What Is Opana Made Of

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What Is Opana Encased In ?
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im just wondering what the comp of the orange shell of opana is ## Hi eric, What is the imprint on this specific Opana pill? I only ask because each manufacturer may have completely different inactive ingredients listed; which help determine what the pill is made up of. There are a few different orange Opana pills; one of them marked "E674 10" has the following list of inactive ingredients: hypromellose ferric oxide black methylparaben propylene glycol silicified microcrystalline cellulose sodium stearyl fumarate TIMERx-N titanium dioxide triacetin polysorbate 80 FD&C Yellow No. 6 As I stated above, this list may be different with another orange Opana pill from a different manufacturer; so please post back if you can provide more details on the description of your pill. I ho... ...
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Mon, Dec 26 '11, 12:49 PM
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What exactly is opana made of? ## Opana Article Summary Oxymorphone (opana, Numorphan, Numorphone) Or 14-hydroxydihydromorphinone Is A Powerful Semi-synthetic Opioid Analgesic First Developed In Germany Circa 1914, Patented In The Usa By Endo Pharmaceuticals In 1955 And Introduced To The United States Market In January 1959 And Other Countries Around The Same Time. It Is Approximately 68 Times More Potent Than Morphine, And Is Related To Morphine In The Same Fashion That Oxycodone Is To Codeine (being A Derivative Of Thebaine). It Differs From Morph ... ## I have been on ALL the Opioids there is for the last 1&1/2 years do to server back pain from shingle's and Osteoporosis bad I'm dissabled now all I do is sleep I'm on morphine sul er 60mgTBWats 2 a day now and they don... ...
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Thu, Oct 24 '13, 10:12 AM
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Has anybody tried OPANA VS OC 80s. Any feedback would be helpful ## What dosage of the Opana? The Oxymorphone in it is actually twice as strong as the Oxycodone, so if you were taking 40mgs of it, then the equivalent dose of Oxycodone would be 80mgs. Both can be effective at controlling pain, it just requires a dosage adjustment. You should also know that there are no more Oxycontin OCs. Purdue has changed the formulation and they are now Oxycontin OP. Are there any questions or comments? Does anyone else have advice to add? ## i have and they work fair for pain but made me very tired. ## DO NOT GET THE NEW OPANA 40MG ER, THEY ARE JUCK A LORTAB 10/325 WORK BETTER BEFORE A OPANA WOULD BLOW OXYCONTIN THE NEW ONE (OP)AWAY BUT NOT NOW,MY DR PUT ME BACK ON THE NEW OPANA DO NOT WORK IN 2 WEEK... ...
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Thu, Apr 06 '17, 2:24 PM
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It is alreaady made public to the public, but being a brand drug it is toooo xpensive.....should i buy food today or opana..oh, then there's the rent? Get oxymorphone instead. ...
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Thu, Dec 07 '06, 9:21 PM
opana op 60
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Opana op ## There is no Opana OP, the new product on the market is Oxycontin OP, it replaces the original product and has been specially made to help prevent abuse. Side effects remain the same: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Which medication where you looking for information on? ...
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Thu, Sep 16 '10, 9:33 AM
does opana 30 mg exist - if so are they white and what are the engravings?
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Please help me, I am getting prescribed opana and i want to know if it exists in a 30mg form, and if so, what the inscription is supposed to be? ## @the queen, To answer your question, 30mg Opana "ER" tabs do in fact exist. However they are not white as you mentioned in your description. They are actually depicted as being red in color and also eight-sided. As far as the imprint is concerned, the one's I'm finding made by Endo Pharmaceuticals have the number 30 on one side and are blank on the other. Just out of curiosity, what is it about the one's being prescribed that makes you question their appearance? ## She had the color wrong because somebody ripped her off telling her a 30 mg opana is white... Get smart please..That post is from a crafty addict trying to fin... ...
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Sat, Jan 30 '16, 11:58 AM
Are the 40 mg Opana ER's made to be abuse proof like the oxycontin 80mg ER's?
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Are the opana 40 mg ER's made to be abuse proof like the oxycontin 80mg er's? what other long acting pain meds are on the market that would compare to the oxycontin 80 mg er's? ## No, Opana is not made with the same formulation that the Oxycontin is, that was something specifically developed by Purdue Pharma, because the abuse of the Oxycontin and diversion has become such a huge and widespread problem. Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone, which is also a very potent narcotic and may cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Learn more: As to other time released options, there is also a time released formulation of Morphine, the name brand for it is MS Contin, though it is also available as a generic: There is also a patch that co... ...
