What Is H86 Where Can I Get It

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what is h86 where can i get it
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I am looking at trying to find this h 86. And would like to know where I can get it bin Canada 'I have been HIV for 25 years and is it safe to take while taking '',HIV cfoictail ## H-86 also goes by the name Avemar. Go to the website, research.avemar.com. You will see a Disclaimer page pop up, Just hit Close and all the information will appear. There are many articles written on Avemar (H-86). You can than click on the menu choices at the top of the page - Journals. You will have to keep clicking Close on the Disclaimer pages. One of the titles that will appear is Alternatives for the the Health Conscious Individual. Click on that. Then Cancer: The Hail Mary and More will appear. It is an article by Dr. David Williams. You can download the article in PDF. In the article, it ... ...
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Mon, Oct 24 '16, 5:36 AM
h86 - where can i get it
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I am from Mumbai India. My friend who lives in Goa has cancer in the kidney and it has spread to his liver. He is 60 years old. I wanted to know are they suitable for him and if so can they be sent to India by post or any other means? ## Would suggest taking B-17 instead. Cost: around $27.00 usd. Research it for yourself online. ## Where can you get B-17 for this price? Can you recommend a location. ## B-17 is also known as Laetil. It is produced mostly from apricot kernels ## Just chew on apricot seeds 4 to 5 per day. You can buy it at any store like Nuts and Spices in Chennai. You should look up the Budwig Protocall. It involves mixing 1/2 cup paneer with a table spoon of flax seed oil; fruit and veg juices, wheat grass juice, soda bicarbonate, sunlight, exercise, no sugar or white ri... ...
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Sat, Nov 19 '16, 4:33 PM
cancer treatment - what is h86 & where can i get it
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Why is hsi giving people the idea that it is a mircle drug, when it cures nothing? All that i see is that it does makes u fat and builds muscle. ## I have Breast and Brain cancer and I would like to know where you get H86? ## From what I've researched, HSI is a scam company. The coined term 'H86' is part of their marketing scheme. However, what it stands for (aka Avemar/Fermented Wheat Germ Extract) is apparently legitimate in that Fermented Wheat Germ has been proven to fight cancer; rather effectively at that: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20155632 The notion that all it does is make you fat and builds muscle is a misinformed representation from lack of research. For anyone who may be seeking Avemar, I'd recommend that you google it for a list of vendors. Something else wort... ...
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Mon, Feb 06 '17, 3:31 PM
what is h86
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More about H86 by googling or any other search syst. enter Jenny Thompson or International Health Institue. ## Hello, Thank you for that information! Here is a link to a thread on the site that discusses H86 in more detail: Discuss/H86-cancer-cure-252776.htm Does anyone else have information to add about this topic? Please post back if you do! ## hi! my grandfather had stage 3b lung cancer and i need to find out how to get h-86 i heard alot about it and that it can help. can any one help? trying to find where i can get it? and how much it will cost? please reply back with information that can help? ## contact the HSI- Heath Science Institute. That's where I heard about it. You have to become a member I believe. ## I am familiar with Health Sciences Institute/Jenny Thompson and I a... ...
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Thu, Jun 08 '17, 10:11 AM
Where can I find h86?
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Where can I find H-86? I have tumors all over, Once they were pre-cancerous in my colon. I want to know where I can find this if the polyps keep returning or return cancerous. ## Get on cannabis oil its proven to work ## Hi Jan, Sorry to hear about your situation. In regards to H-86, that's actually just another term for "fermented wheat germ extract" **also commonly referred to as Avemar** that a phony company by the name of HSI (Health Science Institute) coined in their marketing campaign. Because HSI is widely thought to be a scam (see other related threads here for more details) I wouldn't recommend going through them at all. From what I could gather, Avemar and other similar brands can be found elsewhere without the headache of HSI getting involved. On one last note... ...
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Sat, Mar 04 '17, 1:12 AM
what is h86 cancer cure
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I am researching the product H-86 for a close friend and cancer patient. Any viable alternative to conventional medicine, the mega pharmaceutical companies and their support by the FDA can lead to skepticism that avoids "cutting edge" research. There is certainly financial justifications to maintain the status quo, and we all know that chemotherapy and radiation destroys healthy cells as well; thus further lowering the body's auto-immune system even further!! Having close members of my family face cancer with the present treatment, only to witness their exacerbated suffering and eventual demise! We need cutting edge technology to combat this aggressive disease, aside from antiquated conventional medicine that has been an overall proven failure rate. Please answer this messag... ...
