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R On One Side And L The Other

I received a Lipitor 80mg pill, large white round and fairly flat, with "R" on one side and 196 on the other. Since it is different from the one I had been taking, I wanted to be sure it was the correct medicine. What do those markings mean? Is this just the same medicine from another pharmacy? ## Actually, the tablet that meets this description with the R 196 marking is listed as containing 75mgs of Clopidogrel, which is used to prevent blood clotting. Learn more Clopidogrel details here. It is not Lipitor or the generic for it, which is Atorvastatin. Learn more Lipitor details here. Did you get this as a prescription from your pharmacy? If so, you need to contact them immediately. ...

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what does the m mean on a pill

I found a pill in my car that is capsule shaped and is scored. It has a small double pyramid on one score and an m on the other score. The other side of the pill is blank. ## Hello, Debbie! How are you? This tablet with the Andrx logo and the M on it contains 25mgs of Metoprolol in a time released formulation. It's a beta blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and hypotension. Learn more Metoprolol details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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blue round tablet with s l 100 and a capital m on the other side

What is a blue round tablet with s l 100 and a capital m on the other side? Is it real? ## Hello, Otis! How are you? I'm not sure what you mean by asking if it's real? Can you please clarify? And as to what it is, I can't find a listing for any tablet matching this description with the SL 100 on one side and M on the other. Can you please double check the imprint and post back? Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## Thanks for the response. I bought it as generic SILDENAFIL from a Canadian pharmacy but it appears not to work. ## Could u tell me what type of tablet is sl 100 with capital m on the back of it pls ## It's another name for Viagra ## What is the diffremce between sildenafil and slidenafil teva ...

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round light blue pill g on one side and ox 5 on other what is it

the pill is light blue and on one side it as a G and 5ox on other side, what is this pill ment for and what is in it? ## I'm not finding anything with this marking in our prescription drug resources. It could be a foreign medication or something available over the counter. Was it found in the U.S. or elsewhere? ## I have found it in canada, my son (16) showed up with it and sait it was an oxicontin. it has ox over 5 and scored in the middle with a large G on the other side. ## light blue pill with a G on 1 side and the other side is scored with ox on top and a 5 on bottom. what is my kid taking? ## Your kid is taking Oxybutynin, an anticholinergic medication used to relieve urinary and bladder difficulties such as frequent urination and uncontrolled urination. I'm sure he meant ... ...

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what is in these tablets prazodone

im trying to find out what prazodone tablets containdelboy ## Hello, Delboy! How are you? Did you mean Trazodone? If so, that is the active ingredient. It is a type of antidepressant. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and weight changes. ## What is prazodone?is it a sleeping pill? ## Is prazodone used for high blood pressure treatment ## Is prazodone used for high blood pressuretreatment? ...

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what does myl mean

one side has 40 Mylan 216 Small round white pill ## Myl stands for the manufacturer, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, they list this tablet as containing 40mgs of Furosemide, which is a generic for Lasix. It is used to help remove excess fluid from the body to treat conditions, such as high blood pressure, edema, and heart failure. Are there any other questions? ...

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blue oval pill with i g on one side and 213 other

Medicine description is: Blue oval pill 213 on one side 1|g on other side ## Hi, Kimberly! How are you? The tablet with the IG 213 marking contains 50mgs of Sertraline, which is an SSRI antidepressant that's used to treat depression, anxiety, OCD and several other medical conditions. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and weight changes. Learn more Sertraline details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can sertraline be compared to xanax? Are the effects similar between the two ? ## What does SSRI mean? And is sertraline something like prozac? ## Does this pill makes you sleep ? ## Is it a substitute for xanax? ## Will it help me sleep like xanax? ## No, An antidepressant is not in the same Benzos ,which is what a xanax is classified as. Benzos- xanax... ...

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what does the number ph 32 mean on a pill

I found a round orange pill with PH32 on one side and blank on the other. Does anyone know what this is? ## Did you get an answer to your question about round orange pill with PH 32 marking? I am looking for the answer also ...

blue diazepam d 10 on one side and a line the other


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Round Blue Pill With Line On One Side And Blank Other

I Have been asking alot of people and looking on the internet and i still cant figure out what these pills are. They are little, round, and blue. On one side their is a narcotic line and on the other side is blank. Im not sure what it is and I really need to know. ## I'm sorry, but what do you mean by 'narcotic line'? Did you mean just the score line to divide the pill? If so, that is all it is, it's an indention mark placed on tablets to make it easier to divide the dosage, if necessary and it is found on all types of pills, not just narcotics. And that said, with no markings, it is most likely not a prescription medication of any type, because in the U.S. they are all required to have markings to enable their identification. Thus, it is most likely that this is somethi... ...

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blue pill round with score line and 225 on other side

i got a big blue pill that is blank on one side and 225 on the other.is this the same as those small M30s or no? ## is this big blue pill has 255 on one side and a line on the other the same as a m30?roxicodine? ## what is this pill round blue 225 on one side blank on other is this a generic 30mg roxy ## Although it is larger in size, it is the same. When in doubt ask a pharmacist. ## I am not certain, but I think the pill being asked about might have been the one that's blue, round and has the number 224 on it, since that is the closest match listed in the prescription drug databases. There are no tablets listed that match this description with a 225 or 255 on them. And yes, it is a 30mg Oxycodone tablet, a generic for Roxicodone, which is a narcotic pain reliever. That means it ma... ...

