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Want to know to about avoiding pregnancy using tablets if my girlfriend misses periods ??
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We didn't have complete sex. It was just that i rubbed my penis near the central part of her butts. Now if she misses a period , how can i avoid her pregnancy using tablets??? I am from patna,bihar,india. ## To avoid pregnancy about 15 days ## before sex can use vaginal tablet for prevent pregnancy? ## Im 1 week delayed and i tried to use pt first try is negative then 2nd and 3rd try is still possitive .. what would i do to make it sure that im not pregnant and f i got pregnant what would i do to lost it ??????pls help me ...
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Sat, Jan 28 '17, 11:38 PM
Abortion Tablets Name To Avoid Pregnancy
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I need the abortion tablets to avoid my pregnancy, i had a sex with my husband and now we dont want child now, and i didnt get my periods for a past 45 days, so please send me the tablets to avoid my pregnancy ## This website doesn't manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, it is an information only website. The two most commonly used medications are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, they are actually often used to together to cause abortion. Learn more Mifepristone details here. Learn more Misoprostol details here. I am not sure, however, if they are available there and in most countries, they do require a doctor's prescription. Have you done a test to confirm pregnancy? ## mene 3 din pehle apki tablet dia 1 hour k lie period aaya tha phir band ho gaya kripa sujhav de ## i... ...
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Tue, Feb 21 '17, 10:46 PM
will periods coming tablet avoid pregnancy
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Hi Sir/ Madam, Me and my girl friend had sex and that time she took a tablet to avoid a periods. But last 2 days she dint take any tablets to avoid periods. But still she dint get her periods. Is that symptoms of pregnancy please help me. And she is ready to take a tablet for periods coming now to avoid pregnancy. Is that a correct idea. Can she take that tablet? ...
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Mon, May 12 '14, 4:09 AM
tablet name to avoid pregnancy before sex
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I have to do sex with my girlfriend, she don't like to use condom, so before go to sex which tablet can take? Pl.let me know the name of tablets ## I have to do sex with my girlfriend, she don't like to use condom, so before go to sex which tablet can take.Plz.let me know the name of tablets ## I don't know name of pregnancy control tablet ## I have two kids, now i don't want more child , tell me any tablet name or any other precautions for this problem. ## tablet to avoid pregnancy, she is not having MC for the last one months. ## TELL ME THE NAME OF TAB ## Plz do me a favor...tell me some name of tablets which are can take my gf before doing sex...bcz she dont like to use condom,and sex or that kind of tablets realy can make side effect of my gf's kidney,periods???... ...
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Sun, Sep 03 '17, 3:52 AM
name of tablets to get early period
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me and my boy frnd had sex without taking precausion. i am scared about pregnency as i missed my period this month. 9 days over still period not happend. so please tell me which tablet i can take to avoid this. please reply me ASAP. ## Have you taken a pregnancy test to check, yet? The most commonly used medication to induce abortion, if a test shows that you are pregnant, is Misoprostol, often sold under the brand name Cytotec. Learn more Cytotec details here. However, it does require a prescription in most countries. ## My marriage is fixed on a date clashing my periods I want early periods from the date to avoid menses in my marriage Suggest me tablet which should not have any side effect and help me in preponding my periods date. ## me and my boy frnd had sex without taking precausi... ...
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Mon, Oct 16 '17, 4:34 AM
How To Avoid Pregnancy After 1 Month
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pleas advise me some tablets to avoid pregnancy at early stage itself as i don't like to go for abortion process How can i avoid pregnency. give me some name of tablet to avoid it. last period was 1 month and 2 days before.. reply me ... i am waiting for your reply ## hi diz is wasif til nw my gf peridoes aur nt started at nov.4 i was sex her nd her peridoes date was dec of 2 so whts the reson and with out useing condom i was sex her soooo plz tel me wht the reson im soooo wrrying plz rply me sooon ## Last Month at around Nov 14th i had a inserted my penis tip in my gf a** hole, der was no bleeding at all. But actually my gf was supposed to get her regular periods on 6th Dec. but toll date she din get her periods. So i am very much worried abt dat. Is der any chance of her being pre... ...
