What Does 100 Mg Morphine Pill Look Like

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what does 100 mg morphine pill look like
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I have been reading all the input and I would just like to say that I am a 35 year opiate dependent person with back problems and GI problems for some of the people suffering people I would just like to say that there are alternatives and ways of the attaining pain medication first of all they don't have a regular oxycontin 100 milligram and for that matter its a 160 milligram and its green sold in Canada not the US for the people with a the lot of issues try using oxymorphone instead of hydromorphone it's much better its time release you and it is a mixure of oxy and dilaudid. Also, for Orlando persons roxies can be filled for approximately $350 to .$550 call around ask for hardship dicounts too etc. As for morphine its been used for ever and is relatively Cheap. Ask for ir if ... ...
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Tue, Oct 18 '16, 8:30 AM
Morphine Pills What Do They Look Like
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100mg morphine pill, what does it look like, generic or otherwise ## Does a 100 mg morphine pill have 100 on one side and an N on the other in the color of brownish-grey? ## blue pill abg on one side 100 on other ## SInce it is available as a generic, in several formulations, I can't possibly list the imprint and description for all of them. However, Joe, yes that tablet you asked about does contain 100mgs of Morphine in a time released formulation, a generic for MS Contin. Sammy, I can't find any listings for a tablet that matches that description, with those markings. Was it found/obtained in the U.S. or elsewhere? ## i have found small white capsules with N on the left side and 100 on the right, i have looked all over the web and cannot find out what they are, could somebody ... ...
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Mon, May 08 '17, 7:45 PM
What Does 150 Mg Orange and white Morphine look like and info
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What Does 150 Mg Orange and white Morphine gel capsule with micro granuals not time release beeds look like, would like a picture and a write up on this please ## yes i have some gel caps, 150mg morphine sulfate in micro granuals (powdered form), not time release balls... Half of the gel cap is orange and the other half is white/clear. it says APO 150, these came from a hospital, because only hospitals and cancer clinics can prescribe anything over 100 mg.Are the dosage amounts 150 200 250 300mg gel caps with powder inside IR'S or time release? Also I have 200 mg morphine sulfate, with a red time release coating on it, and with a z on one side. These are 200 mg morphine sulfate extended release coating morphines... correct??? please send pictures of the different generic and pharmec... ...
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Sat, Feb 28 '15, 11:37 AM
100mg morphine
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a white round pill with a capital M on one side and a n 25 on the other side I think that it is a25 mg morphine? ## This tablet DOES NOT contain Morphine, nor any type of narcotic. This tablet contains 0.25mgs of Ropinirole, a generic for Requip, this is an anti-Parkinson's medication that is also sometimes used to treat RLS. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and hallucinations. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## what does the new 100mgmorphine look like ## Morphine, in its generic form, is made by many different companies, so I cannot possibly tell you what they all might look like. If you have a tablet and post back with the imprint from it, I can look it up and let you know if it does, indeed, contain 100mgs of Morp... ...
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Sun, Dec 27 '09, 1:53 PM
Morphine Sulfate Er 100mg
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Please send me a list of ingredients in Morphine /Sulfate ER 100mg tabs. Thank you ! ## This is a generic for Ms Contin and it is made by several companies, so I can't answer your question without knowing the specific manufacturer. Are there any markings on the tablets in question? If you post back with this information, I can then find the ingredient list for you. ## I got some meds that I was told was morphine sulfate ER 100 mg but I am a bit suspicious. I have looked (feels like it) at every morphine image. My pill is round , rusty/red colored with 323 on one side & what (to me) looks like a crescent on the other side. Can anyone help me to make sure I have what I'm supposed to please??? ## It is round with a rust/burnt orange in color and one side has the number 323 ... ...
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Fri, Dec 23 '16, 12:50 AM
photos of all morphine pills
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round/grey/abg ## Is one kind of Morphine blue with 15 on one side and 850 on the other side? ## looking for photo of 100mg morphine capsel ## kadian 100mg morphine cap need to find photo ## I want to know what an 80 mg of morphine looks like ## morphine tab 30mg - E.R by *Watson Lab has worked well / ... for my post-op chronic back surgery pain . i do believe not all generic *morphine tabs are made the same . ## The pill I receive looks oblong and is blue, this is supposed to be generic ## i wish to retract my earlier post about the generic morphine 30 tab for chronic pain , *product by watson labs. it doesn't work very well , and sometimes not at all . there are others much better to give relief . ## need photo of a small round pinkish brown pill with an m on one side and 60 on th... ...
