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mosvit tablet

multivitamins + minerals ## What are the benefits of Mosvit multivitamins since it was prescribed by my OB-gyne. ## The reason these are usually prescribed for women who are either pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or who may be deficient in certain nutrients is to rebalance the amount of needed nutrients in the body. For instance, very few women take in enough Folic Acid and if you are pregnant or trying to be, then this can cause severe birth defects so they must make sure you have an adequate amount to protect your baby. In addition many women are lacking in calcium and Vitamin D, even when they aren't pregnant and this can result in bones that easily fracture and later bone loss and/or Osteoporosis. ## im taking also mosvit vitamins for almost 6 months and it has a positive e... ...

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Sir which is the best calcium tablet,I had a air crack in my hand even I feel my bones are not stronger so please suggest me a tablet ...

Tablet C Lanum

lanum used for what ## From the information I'm finding, it contains Calcium Acetate, which is most commonly used, when someone with diseases of the kidney has too much Phosphate in their blood, because it binds the phosphate in the blood to help lower the levels. If this isn't done, it can lead to some severe bone issues. The only listed side effect to using it is upset stomach. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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Tazloc AMTablet Use

Tazloc- AM usage , tablet Osteosolve use ## Tazloc-AM contains the active ingredients Telmisartan and Amlodipine, it is most commonly used to help treat high blood pressure and cardiac conditions. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dry cough. Learn more: Osteosolve is a nutritional supplement that is given to improve bone health, it contains: Calcium, Calcitrol and Zinc. Are there any other questions or comments? ...

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Cal D Forte Tablet 1 25mg

Has anyone taken CAL D.FORTE 1.25mg for arthritis or fibro myalgia. ## Cal D Forte contains Cholecalciferol, which is a form of Vitamin D, it is essential to the body and its absorption and use of Calcium, however, it is not likely to help much, with the conditions you mentioned. Learn more: Has your doctor told you to use it? ## No the doctor didn't give them. The 6 pills was given to my friend in a bottle with the Forte D label on it. We have now found out they were codeine and morphine. I have fibro-myalgia - Arthritis and took one anyway as my joints and muscles was giving me so much grief, I just wanted to give up. I couldn't get over how fast it worked, 2hrs later the pain in my bones, and everywhere had disappeared, I couldn't believe it. Until I found out there was m... ...

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Flat round white pill. Vitamin D3 1000 Unit. Pls describe what this will do and is the dose too much? ## Vitamin D supplementing can be essential for those who don't get enough sunlight. Vitamin D2 is a synthetic version of D3, so it is great that you have D3 instead of D2! Vitamin D insufficiency can result in thin, brittle, or misshapen bones, while sufficiency prevents rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, and, together with calcium, helps to protect older adults from osteoporosis. Personally I supplement with Vitamin D3 2000 Unit. I have read that as much as 5000 Unit isn't overdosing, especially if you aren't in the sunlight very often. Hope this information helps! Please post back if you have any other questions or comments. ## During Crohn's illness or e... ...

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Use Of Bone C Plus

I am having pain in both legs. Starts from the feet and upwards. Both my knee joints and right shoulder joint also ache. ## Bone-C Plus is a multivitamin supplement, it contains Calcitrol, Calcium, Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin and Vitamin B6. It is sometimes given to people with certain types of joint and never pain, because a lack in vital nutrients can cause or aggravate the condition. Is there anything I can help with? ## I ran half marathon on 1st Dec 2013 and in mid Jan 2014 my and Knee and ankel of left leg are paining, i went to medical and storekeeper gave me Cipla Nicip plus, can you advise if this tablet can resolve my pain issue. ...

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enzoflam taken withbone k2 does it has any side effect

I am 50 having severe lower back pain problem dr has advised me to take Gemcal and Bone K2 alternatively and recently a muscle lump has been detected at the side of my lower abdomen due to which I have severe pain i cant sleep at night on my right hand side it pains a lot if I sleep on that side there fore dr has advised me to take enzoflam with which it will dissolve according to the Dr please advice me does taking enzoflam and calcium together has side effects. As i take these tablets my stomach burns like anything i have to take anta acids ...