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Fri, Aug 05 '16, 7:07 AM
where to get h 86
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Looks like H86 can be found through a company called Santa Cruz Biotechnology. Says it's insulin-based, is it the kind everyone is talking about on here? I hope this info will help you. ## Where can we get H-86 in New Hampshire, or where can we order it from? My wife has Alzhermer, and I would like to find some meds, so I can keep her for a long time. ## Alzheimers is one of many pathologies, a form of metabolic problem also called inflammatory disease, which is a multi variate process that changes the genetic substructures of cells (the rungs of the DNA ladder). The glial cells are specific structural cells in the brain which hold neuronal cells (the ones that transmit information) in their place. "Inflammatory" processes (note not swelling but an overused word ~ watch the ... ...
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Tue, Apr 12 '16, 1:43 PM
what is h86 and is it used to help alzheimers
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I am a caregiver for a 79 year old female and watching her decline really stresses me out. I wished to god I could help her. I recently heard about h-86 that could possibly help her with alzhelmers. Is there any truth to this? ## Hi George, Sorry to hear about your situation. I just wanted to point out that H-86 (by Health Sciences Institute) is widely thought to be a scam; as are other products by HSI. There are other discussion threads here that describe various experiences with HSI, many disappointed with their misleading marketing tactics... Secondly, H-86 is touted as a cancer cure. I have yet to see anything relating it to alzheimers... Thirdly, H-86 is a fictitious name for "fermented wheat germ extract" - also being branded under the name "Avemar" - which has act... ...
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How to get H86
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How do I a normal person that has stage3c colon cancer get this? What is the cost please help no one seems to have the answer and I would like to live more than 5 years im only 44 !!!! ## Hello, Maralee! How are you? I am very sorry that you have cancer. However, in spite of repeated searching after people like you have asked about it, I've been unable to find anything on H86, nothing on what it actually is, proof of its efficacy and etc. I've tried both free and paid resources, to no avail. I know it is spoken about in an email newsletter and claimed to be a cancer cure, but it appears that no one knows anything about it. I'm very sorry, I know it is very misleading and I wish I had better news for you. As to the 5 years, that is just an average, many people do live longer ... ...
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Fri, Apr 29 '16, 5:47 PM
H86 cancer cure
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After a bit of drilling down and reading I think I have found out what H-86 really is... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gleevec ## There are actually a few other discussion threads on this same topic that talk about H86 and how it works as a cancer treatment. However, I'm not sure if everyone is on the same page as far as what it really is. You can view each thread by visiting the links below: Discuss/h86-cancer-treatment-252777.htm Discuss/h-86-cancer-cure-250866.htm Discuss/h-86-cancer-cures-252713.htm By the way, have you also looked into CBD's from cannabis as a viable cure for cancer? Studies show that it's actually more effective than chemo, and without the side effects. So this might be something to consider researching as well. I hope this helps! ## This Product is called AVE... ...
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Fri, Aug 18 '17, 11:49 AM
where to find h 86
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Where can we get H-86 ? ## HI, Brad! How are you? You are just one in a long list of people that have been asking about this, since a certain email newsletter was sent out claiming that it has miracle effects….but there is no such proof. What's more, there is no information available on H86 whatsoever, nothing on what it actually is, where to buy it or etc. I've no idea why that newsletter was released, because all it's done so far is create a bunch of false hope in the readers and I am very sorry that it has also happened to you. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I need to find the h-86 and need to know the cost ## Santa Cruz Biotechnology! ...
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Fri, Mar 07 '14, 1:07 PM
where to find h 86?
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how can h 86 be obtained? ## Please let me know where I can find the h86 for the cure of cancer ## Hi Peter, Lately there has been a lot of speculation about H86, how it works as a cancer treatment, and where you might be able to obtain it. However, there seems to be a lack of supporting evidence online from reputable/verifiable sources explaining what H86 really is. Perhaps visiting some of the other discussion threads can help shed some light on the topic for you: Discuss/h-86-cancer-cure-250866.htm Discuss/H86-cancer-cure-252776.htm Discuss/h86-and-breast-cancer-257911.htm I hope this helps! Please post back if you have any additional information or feedback to add. ...
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h86 availability
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h86 - is it a serious product? Is this a product on the market? Is it safe? ## There are actually a number of related discussion threads here on this topic that I would encourage you to have a look at. I posted a couple links below: Discuss/h-86-cancer-cure-250866.htm Discuss/H86-cancer-cure-252776.htm To sum up my own investigation, the company (Health Science Institute) who promotes H86 is thought to be a scam. H86 appears to be their trademark name for fermented wheat germ extract. And while I don't feel that Health Science Institute has a good reputation, fermented wheat germ extract itself is generally regarded as safe and has demonstrated positive feedback in studies. One of the known brands that is available online goes by the name "Avemar". You can read more about Av... ...