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Wed, Aug 16 '17, 6:45 AM
A cure for PCOD
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Hi, I'm suffering from irregular periods since i first got PCOD. I married recently and my gynec has asked me to take Glycomet 500 mg twice a day along with folic acid and iron tablets. My body is not able to bear these tabs and I'm having vomits and stomach aches. Will these help me? Will it have any side effects ...??? we are planning a baby after two years and i'm tired of period problems. Please help ## Hi Firstly Just u take healthy food to control your weight, Avoid non veg but eat fish twice a week, avoid tea, milk products and sweets. Which will give more fat Try to hav green vegetables & raw vegetables. Any citrus fruits coz it contain folic acid. Ear More Spinach contains folic acid and vitamin E. Try to go for breast walking for 1hr Atleast daily. (Mandatory) ... ...
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Wed, Nov 25 '15, 11:32 PM
Krimson 35, Premence and Myocyst for regulating menses
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Hello, I am 24 years of age..I have a problem with irregular periods. After consulting a dr, the doctor suggested I take krimson 35 and fresh B6 for 6 months.. I used this tablet and during this treatment my period was regular till 6 months in, but after 6 months of usage I stopped this medicine.. After that the dr suggested I take premence and myocyst tablets for 3 months. During this time, the first month my period was regular but after that second month my period become irregular, late by 10 days and still not coming.. I do regular yoga exercises and am taking precaution to avoid eating junk... Please help me, what can I do?...Can I stop premense and myocyst tablets and start krimson 35 tablets again?.....Or should I wait sometime for my period to come? Please help me. ## Hello mam,p... ...
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Mon, Apr 03 '17, 4:59 AM
Period Related problem
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my period date was 5 th and i take premount n from 7th date per day 3 tablets for early periods. But its now 9th date my periods still not come and i am going beach holiday on 13 th. So should i take 1 tablet per day to avoid my period. Is it ok nor not pls suggest. I am very confused and i dont want my periods between 13 to 19th date. ...
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Sat, Sep 09 '17, 4:21 AM
prevent pregnancy in unprotected sex
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Hi I am eating tablet for irregular periods... one week before periods coming when using tablets, i have unprotected sex with my husband... Is pregnancy possible or not? Now i don't want to be pregnant... how do I prevent that? ## I had unprotected sex and i wanna know the medicine to give her to avoid pregnancy ...
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Sun, Jul 16 '17, 3:19 PM
How To Prevent Pregnancy After 1 Month
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Please advise me some tablets to avoid pregnancy at early stage itself as i don't like to go for abortion process ## How can i avoid pregnency. give me some name of tablet to avoid it. last period was 1 month and 15 days before.. reply me ## plz tell me some pills to prevent my pragnency last periods date was 28 3 2011 ## Have you had a pregnancy test? Proper treatment for this will depend on whether your are pregnant or if something else is causing you to skip your period. I am not sure what's available to you, since I don't know where you are located and most of the medications used require a doctor's prescription. The one most commonly used in the U.S. and Canada is Misoprostol, often sold under the name brand Cytotec. It may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizzi... ...
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Mon, Oct 02 '17, 7:38 AM
PILL to get period on dt day itself
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m a girl of 20, and virgin. But i wana hv my periods early or on a particular day, so as to avoid attending a hilarious religious rite being performed on me fm dt day, please suggest a safe solution that i get my period on that particular day. Pls help. CAN I TAKE I PILL ?? ## my date is on 22, but still i didnt get my dates. last two mounths back is was carrying . i abored. please help me now ## I got my periods on Nov 10 for some personal reason I took 6 primolit n tablets from Dec 7 to Dec 12 and I got periods on Dec 13th now its Jan 25th I didn't get periods still what s the reason Pl help me ...