Hi, can you tell me about Zedcal. ## Hello, Sue! How are you? Zedcal is just a supplement that contains calcium and vitamin D, it's used to treat or prevent a deficiency in these vital nutrients. Do you have any specific questions about it? ## Him many tablets of zedcal should I take to attain 4000mg calcium per day after parathyroidectomy ## HI WANTED 2 KNOW IF ZEDCAL CAN HAVE EFFECTS ON A 9 MONTH BABY ## Hi Doc.my kid has weak bones ,is zedcal the right medicine.pls advice. ...

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shelcal m

what is the function of the drug shelcal-m?what is the benefit of consuming this medicine?what is the preferred dose for this medicine for a female aged 54? ## This is a calcium supplement, not a drug. Calcium is a very important mineral in our bodies and if this site does not get enough of it, it can contribute or cause several medical problems, such as Osteoperosis and brittle bones. The dosing can vary, depending on why you are taking. What did your doctor recommend? ## why does zinc ,Boron,Manganese, Magnesium has been included in the formula of Shecal M ? ## shelcal-m reduce body weight ## I am taking, Deplatt A-150, Simcard-10, Nebicard-2.5 one tab. each, Age 60 yrs. male, Angioplasty with ine stent. Pl. advise (1) any side effects and for how long one should take as supplement at... ...

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Cipcal 500

CIPCAL-500 is a product containing Calcium and Vitamin D.What are the benefits and disadvantages of taking one tablet daily for one month? ## Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the gut and maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal mineralization of bone and to prevent hypocalcemic tetany. Without sufficient vitamin D, bones can become thin, brittle, or misshapen. Vitamin D sufficiency prevents rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Together with calcium, vitamin D also helps protect older adults from osteoporosis. The only reason to supplement calcium and vitamin D in my opinion, is if you're not getting at least 30min to an hour of sunlight each and everyday. Also if your not getting enough calcium in your diet then having it with... ...

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shelcal os

Can you please advise when and how this medicine should be taken. I am 60 years old. ## I am a Type 2 diabetic with hypertension.( Female, Age more than 55yrs) Apart from amaryl, metformin, covance 50 and ecospirin 75, I have been prescribed Shelcal OS. What is the use of Shelcal OS and what is its action? ## i am a healthy male person 60 years of age but would like to take a calcium tablet for my bones is SHELCAL OS a good tablet to take or which other tablet would you recommend .... my only sickness is high blood pressure and cholestrol ...

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When Shellcal 250 is advised by doctors? ## Shelcal 250 is a product of India; so firstly, it would only be prescribed if you live in India or some other places outside of the U.S. It is simply a Calcium with Vitamin D Tablet (250 mg). Both Calcium and Vitamin D are essential to your health and proper bone strength and density. I would imagine that one would need to be severely deficient in either of these nutrients in order to get this prescribed. On separate note, I didn't know one needed a prescription for vitamins? I'm guessing that these tablets are one of a few exceptions. Anyhow if one is getting plenty of sunlight and getting calcium from whole foods then they shouldn't need to supplement with this unless they have severe malabsorption in which their body won't a... ...

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I would like more information about this drug. ## Are you referring to the diabetes medication Glucophage? It contains the active ingredient Metformin and is used to help lower and control blood sugar. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and flatulence. You can read more here: ## i take lorvas and dilzem sr 90- one tablet each for hypewtrtension and 750 mg glyciphage for diabetes. I have ecently been diagnosed to b suffering from prostrate cancer - it is confined to prostrate and I have been given Zoladex 10.8mg inj and am taking one tab dicalutamide 50mg daily. the dozalex inj will be repeated after three months. I am also taking one 500 mg tab of calcium daily because I had a surgery of mt broken thigh bone which has been strengthened with a rod about nine mo... ...

