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Ovacare Tablets

Can we use Ovacare tablets after concieving? When should we stop taking Ovacare tablets? ## I'm using fertyl & ovacare tablets for pregnancy. My doctor advised me to take these tablets but i have irregular periods and i had an ovulation problem. Can these tablets help me to get pregnant? ## Ovacare is a nutritional supplement, it contains many of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to the proper health of your body. A deficiency in them could cause problems getting pregnant, so supplementing them can help resolve that issue. This type of supplement is also often continued throughout pregnancy, to help ensure that the mother and baby both get enough of the nutrients they need to maintain health. Fertyl contains the active ingredient Clomifene, it is used to help stimul... ...

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What Is Ovacare?

Do ovacare tablets help u to get pregnant and how long do have to use it to conceive if u have a fertility problem? ## OvaCare is a multivitamin supplement. Sometimes fertility problems can be caused by a woman not getting enough vital nutrients in her diet and correcting that issue may help increase her chances of getting pregnant. They are listed as containing: carbohydrates 0.4 g, chromium 50 mcg, copper 750 mcg, fat 0.13 g, folic acid 1.5 mg, inositol 100 mg, iodine 50 mcg, iron 9 mg, L-arginine 10 mg, magnesium 25 mg, manganese 1.5 mg, nicotinamide 22.5 mg, para-aminobenzoic acid 12.5 mg, protein 0.18 g, pyridoxine hydrochloride 5 mg, riboflavin 2.5 mg, selenium 100 mcg, thiamine mononitrate 5 mg, vitamin A 375 mcg, vitamin B12 500 mcg, vitamin C 75 mg, vitamin D3 12.5 mcg, vitamin... ...

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what is ovacare tablets and folic acid tablets

Hi my gnaecologist described for me the above tablets as am trying to get pregnant.will they help me to concieve am 35 years old ## Hello, Kendi! How are you? Folic Acid is vital to a healthy pregnancy and being able to carry a baby to full term, it is normal for a doctor to prescribe it to a women who is trying to get pregnant to ensure that she has enough to support a healthy pregnancy. The only side effect lists by the FDA is nausea, due to its potency. Ovacare is a nutritional supplement that contains nutrients that are needed in order for a woman to get pregnant. It helps ensure that nutritional deficits don't cause you to be infertile. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi ! My gyno. Gave me a ovacare and ecospirn and folic acid . how much time will be take to get preg... ...

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ovacare forte a+b tablets

i am trying to conceive a baby and taking ovacare forte a+b tablets and folvite (5 mg) tablets together, is it safe to take both medicines together? ...

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what is ovacare tablets, is it to regulate the period

I was taking birth control pill for the last 5 year,then stopped in Nov 15,and I had my period on dec 12 ,2015 and then my Dr given Ova care,I haven taken the tablet and then I have my period in Jan 17 its nice,BT on Feb I am steel not having my period and not positive in pregnancy test,is these tablet delay period or regular the period. ## This is apart of drugs we cann't it is aharmless sometimes it can cause unreliable adverse effect! ## Ovacare is just a nutritional supplement, while it does contain nutrients that are vital to our overall health, there are no guarantees that it will help with regulating your periods, or etc. The U.S. FDA warns that it can cause nausea, in some people that take it, as a side effect. Is there anything else I can help with? ## is it possible to con... ...

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Ovacare vs. Metformin tablets

I have been trying to conceive and I am under medical treatment for pcos for the past 2.5 years. Initially I had metformin tablets for approx 1.5 yrs. I had to thereafter change my doc since it had yielded no result. My existing doc prescribed only ovacare. Is it really enough? There is a problem with my ovulation. I have tried ovulation strip tests a few times with negative results. Pls suggest. ## Can ovacare and metfoin 500 take together?i have pcos problem..ovulation not occured .. ...

