Tablet To Get Periods In India

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Medicine To Get Periods
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after abortion i take birth control pill after that period was irregular.please help me to get regular. ## That is actually something that you will need to discuss with your doctor or gynecologist. No one over the internet can possibly know your medical history or how this drug affects you, as well as the benefits or disadvantages that it provides you. I would recommend that you look into changing your method of birth control. I also recommend looking into a natural remedy called Clary Sage Essential Oil. This plant has chemical properties specifically for this. ## irregiar period problem. last months i was not get period still i have problem. already test my pregnancy test but result is negative..... give me medicine name whixh is easily to get indian market........ ## hi im tensed plz... ...
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Sun, Oct 14 '12, 10:11 PM
Medicine To Get Periods (ABC)
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Hi, im 27 yr old female. I dint had sex, but me n my boyfriend just had genital touching and rubbing, and he was sure he dint ejaculate. N i missed my periods from last 2 months (July and August). I consulted Doctor n she did pregnancy test with urine which came out to be negative. She gave me a tablet to get periods, but im not sure whether to take tablet now or wait for 1 month. coz i heard tat its not gud to take tablet to get periods. She checked everything like pap test, breast cancer but everything was normal. ( Im from india basically n moved to US on April, does the change of weather n food causes this prob?? ) ## Shirley[such a lovely name], be very cautious about men who say that they're sure they didn't ejaculate. I say this c'OZ' when I was in my prime[as a m... ...
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Fri, Jun 14 '13, 6:23 AM
Tablet For Early Periods
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Hi doctor.. this is gayu from india. i am getting married on 30th of november. my usual period date is 15th of every month. but this month it is getting delayed. i am so worried.. is there a pill to get periods immediately. Thank you . ## am18 year old for last 2 months am nt having periods plz suggest a way ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Sun, Aug 25 '13, 4:30 AM
abortion tablet available in india
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i need a abortion tablet so please can you say the name of tablet which i purchase easily from medical store ## I don't know what's available in India and in most countries, such products require a doctor's prescription for use. In the U.S. the one most commonly used is Misoprostol, which can cause some severe problems, such as: nausea, heavy bleeding and hemmorhage. Are there any questions or comments? ## i have 10 days above to my periods.i have chance of pregnancy.i dsent want it.plese give me information about tablets. ## i have 5 days pregnancy please tell me any abortion tablet name. ## i have 3 days above my period. plz tell me the name of the medicine for urgent abortion ## i am 30 days pregnancy unmarried so u will tell abortion tablets name i don't know tablet ... ...
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Wed, Dec 09 '15, 1:25 AM
What Are The Prescribed Tablets To Stop Over Bleeding Post Periods
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Madam I m visali from periods were started a week days back, but in those 3 days, I hav no bleeding at all, simply dry..but bleeding started heavy from 4th day am suffering from over to get stop? pl advise any medicine.. ## I am from Hyderabad, India. am already posted my query..and my health prob..what am experiencing.. pl post any advise suitable to my health issue. ## Have you consulted a doctor? For a condition like this, it is very important that you see a medical professional to determine what's causing the problem and to find a proper treatment solution. ## Madam I m visali from periods were started a week days back, but in those 3 days, I hav no bleeding at all, simply dry..but bleeding started heavy from 4th day am suf... ...
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Fri, Jul 14 '17, 8:02 AM
This month i am not getting periods pls tell me abortion tablet name and dosage
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please reply the above mention question urgent ## Have you had a pregnancy test? There are different reasons a woman could miss her period and only a test can confirm whether or not it is pregnancy. What country are you in? In the U.S. the most commonly used 'abortion' pill is Cytotec, which contains the active ingredient Misoprostol. It is, however, only available by prescription. Read more: ## my periods date was 27 still not happen wat to do ? ## i dont want to be a pregnet nw i checked the doctor he told positive so pls say the tablet to stop pregency iam in india ## i can help if u r under 12 weeks pregnant... mail me ## i am having a doubt that i am pregnant i want some pills for abortion the date be last month1st i.e aug1st ## i had unprotected sex with my bf so we took i... ...
