What Is Oxycodone 5 35

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30 mg Oxycodone - What to do ?
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I have 7 herniated discs and a multitude of skeletal and muscular degenerative conditions with prior surgery. I have been receiving this medication for over 11 years. About 5 months ago my Doctor said "I the Medical Group that I represent insists that you go to One of Their Pain Management Doctors. The last 5 months have been a Nightmare. I have never been so humiliated. I live in Massachusetts and what's happening is Ridiculous. I have worked my Ass to the bone for 35 years and I am treated like some street junkie by this new Pain Doctor. Don't know what to do anymore, but I will not give up. I know there are good Doctors out there. I live alone and will move if need be. I refuse to live a life of pain daily because of government guidelines taking Away My Rights. I am going... ...
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Tue, Nov 29 '16, 11:50 AM
oxycodone k35 picture
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I would like to view an oxycodone 30marked k 35. ## Hi Wes, From what I'm seeing online there doesn't appear to be an Oxycodone tablet with K 35 as an imprint, let alone 30mgs. The closest looking Oxycodone 30mg pill I found is round and blue with a marking of K | 9. It's also made by a company called KVK Tech; who would subsequently or seemingly be the maker of any similarly marked Oxycodone pills; however, there are none fit that description which leads me to believe that the marking was possibly misinterpreted based on a counterfeit/foreign/or different type of medication altogether. NOTE: There's also a round yellow over-the-counter pill with a K 35 marking that is reportedly identified as Acetaminophen (194mg) + Aspirin (227mg) + Caffeine (32mg). Any chance this cou... ...
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Wed, Feb 18 '15, 2:26 PM
Bad oxycodone N/P 15
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I am 35 and was recently hurt bad on a construction site. I've been getting 15mg oxycodone every month (the small round green ones). I've had the (M) brand the (V) brand the A 214 brand and all have been good. Tuesday I filled my script and they give me these large oval pills N/P ON ONE SIDE, 15 THE OTHER. Well they are so horrible - they are worse than Tylenol. They relieve no pain they don't help me sleep. No tired feeling or anything before I took 1. My pain level was a 10, and an hour later still a 10. They do not work. This morning I took a higher dose and felt no relief at all. 3 months ago was the first time I ever took a pain pill so it isn't me. If the pharmacy ever hands you this brand hand it right back or you will be furious. ## Hello, Tony! How are you? I am... ...
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Sun, Oct 30 '16, 3:47 PM
oxycodone 60mg
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Hello, I am a long time user of oxycodone . Have been prescribed pain mess for around 8 years. I am 35 years old and lead a fairly active lifestyle . I've had many surgeries in which I suffer from serious constant pain. I've tried many ways of coping with the pain but the only thing that really works and enables me to function semi normally is oxycodone. Right now I'm using 30mg Oxys. Prescribed 180 a month, but always come up short as I need more than what's prescribed to my high tolerance . I've tried the extended release tablets in 80mg and they do not work at all, and I feel like they are way worse for my body . I've tried dissolving them in water and soda. And they turn to this glob of rubbery stuff and it seems like it would just build up in my body and not... ...
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Thu, Mar 26 '15, 2:17 PM
Which is stronger Soma 350 Mg Or Oxycodone 10 325
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I was given a prescription for each, but don't want to take both...just one of the weaker kind since I'm not in as much pain as usual, which one do I take Soma 350 mg or Oxycodone 10/325 mg? ## These are not both pain medications, so they can't really be compared as to which is stronger, since they are different substances that do different things. Soma is a muscle relaxant that contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol. Learn more Soma details here. And the Oxycodone with Acetaminophen is a narcotic analgesic. Learn more Percocet details here. That's likely why you were given both prescriptions, because they both help in different ways. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Well it depends on what you want to take. Those are to different meds. Oxycodone is a p... ...
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Mon, Oct 16 '17, 3:45 PM
Oxycodone 350mg compare Hydocone 5mg
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Compare Oxycodone 350 mg to Hydocone 5mg ## The Oxycodone is slightly stronger than the Hydrocodone, so for each 5mgs of Hydrocodone, you would only need 3.33mgs of the Oxycodone. Thus, if you wanted to know how much of the Hydrocodone would be equal to a 350mg dose of Oxycodone, the answer is 525mgs. These are both narcotic pain medications, so the side effect profiles are similar and may include: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Sat, Jul 30 '11, 9:17 AM
niagara 100 oxycodone
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Does this drug come with a set amount of acetametaphone formulated in it because I was told not to exceed no more than 3500mm in it ,as it may cause liver damage to your body's system. ...
