What Different Types Of Oxycodone

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Taking different types of oxycodone
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If I take two different pills, one that's marked 224 30mg and the other pill marked 14 (20mg) - [both I understand are oxycodone] - Does that equal 50mg? And is that okay? Side effects the same? I've been taking pain meds for 10 years. ## Yes, that would be the same as taking 50mgs and no, it is not too high of a dose, if you're opiate tolerant. Just be sure to see your doctor regularly, so they can monitor you for any problems and to only take it as prescribed. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Fri, Jun 10 '16, 2:40 PM
oxycodone gx es7
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its for pain its a oval shaped pill with gx es7 on it i would like to know what it is and what is made of ## Well this is definitely NOT Oxycodone. Pill Image This is called Ceftin it is 250mgs, the active ingredient is called Cefuroxime, it is a Cephalosporin class antibiotic. This treats many different types of infections, including respiratory, but it is definitely not, any type of narcotic drug. ## By the way, I am not sure who told you it was for pain, but it does not fall under that classification either, as I said, just an antibiotic. The only way it will help pain, is if the pain is being caused by an infection, and after a few days of taking this antibiotic and it starts to work, then the pain will naturally ease, as it would with any antibiotic once it started working and defe... ...
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Wed, Jul 26 '06, 3:20 PM
oxycodone v 4812
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I have two v4812 pills, they look like they are legit but one is light blue and the other is Obviously darker... Should I be concerned about quality at all? Were they just made by two different manufacturers? Or are they using different types of dyes now, can anyone shed some light on this... ## If you had both pills filled at a licensed pharmacy then I don't think you should have anything to worry about... But if not, then I would certainly be questioning where you got them from. No two manufacturers share the same pill imprint for the same drug... so that theory is out the window in my opinion. If they are real, then perhaps it's feasible to assume that two different dyes were used in two different batches that got mixed together and put into the same prescription bottles. If ... ...
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Thu, May 25 '17, 9:44 PM
oxycodone 10/650
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Need legal script filled in jax fl. Does anyone know where ## It is likely to take another week or two, before most places will have these types of medications back in stock. Learn more Percocet details here. It is fairly common for there to be shortages towards the end of each year and into the first few weeks of the new year, due to mandatory manufacturing limits. Do you have a pharmacy that you use regularly? If so, then you will most likely have the best luck there, rather than trying a different one. ## I went back to dr today to ask for another medicine. I rather have a little pain relief than none at all. Thanks for your reply. I do use the same pharmacy but for safety concerns he doesnt stock certain meds. ...
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Wed, Jan 16 '13, 12:09 PM
Opana Oxycodone
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I have been taking oxycodone 10-325 for 8 years with no problem and my pain was managed well. But I had to change Pain Management docs and the new doc has Added (not replaced) Opana 7.5 ER to my monthly script. Thoughts on this? ## It is a normal practice to try to help someone get better pain control by adding a time released medication, such as the Opana ER, while using the regular released one for breakthrough pain. Have you tried taking it, yet? The FDA warns that narcotic analgesics carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation. ## It is correct that two types of painkillers by working together yet working differently Does help with the pain better. I take 2x a day MS Contin ER 100mg, one in morning... ...
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Wed, Sep 07 '16, 11:15 AM
Oxycodone apap 10-325 m
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I am having a mri tomorrow ......I am very claustrophobic so dr gave me a Valium RX....to relax me.....I am wondering is my Oxycodone RX would work better for relaxing me please help ## Sorry late reply but my Dr had me on both. Hope went well. ## @Sissy, Because these types of medications affect each person differently, there's really no telling how you'll end up responding to Oxycodone (a potent pain reliever) for the added purpose of "relaxation" - especially since that's not what it's specifically indicated/marketed for. In the event that Valium isn't working, what I would probably do personally is give the Oxycodone a trial period and see how it works for me over the course of several days/weeks. Or like post #1 stated, you could also ask your doctor if ... ...
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Sat, Mar 14 '15, 12:05 PM
Percocet 10 mg vs Oxycodone 10 mg
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I'm prescribed 10 mg Oxycodone for chronic pain and have taken them for about four years. This month I've had several bouts of GI issues, with fever, vomiting and diarrhea. The pills aggravated the nausea and vomiting, so I stopped taking them and tried to get by on Tylenol and Advil. I called the nurse to report that I was not taking the meds and why. Instinct tells me I should report to them anytime there is a situation which would impact my drug panel. By the second day, I identified different types of pains, separate from the illness I was experiencing. It finally dawned on me that it could be withdrawal symptoms (I've never experienced anything like this!) I resumed taking the Oxycodone, even if I knew I was going to throw up. I hoped that enough would stay to make thos... ...
