Tramadol No 24

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tramadol no 24
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Does tramadol have an imprint NO24 on it ## Hi Boots, how are you? Based on my research, "N024" does in fact represent the markings of a white, oblong-shaped 50mg Tramadol hydrochloride tablet, used to treat moderate to severe pain. For verification purposes, also notes that this particular tablet is manufactured by Northstar Rx and carries a National Drug Code of 16714-0111. I hope this helps answer your question! ...
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Tue, Oct 07 '14, 3:04 PM
24 hrs into cold turkey Tramadol
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It is 12:55 a.m. in U.S. I'm still awake. This is my second go round with quitting Tramadol. The first was back in May of 2014. I went to a detox facility for 5 days from a 15-20 a day habit. Had taken it for 7-8 yrs but 2012-2014 had slowly upped dosage. Was getting off internet last two yrs. 130$ twice a month or 3x a mnth. I couldn't take it anymore an had gotten sick with heart palpitations an skipped heart beat so went to ER an had to embarrassingly admitt to it. Two days later in detox. Came out ok. Was put on Zoloft two wks later. Then 2 1/2 mnghs later Zoloft was makin me to sick. Lost to much wt, liver enzymes went up to 50's. So had to stop. Then in Nov of 2014 found out I had started menopause couple months earlier. Had developed depression an anxiety. So had to s... ...
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Sun, Feb 21 '16, 9:45 PM
percocet vs tramadol
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I am a 20 year chronic pain sufferer who every 3 years or so has to detox off 180-240 mg Oxycodone to lower tolerance. Then I start back on 4-6 Percocet a day and gradually increase dosage as needed. I have just completed one of these detoxes using the "Thomas Recipe" - Now, to control the pain again...a friend gave me a few 37.5 mg Tramadol and at the moment I take 2 at a time so 75 mg once a day and find that they elevate my mood quite effectively as well as kill the pain...So I want to know which drug is worse for your liver and brain cells...Tramadol or Percocet? ## As a medical provider my first question to you , would be are you being followed by a pain management doctor. Secondly with the level of Percocet you are taking I would say you have a serious problem . Then do de... ...
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Sat, Jan 03 '15, 9:26 AM
lortab after tramadol
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i have been taking tramadol for about a week, the last time was about 24 hrs before i took lortab, three 10/325 and it seems like the lortab did not work at all?? how long till the lortab will work again? ## I don't think it ever will work the same if you have been on tramadol for a long period of time. But a week shouldn't have any affect on the lortab not working . I used lortab before switching to tramadol and now when I get severe spine pain that lortab does Nothing . So I think ur body has to re adjust to it. This is my personal opinion . I am no Dr though :) ...
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Wed, Jan 21 '15, 3:51 PM
been on tramadol for over a year
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Ok so i have been on 100-400 mg of tramadol per day for over a year .. i recently been taking more and running out early. when i run out i start feeling withdrawls within 24 hrs of last dose. the achy ness chills sweats foggy absolutly no energy cant even.get out of bed. i went three days like this amd it only seem to get wprse then i found some more trams and havnt stopped again yet. scared to death of that withdrawls again. i want to be able to go without it but im wondering how long will the withdrawls last. seems like forever! I have two kids at home i need to keep up with so when im n bed they notice and it isnt ok. i need some advice and some optimism to help me kick this s***. also i feel severly depressed when i dont take it. :/ how long and how severe ? ## Hi brandie, I'm r... ...
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Sat, May 24 '14, 12:44 PM
tramadol prescription refill
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How long should my prescription of tramadol last? Doctors instructions are take 1 to 2 every 6 hours as needed. ## It would depend on how many tablets it's written for. Generally when it is 1-2 every 6 hrs as needed, they calculate it by 2 tablets 4 times a day which is 8 tablets a day max. Divide the number of tablets it was written for by 8 and you will have how long it should last. If you're only taking 1 tablet every 6 hrs that would be 4 tablets in a 24 hr period. ...
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Sat, Dec 14 '13, 5:37 PM
Substitute Tramadol For Hydroco Mg
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RAN OUT OF HYDROCOAPAP TAB 10-325MG, BUT HAVE TRAMADOL 50 MG, CAN I SUBSTITUTE?? ## Have you consulted your doctor? The Hydrocodone is a potent narcotic and the Tramadol is very mild, though it is distantly related, so you aren't likely to get the same effective pain relief that you do from the Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen tablet. ## If you are worried about your withdrawls, then yes you can. The max dose in 24 hours is 400mg. That's 8 pills. I did the same thing and took 200mg in the morning and 150 at night just to be safe. It will hold back the withdrawls and you will sleep comfortably. However, because its not an opiate, they will not "F" you up. You will not get HIGH from these. They do however trap seratonin for longer periods of time in your brain which for most peop... ...
