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urimax d side effect
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sir, i am a diabatic for the past 15 years. i used to wake up 4 times for urinating. yester day i took this tablet first time. After taking this tablet i slept well but i got dizziness and i cant walk and head pain also . My vision also blurred. whether i can continue this tablet. ...
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Fri, Aug 12 '16, 3:40 AM
Urimax 0.4 and Telma 80 H
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I have been taking Urimax 0.4 for some months now. Though, the medicine has been helpful in passing urine in a relaxed manner and also the flow is good, but a new problem has started. After driving for roughly two hours or so or sitting for two hours or so, then as and when I stand up, my urge to urinate becomes intense and also there is some leakage of drops, if I do not urinate urgently. What can be done and what is the right time to take this or the new medicine prescribed under these circumstances? Also, I am taking Telma 80 H for hypertension in addition to Metformin 1000 + 2mg Glimpyride (distributing it in two doses). In the mornings I feel tired instead of feeling fresh. Can Hydrochlorodithiazide be taken with Urimax 0.4? Though no evaluation has been undertaken by me recently, ... ...
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Sun, Apr 23 '17, 5:44 PM
side effects of urimax D
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I am65 and taking urimax D since last 7 years for prostate care pl advise its side effects and how long should i take it further is surgery permanent treatment ...
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Wed, Sep 02 '15, 11:08 PM
Can Veltam be substituted for Urimax 0.4mg?
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My husband is 90 and has been taking Urimax 0.4mg. His psa is 3.31mg... The doctor says he can switch to Veltam-F for 30 days... His hands and legs have been shaky & unsteady for the past two days since he started on Veltam... Is this a side effect of Veltam? ...
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Mon, Oct 16 '17, 6:21 AM
Dosage and substitute medicine for Urimax
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Can I take urimax-D twice a day? Can I take a generic medicine with same composition as urimax-D (as a substitute)? Can using urimax-D twice a day cause me any problem(s)? Thank you in advance for any feedback. ...
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Wed, Apr 26 '17, 1:40 AM
urimax d and other medicines
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I was taking Omnic T (0.4mg) and T. Proscar (0.5mg) for two years in Muscat. Avodart taken instead of T.Omnic due to not available.Doctor prescribed Tamsulosin and T.Dutas and Himplasia from India. Oman Doctor advised to take Tamsulosin, T.Dutas and Himplasia daily. In India doctor advised to take only UrimaxD Now I am taking only UrimaxD and Himplasia each everyday.I want to know whether T.Dutas also required to take along with other 3-medicines.Please advise. ...
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Thu, Mar 17 '16, 9:15 PM
For How Long Urimax4mg Can Be Taken Continuously
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For treatment of BPH I am taking Urimax .4mg for last one month. For how long shall i continue to take the medicine, one tab per day, for more improvement. ## Hi, Riten! You should take it for however long your doctor has instructed you to do so. Urimax contains the active ingredient Tamsulosin and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and diarrhea. Learn more Urimax details here. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## I have been using medicines like urimax for my prostrate enlargement for the last two years. how long should i require to continue with this medicine ## For one month im using urimax o,2mg how long i should continue this tab for for my urine obstruction due to muscle tightness in urethra or i should go fr dilatation is there any side effect... ...
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Fri, Jun 17 '16, 10:03 AM
prolonged intake of urimax 0.4F
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I take urimax F 0.4mg for last 7yrs. How long should i continue for this? I am 62yrs male. Can i replace it with urimax 0.4m? What are the side effects upon prolonged use of urimax F? ...
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Tue, Jul 22 '14, 3:22 AM
Urimax D for enlarged prostrate
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I have been advised Urimax D for 3 months for enlarged prostrate. I missed my tablet at bed time, can I take it in the morning next day? ...
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Mon, Oct 03 '16, 6:21 PM
urimax d effect on prostrate size
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Can Urimax D be taken continuously for long periods ? Does it shrink the prostate size ? ## I have gone through T.U.R.P Lazor surgery for my enlarged prostate during December2012 frequent urination still exist needs advise for further treatment ## I am 75 yrs old. MY prostat is enlarged. Recently I got USG Whole abdomen when it is found that its size is 46x38x37 weight : 34 gms.Dr. has advised Urimax-D.This Urimax D I have been taking for the last one year.Though there is some improvement in frquent urination.How long will I have to continue this medicine or some other medicine can be more usefull. Please advise. ## I am 70 years old .I am taking urimax .4 mg since last 12 years.The dose is increased to one urimax D and one urimax .4 mg tablets daily...since last 2 years. Wheather the c... ...
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Mon, May 02 '16, 5:20 AM
other companies make UrimaxD with an identical composition
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I am 69 years old. On UrinaxD for nearly 3 months. USG shows wt. 28, urine 200 ml, 4 months back. Recently taking the med has caused sleeplessness & b.p. fluctuation! Could I change the time from night to day post lunch time once? Please advise.. ...
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Thu, Dec 01 '16, 9:11 PM
Tab Urimax .4mg tablet for BPH
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FREQUENCY & URGENCY URINATION inspite of taking tab.urimax 0.4mg daily at nightIP ## My father had recently urination problem, then local doctor checked and suspected prostate cancer . He advised for Urimax .4 mg tablet. He is feeling well and have no peoblem since one week. What should be next step to be taken now. His age is 75 years. ## @OPSarwal, Are you saying that you continue to suffer from a frequency and urgency to urinate even after taking the urimax (Tamsulosin) medication? If so, it would be best to contact your doctor so he can prescribe you something different. @Kailash, I'm glad to hear that the urimax is working for your father and that he is feeling better. It sounds like your father can continue taking this medication as long as his doctor allows. You shouldn... ...
