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My husband is prescribed lasix as well as several other meds for early stages of CHF. He took his drug test last week and they sent it to a lab because it was "unconclusive". Today they fired him because the urine was diluted. Can they do that if he has scripts for them?

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drug test urine

I have my urine test in the morning (28th), I have bn a heroin addict for 12yrs but started over the oast yr or two with the help of a meth script get cleaner for more n more days at a time. I used on tue morning (smoked) I have had the 5 or 6 days clean b4 but most stil show up dirty so do think passive smoking as to be further investigated. I however drank more than a litre cranberry juice every day, water n juice inbetween n had a wee drink at wkend too. Do u think it will be clean by doing tis drinking plus I done some weights 2day to sweat but not lots?

Urine Drug Test

I USED THREE LINES OF COCAINE ON SATURDAY AND I ENDED UP GETTING A RANDOM DRUG SCREEN FROM MY PROBATION OFFICER WENDSDAY AFTERNOON DO U THINK I COULD HAVE FAILED MY DRUG TEST ## stupid as as studid does! ## Yes, your failing the test is highly possible, cocaine can be detected in urine for as many as 7 days, after you have used it. In the future, if you're on probation, it would probably be wise to stay away from drugs. Are there any other questions or comments? ## well i was told it was only thre days is crack different? ## YES IT CAN CAUSE IT STAYS IN YOUR LUNGS LIKE MARIJANA SOMETIMES UP TO TWO WEEKS DEPENDING ON USEAGE! ## Can I get an update? How did the test go? I have done 3 - 4 lines 11 days prior to a drug test, b 4 that it was approx a month, b 4 that it was pretty well we...

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Urine Drug Test Help

If i took 5mg of percocett on 11/4/12 will i pass a urine screening at 2pm 11/7/12??? ## I am prescribed to Noroco 7.5mg and ran out of my script way to soon and all i was able to get was percocet 5mg from a friend! Im not an abuser,i was in pain and needed something for it...Now im worried my Dr wont understand! Needless to say i will have to ask for an increase of doses when i see him 2maro ## 3 days is cutting it very close, Oxycodone is usually detectable in urine for approximately 4 days. The time frame may vary from person to person due to various individual characteristics, but 4 days is the average for most people. Learn more drug test details here. When will you get the results back?

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Urine Test for drugs!

Do Clonazepam and Valiums show up as benzos in a urine test? ## Yes, they show up as the same thing. ## How long does zanax stay. in your urine test i know its.still in there in 10 days but clean.in 14.days.wich day r u clean. 10/11/12/13/14

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gc ms urine drug test

This is about useless. All I see is questions and no answers. Bad accident 10 years ago broke 24 bones. Many non-union and deformities. I take 2 Lortab 7.5/500, 1/12 Soma, 15 mg Valium every day. Never taken Oxy anything or methadone, except right after my wreck I was on Percocet 10 for 90 days. I told the Dr I was ready to go back to Tylenol 3, which I was on at the time. He said codiene was a bad drug and switched me to Lortab. I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and have exceeded my life expectancy by 10 years. I was on social security disability when I had the accident (friend bumped me riding motorcycles). I believe that is why they didn't fix my mangled bones with plates and pins, or because they didn't think I would be around so long. I'll be on these drugs until I die. I don...

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Pass Urine Drug Tests

I am prescribed ativian and suboxone but i smoked weed im going to get a girls urine who is clean i was wondering if it would be possible if i put a small amout of ativan and suboxone in the urine if it would show up in the drug screen or would it come up tamperd with? pleasssee pleasse someone help! ## I must say that I was a nervous wreck for a week after reading everyone's replays on here and all over the web. I took a 2mg bar on a Thursday night and had a urine test the following Thursday and I passed. I made myself so stressed out bc litterly everywhere was saying 7days min but usually longer...so I just want everyone to know I did nothing like didn't drink a bunch of water or anything and it was out in 6 days so I hope this helped someone and good luck oh one more thing it...

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Somas urine drug test

Can taking Soma make you fail a 12 panel urine drug test? In other words, do the 12 panel tests specifically check for Carisoprodol in your system? ## Can taking Soma make you fail a 12 panel urine drug test? In other words, does a 12 panel tests specifically check for Carisoprodol in your system? ## How long will Soma stay in your system if popped a UA

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Urine Drug Test for pcp

I did pcp sun.10 days ago i have a drug test tomorrow not a frequent user it wasnt a large amount will i pass u haven't used in over 6 months before ## If you're not a habitual user, then it looks like it's only detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 7 days, after last use. The exact time frame, however, will vary from person to person, depending on your overall health, fluid intake, activity levels and etc. Learn more drug test details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Pcp stayed in my system for 30 days, 10 day estimate is way off

urine drug test valium

Took 30mg of valium. First time ever. 5 foot 7 and 140 lbs 20 years old. I've heard 3 days to get out and up to 6 weeks. How long until my urine test will be clean from this nasty little benzo? ## I took 3 10 mg Valium on Saturday how long does it take to get out of my system, I have a urine drug screen Thursday what can I do to help me get it out by then? Any suggestions are appreciated! ## I have take 4 valium 5mg..how to remove it from my body...help me plesae ## Hello, my shoulder was hurting really bad so I took some of my wife's pills fir relief one was a half of norco 5-325 and a 5 mg valium that morning had a dot 5 panel drug test that afternoon I've been taking them for about three days in a row me not really thinking about my drug test testing positive for them smh...

