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cor 202
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What pill is this? I had a refill done at walmart pharm.for requip 0.5mg. This does not look like my normal pills. ## I cannot find a listing for this, however, I can tell you that the way a pill looks means nothing. Once a medication is available in generic form, it is usually made by many different companies and pharmacies will carry whichever one had the cheapest available when they were placing their restock orders. If you are in doubt, then please take your bottle to Wal-Mart and ask them to double check for you. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Requip.
Thu, Dec 18 '08, 7:50 AM
This new law
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This new law is complete bulls***! I have to drive over an hour just to get my medication refilled. I am not like all the others who have 3 and 4 different meds to fill. I only have the one as I told my doctor I did not want to be on a bunch of meds that I would become hooked on but this is just a bigggg pain in the ass to have to call every walmart and pharmacy in town and 2 towns out just to get a script filled. this is just a waste of time. And costing us as patients more money as my doctor has now moved my appointments to every other month instead of every 3 months and I am a cash paying customer as I have no insurance to help with anything. Someone needs to give the DEA a brain and let them see all the trouble they are putting those of us who are responsible with our medications th... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Norco.
Mon, Jan 12 '15, 12:24 PM
Medicine called cyclobenzapr 10 mg
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I have been prescribed cyclobenzapr 10mg tabs for osteoarthritis, i filled them at walmart pharmacy they are round, light orange color and have IG on one side and 283 on the other. Is this the right medicine. I cant locate this on the computer. Thank you. ## Hello, Canary! How are you? Yes, this tablet is listed as containing 10mgs of Cyclobenzaprine, which is a muscle relaxant. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Learn more Cyclobenzaprine details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Cyclobenzaprine.
Fri, Nov 15 '13, 1:08 PM
Bupropion 150 SR E-415 purple tab from
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Today I picked up my refill. I have been taking 1 twice a day since 1999. In all those years through different drug company changes, the pill has always been a round med-large white pill. I called Walmart to make sure I got then correct pill (four times over the years me and my mom got the wrong pill, with the right label). The representative argued with me rudely stating the pill has to be right, because they never make mistakes. I told her yes they have. She rudely said, you can go on the internet and check the code. I was insulted and told her I will bring it back and check with the pharmacist. My question is what pharmaceutical company distributes this purple pill code E-415? I haven't been able to find it, please help. Thanks ## I have just started my first cycle of Bupropion S... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Bupropion.
Fri, Feb 26 '16, 8:05 PM
metformin gp 124
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Walmart in US is d/c this brand Sandoz Metformin GP 124. Pl. let me know if you are aware of a pharmacy which still has this brand. thanks ## Hello, Minuma! How are you? It's not that a pharmacy really discontinues carrying any brand, but that they will carry whichever one was offering the cheapest price, when they needed to restock their supply. Thus, if another company underbid Sandoz, they are now the one that Wal-Mart carries. However, you can try asking them if they can order it back in for you. What is your general location? That would enable someone to suggest a pharmacy if they know of one that has it in stock in your area. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Metformin.
Fri, Dec 20 '13, 5:41 PM
What is "dic lido pentox"
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Why can't this be purchased at Walmart's pharmacy? ## Hello, Mai! How are you? Those abbreviations stand for Diclofenac, Lidocaine and Pentoxifyline. This is used for topical pain relief and improvement of blood flow, but such medications are only available by prescription in the U.S. You may need to go to a compounding pharmacy to have it specially made for you. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including headache, skin irritation, redness, itching and rash. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Diclofenac.
Mon, Apr 27 '15, 3:45 PM
blue oval 44-485
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blue oblong pill 44-485 ## Packaging says Diphenhydramine and Phenylephrine I believe it's an antihistamine (allergy med) ## Yes, it's a combination antihistamine and decongestant, an over the counter cold remedy. ## Mine that are similar are the Walmart Equate comparable to Benedryl-D. ...
Updated 6 years ago in Diphenhydramine.
Tue, Jul 19 '11, 5:23 PM
white pill blank both sides
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The pills are white or maybe a bit more off white but are completely round. They have absolutely no markings on either side. A friend ordered them from India (or New Delhi, India). No marks AT ALL!!! About the size of a flattened marble in diameter ## I believe it's melatonin which is an all natural sleep aid from Walmart. Very mild, no Benadryl or anything. Nothing fun if u get my point lol ...
