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I have been taking Metanx for about 6 months and it was working ok. I Recently lost my job and when I went to my Poditrist he told me of a new medicine that can save me a lot of money. So I decided to go to my pharmacist and get it. The name of the medicine is Folinic Plus. It cost me $16.00 for 30 tablets. What a savings! I also like the tablet form. I'm hoping it works. ## Hello, Sparky! How are you? Thank you for your very valuable post. Many people have had complaints about the price of Metanx. Folinic Plus is listed as being very similar, though not identical. It contains Vitamin B6, B9 and B12, it used as a supplement and sometimes to help support nerve health. Since it is potent, some people experience nausea, after taking it, according to the company website. Are there any q... ...

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prices for mallinkrodt

My Price For Mallinckrodt 10/325 Just Doubled In Price.? WHY? ## @Mike, Sounds to me like a forthcoming issue with supply and demand. Either that or Mallinckrodt just wants to get a christmas bonus in time for the holidays? Only way to know for sure would be to ask them directly, but even then you may not get a straight answer from a large corporation like that. However if you're looking for a way to help offset the cost, I know this site offers a pretty nice drug discount card that can reportedly save you anywhere from 15% to 75% off your Rx, potentially putting 10/325 below the price it was at before. You can view more details about it on the following page: Rx Savings Card Just print out that card and take it with you whenever you go to fill your prescription and see what type of... ...

mosegor vita syrup price

Where can I find mosegor vita syrup here in america and how much does it cost? ## Mosegor vita syrup appears to be a product of the Philippines and therefore I don't think it'll be easy to find here in America. However, one thing you can do as an alternative would be to compile the list of ingredients that it's comprised of and take it into a local compounding pharmacy to see if they can formulate it for you. From what I could gather, the ingredients are as follows [Per 5 mL]: Pizotifen hydrogen maleate 0.5 mg, vitamin B1 3 mg, vitamin B2 3.2 mg, vitamin B6 2.4 mg, nicotinamide 19 mg There's also another related discussion thread here that you may want to have a look at regarding its use and availability: [1]. mosegor-vita I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck ... ...

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levorphanol price increase

the cost has increased from 400/month to 8000/month... what can we do. ## For what its' worth, Sentynl, the new levorphanol "owner" has a patient assistant cost program, a $5.00 co-pay card for non-CMS folks and the site says please call them to problem-solve patient cost issues. Their url is: for anyone interested. Hopefully its' all on the up and up for those of us needing assistance paying for our levorphanol Rx's... I also saw that Relmada is slowly moving fwd. with their extended-release version of levorphanol but no idea on how long it'll actually take them to bring it to market... Hopefully this information is useful for someone... ## Hi cajane, In addition to what Heideana suggested, this site actually offers a drug discount car... ...

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Cost Of Metanx

the mentanx folks are a bunch of bastards charging too high of prices. ## Hi Wyatt, Lots of medications these days are quite expensive which is why I usually opt for natural homeopathic remedies and suggest that everyone does their best to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; which can be a lot more effective at healing than conventional medication. Nonetheless, when you're in a bind you can find discount cards for medication online. For Mentanx, just google "Mentanx discount coupon" and you should see a couple options pop up. Here's a link to the one that this site offers: RX Discount Card You can learn more about this drug on the page for Metanx Details I hope this helps! ...

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folinic do this tabs have the same ingred as mantex

please tell if this is the same as metanx will it help and how much do it cost ## Hello, Grace! How are you? No, from what I'm seeing listed by the FDA, they are not the same. Folinic is a folic acid supplement, while Metanx contains more nutrients, including the B vitamins. I'm sorry, but I don't have a price to quote you, either. The best way to get prices would be by contacting your pharmacy. Since some of these supplements are potent, they cause nausea, in some people that take them. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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pregabolin methylcobalamin alphalipic acid folic acid pyridoxine hcd capsule

this drug was prescribed to stop the burning sensation of foot. ## Please let me know the Brand Name of this combination,composition , Price and Manufacturer as I want to buy it. ## My leg is very painful n burning what should medicein use for ...

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60 of the 54 411 subutex per month. Ohio discount card actual savings what card and where?