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Urine Drug Screen Test

I have a stomach ulcer and am perscribed tramadol for the pain. I'd ran out and shouldn't have, but took some of my friends hydrocodone. Then I had a job interview that requested a urine drug screen which they send to a lab. I panicked FOR REAL !!!!!!!!!!! I ran to WalMart and bought some cranberry pills and some pickle juice, which gave me severe diarehea!!!! 24 HOURS LATER I TOOK THE TEST!!!!! AM I GUNNA B OK?????? ## help ## Hydrocodone is usually detectable in urine for approximately 6 days after last dosing, so yes it may be detected. The time frame can vary from person to person, depending on factors that are unique to each individual, such as your metabolism, overall health, fluid intake, activity levels and etc. but 6 days is the average for most people. Learn more drug ...

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Ativan Urine Drug Test

If I took Ativan at 8am and my urine test is at 11am, will I pass my urinalysis? ## Yes, it is very likely that it will be detected, since that is more than enough time for it to have entered your blood stream and start working. Learn more Ativan details here. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Urine Drug Test answers

I'm on adipex for weight loss and percoicet for pain from a resent brain surgery. I'm now looking for a job and want to know if when I take a drug test, what is going to show up and if this can fail me. ## They can't fail you, if you have a valid prescription for them. You just need to inform them of it, when you go in for testing. Learn more Percocet details here. Learn more Adipex details here. Are there any other questions or comments?

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Ritalin Urine Drug Test

I by accident drank my roommates coffee which had 3 milligrams of Ritalin in it at 8 PM on Sunday evening. I have a drug test (which tests for Ritalin) at 7 AM on tuesday morning. What can I do to get it out of my system before the drug test. How long would it take to get that 3 milligrams of Ritalin out of my system. I don't regularly or normally take Ritalin I took it by accident. Please let me know ASAP with any suggestions or information. ## 1 Ritalin will show up only on tests which specifically test or on an in depth toxicological diagnostic test. 2 Ritalin has a short half life, but that means little. Just because the 'active drug' is no longer in your blood, does not mean the metabolite will not be found on a tox screen. 3. Most 'drug screens' I have given ar...

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Vyvanse urine drug test

I took 40mg of Vyvanse on Saturday and had a u/a on Tuesday. Will I pass? ## I know this is an older thread but as many people may have similar questions regarding their (illicit or legal prescription) use of amphetamines and what results can be expected regarding urinalysis drug toxicology reports, I figured I'd post this: the answer to this specific question would depend on the frequency that the inquirer uses (used) vyvanse. Their dosage (40mg) was a pretty low therapeutic dosage and based on the way they phrased the question, I'd assume that they didn't take vyvanse on a regular basis, but rather a PRN (as needed) prescription basis or an intermediate illicit basis for recreational purposes (again pretty low dose to obtain any recreational value). Either way, if my assum...

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12 panel urine drug test

I have posted on other forums as one informed chic or trying to help as my name. but didnt know where to put this info, so im making a new post, i am using my real name this time, only first of course, hope it helps some people. I was in the dr. Office the other day and had to take a 12 panel urine drug test. As i had to fill out the info on it, i took a picture of the 12 things they test for. If you would like a forward of the pic sent to you, let me know or i can send you a list on here, just contact me. I think the more who know whats on there, the better. I can also give description of what could come up in each category as far as drugs. But again as i have said before, THC stays like 30 days but opiates, barbs, only stay for 3, bups cans stay for like 10 days. Im not sure about H. ...

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blood vs urine drug test

if your urine is clean of drugs does that mean that your blood is also? ## Most likely - most of the time urine tests detect things for longer than blood tests. But of course, depending on what the test is looking for the detection time may be very similar, or in the case of Barbiturates, it may linger in the blood longer. You can see a handy chart at: /wiki/Drug_test, look for the section called "Detection Periods". Hope this helps!

Urine tests

I am taking 40 mg oxyneos andpercocets but my urine tests are negative . Why? ## How often do you take them? Are you taking them exactly as prescribed? If you aren't taking them as often as you should, then it may not be an actual negative, but that your levels are too low, which is treated the same as a negative. Learn more Oxycodone details here.

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urine drug test oxazepam

Answer: Oxazepam and Nordaezpam are active metabilites that the liver breaks some benzodiazepines donw to. Ik now for a factt that for Diazempam/valium the metabolites oxazepam and Nordazepam DO show up in urine because of the Diazepam falling apart in active metabolits when processed in liver. Also other benzo's can have metabolites like oxazepam or other: it all depends on what type of benzo yr using. Google avtive metabolite [type of benzo] and you know what will show up in your urine tests. Also depends if the drug gets processed renal (by urine) or hepatic. (liver) Good luck all. ## Sorry for typo's: I am on some recreational bennie dose now. But I do know about stuffthings lol. Regards!

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urine drug test tramadol

I have to take a tramadol test tomorrow per my doc agreement, suppose to take 4 a day 1 every 6 hrs, but i only take 1 to 2 a day. Will it show that i dont take the 4 a day 1 every 6hrs? How much do i need to take prior to show enough in my system?

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