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Wed, Aug 24 '16, 7:06 PM
Oxycodone Doctors Nyc
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I need a doc who will write roxi/oxicodone in NYC, Have Mri. Dont mind up to $250 for visit for month supply of 30's or 60's. Will pay up to 350 a visit for 90 day script. Am legitimately in pain.ecywi ## I'm sorry, but the first piece of news I have for you is that they can't give you a 90 day prescription, the drug laws for controlled substances only allow doctors to write them for a maximum of 30 days and you have to be seen at an evaluation appointment each month to get a new prescription. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Additionally, under the new laws, if you require long-term pain management treatment, you'll have to see a pain management specialist. General practitioners and surgeons will only be able to prescribe them for short-term use, such a for a few ... ...
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Fri, Jan 08 '16, 8:06 AM
wisconsin pain clinics/oxycodone
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Hi, i live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and i find that it is very difficult to the find a doctor in pain managemnt who will prescribe the right types of narcotics to effectively releave my chronic back pain. Any suggestions would be great. Thanx ## I may not have a personal doctor I can refer you to, but I did locate a few pain management specialists in your general area who may be worth trying out: James Lincer, MD Spinal Rehabilitation Assoc. 2015 E Newport Ave Ste 60 Milwaukee, WI 53211 Phone: (414) 963-1250 Fax: (414) 963-8771 Daniel Minkel, MD Anethesiology Associates Of Wi 1231 E Donges Ct Milwaukee, WI 53217 Phone: (414) 649-6318 Fax: (414) 649-7417 Lawrence Howards, MD 2305 W Woodbury Ln Milwaukee, WI 53209 Phone: (414) 352-4235 William Faber, DO Milwaukee Pain Clinic 6529 W Fond Du... ...
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Tue, Jan 23 '18, 5:57 PM
Oxycodone withdrawal help
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Have been using opiets for over 35 years. Started with auto accident. Doctor prescribed over a long period then passed away. Was addicted and had to purchase illegally locally. Now still having problem with addiction and paying most of my SSI and Retirement for what I can get. Went to a mandatory class in Elizabeth City, NC several times weekly just to be able to get prescription for Suboxone. It worked but got tired of sitting 3 hours in class with young people and now back on the hard stuff. Why can one purchase cigarettes and liquor that kills but I can't get the necessary drugs to make me feel normal. Is there any help in sight? ## One of the many flaws of this country is how our federal government controls and regulates whatever it is they "consider" to be safe and disr... ...
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Wed, Jun 07 '17, 8:03 AM
Is Opana 10mg Stronger Than A Oxycodone 30mg
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i have new pesription and my dr. wants me to try opana 10mg. is this drug stonger and how much stonger than my last drug oxycodone 30mg.. ## The Oxymorphone in Opana is stronger than Oxycodone, but you aren't on an equivalent dose, it would take 15mgs of it to equal each 30mg dose of the Oxycodone. Learn more Opana details here. So, in reality, it's twice as strong, but you may not get as much pain relief, since you aren't on an equivalent dosage. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I have severe Venous insufficiency,anxiety disorder,cirrhossis,osteoarthitis ,severe fractered leg, sixth cranial nerve palsey ,legs are black and necrotic,spleen very enlarged , anvanced hep c,plates left arm old injury , insomonia ,ptsd,inopperable dueto such low platleat count 35,000... ...
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Thu, Nov 30 '17, 7:03 AM
Cocoloco Quetion On Oxycodone
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IP 204 10/35 COMPARE TO IP 206 IS THAT THE SAME STREGTH OF OXYCODONE? the IP 204 is small ablong and the IP206 is A white larger ablong. ...
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Thu, Feb 16 '12, 5:47 AM
Taking Soma 350mg, Xanax 2mg and Oxycodone 15mg 4 time/day
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My doctor has recently become hesitant to give me Soma with the combined drugs and wants me to use a different Muscle Relaxer. Is there a new law coming to NY to prevent doctors from prescribing the three drugs together? I fave severe spinal stenosis at multiple levels and two herniated discs causing chronic pain, ## Be careful as you don't want your Xanax or Oxycodone compromised as well. Many Doctors do not like prescribing SOMA which has little therapeutic quality. You can live with a different muscle relaxer while the other medicine can cause serious withdrawal problems. ## My bf has taken soma 350mg, klonopin 1mg and an ir 30 mg, plus drank about 4 beers. Do I need to worry about an overdose? ...
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Fri, Mar 31 '17, 12:49 AM
10mg oxycodone no acetaminophen
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Please help me. I suffer pain all the time from my Fibromyalgia to my disc and back problems. The doctor had me on Percocet10/350 mg and switched me to Oxycodone HCL10 mg. little pink pills that don't work and Morphine Sulf ER 15 mg littleblue pills. I'm getting NO relief. What should I take? I'm at my wits end with pain. Almost no generic pills don't work. What can I do? Please help me!! Thank you ## If your doctor approves it, you may be able to take Acetaminophen/Tylenol with it to help get back some of the prior pain relief that you had, since it potentiates the action of the narcotics. Have you contacted them about the problem, yet? How long have you been taking the new medications? ## i am on lyrica 100mg and ocycodone 10/325 for my fibromyalgia been on it for awhi... ...