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Tue, Mar 07 '17, 4:14 PM
Is The New 40mg Opanas Out Yet
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are the crush proof 40mg opanas out yet ## are the crush proof 40mg opanas out yetorbne ## Yes, they do appear to have been recently made available in the new formulation. However, some pharmacies may still be experiencing a backlog, due to the fact that the supply was short for awhile and many people were waiting to get their prescriptions filled. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I noticed the label on my last refill for opana 40mg for the 1st time stated "the color & shape of this medication may be different from what you have been getting, but still works the same as your previous med." Upon checking, some pills were the same hexigonal shaped yellow pills i had been getting and the remaining pills were the same color but were round and were almost like rubber... ...
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Wed, Jun 27 '12, 5:28 PM
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It is getting terrible about having your Opana and break thru meds filled. My pharmacy can't fill my because they can't order any more at this time because of the new rules. Last month I had to call and go to many places trying to get them filled but they didn't have any and the ones who could order it said it would take 5-7 days to receive them. I finally found one to fill them but FDA, DEA etc. are getting stupid about this. I was in a bad motorcycle accident and I can't help that I have the pain I have. You druggies have made it awful for people who really need help. I won't say what I am thinking. It wouldn't be nice. ## I am very sorry that you are suffering and are having so much trouble getting your prescriptions filled. However, the regulations aren't... ...
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Wed, Jan 01 '14, 8:01 AM
Opana With Saphris And Morphine
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IF A DOCTOR PRESCRIBES A PATIENT OPANA AND MORPHINE, FOR CHRONIC PAIN, AND PRESCRIBES THEM SAPHRIS FOR BIPOLOR DISORDER, IS IT OK TO MIX THESE TOGETHER? IS IT A GOOD COMBINATION OR BAD? I KNOW SOMETIMES DIFFERENT PEOPLE REACT DIFFERENTLY TO MEDICATION, BUT I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF ITS OK. ## The combination can have additive effects, which can increase the risk of psychomotor impairment and depression of the central nervous system, so your doctor does have to take the dosage under careful consideration. They should be monitoring you regularly for any problems and you should be made aware to watch for any problems, such as lowered heart rate and blood pressure, in case you need to seek medical attention. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Fri, Oct 07 '11, 10:59 AM
Generic Opana ER
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Wanted to share with everyone how happy I am to have finally received the new generic Opana ER 20mg tablets from my pharmacy. I had found Opana to be very effective for my chronic pain and was very sad when they switched it over to the new formula as it wasn't nearly effective as the original octagon shaped tablets and caused stomach aches. These new generic ones seem to me to be as effective as the original formula had been. The tablets I received show to be made by Global Pharmaceuticals and are a small, round, green tablet with G73 imprinted on them. I'm happy to report that these are just like the original formula. Now I no longer have stomach aches from taking those plastic pills that Endo is selling. I sure do hope that these remain as they are, but I have read a couple ar... ...
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Sun, Jul 23 '17, 3:17 PM
Generic Opana Reviews
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Has anyone been on the generic Opana ER that is being made by Global/Impax Pharmaceuticals long enough to give an honest opinion as to how much more effective they are then Opana? My pharmacist just ordered the oxymorphone ER's for me today. I haven't gotten any relief from Opana. I take 60mg of the ER's twice a day with 3, 10mg. oxymorphone pills for breakthrough pain. I'm getting more relief from the 10mg generics then I am with the 60mg ER's. Will I be able to just take the 40mg ER's without the added 20mg ER's? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!! ## Hi Bleegs, Based on my research, The Opana ER is an extended release; which means that the medication is being distributed in the body for up to 24 hrs. That is suppos... ...
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Sat, Nov 04 '17, 3:31 AM
opana 30 MG..older version
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after 2 car accidents..me being the passenger i suffered a great deal of pain n my back my pain management dr prescribed opana er and oxycodone 30 mg for breakthrough pain i took the opana er for 3 yrs and suddenly they changed the formula and they did not work at all.is there any chance that they will change the formula back to what it used to be? the old formula worked great for me..i was in alot less pain i was walking better and alot less nerve pain..for me it was a miracle drug and i did not feel high from it. i just felt so much better than i did with any other meds..so do you think they will ever bring back the old opanas because i did not feel any relief from the new ones that they made so my dr put me on 30 mg morphine er but they give me a feeling of being high where the old o... ...