I get 60 of the 54 411 subutex a month. Need to save. What is the best discount card to use and what pharmacy do I use it at to get the best price? if anyone can give info on actual price with card savings and where, you'd be helping so much. please help me. I'm in Ohio if that matters. I just need input to compare prices for actual savings. When you call the pharmacy they won't tell what card will save me the most. ## Hi David, This site actually offers a drug discount card that can save you anywhere from 15% to 75% off your Rx, potentially cutting the cost drastically. You can view more details about it on the following link: RX Savings Card However I think the only way to find out what exact percentage you'd save "ahead of time" would be to actually go to the ... ...

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My 21 month old grandson was born with NF1 and has siginificant plexiform nonmalignant tumors especially of concern on his spine. He has had one surgery on a double tumor at the base of his neck in January which went well, but the tumors continue to grow despite interferon treatments which have now been discontinued. His neuro oncologist now is considering the use of trametinib a kinase inhibitor designed for use to combat melanoma. My concern is two-fold: the significant potential side effects, and the cost. Anyone else dealing with a similar set of circumstances? I would appreciate your advice/observations regarding this drug, how to obtain it at a reasonable price, and whether health insurance is likely to cover the cost of treatment. ## @Prexie, Sorry to hear about the condition you... ...

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Sufameth Tmp Ds

i've been taking sufameth/tmp ds prescribed by my doctor for a nose infection , i've taken it 3 days and my b.p is very high,my stomach hurts, i don't feel like eating, i feel terrible, can i stot this medication now. ## It sounds like the side effects of this drug are worse than the symptoms you were trying to fight. I think that anyone who is experiencing this degree of side effects should contact their doctor as soon as possible to let them know what your experiencing and seek out other remedies. Following up with a Naturopath is probably going to be a "safer" alternative than returning to your doctor for more prescription medication, as you pay the price in side effects rather than for it to just work how it should. Most natural remedies have very little, if any ... ...

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doxy cycl hyc 50 mg cap

THIS GENERIC DRUG PRESCRIBED FOR EYE INFECTION WAS $4.OO FOR 90 CAPSULES UNTIL YESTERDAY -WENT FOR REFILL AND IT COST ME $107.32 OUT OF POCKET ( I HAVE AARP PART D) FOR 90 CAPSULES. IT SEEMS LIKE DRUG COMPANIES ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF US OLD FOLKS !! ANYWAY NOT HAPPY ## Hi, Joyce! Yes, I ran into that recently myself and there have been several other posts on here about it. Even the pharmacists at the pharmacy I use were unable to explain why there was such a huge price increase recently, but they said that it had happened with all manufacturers, the price between them barely varying by a few cents. The best suggestion I can make is to ask your doctor if there is an alternative antibiotic that you can use that may be cheaper. Does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions? ...

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I Found Heet Liniment

Monticello Drug Company 1604 Stockton St. Jacksonville, FL, 32204 1-800-735-0666 Ext126 contact name Alan 2.6 oz price $8.95 ## Joye, thanks for this helpful information. Is this the same product as others have described at the following related discussion thread ? ...

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metanx versus generic

I got a prescription Metanx, it was capsules for it and they wanted $400 for 90 day supply 2x a day at Wegman's Rx, insurance won't pay as it is high tech vitamins so I asked about a manufacturer's coupon and they found L-methyl-B6-B12 in generic made by Virtus Pharmacy, they had to order it and it came in the following day by 3:00 p.m. think name was Folbic but not sure, that was $238 for 90 day supply 2x day. The pharmacist was shocked at the price of the "B vitamins". Just started today so will let you know how well it works in a couple months. ## Hi snowy, As someone who's tried several different vitamin products over the past 5 years, I never knew B-vitamins could be so expensive either Lol. $238 sounds a bit unfair, especially since Metanx doesn't appea... ...

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where to go get meds cialis

To find resonable price for cialis ## Hello, Just to confirm, Cialis is only available with a doctor's prescription here in the US. However, if you're looking for ways to save money on the script, MedsChat actually offers a drug discount card that can save you anywhere from 15% to 75% off your Rx, potentially cutting the cost drastically. You can learn more about it on the following page: RX Savings Card If there any Calias patients here who wouldn't mind posting what the typical cost of their prescription is, maybe that will also give others a better idea of what prices to anticipate before committing to a doctor's appointment... Hope this helps! ...