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Tue, Sep 15 '15, 10:30 AM
Oxycodone 30 mg how many out there
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Oxycodone comes in many different shapes and colors. As many different shapes and colors that exist, there are just as many different manufacturers. No one pill is the same. E/8 with nothing on the side and dark blue is a oxycodone 30mg and i can say this for a fact cause I'm looking at them now. No one oxycodone is the same: Ms, Vs, A215, A51, 114, 224, algs, E/8 and many many more... ## You're right, no oxycodone tablet is created equally. Although I think this also holds true for many other types of medications as well containing the same active ingredients (with minor to moderate discrepancies in generics vs brands) - Not to mention the different sets of inactive ingredients that seem to affect bioavailability for better or worse absorption. Couple these facts with our uniqu... ...
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Tue, Jul 05 '16, 6:45 PM
Multiple sclerosis and Oxycodone
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I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008. Over the years my nerve pain has gotten a lot worse. The pain has gotten so bad that it's ruining my life. I cant walk due to my legs not working correctly and experiencing a loss of all balance. I have pain everywhere but it's the worst in my feet. My Dr. has me on 10 mg oxycodone for about 5 years now. I was on percocet prior but I worried about my liver with all the acetaminophen. My problem is I'm not sure if I have built a tolerance or if I should be taking more at a time but it's not doing much for me. My pain never goes away. The pills slightly take the edge off for about an hour. That's it! I have tried 3 different types and strengths of pain patches and they didn't do anything. I tried morphine with the sa... ...
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Thu, Sep 28 '17, 2:54 PM
Fill Oxycodone Prescription Las Vegas
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I'm just curious if a pharmacist could tell me why they have to "verify" my oxycodone script? when they verify these prescriptions with the prescribing doctor, what exactly is being verified? Does the doctor himself have to take these phone calls all day from pharmacies? if im already in a pharmacies computer and getting same meds for a year, then isnt that adequate proof that my script is legit? or is something else being looked at? Thanks for your answers: ) ## Which type of verification are you asking about? There are actually two different types. In one instance, they would just be calling your doctor's office to double check that the prescription is legitimate and in that case, no the doctor himself doesn't have to take the call, just someone at the office, such... ...
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Mon, Mar 13 '17, 1:41 PM
side effects of mixing 20mg oxycodone, 1.5mg xanax and three 10/325mg lortabs
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Is there danger in mixing these types of pills in a three hour period? I just started taking these medications this past week. I have been on Xanax for 6 yrs taking three 1mg a day. Just recently I added the 20mg Oxycontin. I have been taking three 10/325mg of lortabs/hydrocodone off and on for the past 6 years. ## No specific medical advice can be dispensed for drug abuse. Mix these substances only under a Doctor's supervision! ## Elizabeth; please be very careful with every single medication you take... without knowing the full extent of your medical history; all i can say is proceed with caution. just because someone may react differently to one type of medication doesnt always mean that it will be the same for everyone else..SO PLEASE PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION... ## @Elizabet... ...
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Sat, Aug 26 '17, 7:23 PM
Compounded oxycodone capsules with no imprinting
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I was given a blue and white capsule with white powder in it with NO IMPRINTING AT ALL on it and said it was a 30mg oxycodone. Is this possible?? Can a compounding pharmacy do this? ## Short answer: Yes, as long as the physician prescribed and there is a specific need for it to be compounded. That being said...I would be very cautious and inquire as to WHY they are compounding 30mg oxy as capsules instead of using the commercially produced tablets. I myself am a pharmacist and do many different types of compounding- mostly in the pain sector. and the only time I compound oxycodone is to combine it with either something for nausea (common side effect) or low dose ibuprofen or acetaminophen, or in combo with something to reduce/prevent constipation. I NEVER have compounded it by itself. T... ...
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Mon, Jun 01 '15, 9:50 PM
Morphine Sulfate 15 Mg Tab Sa vs Oxycodone HCL 15mg tab
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What is the difference of a Oxycodone HCL 15mg tab vs a Morphine S04 15mg tab sa ## Aside from the fact that they are two different types of pain medications, Oxycodone is said to be approximately 1.5 times as potent on a milligram to milligram basis. Learn More: Oxycodone Details Morphine Details If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## I was taking endocet 10/325, seemed ok for a couple of weeks, got switched to oxycodone 15mg , pharmacy had activis (manufacturer) the little green ones..they cost $37 for 60 pills half of what endo 10/325 was $75 for 60 pills, but the oxy 15mg seem weak and make me tired...could it be the manufacturer Activis and it being so cheap? kinda have to stay wiyh this pharmacy...anyone know of a better ma... ...
