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vetrinary pain med for felines ## I give torbutrol 5 mg. to my dog. The vet gives me 10 pills and charges me $40. each time. Is there a way to get this medication for less? ## I agree - my dog needs this every day and it's 30 pills for $95. Does anyone have an alternative medicine or a website for this? Thanks. ## Ask your vet if the 10 mg. pills would be any less expensive and break them in half - they are scored. Also, if you can afford it, ordering 100 pills at a time is sometimes less expensive. ## You're being ripped off by your vet. I have a holistic vet and I am told they are $1.00 a pill and I have to cut them in quarters (1 pill for 4 uses - only when needed). I don't know your vet, but mine is Holistic and I'd never trade my dog's vet for any other Vet. ## ... ...
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Thu, May 16 '13, 4:36 PM
torbutrol 5mg
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My vet will give a prescription, however, she cannot afford to lower the price of torbutrol 5 mg. Right now I am paying 107.00 for 10 pills and my guy takes it twice sometimes 3 times a day so I really need to get it cheaper. My husband is disabled and on the liver transplant list so I am already paying for medications that are horrible priced. Can anyone tell me where to find it cheaper? ## Hello, Jenny! How are you? I'm sorry that the medication is so expensive and about your husband's condition. I hope he gets his transplant very soon. As to getting it cheaper, have you tried any of the pet medication websites? You can usually order from them and have your vet fax in a prescription. The prices are generally much cheaper, since they don't have the overhead that a veterinar... ...
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Sun, Sep 04 '16, 11:15 AM
torbutrol 5 mg
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I am looking for a less expensive source for this dog medication. My vet charges $150 for 30 tablets. Can you suggest a pharmacy or dog med website that provides this medicine? ...
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Tue, Jul 02 '13, 7:28 PM
Torbutrol 5mg
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For my dog who has a collapsing trachea the vet told us we may find it cheaper if we went on line ## This website does not manufacture, nor sell any medications, it is an information only website. The actual medication name is Butorphanol. Learn more Butorphanol details here. How much does your vet charge? You may want to look at the various veterinary medication websites to check their prices. I don't know what would be cheaper for you. ...
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Thu, Sep 27 '12, 10:29 AM
fd 632 torbutrol
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Found it on Fort Dodge/Wyeth webside. It is Torbutrol, for dogs for coughing. ## exactly what is torbutral is it a cough suppressant for dogs ?? And what it torb/val syrup is it valium and torbutal ????? ## VAL syrup is a liquid vitamin & liver fraction compound - similiar to Nutri-Ved. It is NOT valium. ## @d kukula, Torbutrol is a brand name for Butorphanol tartrate; in veterinary use, Butorphanol is a narcotic pain reliever that also helps to relieve coughs in dogs. It is also widely most used as a sedative and analgesic in dogs, cats and horses. Veterinary trade names include Butorphic, Dolorex, Morphasol, Torbugesic, and Torbutrol. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Butorphanol Details I hope this info helps! ## My cousin took this med is it going to kill him to... ...
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Sun, Sep 24 '17, 1:50 PM
Torbutrol For Dogs
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I am looking for tortubrol tablets for my dog at a more reasonable price than the vet. I will ask the vet for a prescription. Please help ## I live in Harrisonburg, VA in the US. I have an 11 year old pomeranian who suffers from a collapsing trachea that has progressed to retaining fluid around her heart. Our vet is Johnny Clark of Luray, VA, phone # 540-743-7387. He currently is treating her with 5mg of lasix, 50mg of aminophylline, and 5 mg of torbutrol daily. The 5mg of torbutrol cost $3.50 per tablet. I am 59 years old, going to college due to the economic situation in my area, and live off of $1100. per month from rental income and I have a $330. mortgage plus $600 rent payment monthly along with all other living expenses. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my big toes and can no longe... ...
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Mon, Mar 27 '17, 6:28 PM
torbutrol 5mg tablets
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I was RX 5mg Torbutrol Tablets for my Yorkie for A Cough. The Price He charged me was Off The Charts. Is there a U.S. source for cheaper Pet Meds I can Get Torbutrol Cheaper. ## If you have a vlid prescription that can be confirmed by your veterinarian, there are quite a few online sources that sell pet medications much cheaper. What I had my pets, I used to use Drs. Foster and Smith, though I don't know if they carry this one, but you can check. You can also do a Google search to find other sources. Have you also tried asking your vet if there is a cheaper option? ## I need them for my dog that has a cough. It's cheaper on line. I need 5mg. ...
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Sat, Sep 06 '14, 8:33 AM
butorph ( torbutrol ) 5mg
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I need these for my dog for the cough. 5mg over the counter. ## I need this medicine for my dogs cough. I don't want to have to get a script from the Vet. ## Hello, Myra! How are you? This website does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications or products. It is an information only resource. Additionally, since it is an opiate narcotic, it will require a prescription, even for canine use. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Sep 15 '14, 11:35 AM
Cat travel w/ Torbutrol
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My 12 year old cat was prescribed Torbutrol for when we travel. I like the vet but another vet in the same office couldn't explain why that was the med prescribed, as according to the 2nd vet, usually for pain...not travel. I'm confused, tried researching this only to find most info. about the drug pertains to dogs or sick cats. Can anyone give me any help, information, experiences...please? We're flying out tomorrow and I'm running out of time. I don't want to cancel. Help ## Unfortunately, I can only suggest that you consult the prescribing veterinarian. The information I have available is only referenced to the usage of medications and their effects on people and these details can be quite different. Have you tried calling them? ...
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Wed, Oct 19 '11, 8:26 PM
collasped treacrea. needs Torbutrol 5 mg
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My Min Pin has a collasped treacrea and needs his medication 5mg torbutrol. I am looking to find a less expensive medication or find that torbutrol is less expensive through you ...