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what is metamizol Mormon 575mg

I hurt my arm swimming in benidorm, it felt like my muscle had twanged. I was sent to the free hospital, when there I was given an analgesic drip put in asking given a price of paper I think it was my discharge letter and a handful of METAMIZOL NORMON 575MG TOLD 1EVERY 8HOURS. THE LETTER SAID TENDONITIS AND CALCIFICATION.IWASNT TOLD ANYTHING AT ALL. ## This is an analgesic that is used to help alleviate pain. The U.S. FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness and headache. You should follow up with your regular doctor to discuss you additional treatment options. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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Patient assistance for Metanx

Does anyone know of a patient assist program for Metanx? I have a client whom really needs this med but cannot afford it. Please Help ## There are some assistance programs that will help with almost any medication they can, rather than a specific one, such as, has he tried applying with them? ## i too have been trying to find patient assistance.What i found is a company directly affiliatted with the manufacturing company of Metanx. It is as follows; Brand Direct Sales 1-866-331-6440 Priceof Metanx 2 tablets per day (60 tbl) is $48 per month or $144 for 3 months (180 tbs) ## Another vote for Brand Direct here. ## None of the programs including those listed distribute Mentanx as it is technically of food product rather than a medicine, even though it is available only with a pre... ...

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Clobetasol (Clobex) Information

I need to know the price for Clobex shampoo and lotion 0.05% ## Hello, Dottie! How are you? I'm sorry, but this website does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications or products. It is an information only website, so I do not have a price to quote you. Have you checked with your local pharmacies? This is a type of steroid and may cause side effects, such as irritation, itching, skin atrophy and folliculitis. ...

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Comfortine Ointment by Dermik Labx

I Googled Dermik Labs, maker of comfortine, and found their address at 1050 Westlakes Dr. Berwyn, PA 19312. Phone: 484-595 2700 ## I am trying to purchase comfortine cream. I used it years ago and it worked great. ## Comfortine Medicated Ointment - with a trademark of William H Rorer, Licensor It is produced by the following company: Dermik Laboratories, Inc., (subsidiary of Rorer Group Inc.) Ft. Washington, PA 19034 And formulated by: Dr. Alison Howe Price, Philadelphia, PA.: graduated from Swarthmore University and then graduated medical school from Thomas Jefferson University, he also formulated Maalox Antacid, Parepectolin (anti-diarrhea), and Neoxyn (for poison ivy) for Wm. H. Rorer, Inc. during the 1940’s ~ 1950’s. The list of Ingredients are: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Zin... ...

Alprazolam 1mg manufactured by Labormed

I need to know the cost of this pill and reassurance as to whether it's still being manufactured by Labormed? I will not honor and fill my prescription with any other manufacturers. ## Hi Chris, From what I could gather, Alvogen acquired Labormed Pharmaceuticals on January 15th, 2013. Alvogen would therefore need to be contacted instead regarding their current line of products and which pharmacies they distribute them to. Unfortunately they don't list any products on their web page, so this may be the best solution to find out current availability/price. Alvogen's USA Contact Info: Toll-Free: 1-866-770-3024 Mail: [email protected] Hope this helps! ## As a follow up to David's comment, I can't speak of any alprazolam made by Alvogen. I have never seen or ... ...

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dextroamphetamine instant release core 10mg

Has Core Pharmaceuticals improved their product since the year 2009? When I last tried the Core 10mg generic version of Adderall, is was most inconsistent, almost as bad as Ranbaxy, the latter now off the market. Core now has a license to manufacture 5 mg and 10 mg pure dextroamphetamne. Some Rite Aid chain stores in the USA carry this product. Any experiences with anybody on Core C-II stimulants? Core also is a subsidiary of Amedra Pharma, and under Amedra, they also have a fairly new license to make the Dexedrine Spansules in 5mg 10mg and 15 mg at a very high price. I was only interested in I/R tabs. ## Regarding experiences on Core Pharma's dextroamphetamine, Post #2 in the following discussion thread offers their opinion in a comment from 2010: Discuss/HOW-MANY-MG-IS-THE-PINK-RO... ...

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