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Tue, Dec 05 '17, 5:34 PM
what is this pill
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white round pill 54 underneath543 line on front what is this pill and what are the millagrams or dosage ## can anyone help me ehat is this pill ## percoset ## i have a oblong white pill with a v on one side and the other got 35/96. what is it and what mg. is it ## Yes, 54 542 is a generic for Percocet, containing 25mgs of Acetaminophen and 5mgs of Oxycodone. V 3596 is a generic for Vicodin ES, it contains 750mgs of Acetaminophen and 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone. This are both narcotic pain relievers. ## DOES ANY 1 KNOW WOT PILL THIS IS ??? ITS REDISH IN COLOUR WHITE INSIDE;OBLONG SHAPED,WITH 60 ON 1 SIDE AN THE LETTER ETHIER D OR IT COULD BE A ON THE OTHER SIDE X ...
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Tue, Jul 06 '10, 8:52 AM
doctors in oklahoma prescribe oxycodone
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Im looking for pain doc that will give me what my old doc did which was 30mg oxycodone 5day 2mg zans 4day 10/350mg norco 6days, i live in okc, plz anything will help ## Hello, Stella! How are you? I'm sorry, but there is no listing of doctors according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you. Additionally, due to the new regulations that were put in place this year, you'll most likely need to see 2 different specialists for such medications, one for the pain and the other for the issue requiring Xanax. Why are you no longer seeing your old doctor? ## Tulsa or Muskogee pain management drs...I've had Two neck surgeries among other health issues and moving back home. I take klonopin 3/dy, hydrocodone 10/300 @ 4/day v& soma 350mg x4/day and have b... ...
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Thu, Sep 21 '17, 3:44 PM
Oxycodone 30s In Stock Riverview Florida
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finally a pharmacist with some balls CORY @ Walgreens on the corner of 301 & Big Bend Road. do not call and try to discuss it on the phone do not drive thru to drop your prescription off walk it in talk to Corey as long as your prescription is legit you will get it filled! literally 35 minutes ago he just filled a prescription for 180 of the 30s...... I knew he has more when he opened the cabinet it was stocked with activist bottles ## Does anyone know where to get them in Orlando? Maybe my Walgreen's will get them in this week since it's the first of the month. I have been trying my 3 stores for a week now. I will be switching my script Tuesday, if I can't get them by then. I will have no choice but with your post, it gives me hope. ## You're definitely not alone, a... ...
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Thu, Nov 21 '13, 4:58 PM
oxycodone 30mg/opana IR 10mg/Soma/xanax 2mg
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My doctor currently gives me roxicodone 30mg #360, Opana IR 10mg #180, Soma 350mg #120, and Xanax 2mg #90....the only problem now seems to be finding pharmacies willing to fill the oxy's. I was told by my pharmacy (cvc) that they now dont fill beyond 240. Anybody else have this problem in San Diego or know of a pharmacy that will honor the script? Or is this a new state-wide restriction I am unaware of? ## Hey Painman, I haven't heard anything about CVS, but it wouldn't surprise me, they've always been annoying when filling my scripts for the 30's in the past. I always found that Walgreens always had a huge supply of 30's, especially if near a hospital. IF you can't get 30's filled, I would go back to the doctor and have him split your script. Have him wr... ...
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Sun, Oct 22 '17, 11:08 PM
find doctors who will perscribe me 30mg oxycodone for my back pain near 21227
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I have really bad back pain and I live near Baltimore. I am looking for a doctor who will prescribe me 30mg oxycodone. I would need 3 a day 1 every 8 hours that's about 90 a month. I have insurance or would pay cash if I need to. thank you ## I have hepatitis c. I hurt from my neck all the way down to my knees my back hurts so bad I sit up on the side of me bed to sleep for maybe 3 hours or less because I have to get up and down all night my abdominal shirts me my muscle and joints and my liver area hurts I shark all the time I'm depressed all the time. I hurt all over all the time sometimes I feel like I'm die and my just 35yrs old and can't get no help anywhete ## I also recently relocated from N.Y. to Baltimore and can't resume my pain meds, it's ridiculous fo... ...
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Wed, Dec 14 '16, 9:52 AM
roxie 35mg
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White round pill ## Hello, Kristen! How are you? There is no 35mg Oxycodone available on the U.S. prescription market. Are there any markings on the tablet? That is what would enable to check what it contains. Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you! The FDA classifies Oxycodone as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Oxycodone.
Sat, May 30 '15, 8:04 PM

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