Updated 4 years ago in Melatonin.
Tue, Dec 25 '12, 11:48 PM
pseudoephedrine sulfate
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Do I need a perscription for claritin d 24 hour? ## @big t, Even though the packaging says "prescription strength", Claritin-D 24 Hour is actually an OTC medication commonly found in many retail pharmacies and even places like Target, Walmart, etc; so you shouldn't have any reason to need a prescription for it in my opinion. However, if this is something that your doctor recommended for you, it may be wise to ask him/her any additional questions pertaining to its use. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Pseudoephedrine Details On a side note, filling out a prescription is your doctor's job (not the patient's) and it would be illegal for anyone else to try and put together a fake one. I hope this info helps! ...
Updated 3 years ago in Pseudoephedrine.
Mon, Dec 30 '13, 7:40 PM
Lisinopril hydrochlorothiazide by Aurobindo
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My renewed generic prescription Lisinopril/hydrochlorothiazide 10-12.5 is now coming from a different manufacturer (pharmacist verified) than my original (pinkish pill) from Aurobindo. The new blue pill, manufactured by Westward, is not the same in effects. Does anyone know what pharmacies (Target and Walmart don't carry it) carry the same medication but manufactured by Aurobindo? Thank you ## Maybe my question should be when generic prescriptions switch manufacturers, are the ingredients EXACTLY the same? If so, why is a medication I have taken successfully for 4 years with no side effects suddenly begin to make me ffell lethargic and starting hair loss within 3 weeks of starting the same "everything" but from a different manufacturer? Has anyone else experienced that maybe... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Lisinopril.
Thu, Jul 06 '17, 12:56 PM
Zolpidem Tab 5mg Side Affects
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Does this zolpidem 5mg tab make u gain weight? ## No, it doesn't usually cause weight gain, it is much more common for it to cause weight loss in some people that take it. Learn more Zolpidem details here. Have you experienced a recent weight gain while on it? ## No but when I got my prescription filled at walmart it said there's a is weight gain side of face ...
Updated 5 years ago in Zolpidem.
Wed, Aug 15 '12, 1:38 PM
Oxycodone & other shortages
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This all seems to have started around the same time Darvon was pulled from the shelves with nothing to replace it. (Darvon & Tramadol combined was finding some success in providing relief for fybromyalgia) I gave up on trying to get Walgreens to fill prescriptions for Oxycodone/Oxycontin. After trying Walmart, several Publix, CVS & most of the Walgreens in my area, I am trying the Morphine based product MS Contin instead. I had an allergic reaction to the generic brand and am now on day 2 of the manufactor's and am experiencing similar problems. The conversion formula from Oxycodone to Morphine isn't reliable either. Meanwhile, the local Walgreens are now out of Adderall going on 2 weeks, because the company that makes it (Corapharma & Barr make the two generics) app... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Oxycodone.
Wed, Mar 27 '13, 8:03 AM
Rp brand percocet
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Well once again I've been doped because Walmart wants to buy the cheapest non-effective brands possible for people who actually have pain. These Rp brand generic percocets are absolutely useless but as long as the maker and the distributor are making money that's all that matters...... Has anyone else had a similar experience with these? ## I have been taking the RP brand and something is very wrong. They are coming out in my stools in a perfectly round pill shape, that is somewhat like a soft plastic. I'm contacting the Fda and the company and pharmacy. ## Is a small white round pill marked with RP 5, a regular release percocet or is it oxycontin? Please let me know. ...
Updated 6 days ago in Percocet.
Fri, Oct 13 '17, 6:55 PM
Lovenox cpt code
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for getting an authorization thru pt's insurance what cpt code do we use for Lovenox? ## I HAVE THE SAME DOUBT ## If you can't get it through the insurance company, apply directly to the mfg. When my husband was told he would need to be on Lovenox the rest of his life, we checked with our local Walmart and was told that the monthly prescription cost for 60 shots was going to be $8,100 (no, this is not a typo) without any insurance contribution. With his Part D contribution, the price went down to $5,100 which still wasn't an option. He applied to the mfg for relief and was denied since he had private Part D insurance. He appealed the decision and was authorized by the mfg to receive the Lovenox at no cost. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Lovenox.