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Mon, May 06 '13, 10:52 PM
Can you take methadone with tramadol
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Can I take tramadol with methadone? I take 50 mg of tram and 130 mg methadone. I heard tramadol can block the methadone or ur methadone won't last long. ## Hello, Mick! How are you? It generally isn't recommend that you take them both, because what you've heard is correct, the Tramadol can block the Methadone and cause dangerous withdrawal. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Had a tooth extracted 24 hours ago. Still having serious Pain, Can I Take Tramadol 50 mg every 4-6 hours. Or Should I take IBprophrine? ## Most often when ppl say "dangerous withdrawals" it me... ...
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Fri, May 20 '16, 10:11 AM
how long till tramadol leaves your system.
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I had tramadol yesterday for the first time and within the hour i was throwing up dizzy and really light headed and today still dizzy and nauseated almost like a really bad hangover.. Was thinking it maybe an allergic reaction from taking it. As. I am also allergic to codiene. Just wondering how kong it will take for it to leave my system. ## Those are possible side effects to taking it, but not characteristic of an allergic reaction. However, I do understand, since I experienced the same thing when I tried it and it was quite miserable. If you only took one dose, then it shouldn't last too long, about 24 hours or so. Thus, if you're still feeling the symptoms, you should consult your doctor, since something else may be causing them. How are you feeling today? Learn more Tramado... ...
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Mon, Apr 24 '17, 10:34 AM
can i take the tramadol left from last mo presc?
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pm doc prescribed 240 50 mg tramadol in march and then stopped writing it in april; i didnt know you cant take the meds that were left over from march; i dont take 240 of ANYTHING; can you take your own prescribed meds after 30 days?? ## You can absolutely take the leftover ones; they are your property and in your name. ...
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Thu, Jun 25 '15, 4:18 PM
is tramadol Hcl different from just tramadol
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I was just wondering if anyone knows the difference between tramadol Hcl and tramadol? Every time I get a prescription its a different kind of tramadol,I didn't know there is so many different kinds...thank you ## Hi Car, Based on my research, Tramadol Hcl is just an extended release version of Tramadol. It is meant to be taken once every 24 hrs and should continue to work throughout the night and day. It comes in doses of 100 mg up to 400 mg. Learn More: Tramadol Details I hope this info helps! ...
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Fri, Jan 18 '13, 2:51 AM
i picked up my tramadols 50mg 180tabs on 8 19 14 when do get next refill
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im asking cause the pharmacy i used made mistakes before i just want to make sure ## Hi Marilyn, How are you? I don't know how all doctors do this, but from my experience.. if the Dr. does allow refills, you'd normally find a date written on the prescription label with a check mark or intitials next to "refills". Sometimes you'll also see on the label that it says "30 day supply" (at which point you'd be out of your medication), depending on how many tablets your doctor instructed you to take within a 24hr period. I hope this helps! ## If you have 180 tramadol (50 mg pills), you can get a refill in 22 days. So, you could probably request the refill about 19 or 20 days after you have received your medication. That's the soonest you could get it. Hope t... ...
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Sat, Sep 06 '14, 6:04 AM
White Oval N O 24
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I got these perscibed and the pharma says tramadol 50 mg but have never seen this shape or imprint, just wonderin if pharma made a mistake. ## From what I could gather, a white capsule-shaped pill with the imprint N024 is identified as 50mg of Tramadol hydrochloride; and is said to be manufactured/repackaged by Bryant Ranch Prepack. This match is referenced from, so it is very much reliable information. Learn More: Tramadol Details I hope this helps! :) ...
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Tue, Jan 15 '13, 1:04 AM
2410 v pill what is it
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small, white round.M on 1 sideT7 on the other ## 2410 V contains 350mgs of Carisoprodol, the active ingredient in Soma, this is a muscle relaxant. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Read more: M T7 contains 50mgs of Tramadol, used to treat mild to moderate pain. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, constipation and dry mouth. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ...
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Fri, Jun 25 '10, 6:30 PM
Watson 853 - is it norco 10/325?