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Fri, Aug 02 '13, 6:14 AM
collasped treacrea. need medical Torbutrol 5 mg
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My Min Pin has a collasped treacrea and needs his medication 5mg torbutrol. I am looking to find a less expensive medication or find that torbutrol is less expensive thru you ## This website provides information about medications only, it does not manufacture nor sell any medications or products. There are quite a few veterinary medication websites that you can check, or your veterinarian may be able to help you find a better price on it. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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Wed, Aug 07 '13, 12:47 PM
Turbatrol-vicodin-the same?
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I have been taking Vicodin for back pain.... Is Torbutrol the same as Vicodin ? Can I take this? ## Hello, Oliver! How are you? No, they are not the same. Vicodin contains Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, while Torbutrol contains Butorphanol and you should only take it, if your doctor approves. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Sat, Mar 29 '14, 12:39 PM
Val Torb Syrup For Dogs
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does val torb syrup make a dog rest better? and does it have side effects ## Torb/VAL syrup is the opioid Torbutrol (butorphanol) dissolved in V.A.L. syrup. It's usually prescribed to treat mild pain. The V.A.L. syrup is also said to contain B-vitamins, but I've heard that it is mostly added to hide Torbutrol's bitter flavor. As far as side effects go, central nervous system effects (such as sedation, confusion, and dizziness) are considerations with butorphanol. Nausea and vomiting are common. Less common are the gastrointestinal effects of other opioids (mostly constipation). If your dog has been resting a lot more than usual, it's likely due to the sedative effects of the medication. It can often make the animal extremely drowsy so be careful with its use. If need be,... ...
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Sat, Apr 20 '13, 11:23 AM
round BEIGE OR PEACH pill fd 636
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Found this pill on my bathroom floor. Can't identifiy it or figure where it came from. ## Hello, Linda! How are you? Actually, this is listed as being a veterinary medication, it contains 10mgs of Torbutrol, which is an opiate pain reliever used for dogs. The FDA lists its typical side effects in canines as possibly including nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Mar 07 '16, 4:07 PM
Pink Small Round Pill 0 5 Mg 251
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small round pink pill on one side scored other side 0.5 on top 251 on bottom ## Although I can't verify my findings, research I gathered leads me to suspect that this is butorphanol (brand name: Torbugesic or Torbutrol) which is a pain medication that doubles as a cough suppressant. I don't know for certain, but it's most likely to be this. Do you happen to have any pets as well that were taken to the vet? I'm also just wondering if this is a veterinary pill for bronchitis in dogs. If this is the case, then we may have a match for butorphanol. Hope this helps! ## where did you gather your facts on this or did anybody never confirm it? ## this is Triamcinolone Triamcinolone is a long-acting synthetic corticosteroid ...
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Fri, Nov 06 '15, 1:54 PM
Val Torb For Dogs
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Val-Torb was given to my mini doxie for a chronic condition. He weighs 16 lbs and the dosage was 1.5mls 3 times a day but it made him horribly sick and shaky. As soon as I took him off he was OK. Has anyone out there had a problem with this medication? ## What this stands for is Valium, which is a Benzodiazepine that's used for its calming effect and Torbutrol, which is used to relieve pain. Learn more Valium details here. Learn more Torbutrol details here. I don't know what the dosage should be for canines, because veterinary medications are not my speciality, but it sounds like it may have been too much of the Torbutrol for him. Have you contacted your vet? A lower dose or different medication may be necessary. ...
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Mon, Nov 26 '12, 3:22 PM
Drug substitute for dog HYCODAN
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Is their a cheeper substitute replacin HYCODAN for a small dog? ## There are other alternatives for replacing Hycodan. I am not certain about the pricing, as it will vary with most retailers. But here are a few substitutes you may be interested in taking a look at; I am not a vet, nor an MD, but the following drugs are what I researched to be some of what other people are giving to their dogs under similar circumstances: Butorphanol (Torbutrol)..for coughing help with breathing Chlorpheniramine..for allergies in small dogs and cats. Please post back if you have any concerns or trouble locating a specific drug, and I will be happy to assist you. ...
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Fri, Jul 03 '09, 4:20 PM
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little round white pill, with 636 on one side, and with FD on the other, it can be split in half on the FD side. ## Sorry, this isn't listed in any of the prescription databases, not even the professional ones. I would have to say it is probably an over the counter item, which aren't regulated and kept track of like prescription drugs, or a foreign med. ## I know that it is some kind of veterinary medication... I just found a bottle so old the label was entire blank, however i tried reading what i could and I think it said torbutrol ## it is torbutol...its a painkiller given to dogs and cats.... i think they rangefrom 1 to 10 mg.'s ## it is methocarbamol 500mg ...
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Wed, Jul 28 '10, 6:11 PM
Where Can You Purchase Torbutrol Other Than A Vet
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My vet can't get torbutrol anymore. Where else can I purchase it. I have looked everywhere and can't find it. ## Torbutrol is a brand name for Butorphanol tartrate; however it very likely may have been discontinued, just as the other brand of this drug has: Butorphanol (Stadol) is a morphinan-type synthetic opioid analgesic developed by Bristol-Myers. The brand name Stadol was recently discontinued by the manufacturer. IT IS NOW ONLY AVAILABLE IN ITS GENERIC FORMULATIONS, manufactured by Novex, Mylan, Apotex and Ben Venue Laboratories and is available only as Butorphanol tartrate in injectable,tablet, and intranasal spray formulations. SIDE NOTE: Butorphanol is most closely structurally related to Levorphanol - just to suggest another alternative. Based on this information, it s... ...
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Tue, Apr 12 '16, 8:43 AM

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