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Thu, Jun 23 '16, 9:14 PM
h86 and breast cancer
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I know someone with stage 4 breast cancer. It has spread to her liver, she has a tumor on her breast bone, etc. How has H-86 worked against this aggressive stage of cancer? ## Hi Michelle, From what I understand, there are no real reports of H-86 being a legitimate cancer drug. There are less than a handful of vague articles that briefly state it's use for such treatments. One other user on here found information claiming it to be a type of fermented wheat germ; however I personally have yet to come across any specific details linking them to one another. If anyone else out there has more information on this H-86 substance, please do share! On a side note, I would like to add that there are several (yes, several) other types of natural cancer killers out there if you do the research... ...
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Thu, Nov 12 '15, 10:12 AM
h86 cancer treatment
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h86 is protein blocker that is in cancer cells that protein fools the bodys immune system the cancer just keep growing and your immune system doesn't even know its there,This drug blocks the protein and your bodys immune system gets rid of the tumors. I received an email about h86 but like a dumbass I deleted it thinking I would be able to find it again. I did find a similer drug by googling cancer treatments , I cant remember the name of that either but its something like cr-47? and they are just starting trials on humans . But you know the big drug companies aren't going to let it out coz they would rather keep killing people for the $$ ## Hi Gary, I came across a forum relating to the H 86 cancer treatment, I'll link to it below: /Discuss/h-86-cancer-cure-250866_s2.htm Yo... ...
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Tue, Oct 21 '14, 8:04 AM
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Can you post any information on the effects of h-86 as a cancer treatment, where it can found, and at what cost? ## According to some of the discussion threads here on this site, H-86 is just another name for (Avemar) fermented wheat germ extract. If you run a search for this, you may have better luck coming up with the type of results you're looking for. Here is a related thread with much more info on it: h 86 cancer cure, or you can also find a more complete listing of H86 topics: /topics/h-86/. Hope this helps and wish you the best! ...
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Mon, Nov 23 '15, 9:33 PM
alledged H86 cancer cure
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Looks like bored medical students are having a little fun at victims expense ## @RodsMed8alil, I too am a skeptic of the "H-86" that's being promoted by HSI (Health Science Institute), as this particular company’s webpage does resemble that of other scammers (i.e. lots of advertisements and several of those “ORDER NOW” buttons on the same page). However further investigation suggests that H-86 is actually another name for "fermented wheat germ extract" (available under brand names such as Avemar). Personally, I wouldn’t trust anything coming through HSI, but I can't ignore the studies on PubMed which do regard fermented wheat germ extract as a viable treatment option for cancer: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16126993 Anyone else have thoughts on... ...
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h 86 cancer pill
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where can I find H86 cancer supplements ## @reiner, H-86 is quite simply 'fermented wheatgerm extract' marketed under various brand names such as "Avemar", "AvéUltra", and "AWGE"; which you can find available on many sites via google. Its cost is in the ballpark range of $150. That may seem a bit steep depending on how much you get, but I guess you can't put a price on your health! I also have yet to come across reviews / success stories, though, a lot of my research suggests that it works for many types of cancer. Has anyone else here taken this supplement with notable results? ...
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Mon, Apr 13 '15, 12:25 PM
Fermented Wheat Germ for Cancer H86
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I found the way for you to make your own fermented wheat germ. I took it in the treatment of my own stage IV rectal cancer and I'm still alive 3 years later. They gave me 7% chance to live 6 to 18 months. Black currant is called "grosellas negras ó casis" in Spanish. They are posted on Google España. The way to ferment "germen de trigo", brotes de trigo, is to mix it with bakers yeast, the same one that is used to make bread, for 18-24 hours. For more information you can go to Google English and search "how to prepare fermented wheat germ" and you'll get the answer, here's the site: poolishwheatgermbread - the Denver Naturopathic Clinic ## Hi Matasanos, Thanks a lot for taking the time to share this info. I'm sure it'll be a blessing... ...
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h86 found
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Can be ordered from health science institute HSI ## @dam, If you haven't seen any of the other related threads here on H86, then you may want to have a look. A lot of information has been posted here about H86 over the past few months now, some comments already stating exactly what you said. H86 is basically fermented wheat germ extract, marketed under the name Avemar. Someone in another thread actually took the time to post a recipe on how to make it (linked below): Discuss/H86-cancer-cure-252776.htm However I'd still like to see more feedback from people who've tried it on a continuous basis with success. Is this something you've used before? ## How long is the right time to fermented. And how much from each, do you have the recipe? I have tumors all over my body, the ... ...
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Sun, Jul 30 '17, 7:54 AM

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