What Do You Take To Be Clean Off Meth

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how long does it take to clean up from daily methamphetamine use
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I want to clean up from daily methamphetamine use... How long are we looking at here? ## I use Thursday & Friday. clean Saturday & Sunday & Monday. I dosed Tuesday night. Have a drug panel at 3:30pm. taken water pills and drinking lots of water right know work on 64 o.z cranberry then continue with water. do I need to bye flush system before UA? been up drink water one 64o.z. ## How long does it take to get off of methamphetamine? I've been using for 12 yrs. and want to stop without going to rehab. What am I looking at? Will I be sick? Can I function? Please help me. ## If someone took one quarter gram of methamphetamine a day for 2 months, how long would it take to get out of their system? ## I know this post is a few months old. Hopefully you got some help. Just in cas... ...
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Sun, Apr 23 '17, 1:25 AM
what to say the dr for him prescribe me methadone
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Im trying to get clean off heroin and suboxon just adding working for me any more and I found a few drs that prescribe methadone pills but it's illegal to give them out for addiction so what are some things I should say to him/her to get them prescribed to me I don't have any X-rays or chronic pain I don't care if I have to lie ...
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Thu, Nov 21 '13, 2:58 AM
methadone detox
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i have been on methadone 1.5 yrs , went on cuz i was pregnant and addicted to oxycontin.My dose was 90 mls liquid methadone diluted in o.j. i missed 3 days on accident, got cut off (weekend, no dr) on monday they got me going again on 30 mls, then up to 40, i held out at 50 mls for 3mnths before allowing them to raise my dose. They pushed raising dose on my every time i saw my counciller or dr. I live in Canada and dont have to pay for methadone. But when i missed 3 days, i tried to keep clean i dont want that life again...i m a mother. when i was pregnant i puked my drink everytime so my daughter was not born addicted,tg!...but ya on day 3 i had to use, i felt 100x's worse sick/dying/pain/brain crazies etc... then ive felt dope sick off any herion or opiate pill EVER! I was amazed ... ...
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Fri, Apr 15 '11, 1:52 PM
Will i be clean
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I been clean 7 months and relasped and did a shot of methamphetamine Saturday August 9th and have to take a urine test in 9 days for my probation officer on Monday August 18th. Will I be clean? ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Sun, Aug 10 '14, 10:14 AM
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what is methadone ## Methadone is an opiate, narcotic that is used to treat severe, chronic pain and drug addiction. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## I am on methadone, have been for about 8months, and have had NO craving. I was on and off heroin for 10 years... what a waste. I would be clean for three years, use for a month, be clean for a year, then be clean for five months, the cycle was horrible... but then i went on methadone and have had ABSOLUTE success, all cravings are gone, all dreams are gone, no weakness in my mind. I just have no desire for it. I'm on 50ml a day... liquid form, mixed with orange juice... You just have to stop blaming yourself for your addiction and face it... ...
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Sun, Jan 20 '13, 12:15 PM
how to get methamphetamine out of your system for a clean test
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I took methamphetamine on Saturday. Need to pass p.o test on weds. My last use was two weeks ago. ## I took meth been but off week had little none few days. Took drug test showed meth and cocaine. I do not do coke. Not used anyone pipe. Told them about meth may show but coke NO WAY. Does anyone know how this is happening not once but 3 times? In recovery so I lie they say. Made me admit I did or kick me out. I used on fri maybe 1/3 gram n test wed can I pass and if coke shows what can I do to prove I am not have not done? Help anyone !! ## i have done meth for two days ...i have to drop in 11 days this is the first time i ever did it ...u think il pass ## Hi i got to take a drug test can u help me ## K follow this to the letter you should pass it no problem. do about 2 hrs before your t... ...
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Wed, May 03 '17, 5:20 AM
Starting to SLOWLY taper off of methadone.
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It's a breath of fresh air to read when people get off of the methadone with ease, but I do hope I get a response. I am in the same boat as everyone. I'm 36 and up until I started MMT I was genetically TINY, never weighing over 110lbs. I have gained 85 lbs. 85!!! I went from being a pretty girl to having zero self esteem. I love fashion and have always looked my best. Although my face hasn't changed (too much) I look pregnant. I'm so unhappy about it. I'm fat and just cannot stand to look at myself. I workout and limit my sugar to 13 grams per day, yet nothing helps. My life should be at it's best right now. 2 years ago while our daughter Olivia was just 6 months old, she and I lost her father to an OD. I've remained clean, am a great mother and am currently in ...
