Which Pills Can Cause Miscarriage

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Can doxytet causes miscarriage ?
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Hi i think i had conceived in December but in january i went to clinic n the doctor gave me doxytet but everytime i took the pills, the brown discharges came out or i bleed but lightely... but i got my periods normally... was i pregnant or the pills wer just working their way? ## Hello, SweeT! How are you? Did you have a positive exam for pregnancy? Or do you just think you were pregnant? This medication is an antibiotic that is used to treat various types of bacterial infections. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea, as listed by the U.S. FDA. ...
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Thu, Apr 21 '16, 4:42 PM
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drugs prescribed to woman after they have had a miss cariage ...
Updated 7 years ago.
Mon, Aug 16 '10, 6:59 AM
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Hi May I know what may be the possible cause of miscarriages ? We are having a serious problem regarding this. We went to various gynecological clinics but they failed to explain the actual cause of the problem. They asked me to go for IUI or IVF process. But to my knowledge these techniques are useful for those who failed to develop active sperm and ovum. But In our case the problem is not the fertilization but retention of the foetus. Though the growth and development is satisfactory for first two months, but after that period her body rejects the baby. Can any one suggest me where I should go for proper treatment in India. ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Fri, Sep 07 '12, 5:53 PM
can alcohol cause miscarriage of one month pregnancy
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Can consumption of alcohol cause miscarriage when one is about 18 days pregnant? ## No. Drinking in most cases will not cause m/c. ## Im pregnat for 3months,, i did nt yet ready because im here in taiwan what should i do ...
Updated 1 month ago in Women's Health / Fertility.
Sat, Aug 19 '17, 8:57 PM
altosec omeprazole-causes miscarriages??
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PLease advise if using Altosec omeprazole capsules can cause a miscarriage, I am +- 6 weeks pregnant?? ## Im 18 and trying yo become pregnant. Iv been off birth control for about 5 months now.. im taking escitalopram for anxity and depression and omeprazole for acid reflux... can that cause a miscarriage? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Omeprazole.
Fri, Jan 03 '14, 12:05 AM
miscarriages and keflex
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i was prescribed keflex and didnot have a uti and two days later i misscarried. is this drug safe for pregnancys. two days after taking this drug i lost my baby ## Hi, Nicole! So sorry about your loss, that's very tragic. However, Keflex is an antibiotic, which contains the active ingredient Cephalexin and it is considered safe during pregnancy, so it is doubtful that it contributed. Learn more Keflex details here. If you were having symptoms that made it seem like you had a UTI, but actually found out later that you didn't have one, it is possible that it was actually a miscarriage already starting. What has your doctor said about it? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Keflex.
Tue, Aug 06 '13, 9:55 AM
Nexplanon and miscarriage
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Can I safely have a D & C procedure while Nexplanon is in my arm? ## Hi SweetT, Even though Nexplanon (etonogestrel) is just a contraceptive implant, safety precautions are still something you'd really need to speak with your surgeon about directly, well before the date of your procedure. Most surgeons I'm aware of actually have their own individual set of special instructions/guidelines to follow prior to and post operation. This should include what you can or cannot take while s/he's performing their operation. However, with a Dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure it doesn't seem like the implant in your arm would necessarily get in the way (physically), since they would essentially be examining/removing tissue from inside your uterus. None-the-less I do want ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Etonogestrel.
Thu, Jul 31 '14, 1:41 PM
womb scrub after miscarriage
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I JUST HAD MISCARRIAGE AND I WAS 5 WEEKS PREGNANT, SO I NEED TO KNOW IF I SHOULD DO THE WOMB SCRUB? ## Do you know what led to the miscarriage? Was it a clean one? Learn more miscarriage details here. Does your doctor think you should do it? ## Hi, I just had a miscarriage and a womb scrub was done and I'm experiencing pain in my womb and still bleeding just a little. What causes the pains and the bleeding? And will I be able to conceive again? ## Hi.. I had a miscarriage a few years ago and I have been having serious pains when I'm on my period. I have tried to conceive but I've miscarried 3 times now. I have not had any treatment after the miscarriage. Please assist as I want to conceive now. ## Vit.E is a fertility vit!Really.Both of u need to take it and dont give up. Wo... ...