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Mon, Jun 19 '17, 12:03 AM
difference between the types of "percocet 30mg"?
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What is the difference between the Percocet M's and V's and the K9's? I know Percocets dont come in 30mg even though everyone refers to them as that. I am just curious as to the difference between them or is it just the companies that make them put differnt markings on them? ## Yes, Percocet contains both Acetaminophen and Oxycodone and they are only available with a maximum of 10mgs of the Oxycodone. The ones you are referring to just contain Oxycodone, in a regular release formulation, so they would be a generic for Roxicodone and you are also correct on what the difference is, they are just manufactured by different companies. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Officially, there is no difference between them. The different markings are different drug manufactur... ...
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Thu, Oct 12 '17, 8:15 PM
Taking Oxycodone and MS Contin for chronic back pain due to Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
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I have been having chronic back pain for 4 years now. It started after my son was born. After seeing many doctors and specialists and having MRI's and CT scans (neither of which revealed any obvious issues) I was finally diagnosed with having Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction which are problems with my SI Joints in my hips - my doctor said it had something to do with my pregnancy. I have had several inj's. in my back and a few procedures where the nerves are burned - none of this has helped. For 4 years now I have been on many different types of pain medications and even tried medications that treat Fibromyalgia. Currently I have a prescription for 15mg of Oxycodone that I take 2 pills every 4 hours and a prescription for 30mg of MS Contin that I take every 8 hours. It seems like my ... ...
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Thu, Sep 07 '17, 5:22 PM
What Does A Percocet 15 Look Like
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just wondering what the different types look like bc of son ## I found 5 small round green pills in my teenagers drawer. I was wondering if they were Percocet or Oxycodone? Very Concerned Mother.... I need to know what these pills are. round like a generic xanax(alprozalam) light green, with a score mark through the middle, and eith an (A) or (R) I believe it is an (A) with the numbers 214 below the (A)... Please help me!!!! ## To Todd, the original poster, there is not Percocet tablet on the market that contains 15mgs of Oxycodone, it is only available with a maximum of 10mgs. They are available as both the name brand and generic, so there are far too many for me to be able to list descriptions of all of them. However, if you post back with more information, such as the markings on the... ...
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Wed, Apr 12 '17, 6:25 PM
M522 73 325
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white oval tablet ## ACETAMINOPHEN-OXYCODONE (Roxicet(R)) is a combination of two different types of pain medicine and is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Federal law prohibits the transfer of acetaminophen-oxycodone to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed. Generic acetaminophen-oxycodone oral solution is available. ...
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Tue, Apr 24 '07, 8:18 PM
oxy cotton
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am just here i hear all thses people talk about it, and am just wondering how many types of oxy cotton out there, ## at least 8 i believe ## holy s*** lol woow that many i thought it just be one because i never really heard about it lol,, well any one knows any of their name, which be great, if i ever see any of my friend or some random ppl , i probably could notify them or try stoping them, and thanx for the reply. and Thanx again ## Yes, there are many different kinds out there because it is manufactured as a generic. This means many companies sell different doses of OxyCodone. Always a good idea to be very careful when there is a pill in question, especially with something as strong as this. Mixing Oxy's with alcohol can be fatal. Feel free to post back if you have any other ques... ...
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Wed, Dec 31 '08, 3:08 PM
Oxy 101
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I've been taking 15mg oxy IR for sometime now, was taking the 10 mg a while back but got the 15's when i changed pain doctors. Has anyone ever gotten these and got changed to a different release formula that seemed to work better, or maybe not as good as the IR? I am "fishing for ideas" and would appreciate someones helpful advice concerning the different types of "release formulas" for oxys. Another thing, Oxy 30's do they also make an instant relief formula? ## There are 3 formulations of Oxycodone available, the instant release, the regular release and the time released formulation. The instant release is only available in the lower doses. Have you tried a time released formula? ## well, in reference to oxycodone, AKA as roxicodone often there are several ... ...
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Thu, May 17 '12, 12:43 PM
narcan asp
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can you mix dilaudid, morphine, and vicodine 10/325 in a pain management treatment ## A mix of analgesic medications is often used, when someone requires pain management. In many cases, a long acting medication, such as the time released formulations of Morphine or Oxycodone, is used along with something that works fast, like an immediate release or a regular release opiate, to give better pain control, until the one that will work for the longer period of time can start to work. However, it doesn't usually involve 3 different medications, but this can be necessary in some cases of severe, chronic pain that has not responded to other types of treatment or medications. Have they all been prescribed by the same doctor? ...
Updated 6 years ago in Narcan.
Fri, Nov 19 '10, 4:44 PM

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