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hyper calcimia

my mother is 82 years old and suffering from hyper calcimia.doctor has given wysolone 10mg with rantac300mg once after breakfast and 2.5 litre of water per day. due to excess vitamin d3 given for absorbtion of calciumt for treatment of bone fracture. is it right choice for treatment of hypercalcimia? ## we live in india,nearer to kolkata,a metro city in west bengal province.we don't have any specialized hpspital treating hyper calcaemia nearby.therefore we sought your help for right treatment of my ailing mother.Trouble first began when my mother fell in bathroom in nov2011. Doctor treated vitamin d injection (6lacunit-9inj)followed by calcium tablets and paracetamol. in the month of feb2012 problem crops up with high naucia. urinal disorders and loss of memory. midnight urination a... ...

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Shelcal 500 Dosage

I am male, 62 years, 82kg, 172cm height, vegetarian, not eating eggs, eat vegetables, milk curd about 200 ml per day and one 500mg Shelcal tablet. Bone density T score is -1.7 and Z score -1.5. Kindly advise if calcium supplement of 500mg per day should be continued or modified. ## What has your doctor advised? They are really the best person to consult in such situations, since they are familiar with your medical history. It can really depend on if it's pushing the level up, or just maintaining it. ...

d 500 cal side effects

I am 28 years old men. I thought of having D500CAL tablet, since i felt some strength reduction in bones and pains in back and knee. I need to know the side effects of D500CAl tablet. How many tablets to be taken per day. Is it adviseable to have the tablet. Thanks in advance. ## The product you are referring to contains Calcium and Vitamin D, thus it is not a medication, but a nutritional supplement. That means that the side effect profile has not been studied, as is done for drugs. Have you considered seeing a doctor to discover what is causing your problem? ...

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pain in tarsalmetatarsal phalanges

my name is pawan.my age is 26 & my body weight is 63. from past 2 month i am having pain in my jionts like bone of feet or wirst & finger.these pain is not continous sometimes it pain & sometimes it not. it goes on migtrating.stil now i have shown to 4-5 doctors also i have done blood test for RA also even MRI of knee & X-rays but result was negative.currently i am consuming steriods(prednisolone),NSAID(ETORICOXID),rabeprazole&some vitamins calcium tablet i. i don't now what to do i have loosed my confidence pls help me out. pls suggest me what will be problem & solution for the same ## I'm sorry, but this site is not medical professionals, so we cannot possibly suggest a diagnosis or treatment. Have your doctors checked for a general neuropathy? ...

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Dynapar for Diabetic Neuropathy pain

Hello doctors & fellow patients, I have been suffering from Diabetic neuropathy (nerve disorders caused by diabetes) since last 8 months and have constant pain in my left leg. Previously the doctor prescribed Ketriplin (.075% capsaicin) however upon worsening of the pain, now I am using Deep Senzzz (Gabapentin, Ketoprofen, Capsaicin & Methyl Salicylate) Ointment. Along with topical creams I am also using pills such as peragablin, Calcitab, Libotryp, Human Mixtard tab as prescribed by the doctor as the doctor noted loss of calcium in bones. However none of pills have Diclofenac in it and since Dynapar QPS is diclofenac based so I would like to know whether Dynapar QPS will be useful and provide pain relief for patients in Diabetic Neuropathy or Has anyone suffering from Diabetic Neu ...

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I am an ankylosing spondylitis patient. I have been prescribed by a delhi doctor to have tablet DC Bone. However I reside in Kolkata and these tablets r not available here. I have been adviced by the chemist to have Calcimax Forte instead. Though it has the same components, can it be taken as a substitute for DC Bone Tablet. ## I can't find any information on a tablet under the name DC Bone. However, Calcimax Forte contains 1000mgs of Calcium Carbonate, 100mgs of Magnesium, 200i.u.s of Vitamin D and 4mgs of Zinc. So, as long as it meets or exceeds what is in the tablet the doctor recommended, then yes, it is fine to use it, instead. Are there any comments or questions? ...

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