Wed, Sep 23 '09, 6:29 AM
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I can't find it anywhere. I've gone to Walgreen's, CVS, Walmart, K-Mart, and I just can't find it. Walgreen's and CVS have never heard of it. That was surprising. Can you tell me who carries it or where I can order it? ## There was a very recent topic about it on here, Aspergum has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Over the past few years, sales have severely declined and they have also had complaints regarding how dangerous it is, being in gum form, since young children may chew it, thinking it is just regular gum. ## OK, I read many of the posts and I'm sure the product was discontinued because it worked so well and would cut too deeply into the profit margins of other major products on the market. If anyone would even buy the patent for this product to ma... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Aspergum.
Sun, Feb 19 '12, 12:01 PM
generic of percogesic
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peach colored. Used to be sold at Walmart. Goldline was the manufacturer. ## The current formulas of Percogesic contain Acetaminophen and Diphenhyramine, it is used to relieve pain, fever and allergies. It is still available for sale online, but to find a generic, you would need to find something that contains those 2 ingredients or buy separate products that contain them, such as Tylenol and Benadryl, or their generic/store brands. Are there any comments or questions? ## They are sold a Freds over the counter and Wal mart behind the counter!! They work better than anything else out there!!! ## The "Percogesic" name brand is sold @ Walgreens and they have the regular strength; 325mg and the extra strength: 500mg. Both retail for $9.99. ...
Updated 6 years ago in Percogesic.
Wed, Sep 07 '11, 1:07 PM
Hydrocodoneacetaminophen5-300 Mg Price for 30 tabs
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price paid at walmart pharmacy for 30 hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-300 mg tabs $61.08!!! ## @bushel, From your wording I can't begin to tell if you are excited or angry at the notion of paying $61.08 for 30 tabs. Is this how much a script of 30 generic Vicodin tabs usually goes for at your local pharmacy? There are a number of pharmacy price checkers that can be found on Google if you ever feel the need to compare prices from different pharmacies in your general area. I hope this helps! ## CVS is about $20. Ask for cash discount programs. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Hydrocodone.
Fri, May 02 '14, 7:55 PM
Estrotest ...CHANGES
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I've been taking the Estratest 1.25/2.5 for years without complications. I was told this was changed to Covaryx and this was generic ...however some say not Generic ..this is confusing.. the price especially..I checked several Phamacies $300 plus..up to $405 (Walgreens) for 90 pills...The pill is yellow for 1.24/2.5 for HS ## I've been taking Estratest for a few years now and love it....I have been getting it at Walmart for about $55 for 3 month supply....If you use an RX Savings Card you will be amazed at the difference in pricing. My insurance does not cover it - thank goodness that I found this discount - otherwise it is the the $300 range. It is still called Estratest as of 2 months ago. ## I ran into the same problem. A 30 day prescription was going to be nearly $3... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Esterified Estrogens + Methyltestosterone.
Mon, Jul 13 '15, 5:22 PM
Phenobarbital 1
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I have been on pheonbarbital for 40 years, no problem 60 mg 2x a day now. I am being told its back ordered, they don't make it, they reformulated it, to 16.2, 32.4, 64.8, 97.2. I have called all the pharmacys, rite aid, walgreen, walmart, cvs, walmart, even you mail ord company can't get it as its back ordered with no release date, what are we to do, we have to have this med daily, and some pharmacist is not going to tell me that the 64.8 is the same as 60 mg that would mean I would be taking almost 9mg more than perscribed, also how can a pharmacy fill a perscription for 60mg with 64.88mg, I would think that if they were turned in they could be in trouble. Please help, thank you ## Hello, Heather! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. No, that's just ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Phenobarbital.
Sun, Feb 02 '14, 9:48 PM
no availibility of drixoral
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I purchase my Drixoral at Costco and have ebeen told they are no longer able to get it, because it is be reformulated, is this correct ## I usually get mine at Walmart. They cannot get it, either. No explanation. I hope they did not find something dangerous with it. ## Maybe you can try to find a small Mom n' Pop pharmacy that still compounds formulas. The active ingredients in this med are Dexbrompheniramine and Pseudoephedrine. If you go to one of those pharmacies and tell them the ingredients they might be able to formulate it for you. ## The manufacturer did the same thing about 2 years ago and there was talk they were going to reformulate it then but they did not. There isn't another drug with the same ingredients. Not sure why, but every time I can't get it, I get very... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Drixoral Cold & Allergy.
Thu, Aug 24 '17, 10:09 PM

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