White Pill Pf 10

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white round pill with 10 on one side and pf on the other
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I found some pills in the dresser they were in a morphine bottle but I don't know if they are morphine... I've never seen a morphine pill like this ## round white pill one side has a M, the other side as 05-25, what pill is this, and how strong is it? ## From what I've found, the tablet with the PF 10 marking does contain 10mgs of Morphine, which is a narcotic analgesic. This is an instant release formulation. This medication may be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and irritability. Learn more Morphine details here. And the tablet with M 0552 marking contains 5mgs of Oxycodone in a regular release formulation, it is also a narcotic analgesic, so the same warning and side effect profile applies. Learn more Oxycodone ... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Morphine.
Thu, May 30 '13, 2:32 PM
White Oblong Pill With pfizer on one side and 100 above 150
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Pill is oblong and white, says Pfizer and one side, and the other side the number 100 in inscribe above the number 150 ## Let me make sure I'm understanding correctly, the marking is Pfizer on one side with 150 over 100 on the other? I can't find a listing for anything like this. Where was it found? Is there a chance that it's a foreign medication? Learn more prescription drug details here. ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Sun, Nov 25 '12, 3:41 PM
White Lipitor Round Pill imprinted side a 10 side b Atc
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I ordered lipitor 10 mg as I always have and did not receive the normal eclipse shape pill. I receive a round pill imprinted with 10 on one side and ATC on the other side. Has anyone been aware of pfizer lipitor changing the shape of their 10 mg pill. ## change in shape of lipitor brand tablets. Got new rx for 20mg lipitor and saw round shape so called canada where I get them from and they said this is the new shape for lipitor. ## I can't find any information on a pill with that marking in any of our resources, but if it is from a foreign country, then that makes sense. turtle, did you also order from Canada? Lipitor contains the active ingredient Atorvastatin, it is most commonly used to help lower cholesterol. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and join... ...
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Sun, Aug 28 '11, 12:56 AM
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pfizer551 white oblong ## This tablet contains 10mgs of Cetirizine, a generic for Zyrtec, this is an antihistamine used to treat allergies. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and dizziness. You can read more here: Did you have any other questions? ...
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Wed, Jul 22 '09, 7:34 PM
Identify Pfizer pill
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white oblong/oval pill with Pfizer on one side and what looks like 2 numbers one above the other on back...150 and underneath 100. ...
Updated 7 years ago.
Tue, Jun 29 '10, 12:54 PM
pill description
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need to know miligrams ## With your providing a description of the pill, as well as the imprint on the pill in question, I cannot tell you anything about it. ## pink tablet ID: 5114 V ## pink tablet\oblong\ID: 5114 V is this tablet in the Vicodin family or Darvocet? Help! ## This is a generic for Darvocet N100, 650mgs of Acetaminophen and 100mgs of Propoxyphene. ## I have a light yellow pill that has a in print of watson 853 what type pf pill is it and the millagrams and what the millagrams are thks... ## IMPRINT IP466 one one side only, White Oblong, no score ## What is pill IP466? I thought it was Ibuprofen? Cannot find any pill identifier - what happened? I never had problem finding a pill identifier before? FDA? Smells funky! ## large v on one side and numbers 25 92 on other ## what... ...
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Thu, Nov 01 '12, 3:01 PM
information on pills
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found a bottle of pills after a family gathering pills are as follows: white tablet dan 5858 white tablet cor 103white tablet 3584 white tablet 06|59 white tablet P|F U400 can anyone tell me what these meds are so I can get them back to who ever lost them or can dispose of them properly. ## DAN50 5858 contains 50mgs of Captopril, a generic for Capoten, this is used to help lower blood pressure. ## COR103 contains 350mgs of Carisoprodol, a generic for Soma. This is a muscle relaxant. ## PF U 400 and 3584 both contains Theophylline, the first tablet contains 400mgs and the second tablet 100mgs, this is used to help prevent asthma attacks. ## I am not certain on the 0659 tablet, is that the complete imprint? ...
Updated 8 years ago in Captopril.
Thu, Nov 20 '08, 10:18 AM
Star 10
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Small white eliptical tablet with 10 imprinted on one side and a four pointed star similar to a compass rose on the other side. Any idea what they may be? ## White oblong pill with a 4 pointed Star, 10 on the other side is a 10 mg Bextra This drug was manufactured by GD Searle LLC a Subsidiary of Pharmacia Company Pfizer, a COX-2 inhibitor used as an anti-inflammatory, but recalled from the market this past year. ## Abe. Thank you. Once I read your answer to my girl friend she remembered that it was Bextra, which she took for her elbow injury a year or so ago. Thanks again. ...
Updated 11 years ago in Bextra.
Fri, Dec 23 '05, 8:24 PM
pfizer 551
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oblong white pill ## PFIZER 551 is a 10 mg Zyrtec coated tablet manufactured by Pfizer. ...
Updated 11 years ago in Zyrtec.
Tue, Dec 20 '05, 12:32 PM
small oval 4 pointed star and a 10
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Small, symetrically oval, with one side having a 4 pointed star, and the other side a 10 ## I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS PILL IS I FOUND IT IN MY CHILDS BAG. ## White oblong pill with a 4 pointed Star, 10 on the other side is a 10 mg Bextra This drug was manufactured by GD Searle LLC a Subsidiary of Pharmacia Company Pfizer, a COX-2 inhibitor used as an anti-inflammatory, but recalled from the market this past year. ...
Updated 11 years ago in Bextra.