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composition of ovacare forte tablets

Doctor has advised me to take it. I want the description of the medicine as soon as possible. ## Ovacare is a nutritional supplement that is primarily taken to prevent deficiency in specific vital nutrients. A deficiency in these vital nutrients (listed below) can cause many health problems, including menstrual irregularities. The ingredient list from the CIMS database is listed as: carbohydrates 0.4 g, chromium 50 mcg, copper 750 mcg, fat 0.13 g, folic acid 1.5 mg, inositol 100 mg, iodine 50 mcg, iron 9 mg, L-arginine 10 mg, magnesium 25 mg, manganese 1.5 mg, nicotinamide 22.5 mg, para-aminobenzoic acid 12.5 mg, protein 0.18 g, pyridoxine hydrochloride 5 mg, riboflavin 2.5 mg, selenium 100 mcg, thiamine mononitrate 5 mg, vitamin A 375 mcg, vitamin B12 500 mcg, vitamin C 75 mg, vitamin ... ...

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what is the use of ovacare forte TABLET

according to my doctors advice i am taking ovacare forte tablet from last 2 month ,as i am trying for second conception,whether this tablet helps in conception. ## Ihave pco. I am 28 years old and trying to conceive. taking ovacare and fol123 since 3 months. last year November I got married. my periods are very irregular. it comes sometimes after 45 days, sometimes after 3 months. will these medicines work. ## ITS TABLET HELP TO PERIODS ## Am 26 years n am unable to conceive ave been taking ovacare medicine for one week bul i cn see some discharge wat is dhe problem? n low abdomen ,slightly pain plz advise me. ## How to take ovacare forte tablets , I want to conceive and when to start the tablet particularly on which day of monthly cycle. Please answer ...

difference between oviduct & ovacare tablets

i took it earlier sugested by my dr. to get pregnant.i took one month oviduct & one month ovacare as prescribed by dr. dr. said both are same.but i have dought.please help me. ## Hi...am 24 yrs.i got married this year April and been looking for a kind but i have been unable to conceive.i was advised by a gynecologist to use ova care and after 20days i got pregnant.it real works for those looking for kids.i have miscarried twice and i got injected the 3months medicine to prevent me from getting a kind.afterwards when i started looking for kind ,it was too difficult for me. ...

ovacare tablets can I get it through delivery

I hv read abt d ovacare tablets hv been trying to get pregnant i hv two boys can it be delivered personally I really wat to conceive pls help me tks vy much ## Where can I buy ovacare forte here in the Philippines? ...

tablet ovacare

what is the use of taking 30 tabs of OVACARE? ## Ova-Care is a nutritional supplement, not a medication. It is claimed to help with many conditions and can help prevent a deficiency in certain vital nutrients. However, I cannot find information on its ingredients. Has your doctor advised that you use it? ## WHAT IS THE USE OF OVACARE TABLTETS ## ovacare tablets help us for getting pregranancy like the people who are all having ovaries deficiency etc., with in 30tablets basedon doctors advice ## what is the use of taking of OVACARE? ## Is Ovacare Tablet helps in gatting pragnent? ## IS OVACARE TABLET HELPS IN GETTING PRAGNENT? ## my doctor prescribed ova care tablet,i have taken from last month, ## Am 35years of age a mother of 2boys aged 10 and 6 my last born l got through cesarian sect... ...

ovacare/ smelly discharge

I used only one oth this product tablet and the following day I noticed a strong scent from my vagina like tablets and also fishy. Does the ovacare gives a bad discharge or is it something else? ## I am using this tablets and experiencing discharges. Is this normal? Pls ...

Ovacare forte a+b

I have irregular periods for which my doctor prescribed ovacare forte for 3 months...saphiene for pregnancy and flovite...can i take all of these tablets together or is there any side effect? I want to be able to conceive...how's it possible...pls help me. ## For the best possible chance of conceiving, you should follow your doctors instructions and advice. Ovacare is a nutritional supplement that contains various vitamins and minerals, because it's known that a deficiency in some of them can cause fertility issues. Learn more Vitamin details here. The Folvite is a folic acid supplement, it is another nutrient that's vital to your health and your ability to get pregnant. Learn more Folic Acid details here. And since they are supplement, they have not been tested for side eff... ...