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Mon, May 22 '17, 5:33 AM
MEDICINES to prepone periods
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I have work on 27th may my periods starting date is also 27th may I want prepone or postpone my periods of i week plz tell me the medicines is available in india ## Pls help me prepone my periods as I m gng to pilgrimage on 19th August n my dates r of 17th August ## Suggest some medicine for prepone menstrual periods ...
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Wed, Aug 16 '17, 1:42 AM
Want to know to about avoiding pregnancy using tablets if my girlfriend misses periods ??
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We didn't have complete sex. It was just that i rubbed my penis near the central part of her butts. Now if she misses a period , how can i avoid her pregnancy using tablets??? I am from patna,bihar,india. ## To avoid pregnancy about 15 days ## before sex can use vaginal tablet for prevent pregnancy? ## Im 1 week delayed and i tried to use pt first try is negative then 2nd and 3rd try is still possitive .. what would i do to make it sure that im not pregnant and f i got pregnant what would i do to lost it ??????pls help me ...
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Sat, Jan 28 '17, 11:38 PM
I want to prepone my periods...
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m a 21 year girl...i want to prepone my periods...As we r going for a tour to northern india and would be visiting temples starting from 16rd sep till 22 sep. I usually get my periods every after 28 days and my last period date was on 18th aug which lasted for 5days....i want to prepone my periods for about 3 days before i.e. from 10th onwards i should have my periods...please consult me a safer medicine which wudnt cause me any side effects too....i wud be very thankful to u :| ## I want my periods within 6 days, when my husband is coming home after six months. Is there any medicine name plz? ## I'm a middle aged woman and my last period was on Nov 14th. Till now i didn't have my periods. Kindly suggest how to help regulate my periods immediately by natural ways or thru medicat... ...
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Mon, Sep 11 '17, 8:15 AM
any pill to prepone periods
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As we r going to travell northern india as temples for a month starting from 3rd may till 4th june . And even my age is 43 and my date is 2nd may so atleast my cycle should starts on 28th april it will be ok ## @priya, Usually when people want to have their period early or skip it entirely, the most common method I hear of is through using birth control. For specific details on how to go about this, I would suggest consulting with a gynecologist or doctor first. Reason being is that there are certain active/inactive pills that you're supposed to take to either avoid or induce your menstrual cycle. One other thing to note is if you do end up skipping your period, it's possible that you may experience a heavier flow and more side effects the following month. That's just what I... ...
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Fri, Apr 01 '16, 4:12 AM
Prepone periods for wedding
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Hi! Sir ! I am from India and I am getting married in August. My period date is clashing up with my wedding and following my wedding is my brother's wedding so I cant postpone it . I know the medications for postponing but if u can help me to prepone it I'll be really happy! Can u please suggest me some safe medicine to prepone the periods. Thank u ## Hi ..I have the same period date is clashing up with my wedding..could please suggest me some safe medicines..tq ## HI MY PERIOD DATE IS 19TH BUT MY MARRIAE IS FIXED ON SAME DATE 19TH FEB SO, PLS HELP ME for prepond period THANKYOU ## Could anybody tell me a safe pill to postpone my periods ... ...
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Wed, Sep 03 '14, 2:34 PM
to start periods immediately
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i am 25 years had medicinal abortion last month 13th july nd this month did not get my periods yet...pregnancy test is negative. ## I want to get my periods earyl i haf sex wid my boyfrd widout protecn whai shod i do ger my periods fast ## I have missed my periods. It was on 14th of April. Pregnancy test is negative. I have to attend functions on 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Suggest me some pills available in India to get my periods immediately. ## Tablet for getting period immediately ## I have a sex with my gf every 23days aftr she will get her periods but nw aftr we have sex she is not getting her periods am n her so tensed her periods last date on 19th this month 19th she should get her periods but still not yet..we used condom while sex..suggest me tablets to get periods to my gf plz ## Hi Im 30... ...