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Sun, Apr 30 '17, 7:00 AM
How Long Will It Take For Methadone To Leave Yr System Once You Have Stopped Taking
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I have been taking methadone for atleast seven years, have been clean from drugs for two years now and finsally stopped my meths 6 days ago, but seem to feel worse as the time goes, sneezing, feelsing tied, blood in urine, just general other flu like signs, how long with this last, all the drug workers said when you stop the meths that it , all done and everything will be fine but i dont feel like that, someone told me for every year on meths it takes 2 days to get out off you. ## How long does it take methadone to get out of your system? I've been taking it for 4 years...20-30 mg a day. Need to pass a drug test ## how many days does it take for subboxin to leave your system where you can pass a drug test ## Go to a smoke shop like a 420 shop and they sell unisex synthetic urine tha... ...
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Tue, Sep 12 '17, 4:25 PM
Methadone Doctors In Nj
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im looking for a doctor that priscribes methadone. i dont want to go the clinics. suboxone does not work for me and i really want to get off of oxycodone. my boyfriend has been clean for 4 months now. and from my car accident and i also have nerve damage, it makes it harder for me to get off, because im in so much pain. i tryed many times to stop, but i cant handle the pain. i lost everyone i loved and i dont want to lose my boyfriend to. ## I am very sorry, but if you are looking for something outside of the setting of a clinic, there is really no way to know what doctor would be willing to prescribe it. When it comes to addiction treatment, most doctors will not provide such treatment outside of a clinic, because they do have to follow certain laws and treatment protocols, in order to... ...
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Wed, Aug 30 '17, 7:50 AM
Methadone Clinics Detox
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I've been in my clinic 5 years with no problems, then all of a sudden my insurance is cut off and they never told me and I got a lil loud n upset so they kicked me out. I've never had any issues or been in trouble for discipline. I've also been clean for 2 years. ## Hey Im sorry that happened how are things going now? Well Im also in a program st Joseph methadone clinic in nyc and I also am having major problems with my counslor Tanya who gets off making me pee in front of people. Anyway I think we should both substitute cannabis for the methadone and start tapering. Eh? ## I feel extremely paranoid and anxious and irritable during methadone withdrawal, even coffee might set off a panic attack. Marijuana would make my anxiety way worse. I don't see how racing thoughts, a... ...
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Mon, Oct 23 '17, 9:05 AM
the drug used to get off methadone starts with a c
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cybrox a pill used to get off methadone dont know how to spell or say it but i know its out there please help ## I heard about a new drug to detox off of methadone without withdraw. Only certain doctors can give it. It's taken in a shot every 2 weeks. Anyone tried this or know the name. I've been clean for 7 years on methadone but how do I get off it without using other drugs ??? Help. ## I KNOW WHERE SOMEONE ABOUT 19 YEARS AGO GOT ON METHADONE AND GO OFF OF IT AND NOW ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO THEY GOT BACK ON IT AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT THE MEDICINE CALLED METHADONE WILL HELP YOU ## I think you're looking for suboxone. It's different from methadone but you still need to take it daily. ## I've been on 10mg of methadone for 10 days from an off and on dilaudid habit. I... ...
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Sat, Mar 18 '17, 6:47 AM
where can you buy methadone10mg?
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i am in severe pain and have been given methadone10mg from my pain dr. in mi.now i live in tn.and i cant get a dr. because i dont have ins.i have to travel back to mi. to get it!how else can i get it? ## They have clinics that you can go to but the downfall is you go everyday for so many months and then you build up to a week at a time. My husband goes and gets 6 bottles of 80mil liquid in Huntsville. Al. You have to have a clean urine test that only shows the methadone. If you've taken anything over the counter tell them. He used to drive about 100 miles round trip. It was pain management and also to get off of other meds that he was addicted to. It is 12 dollars a day not counting gas and food if he doesn't eat before he leaves. They are only open from 5to11a.m. on certain day... ...
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Mon, Feb 01 '16, 10:18 PM
I took 20 mg methadone yesterday - can i take a suboxone strip
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I took 20 mg of methadone yesterday afternoon. Can I take a suboxone strip or half a strip and be ok and feel the relief of the sub? I'm not sick but in major pain and need some kind of pain relief and subs do that for me. ## Hello, Mary! How are you? No, you must be in full withdrawal from all other opiates, before you can safely take Suboxone, otherwise it may throw you into dangerous precipitated withdrawals. The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I started my methadone journey February or last year, stayed clean and no extra done got up to the clinics 100mg cap and my dose was legit wearing completely off aro... ...