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Fri, Jan 19 '18, 6:45 PM
need a description of 10 mg and 100 mg morphine sulphate pills
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I think the 100 mg is a grayish color with 100 mg on one side and a TP inside a square on the other; I think the 10 mg morphine pill is a light blue color with pms on one side and scored on the other ## Since Morphine is available as a generic, the way it looks and the markings it has on the tablets is going to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. That said, the one marked TP 100 is NOT a Morphine tablet, nor any type of narcotic. It contains 100mgs of Topirimate, an anticonvulsant medication. It is made by Apotex, they have a similar pill on the Canadian market that is yellow and includes their APO logo on one side of it. The tablet you have marked PMS is also NOT Morphine or any type of narcotic. It contains 40mgs of Propranolol, which is most commonly used to help lower blood pres... ...
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Fri, Dec 17 '10, 1:48 PM
morphine S04 15mg tablet sa
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what does S04 mean in the prescription label and the sa at the end? ## WHAT DOES S04 AND SA MEAN ON A 100MG MORPHINE ## SA is abreviatd latin term, that basically translates to, int he art of the pharmacy. Its an order froma doctor to the pharmacy to prepare pills in the way in which the pharmacy does it. ## Actually, the SA or SO4 means it's a Sulfate, the actual name of the drug is Morphine Sulfate. This is a very potent narcotic analgesic. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, constipation and dry mouth. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help with? ## I noticed everytime my husband takes his prescribed morphine 60 mg tabs, (3x's a day) he is not only sleeping and talking crazy but his face breaks out into nasty looking sores/legions that has ... ...
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Mon, Oct 09 '17, 4:22 AM
Liquid Morphine Color
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Does liquid morphine come in a blue color? ## Colors actually mean nothing, it is entirely up to the manufacturer and what they wish to make it look like. So, it is highly possible that it could be blue, clear or any other color. Why do you ask? Etoshine contains the active ingredient Etoricoxib, this is a COX-2 Selective Inhibitor, used to treat pain and inflammation. ## The liquid morphine I have is yellow in color. Is this really morphine? ## Does it come in purple liquid? ## What color is the 100 mg liquid morphine made by a company called Lanette? I have an old bottle I found in a house I just moved into. ...
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Tue, Dec 05 '17, 4:18 PM
suboxone/morphine addict 300mgs a day
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Hey I have a question and some info. I am getting ready to come off of 300 mgs of morphine. Started with vics, soon moved to 80mg of oxys, then to 100mg morphine tabs 3 times a day. I got into a suboxone clinic very expensive. I only pay 120.00 dollars for my morphine and now I have to go and pay 935.00 dollars for the first month without medication? I AM SCARED AND VERY NERVOUS TO START THIS...Any advice? And does anyone get there meds online? Figured if you can get narcotics why not the stuff to cure it? I have looked but I think it might be 2 new. Yes I will have a script for it in 8 days....HELP? ## Suboxone will not be easy to find from an online pharmacy, it is very closely regulated and legally can only be used under the supervision of a doctor who is specially trained in its use... ...
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Fri, Apr 15 '16, 12:09 PM
Affordable medicine to morphine er 200 mg
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PLEASE HELP ME, I am so frustrated. I got a shock last week when I went to pick up my monthly prescribtion of morphine sulfate er 200 mg. I take 3 per day for my pain. I usally pay $225.00 for this rx well it jumped to over $1,000.00! I don't have insurance so I pay the cash price and have for over 5 years now for this medicine. I can't seem to find a replacement opiate that is time released the only one I found is oxycontin 60 mg. I get 90 pills every month. The price for the oxycontin is also over $1,000.00. What is going on with this increase? Does anyone have a suggestion on a medicine that is not so expensive? It does not have to be time released. Please help if you can. Very upset and looking for an answer. I am in the Orlando area... Thank you in advance for your input. E... ...
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Mon, Dec 23 '13, 4:21 PM
i was taking 60 mg tablets of morphine how much liquid 100mg 5ml would take to equal the tablet
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I was taking 60 mg of morphine tablet how much morphine Sul 100mg/5ML would equal 60MG morphine tablet. ## Hi Jess, Looking at the numbers, if there are 100mg in 5mL (1 tsp) of liquid morphine, then one could divide the dosage in half (2.5mL) for a close conversion that would equal 50mg. The 10mg difference upon doing so would amount to what I "guestimated" to be 0.5mL-0.6mL, based on 12.5mg being in approx. 0.625mL. However I'd still encourage you to double check things with your doctor first before attempting anything he/she hasn't previously recommend. Hope this helps! ...