Fri, Dec 23 '05, 7:14 PM
Morphine, round tab
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Found a yellowish white round pill, says 10 on one side and PF on other, a bit worried that maybe some of my friends had dropped some in my place and dont want it getting used by my young son thinking its a candy. ## Yes, this is a 10mg Morphine tablet, which is a narcotic analgesic, this is a time released tablet, the name brand for it would be MS Contin. It could be very dangerous for a child, since Morphine is a potent narcotic, so if you remember who was recently over, you should probably have a serious chat with them about it. Everyone drops a pill, now and them, but they really should have let you know, so you could look for it or sweep up, to protect your son. I was out a few weeks ago, eating in a restaurant and dropped one of my Pepcid, so it wasn't even anything dangerous,... ...
Updated 6 years ago in Morphine.
Sun, May 29 '11, 10:15 PM
Halcion Update from the USA 2013
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Excellent tablet the 0.25mg of Pfizer Halcion....for me, with my sedative history...I need to take 4x 0.25mg of the Halcion, to give me the sedating effects, I originally felt on Sanofi Ambien 10mg, a/k/a Sanofi Stillnox in a white 10 mg elongated caplet. ## Halcion tablets, I get are light blue oval very small tablets, with a embossment on the front as Upjohn 17 on the front side, and a solid score line on the rear side. My Halcion, I get come in the "unit dose pkg" (a blister pack sealed in aluminum) with the following embossments, on the bright shiny blister pack, "Pfizer" Halcion 0.25mg. Triazolam. I also have a expiration date of 09/2016 on the end of the blister pack + a Lot number consisting of 8 alpha number letters, starting with a alpha letter, then, 6 numbers,... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Halcion.
Thu, Nov 14 '13, 10:37 AM
Real or fake xanax
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I have 3 mg xr xanax. But they taste sweet... I took one around 10:00pm sublingualy (by letting it dissolve under my tongue) and i felt a benzo type effect for about 1 hour then normal and 6 hours have passed by and i'm not tired. Could these green 3mg xr alprazolam (imprint:x on one side 3 on the other side) be a bad brand? There the shape of a triangle with a circle in the middle scores x 3 ## Ps: I once took a dose fo them and remember nodding off and just going to bed. Usually I'll dose a single white bar (gg249) and have supurb effects. Is it because the 3 mg xr are time released? ## Hello, Gabriel! How are you? This tablet is manufactured by Pfizer and they list it as being a 3mg Xanax XR. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side e... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Xanax.
Mon, Apr 03 '17, 6:52 PM
triazolam 0.25mg greenstone
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i am interested to know where to acquire triazolam 0.25mg greenstone here in the Philippines.. ## Sorry, as I myself have found, Greenstone products are available purely in the USA. There is not a single online source for them. They are made by Pfizer/Upjohn, and the G 3718 tablet you seek is IDENTICAL to the Upjohn 17 Halcion brand, which is not difficult to find. I source mine from South Africa, much cheaper than most countries. A box of 100 should cost you around US $120. Very reasonable. Their alprazolam, coded G 3721 (1mg) & 3722 (2mg long white bars) are likewise identical to Upjohn 90 & 94 tablets. The advantage of Greenstone is in the price paid in the USA. There are places where the original Halcion and Xanax brands of the very highest quality are a lot less expensive t... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Triazolam.
Fri, Aug 18 '17, 12:07 AM
what does a 30mg morphine tablet look like
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How strong is the 30mg morphine tablets? ## What do you mean how strong is a 30mg Morphine tablet? It is 30mgs! That is equivelent to a 10mgs Oxycodone. ## Thought the was what does it LOOK like? MST Continus, the most common brand of morphine sulphate tablet, m/r, are purple with '30' on one side and 'NAPP' on the other. They are biconvex and unscored. There are many other types of morphine but most are capsules. I have heard that in the USA there is a white 30mg morphine i/r tablet but don't know the markings, never having seen one. I have also seen a grey tablet which was claimed to be morphine sulphate m/r. ## Usually, Morphine 30mg is either Maroon or Green. The Brand Name Is Made By Purdue Fredrick Pharmaceuticals, which is Maroon and Side 1 says PF and Side 2 ... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Morphine.
Tue, Nov 15 '16, 7:43 AM
 NDC 0069-1001
Xeljanz 5 mg Oral Tablet by Pfizer Laboratories Div Pfizer Inc ## Markings: PFIZER;JKI5 ## Shape: Round ## Color: White ## Package Codes: 0069-1001-01, 0069-1001-02, 0069-1001-03 ## Active Ingredients: Tofacitinib Citrate
 NDC 0071-1012
Lyrica 25 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc ## Markings: Pfizer;PGN;25 ## Shape: Capsule ## Color: White ## Package Codes: 0071-1012-68 ## Active Ingredients: Pregabalin
 NDC 0071-1013
Lyrica 50 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc ## Markings: Pfizer;PGN;50 ## Shape: Capsule ## Color: White ## Package Codes: 0071-1013-41, 0071-1013-68 ## Active Ingredients: Pregabalin
 NDC 0071-1016
Lyrica 150 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc ## Markings: Pfizer;PGN;150 ## Shape: Capsule ## Color: White ## Package Codes: 0071-1016-41, 0071-1016-68 ## Active Ingredients: Pregabalin
 NDC 0008-1041
Rapamune 1 mg Oral Tablet by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Company, a Subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. ## Markings: RAPAMUNE;1;MG ## Shape: Triangle (3 sides) ## Color: White ## Package Codes: 0008-1041-05, 0008-1041-10 ## Active Ingredients: Sirolimus

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