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Sat, Jan 24 '15, 6:23 PM
Primolute N
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Hi, I am 44 years .Since last one year it was once or twice I had delayed periods ,showed doctor and she recommended me to take primolute N 10mg twice a day for five days .With this treatment my periods got normal and felt better. Last month my periods were delayed again ...without visiting doctor I took these tablets and got my periods with good result. My question is ....Is it advisable to take primolute N when ever my periods are delay ? Can I take these tablets in advance that is just 5 days before my due date to avoid delay ?Is it I am facing menopause ? Can these tablets by taking regular every month can avoid my menopause ? If yes what are the days I can start in advance ?please advice ## Hi! You need to consult doctor for complete check up. It's possible that you have early ... ...
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Fri, Aug 26 '16, 11:31 AM
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Hey went to see a do doctor on friday she gave me anaerobyl and doxytet.was not seeing my periods for the past two months so I started to menstruate today should I take them or whar? ## Hi i got abdominal pains and my doctor have of anaerobyl and some other medicine. I vomit while taking them. What could possibly cause it? ## Hy,i had pains when urinating n smelly greener urine so they gave me moxymax 250g at the clinic, now I have nausea n dizziness, is it possible that it may be caused by moxymax? Plz help ## Hy it's a pity i saw you're question dis year, bt i feel like answering it. When ur told told take ANAEROBLY tablets u need to eat a hevy meal somethin dat will last longer in ur stomach to avoid vomiting. ...
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Fri, Jul 22 '16, 2:47 AM
Prevent Pregnancy After Unprotected Sex
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I BF came close to my vulva on wednesday and on friday I took 8% alcholic content of wine before i had unprotected sex then after 30 minutes i took 2 tablets of Postinor 2. My fear now is that the postinor 2 will not be effective because of the alcholic wine and its already the 5th day. pls I need help and advice. what other means can use, I dnt want to be pregnanant. ## me and and my bf had sex on thusday first time without any protection so is it possible i can be pregnanent with that only plz reply fast. ## i had sex with my gf for the first time without any protection. aftr 5 day she got periods. now after 15-20 days she complains of frequent urination. she feels vomittg after eating. is she expecting? reply soon. if she is what can i do to avoid it. ## i had unprotected sex 1week a... ...
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tablet name to remove pregnancy chance after 10 days, that's available in pakistan
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Give me the name of tablets available in Pakistan to remove all the risk of pragrency right after 10 to 15 days of sex. ## Meri g.friend ki period date 27 hai.magr is month hum ny sex kiya aur mai us k andr he farak ho gya plzzz koi tablet bata dy. ## Give me the name of tablets available in Pakistan to remove all the risk of pragrency right after 10 to 15 days of sex. ## I want to know the name of tablet which prevent pregnancy after 15days of sex. ## Pls show me a tablet to avoid pregnancy after having sex for two days in Ghana ## hello sir plz mjhe koi mdcn btaein main apne bf se mili thi or bs 1 br sex kiya mjhe periods nhi a rahy 6 days ho gays ## What can I take to prevent pregnant after 3days of unprotected sex ## Plaza tell me tablets name to avoid pragnecy after 10 r 15 ... ...
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plz tell me the tablet which is used to prevent pregnancy after 15 days
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i had sex 15 days back now she is pregnant, plz tell me the tablet which use to prevent pregnancy after 15 days. ## i need to knw the name of the medicine to avoid pregnancy after 15days of having sex ## plz tel me the name of tablets which is used to prevent the pregnancy after a 15 days of unsafe. i sex with my wife on 11 jan 2014 and she period also stopped now ## Plz Tell Me The Ayurvedic medicine Which Is Used To Prevent Pregnancy After 15 Days ## what medecine shoud take to prevent pragnancy after 15 days of having sex ## I miss my periods this time.. last date was 9th april.. my cycle is regular. Is there any chances to b preganat?? Can u suggest any medicine if I want to terminate??? ## I had sex on 6th may 2014. Last regular period date is 12th april 2014. But this month that i... ...
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Wed, Sep 20 '17, 8:58 AM

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