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Mon, Feb 09 '15, 12:27 PM
100mg oxycotin
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i took 2 80 mg oxycontin a day for 7 years i have a mass that cannot b removed i got tired of meds not helping pain so i detoxed at home and know take suboxone it controls my pain and got me out of withdraws it saved my life ## It is a blue capsule. WAS TOLD it was 100mg Oxyctoin. But, does not look right to me. Im a former addict, and I am 1 yr sober and 4 months now. Im concerned about a friend who is abusing it..It is a BLUE CAPSULE, white powder inside. ## Sounds like they are taking morphine not oxycontin .The only blue oxy is 160 mg . ## You are not clean if you are taking suboxone... FACT. It's a substitute for oxy/H and is an opiate itself. Get off all the s***, then make true claims. ## I suppose you believe that a Diabetic is an Insulin addict. Suboxone therapy is a lifesa... ...
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Sun, Sep 20 '15, 10:34 AM
small round blue pill with 10 on one side and nothing on the other
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small round blue pill with 10 on one side and nothing on the other ## looks like it could possibly be a 10 mg ritalin ## purportedly 10mg diazepam. made by some unknown manufacturer but given as a sample for generic valium/diazepam. unknown of pill contents, strength, manufacturer, or even safety. ## small round light blue tablet imprinted on one side only with APO 10 ## Absolutely not ritalin. For a start, there a few of these pills i have filled through a decent pharmacy. They have the usual break line and just a 100 on the other side from the same makers as the fantastic yellow 5s, that we know had the morphine analogue, but they worked for me so perhaps being that they're from the same pharmacy i wonder if when i receive my other pills on thursday they will be as great as the ye... ...
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Tue, Sep 05 '17, 8:41 AM
goldstone pharma manu sent bad reformulated oxycontin 80 mg that turned into hard rubber like epoxy was unusable went through withdrawl nov de
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Nov. 28,2012 AETNA-Goldstone Pharma. Manu. shipped me via UPS bad reformulated Oxycontin 80 MG that turned into hard rubber like epoxy overnight then when I complained said I must have tampered with it and will not analyze it or exchange it.I had to go from 240 MG a day to nothing overnight.From before Thanksgiving to Christmas eve The withdrawls were horrible and allmost killed me.Dec. 7 went to get aspirin to help and totaled my car and put me in the Hospital.Now I'm taking Morphine 60 MG but cannot find it.Wendnesday spent $100 on cabs looking for it to no avail.Sept. went a week without.I have a prescription I can't fill?If prescribed can I fill it?No longer to take or not.I feel worst than a junkie ## Rand I took 80mg Oxycontin for 12yrs -old formula then new formula -NEVER... ...
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Sat, Jul 18 '15, 4:06 PM
using ketamine for rheumatoid arthritis
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I am on Coumadin because of two mechanical heart valves.i have rheumatoid arthritis and cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs. I am currently on morphine,but I have to take 30mg three times a day. I only need to take 100 mg of ketamine once a day. But the Veterans Hospital will not prescribe it off label. Does anyone know where I can find a doctor who can prescribe Ketamaine for ra? I would really appreciate any help I can get. ## 3/23/15 Monday Hello: This is basically a continuation of my last message about ketamine and rheumatoid arthritis. I spend quite a bit of time every day trying to find a prescriber. Still haven't and it's been months. Looking for any help please. Regards, LLS207 ...
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Mon, Mar 23 '15, 9:59 AM
morphine and norcos..can urine drug tests tell the difference?
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i took a morphine 100mg but im only prescribed norcos..will it show the difference? if so....how do i clean it out by monday b4 6p.m? ## Yes, there is a very good chance that the test will detect that you took something other than what you have been prescribed. Although they are both narcotics, most of these tests look for the specific metabolites of each medication. As to cleaning out, there is no guaranteed sure-fire way to do that, however, you might be able to improve your chances by increasing your activity levels and fluid intake. Are there any other questions? ## Need to take pain med but out of my norco 10'mg. Will a morphine show up in ua in the next day @ dr. Appt. Ua? ## does morphine show up the same as heroin on drug test ## I have. A prescription for Vicodin and I get ... ...
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Fri, Jun 23 '17, 4:28 PM

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