying colors! ## I took 20mg of adderall this morning Tuesday at 730am without even thinking about my saliva test tomorow around 5pm. I have never taking it until this morning at 7. I ran 1 mile today and drank a half gallon to 3/4 gallon of water. Will it show up on the saliva test? ...
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Mon, Jun 05 '17, 8:20 PM
Adderall hair tests
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I just found out that I have to take a hair follicle and urine test in about a month for a summer internship. I recently took one vivance and one Adderall exactly one week apart and am not on a prescription for either. I know they won't show up on the urine test seeing that I sweat daily working out, but will they show up on the hair follicle test since I only took them once each? ## Sorry I cant help you, but I am in almost the exact same situation. I got a 5 panel hair test in 5 days. Please lemme know if you passed or not. ## Looking for more info regarding if people passed hair test following very minimal amphetamine use. I'm in similar situation and am nervous. Lots of ppl asking the question but no follow ups with outcome! ## I am also in a similar situation. Does anyone k... ...
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Sun, Feb 19 '17, 10:53 AM
Adderall Urine Test
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So I have to take adderall once every day when I wake up so I can pay attention in school. My doctor said in a month I have to have a check up and take a urine test to make sure I take it and take it right. Well today they called and asked me if I take it everyday like I am suppose to and I told them yes which I do, and then she asked when was the last time I took it befor my check up and I said that morning which I did mad dad go it for me. But when they checked my urine test it showed that the adderall was not in my system and I don't know why it would be if I take it once every day. Are there any reasons as to why it might not have showed up? ## Interesting ## I am prescribed and take Adderall 3 times a day - 10 mg each. My last appointment to get a refill I had to do a drug test... ...
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Fri, Nov 18 '16, 12:20 PM
adderall / phentermine drug testing
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Will these 2 medications show up the same in a drug test or more specific results for both? My Dr. just closed for no reason so I'm trying to find new Dr but need to know for the drug tests they do for new patients. ...
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Sun, Aug 07 '16, 9:15 PM
dex combo adderall and drug testing
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I took dex combo 5mg and also tested positive for methamphetamine, the dr asked if I was on methamphetamine and I told them hell no, never done drugs and told them that I was taking adderall but a generic band (dex combo) and he said oh ok that explains it, so it has something in it 2 show up as methamphetamine in a drug test. ## I have been taking 20mg twice a day for a while stopped using it on Friday now my PC Dr is required by law to drug test due to the drugs he prescribed to me Oxycontin, Perocet, Xanax. I am not prescribed addrall, it will be almost 4 days until my appt will I pass a urine test? Please help ...
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Sun, Aug 28 '16, 3:50 PM

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