Updated 23 days ago.
Tue, Sep 26 '17, 1:55 AM
eveprim effect to miscarriage
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confirmed last tuesday that i had miscarriage.i am taking eveprim 3x a day to open the cervix and then thats the time to do the dnc as my doc advice.i started taking it tuesday till now..but no blood just brown blood.but the doc said there should be more blood before going back to him.i worry that the fetus is there for such a long time and that may affect my health.is there other way to make my cervix open?so that they can do the dnc asap? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Sat, May 16 '15, 8:35 AM
Dubagest 200 after miscarriage
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I had a miscarriage in December 2011. Miscarriage happened within 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. The first ultrasound after 7 weeks there was heartbeat and later on the 12 th month ultrasound did not reveal any ultrasound. the cause of the miscarriage could not be known after all the tests. I have conceived once again now. This is presently my 5 th week and my doctor has advised me take delisprin 75 one a day and dubagest 200 mg through vagina twice a day..please advise if these medicines have any side effects and whether I should take them?? ## Dubagest is a Progesterone hormone supplement and yes, it is vital to a healthy pregnancy and carrying the baby to full term. Many miscarriages are caused by a deficiency in it. Learn more Progesterone details here. Delisprin contains Aspirin and, in... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Progesterone.
Thu, Aug 16 '12, 6:48 AM
why miscarriage happen again and
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why miscarriage happen again and again , i have face three miscarriage in a row now i am very scared ,kindly solve the problem ## Hello, Nazi! How are you? I am very sorry about your losses. Only your doctor is going to be able to do some exams and blood work to give you an answer on why they've happened. However, I can tell you that most miscarriages are caused by a lack of progesterone, women need to produce more of it, when they are pregnant and sometimes they don't. How far along were your pregnancies? ## Dear verwon First of all thanks for replay , In last two pregnancies i was already on progesterone but inspite on this miscarriage happen , my dr doctor said 50% miscarriages have no reason All ways he done TVS (ultrasound) . i visited so many doctor but cant find the soula... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Progesterone.
Wed, Sep 17 '14, 9:23 AM
womb cleaning after miscarriage
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Hi, I had a miscarriage 3 years ago and didn't go back to the hospital for womb cleaning. Will there be side effects, and will a womb scrub help? ## I would def. call the Dr. Get help before infection or any other problem sets in. Call tomorrow... I had two D and C's done at the hospital. Or call the hospital/emergency RN and they might be able to help you.. wish u the best! ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Tue, Feb 16 '16, 8:38 PM
multple miscarriages on suboxone
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33 year old female with first 4 pregnancys healthy babies..then put on suboxone and have had 5 miscarriages...doctor is not very educated and would not put me on subutex...anybody else heard of naloxone causing multiple miscarriage? ## Hello, Roxanne! Sorry about the miscarriages, that's so sad. Neither the Buprenorphine or the Naloxone in Suboxone have been shown to cause harm to the fetus, but they haven't been shown to be safe, either. Learn more Suboxone details here. From what I'm reading the only reason a pregnant women is usually switch to Subutex is to just lessen the possible risks, if any, by only exposing the baby to one medication, rather than 2. Have you considered seeing a different doctor? If this one isn't helping and you've had 5 miscarriages while t... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Feb 26 '15, 3:32 AM
miscarriage or hormonal imbalance
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I am a 25 years old..its 6 years now I have been married..no kids..my gyno prescribed me clomid.. in the first dose of clomid I had regular periods.. no problem at all but the last dose I took and missed my periods for almost 3 months.. I thought maybe it's normal because I usually miss my periods.. After the 3 months of missing my periods I started spotting..It got worse day by day..It then became worse..I started bleeding more and this time saw some large blood clots..is it a miscarriage? Or just hormonal imbalance? Should I start taking sylate? Please help, it's now almost a month.. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Clomid.