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ovacare side effect

I have been taking ovacare tablets for 1 month as per my doctor's advice, because i had pcos. After taking the tablet i am losing my weight. Is this normal? Is ovacare helping my fertility and how long should i have to take ovacare..? ## This is a nutritional supplement, so it is not actually proven to help with anything, other than preventing a deficiency of one of the vital nutrients that it contains. The U.S. FDA warns that it may cause nausea in some people that take it, due to its potency. Has anything else changed? Are you eating differently? Are you exercising more? Are you on any other medications? ...

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is ovacare tablet different from forte

My doc told me to have ovacare tablets for PCOD and didn't mention if there are a and b.Now i see there is ovacare forte which is a and b. I am confused. Are they two different medicines? Please let me know ## These are two different tablts A+B, you have to take these together once a day, it's really good and worked for me ## Am taking ovacare drug and is pinching my breast, it's one of side effect? ## Was it only after you started taking Ovacare that you noticed a painful pinching sensation in your breast? If so, has it been persistent or off and on (at random times of the day)? From what I can gather, Ovacare is a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Personally, I am not aware of vitamins or minerals causing such symptoms (at least when taken properly)...but part of me won... ...

Side Effects of Ovacare

Is there a side effect of Weight Gain due to intake of ovacare tablet. ## What are the side effects of ovacare tablets ## ovacare makes me gain weight? ## can a woman ues ovacare to correct hormone imbalance ## This is just a nutritional supplement, so it should not cause weight gain, unless you are underweight, and deficient in one of the nutrients it contains, according to FDA reports. Other side effects may include nausea, and diarrhea, due to its potency. Adebanjo, has your doctor instructed you to take it? Are you on any other medications? ## Iam 39 years old i was given ovacare table to help me conceived due to alo of miscarriages tell me if its going to help me or iam just wasting my time. Iam a desperate waman who need a children to safe my marriage ## Hi I am 40yrs old and i ne... ...

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is iui success in the course of ovacare forte A+B

I m 34 years old..I had done my 2 iui in this 2 months..but it got failed....now my doctor suggests me to take ovacare forty A+B tables....I want to know is iui is ok in the course of these tablets.... ## I WANT TO KNOW IS IUI OK IN THIS COURSE ## A pregnant women can continue ovacare forte for PCOS? ...

Is it necessary to take Ovacare Forte A + B at a time

Our doctor given prescription of tablets OVACARE FORTE one tablet per day given 30 for montht. But on tablets A + B to be taken together. Is it necessary to take both tablets together? Is it sufficient to take one tablet per a day (A one day, B next day ) ## i am also suffering from irregular period and i m also given the same tab. i m confused how to take the tab ovacare forte A+B. ## Yes, It is neccessary to take both the tablets at the same time for getting there effective result and if you ssee the strip of the tablet its like paired one A + B ## when should one start taking these tbs?any time or after periods.any specific days to start this treatment?? ## Is both tablet A&B taken together at one time ....or at morning A & at night B I am confused ## Does ovacare forte table... ...

ovacare forte tab side effects

Hi i am an unmarried women of 23 yrs age.. i had an ovarian cystectomy at the age of 16. the cyst was on left ovary and it was a dermoid cyst. now i am faced with a pcos problem. And i have menstrual abnormality like delayed menses and strong pms. I heard about ovacare forte from one of my friends. can u pls tell me if it will have any side effects if i took it now and will it cause any trouble after marriage? ## How I will take berbesta and cystop tablets? I am suffering from pcod. take after period ends or when period will start? ...

tablet ovacare and clomid tablet

When is the best time to use ovacare and clomid tablet and can they help to get pregnant easily. ## Can I use ovacare and clomid at same time to get pregnant. I have been waiting 4 d past seven years now. ## i want to use clomis and ovacare tablets how do i start using it ## Personally, in order to feel safe and secure taking two different prescription drugs together, I think it would be imperative that patients contact their prescribing doctor(s) who administered these substances from the start... Perhaps they will have unique information or advice to offer based on your medical history, and could possibly explain to you what results may be realistic with regards to conceiving a child through the use of these medications. If you are still trying to get pregnant as of the timing of my p... ...

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