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sandoz regestrone tablet 5mg side effects

I am 45 yrs old and I have 8 out of 11 and wen I'll have periods they vl b very heavy blood loss. Due to DAT m taking sandoz 5mg tablet everyday to stop . m talkin dem from past 6months so will I have any side effects ## Can i take regestrone 5mg along with ciplox tz? I need to take ciplox for 2 more days.My expected date for periods is 28 jan. I want to postpone for 7days.. ## What exactly do you mean by saying you have 8 out of 11? Can you please post back and clarify? And what are the ingredients in the Sandoz tablet you said you are taking? Preeti, Regestrone is a synthetic version of Progesterone, the NIH warns that it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, irregular bleeding, and PMS like symptoms. There is also no guarantee that it may post... ...

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what is the side effect of excess use duvadilan tablet

what is the side effects of excess use of duvadilan tablets than doctor suggest as in my case doctor told me to take 15 days only but by mistake i took it 30 days pls reply as i am worried a lot ## Unless you raised your dosage, you really didn't take an excess amount, you just took it longer than you were supposed to. Many people take it every day of their lives for years, the only thing it means is that the side effects may last longer, however, it doesn't change what they are. Duvadlan contains the active ingredient Isoxsuprine, it is a Vasodilator, in some countries it is given to pregnantwomen in premature labor to help relax the uterus, it is also used to help increase cirulation. Some side effects may include: nausea, blood pressure changes and increase heart rate. You ca... ...

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what does imm rel mean

oxycodone 5 mg imm rel tablets oxycodone/apap 5mg-325mg tablets ## My doctor gave me oxycodone 5 MG IMM REL capsules. My question is what dose IMM REL mean ## I spoke to a pharmacist, Oxycodone immediate release goes in to the blood stream at once. The immediate release works faster but will not last as long. ## this is my first time useing this pill call o xycodone 5mg a lil. white pill. but what i really need to know is how fast do this pill works and do it really work on a 305 pound 6\2 man. or what kind of pian pills you know not that will really work for me if this one dont? please answer me asap. thanks for listening. ## I've never had the imm rel perscribed to me before,didn't realize until i got script filled,why would my doctor perscribe these instead of the other that ... ...

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Monticope Tablet Side Effect

i use monticope when the cold came regularly .is ther any problem for using this tablet as regular ## Monticope contains Montelukast and Levocetirizine. These are both used to treat the symptoms of colds and allergies. I would suggest only using it when needed, rather than making it a regular daily regime, if thats what you mean? Side effects of Montelukast include gastrointestinal disturbances, hypersensitivity reactions, sleep disorders and increased bleeding tendency, aside from many other generic adverse reactions. Levocetirizine is called a non-sedating antihistamine as it does not enter the brain in significant amounts, and is therefore unlikely to cause drowsiness. However, some people may experience some slight sleepiness, headache, mouth dryness, lightheadedness, vision problem... ...

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White Round Pill Blank One Side I Dif 8 On Other

Its a small flat white pill blank on one side on the other it has an I dif 8 no idea what it is ## I am not quite sure I understand your description of the imprint. What do you mean by dif? Did you mean there's a dividing line? If so, then it's likely you're looking at it upside down and the marking is actually 81 and it's an 81mg low dose Aspirin tablet. Learn more Aspirin details here. ...

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Long White Pill With Ip 190 on 1 side and blank on other side

I keep seeing IP 190/500 as being naproxen but this is not what I am looking for.I want to know what a long white pill with IP 190 on 1 side and NOTHING AT ALL on the other side is.It`s supposed to be hydrocodone 7.5 (not sure how many mg`s of acetaminophen) but was told it has 7.5 mg`s of hydrocodone ## I can't tell you what it is because I honestly don't know but I can tell you that it is absolutely not a 7.5/500 hydrocodone (or any other 7.5 hydrocodone mix). I've had them and seen them all, having been on hydrocodone for 20 years and none looked like that. Wish I could tell you more. ## Angie, do you happen to know where it's from? I'm not finding a listing for anything with just the IP 190 on it, either, however, this doesn't necessarily mean that it is or i... ...

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white pill pd 158 one side - 20 on other

elongated white ## Did you mean to say PD 158 with 80 on the other side? If so, the you are describing is Lipitor (80 mg). Lipitor is primarily used for lowering blood cholesterol. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## Hi i have found some pills they are white and round and all on one side it has PD 20 on them . I found theasa today they were loose in a bag . I dont know were they come from. I lost my mum 6 month ago to bone cancer i was my mums carer and always did mums medication but i cant recall my mum haveing thease so thats why i want to know wot there used for . Thankyou ...

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round yellow pill 20 on one side and cg the other

I am taking many medications at this time, due to having five major surgeries, in the last 7 months. I know what all the others are for, but for some reason, even my pharmacist couldn't tell me what it was. I need to know what it's for, before using it. I take many prescribed pills, that are not taken for the reason they were meant for. I take Seroquel, but it's to help me sleep. I also take Mirtazapine, also to help me sleep. I have Amerge pills for my migraines, I also take Lipitor for my for cholesterol, Ativan 2 mg. to help me sleep, Percocets and Demerol for my pain, and Prevacid Fastabs 30 mg. I also take Lasix, but I take it for my blood pressure. I would like to know what this medication is, and what it's prescribed for, before taking it. Thank-you so much for yo... ...

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very light blue ww one side d10 on the other

i have had these kind before but they were allot more darker shade of blue ## These tablets contain 10mgs of Diazepam, the active ingredient in Valium is used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, irritability and headache. Read more: As to the color, it really doesn't mean anything, it is entirely up to them and can easily change, due to fluctuations in the manufacturing process. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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