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Thu, May 25 '17, 6:31 AM
looking for a dr in middle tn that prescribes methadone getting clean
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I am in treatment now but due to work schedule and distance from clinic to work I an in jeopardy of loosing my employment and I want to continue the treatment so I can come off of the methadone for ever. I need to find a doctor closer to Shelbyville than Nashville. Can a psychiatrist in the area also prescribe methadone? I do not want to change to suboxon ## I'm sorry, Paralee, but private doctor's aren't allowed to prescribe it for addiction treatment. For addiction, it can only be given in a clinical setting, such as the one you're already going to, by those specially trained in its use for such. Learn more Methadone details here. I understand that the clinic is inconvenient, many others have asked this same question, however, as the law currently stands, it is your on... ...
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Sun, Jul 02 '17, 11:13 AM
4 Questions...Xanax. Methadone. Pancreatitis. Clean UA.
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Hi, everyone. I am hoping that this site is judgement-free, as I know that I screwed up and I know the dangers of combining certain drugs and I really just want to ask my question honestly and hopefully get some helpful advice from you guys. =) ....I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis with acute flairs about a year ago. It is an incredibly painful disease. I was taken off of opiates and switched to methadone about a month ago. I haven't liked it at all. It is not helping nearly enough with my pain. The dr. that I see doesn't want me taking any opiates. He is very reputable and I've had a hard time trying to argue my case with him. Anyway, he said it was either Methadone or Suboxone and we went with Methadone. I have also had a long history of what I call panic attacks w... ...
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Sat, Mar 25 '17, 11:17 AM
How long does it take for methadone to get out of your body after taking 60mg every day for six years?
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I've been going to pain management for over six years now. The main doctor over all of his pain management centers got into trouble and decided to take everyone off of methadone and fentanyl. Well I was on 60mg a day for six years. They have been doing a medication rotation on me since then. This is the first month they took the last 30mg of methadone away from me. I am on 40mg of oxycontin three times a day and 15 mg of oxycodone three times a day for breakthrough pain. I'm sure I will have a urine done next month. Should I be clean of methadone since it has had six years to build up in my system or will I test positive for a couple months? I really need to know what to look for after this drug test and I need to know if the methadone will be out of my system... I don't wan... ...
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Wed, Jun 21 '17, 9:54 AM
was i clean ?
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i took three hits off a methamphetamine pipe saturday at 3am. i tested on tuesday. at 6pm do you think i tested clean? it was a urine test. my urine was almost clear in color and it was more than 72hours after. please somebody reassure me i was clean ...
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Wed, Sep 17 '14, 7:10 AM
how long does it take for methamphetamine to leave your system if this was first time and you only took 2 bowls
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I used1 bowl of methamphetamine yesterday and one today, probably have a ua tomorrow, is there any way I can pass this test? It is life or death matter, not just for a job opportunity. Please help! ## How long does my urine to be clean from a month of on and off of methamphetamine use? ## If u put baking soda directly in ur urine will it clean it? ## How long can methamphetamine be detected in a lab urine test for a job? ## Had a small amount of methamphetamine. I haven't taken any in 5 months. What do I do to pass a urine test tomorrow? Editor's note: this thread has been locked because it violates our terms of use. ...
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Tue, Jun 02 '15, 1:16 AM
what will show up at methadone clinic urine test
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I am on methadone 40 milligrams and was in a lot of pain, so I took heroin on Friday. Then I had urine test on Monday. I get a script for oxycodone. What will show up? Thanks. Very worried. I've been clean 20 years and because of pain I relapsed. However, I am not taking anything now. ## It will show up as an opiate so if u have a script u will be fine. ## You relapsed because you are an addict. As a recovering addict, it is easy to make excuses or to make up reasons for using, so that we can justify our illicit drug use. I am not judging at all. If you were in that much pain, you could get medication, that along with the methadone, would have taken the edge off the pain. ...
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Wed, Jun 01 '16, 8:40 PM
How To Get Meth Out Of Your System like now
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How do I get it out of my system like RIGHT NOW some DBAG gave me it and said it was cocaine. NOT COCAINE. I just want to get the hell to sleep. ## Hi Amm, In my opinion, cannabis, along with some strong lavender tea or essential oil would probably do well for you in so far as helping you go to bed and get a good nights rest. I don't know how much you've had, but if it was a considerable amount you may just have to ride it out unfortunately, even after taking sedatives. On average, Methamphetamine can take up to 1-4 days to get out of your system, but I'd imagine that you'd feel 'calmer' within a 24hr period. I hope this helps! ## ive been clean for about 5yrs and relapsed 2days ago..i only took 2hits and hav to go test for my probation officer the begining of au... ...
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Mon, Mar 09 '15, 2:21 PM

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