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Wed, Apr 29 '15, 12:21 PM
Opana (Hydromorphone) 5 mg
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I have been taking Ultram 50 mg 2 tabs 4 times/day + Lyrica 150 mg twice/day for years for not only almost every vertebrae in my neck & back being herniated with impinged nerves, spinal stenosis, degenerative spine disease & scoliosis, but also severe fibromyalgia & osteoarthritis (mostly in the knees & ankles. I had a spinal cord implant last year, but even though it does help, it just doesn't do the entire trick for me. My doctor tried switching the Lyrica for Cymbalta, but I developed Serotonin Syndrome & didn't sleep the entire week I was on it. Due to lack of sleep, I developed a gigantic migraine headache & took Fiorecet & Benadryl, thinking it was due to sinus problems. Needless to say, that only made the Serotonin Syndrome worse & I ended ... ...
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Fri, Nov 13 '15, 3:24 PM
ignorance of what constitutes a narcotic
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I am amazed that people are so ignorant of what constitutes a narcotic. I grew up when opana(sp?) were made by Endo and looked exactly like a Percodan and responded to water the same. Pharmacies carried coke and like Dilaudid in liquid and powdered form. Those were the days. ## You "grew up" ??? Um, Opana is pretty new,so I'm not sure how you grew up and taking this med do young? All drugs respond to water! Sounds like you've hit your Opana bottle too hard, lady! ...
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Mon, May 18 '15, 11:28 PM
MS Contin conversion to Opana
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Does anyone know the conversion dose when switching from MS Contin 15mg to Opana. The MS no longer works to take the edge off the pain. I have had chronic pain after herniated cervical, lumbar disks, 4 surgeries, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and daytime sleepiness, and osteo-arthritis. I also took 10mg. of morphine IR for breakthrough pain.Now I will take Opana IR. ## Your doctor or pharmacist should handle the conversion of the dosing for you. Has your doctor prescribed it already or made any recommendations? ## You said you have fybromialgia may I ask how long you have had that, I take MS Contin, nerontin, and a few others, but I have never heard of opana. does it work, I have FM and have had it for 3 years. ## I was on Opana before MS Contin and is was not as effective, very hard to... ...
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Fri, Jul 14 '17, 9:52 PM
Opana/Oxymorphone Pharmacology
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I would like to know why Opana ER is so powerful? It comes in 10, 20, 30, & 40 mgs. I took this medication once and it made OxyContin feel far inferior as an all around mood enhancer and pain reliever. What is the difference in the pharmacology from OxyContin to Oxymorphone? ## It is just a different medication that is stronger than Oxycodone. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Years ago, I remember Oxycontin being the most powerful one available. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Oxymorphone is to morphine what oxycodone is to codeine. There are many stronger ones then oxymorphone like fentanyl. Some of the hydrogen atoms are replaced with oxygen and it ... ...
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Mon, May 01 '17, 11:35 PM
Opana 40mg change in formulation
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I was just at my pm appt and my doc informed me that endo pharmaceutical has won the legal case on stopping other pharmaceutical companies on making the generic. Which I find is bs that they get to keep making the brand which doesn't work for the majority of pts including me. I was on opana er 30 just got bumped up to 40mg made by global pharmaceutical company. So as the pts what is there to do when you can't find the generic anywhere in the near future? The brand just dosent work and I won't put anything in my body that dosent give me relief from fibromyalgia and swollen joints. I had one knee replacement and need another one. Soooo pissed off. ## I'm sorry, but I don't have any information about the legal court decision. However, have you considered trying any othe... ...
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Mon, Jan 09 '17, 2:27 PM
Opana not working as well as OxyContin
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I just had to switch from 2 x 80mg OxyContin ERs a day, to 2 x 40mg Opana ERs with 3 x 15mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain. The Opana doesn't seem to be working as well. Does anybody know why that is? ## Why did you have to switch? It may just be that it's not the right medication for you, not every medication works for everyone that tries it. And if you just recently made this switch, it may be due to your body trying to adjust to the change. Learn more Opana details here. How long ago did you switch medications? ## I had to switch because my insurance will no longer cover the cost of Oxycontin. My pain was being managed very well with the Oxycontin 80mg. twice a day. The only other pain med besides morphine that they will cover now is Opana. ...
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Mon, Jan 07 '13, 1:50 PM
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i would like more information on the ADF TIMERX in the opana er 40 A.D.F. abuse deterrent features and the side effects of the gell and silicone.that are in this opana er 40. ## Hi Jeffrey, From what I could gather, this formulation of Opana ER 40mg made by Endo Pharma is said to use what's called Grünenthal Group’s INTAC Technology - "which reportedly preserves the extended release characteristics of the medication while at the same time, imparting crush-resistant properties." Ref: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3411218 However, upon approval, the FDA also verified that the addition of this INTAC Technology does not significantly impact the rate of absorption from the actual active ingredient. Though you can find more specific details pertaining to the abuse-de... ...
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Wed, Oct 29 '14, 3:44 PM

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