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Sat, Jul 27 '13, 9:11 PM
Can urimax .4 mg be taken by women?
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I am a 49 year old women who is facing a problem of frequent urination only while sitting down for a length of time. The doctor has prescribed urimax 0.4 mg once a day for one month? Should I take the medicine as prescribed? I am not diabetic. ## Hello, Shelly! How are you? Yes, Urimax can be taken by both men and women. It contains the active ingredient Tamsulosin, which works by relaxing the bladder neck muscles. Learn more Urimax details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, unusual weakness and trouble sleeping. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Oct 28 '13, 6:16 PM
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Doctor, So far I am using Proscar and Omnic .Proscar not available Avodart and Omnic was taken for prostate enlargement.Now Avodart and omnic also not available, I am taking Dutas and Veltam. Last week checked doctor and needs to be operated said, but I have no frequent urination,no urge of urination but erectile dysfunction is there.Then Doctor prescribed Urimax D for me. So far I have not taken Urimax D.But I want to exhaust the medicine of Dutas and Veltam. Now Doctor suggested me to take "Him plasia" during morning, I find after taking this medicine, urine flow with pressure and there is no urge of urination. Infact Doctor suggested to take Him plasia in order to discontinue Veltam medicine after the performance. Whether to dis continuie the Veltam/ Dutas medicine? I have to... ...
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Mon, Jul 17 '17, 12:50 AM
What time of the day should Urimax 0.4 be taken?
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I have been taking Urimax 0.4 for some months now , but a new problem has started . After driving for roughly two hours or so or sitting for two hours or so , then as and when I stand up , my urge to urinate becomes intense and also there is some leakage of drops if I do not urinate urgently . What can be done and what is the right time to take this or the new medicine prescribed ? Also , I am taking Telma 40 H for hypertension . In the mornings , I feel tired instead of feeling fresh . Has Hydrochlorodithiazide to do with urimax 0.4 . Though no test has been undertaken by me recently , but I feel that sodium level becomes low by taking Hydrochlorodithiazide and urimax 0.4 . Please advice what should be done ? ## I am 69 yrs having B P H and taking Urimax F for the last about 10 years a... ...
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Fri, Sep 15 '17, 2:18 AM
pls tell me wat r results of urimax
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wat is harm if Urimax is taken (one tab.daily) instead of Silo fast 8 after dinner? ...
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Mon, Jul 14 '14, 3:47 AM
urimax d --whether this can cure enlarge prostrate.
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Ihave pressure and sugar but controlled by medication and exercise.Recently it is found in usg that the enlarge portion is 30mg. Ihave been prescribed urimax-d one tab daily.Iam 70+ and dont want surgery.Will this medicine do. ## I am taking Urimax D (Cipla) since one month after dinner. At around 2 AM I feel heavy stomach and uneasyness. Then I changed timing to morning, ie, after breakfast. Then the stomach problem is not experienced. But the Doctor told me that such side effect may not be there. But today again I experienced the same problem when I took the Urimax D at night after dinner.Then I took a pinch of asafoetida. after 10 minutes I felt normal. Kindly advice me why this happens. ## Hello, Nirmal! How are you? Yes, this is an appropriate medication, but the only way to see if... ...
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Sun, Jan 03 '16, 9:52 PM
Tamsulosin Hydrochloride 0.4 mg and Dutasteride 0.5 mg (URIMAX D)
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I have problem of BPH, size is 28 gm weight and post void urine retention is 40 ml. I have been taking this combination tablet one in the night for the last two years. Is it safe to use it for long periods. I have found some relief from this drug. In the night I have to get up for urination two times and in the day there is not much problem. Can I discontinue the medicine for some time and see the reaction for some time. ## I have taken urimax 0.4 for last ten years, with no ill effects. I cannot afford to take chances of discontinuing, lest there is irreversible change of the size from 35 gm. ## I am taking Urimax D (Tamsulosin hydrochloride .4mg and .5 mg Duta steride ) at night for the last about 2 years.I have to go for urine two times .Rest there is no other serious side effect. Ho... ...
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Mon, May 18 '15, 12:04 AM
side effect of Afdura and flotral D and their validity for use
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I used Urimax f for six years. Five months back doctor changed my meficine to Flotral D instead of Urimax. Chemist giving me Afdura as substitute of Flotral D. Please advise if Flotral D and Afdura are same and what are their side effects. Secondly can I comtimue Afdura or Flotral D for a long period since before this I took Urimax for six years. I am also taking blood pressure medicines Please advise. ## I usd afdura tab one year.if i continue afdura tablet then Please advise what are the side effects. I am also taking rosuvastatin tab ...
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Fri, Apr 10 '15, 10:37 AM
gabapin nt tablet use for acute low back pain
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I do suffer from Slip disc since 1991.As age is increasing so the restrictions in movement .Now my waist often gets locked with excruciating pain even in small stooping frontal or side so that even sitting on commode often causes semi lock in waist .Pain mainly on left side in waist ----rt side leg a bit insensitive .I am 69 Male ,suffer from Diabetes type 2,Stent in cardiac artery,strong dementia .I also take Urimax D,Aspirin 150,Clopidogrel 75,Rosuvastatin 20,SitaGliptin 50x2 ## It would actually be a good idea to look at the side effects of your current medications, because it could be one of them making the situation, such as the Rosuvastatin, according to the U.S. FDA. Rather than adding more medications, it might be better to speak to your doctor about switching to a different one... ...
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Mon, Nov 28 '16, 1:55 PM

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