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I got a prescription for generic norco and it has watson 853 imprinted on it. I was wondering if I am getting the correct medication or if I am being ripped off at this pharmacy? It is yellow. ## white round ww 2410 ## round, of white or very light yellow with M 89 imprinted one it? ## Watson 853 is indeed a generic for Norco, it contains Acetaminophen 325mgs and Hydrocodone mgs. No listing for WW 2410, sorry. M 89 is Meloxicam 15mgs, a generic for Mobic. This is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. ## is watson indeed a 10mg hydrocodone tab with 325 mg of tylenol impriinted watson 853 ## is the ovel small red pill a narco the markings are KALI 083???? ## Ron, KALI 083 is Acetaminophen 325 mg + Tramadol 37.5 mg, which is generic for Ultracet. ## Watson 853 - Yes, generic Norco...I have bee... ...
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Mon, Oct 30 '17, 11:37 AM
Needing 2 know effects of Tramado while w/drawling
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I am currently dependant on methadone and am about to be going through methadone withdrawl w/in 24 hrs. Will Tramadol help w/the crappy w/drawl symptoms or will it make it worse??? Nurse @ methadone clinic says it will cause instant w/drawl if taken. I'm already gonna be going through w/drawl regardless - is this medicine gonna help or hurt?? ## Tramadol WILL help with methadone withdrawl. It won't help much, but for me it seems to make the withdrawl a little bit more comfortable. I think at the very least you experience somewhat of a placebo effect in which you feel better just knowing that you took something. However, if you take this drug at the beginning of your withdrawl symptoms, it does seem to speed things along-meaning that you will experience more serious symptoms soon... ...
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Tue, Jul 07 '09, 4:20 PM
Tired of being tired
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I was on highest Lorcets you could get, Soma, Tramadol, Xanax. 25yrs of these, then doctor all of the sudden quit prescribing them & I had to just stop. I have type 1 Diabetes (45yrs) causing other health problems & am VERY depressed for years. I am unable to work because of all this now & am up about 19hrs out of 24, if lucky. I just want ALL of it to STOP. In NEED of this drug to do so. How do I get SENTONAL in powder form to take one time only & go to sleep. PLEASE HELP ME STOP HURTING....PLEASE HAVE MERCY ## @Sleepless, Sorry to hear about your situation. I find it very unethical how some doctors can prescribe the same medication for years on end and out of no where suddenly pull the supply cord on you. The amount of withdrawal from 25 years of treatment is hard for ... ...
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Sat, Jan 31 '15, 12:44 AM
15 mg oxycodone taper down
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Hello! I was given 15mg 4x's day by dr if oxycodone. My insurance will no longer cover so I have tapered down to 15 mg every 24 hrs. I cut one pill 4 ways and take a piece which is 3.75 mg every 6 hrs depending on discomfort pain. I really need to taper down enough to stop taking without the horrible side effects of withdrawl. I went thru this in feb cold turkey off Percocet (4 years at 60mg day) and landed in the ER where they put me on Tramadol for 3 months then switched me to Oxycodone. I really want this stuff out of me so at this point what would be a safe taper and at what point should I stop taking all together? I did ask my dr and his response was keep taking less. Useless!!! Any honest safe advice would be appreciated. I have come down so far in doses and really want to jus... ...
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Sat, Nov 19 '16, 5:28 PM
Subutex: vomiting and other unwanted side effects
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I have taken Tramadol for pain management for 11 years. My Dr decided to take me off suddenly. I was getting, at the end of 11 years, 90 tablets every other week. This last dose was lower than the 240 I was prescribed in the beginning of the 11 years. I have chronic pain due to my spinal scoliosis. My spinal cord was crushed in half for 6 months before I became paralyzed. This very short condition was fixed immediately. Here I sit with an alternative medicine called subutex. I have not been on Tramadol for 3 months but I still have chronic pain. My knee surgeon today said I have a build-up of scar tissue above my left knee. 2 years ago I had a total knee replacement. Arthroscopic surgery for this condition must be done and healed mostly so that I can have my right knee completely replac... ...
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Fri, Sep 01 '17, 12:31 PM
xanax codeine and ultam
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I took 200mg codeine in cough syrup and usual .5 mg of xanax at 830. 2 hours later I had a splitting headache and took 50mg of tramadol. I'm slightly concerned because of brochitis and respiratory issues I've read about. Is this safe? ## Hello, It appears that your question has already been addressed in another thread of yours. Here is the link to the thread with the information: Discuss/Codiene-xanax-and-ultram-242483.htm I hope this helps! ...
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Sun, Feb 10 '13, 12:06 AM

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