Mon, Nov 30 '15, 3:57 PM
what are the solution to miscarriage
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we are married over 2 years, my wife had 5 time miscarages ## Wow! I am so very sorry! Has she consulted an gynecologist? It seems that she's going to need medical help, if she wants to carry a baby to term. There are many issues that could cause it, from her having some type of medical problem to just a hormonal imbalance. Only a doctor is going to be able to help her discover what is causing the problem and to find a solution. ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Fri, Nov 29 '13, 2:51 PM
Getting pregnant after a miscarriage
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Is it possible to get pregnant after a miscarriage? ## Hi, Kate! How are you? Sorry about your loss. In most cases, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant again and carry a baby to full term. However, a lot of it will depend on what has caused the miscarriage. Has your doctor given you any insight as to why it happened? How long ago was it? It is usually best to wait for a period of time, to allow your body to recover, so it an properly support and nurture another baby. ## How long you may need to wait before getting pregnant again may depend on the type of miscarriage you had. They usually recommend waiting at least 3 months before trying to get pregnant again if you had a partial miscarriage and had to have a D&C. You really need to talk to your dr to be sure if and when you s... ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Thu, Jun 29 '17, 10:36 PM
miscarriage, bad breath and moving tummy
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Hi, I miscarried 9 months ago when I was in my 3rd trimester. Now I have stomach cramps and my tummy is always moving as if I'm carrying a child inside and i feel like I'm exhaling rotten smelling breath at times, but I have done several home pregnancy tests and my results are negative. Could this mean something? ## Hello, Rachel! How are you? What you've described are normal symptoms of gas, as described by the NIH. It's usually harmless, just annoying. Once you've been pregnant, it seems that you become a lot more sensitive to any movement in your abdominal area than you used to be. What types of foods do you eat? Do you drink a lot of carbonated beverages? Gas is usually caused by excess stomach acid from something you eat or drink. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Mon, Nov 30 '15, 2:21 PM
what are those medicines which is not able for pregnant woman within 2-3 mnths? to prevent miscarriage.
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what are those medicines which is not able for pregnant woman within 2-3 months? to prevent miscarriage. ## I had a cough and cold so I drunk neozep. I'm 4 weeks pregnant. Is it safe for the baby ? ## Hi I was using nuri 8 years back but I've stop it 2015 n I went to a farmacy on October last year bcs I want to fall pregnant they gave me fertility pill but still doesn't work n my hubby is angry with me now and its almost more than six moths using them nothing happens please help me ## I am really new at this. I have e children. And I am 32 yrs old....I am now at high risk pregnancy due to my last child birth didn't go as great. I would like to have a natural miscarriage at home without going to the doctor. Due To i do tell my children everything and my oldest daughter is... ...
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Tue, Feb 14 '17, 7:59 AM
tablet to stop period bleeding after a miscarriage
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Hi. I had a miscarriage one the 2 nd of June and was given a pill to make everything come out. My problem is I'm still bleeding and its almost the end of June despite taking the combined pill soon after I miscarried. Is there a pill I can take to stop the bleeding? ## Hi! I had a miscarriage last week.. For legal reasons i have no choice but to have it at home..but now im having chills and fever and bad smelling discharge.. what antibiotic should I take? Thanks. ## My GF had miscarraige lastmonth until today she always bleeding. What medecine she maybe take? ## Call your MD ASAP. If u dont have a family Dr. call a Hospital or Emergency room, where an RN might answer your questions. Give it a try! Hope all goes well. God bless! ## I am not a Dr or RN so only advise I can give you is ... ...
Updated 6 months ago.
Sun, Apr 02 '17, 11:41 PM
womb pills
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Hi, i just had my second miscarriage, so i need help to clean my womb before i can make another baby. can u please advise me on which pills i can take? ## What can I use to clean my womb? I've been trying to get pregnant for a long time. ## Hi i need help i have been trying to get pregnat for8years now how can i get pregnat ## I had a miscarriage 6 years ago and I still haven't got pregnant. My period takes longer days to finish. My period keeps coming for up to 6 days. ## I am having severe abdominal pains, fever and swollen feet. What could be the cause? ...
Updated 6 months ago.
Thu, Apr 13 '17, 7:44 AM

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