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Wed, Jul 26 '17, 10:22 PM
sylate tablet
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this is a tablet & i want to know the salt combination inside it ## Ar eyou referring to E-Sylate T, from India? If so, they contain Ethamsylate and Tranexamic Acid, it is used to help control heavy bleeding and hemorrhage. Are there any questions or comments? ## i have been taking sylate to control my heavy flow periods before my marriage, now can i take these tablets even after my marriage to control the heavy flow? does it have any impact on my married life. ## i have been taking sylate-m to control the heavy flow periods before my marriage. Now can i take these tablets after my marriage also to control the heavy flow periods? Does it have any impact on my married life? ...
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Mon, Jan 31 '11, 8:33 AM
temporary stop periods for one day
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My name is deepa. i am from india. my periods already started but i want to stop my period for one day in middle of periods 3 dayy cycle suggest me temporary tablet to stop but safe. thanx but requested urgenyly reply. the tablet is easily found at medical shops and is available all over ...
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Wed, Mar 05 '14, 2:14 AM
missing periods due to unproteced sex before 1 month
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Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex 4 weeks before but I didn’t ejaculate inside her. ..My gf was missing her periods her periods this month..and we made a pregnency test the result positive...please suggest me the way to get aborted without consulting a doctor...i live in india suggest me a medicine tat i can get here ## The most commonly used medication is Misoprostol, but in most countries it requires a doctor's prescription. Learn more Misoprostol details here. It is also only safe to use up to the third month of pregnancy. What ended up happening? Did you find a solution? ## My wife and i had unprotected sex last month,her period crossed 13 days. Test result says positive. we dont want child, Suggest medicines to start period. ## mensovit plu... ...
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medicine to start my period in india
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Hi, I had sex with my bf last year in November after that I had regular periods but in march I have missed it my periods were due on 8th march. Please tell me is there a chance that I could be pregnant. If yes then please tell me the name of the medicine that I can take to start them. ...
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Tue, Mar 18 '14, 11:46 AM
medicine to get period?
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Hi i am19 and i had my periods in april and my date for may was around 15 may but i didnt had my periods and i also had sex on 8 june can you plz tell me d medicn for periods ? ## Hi shafaq, Usually a specific kind of birth control/ oral contraceptive (containing progesterone, Ethinyl estradiol, or some other hormone) is used to regulate periods. You would have to seek a doctor in order to obtain this medication. When you engaged in intercourse, were you protected? If not, there is a chance that you may be pregnant. If you were protected, then I wouldn't worry much. It isn't harmful to miss the menstrual cycle, as long as it doesn't happen often. If you do speak with a doctor, you may consider asking about the medication Regestrone, which is a product of India. The reported ... ...
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i had a sex 20 days ago with my girlfriend and she crossed her periods date plz suggest some tablet to avoid pregancy
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i had a sex last month many times without condom but i didnt drop my sperm.we had a pregancy taste on her date and found negative but still period delay.suggest some pills to avoid pregancy ## i had sex with my girl friend a day after the finishing of the cycle now just 20 days are finished on the time of sex i pulled out but i am afraid my sperm was entered , now she had some symptoms of pregnancy ,can u tell me any medicine to avoid the pregnancy? ## I had sex with my partner dz month Nov...and she didnt have her period still now...if she is pregnant then can u suggest me some abortion pill...from india ## I had sex with my partner just 5 days after her period ..and we had a test after our sex. It was negative but still she is not getting her period and it's already been 1 month..... ...
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Sun, Aug 20 '17, 1:22 PM
Period Start Tablets
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I am a 23 years old virgin girl from Mumbai, India. after 10 days i am moving to my native place for the ganesha festival.. and before that i want my periods to be completed . what medicine should i take so that my periods get started within next 2-3 days? ## its being 33 days i dint get periods....which tablet should i take so that my periods come plzz suggest. i am 24 yrs old girl ...
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Thu, Mar 14 '13, 10:56 PM
mensovit plus tablet
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I am an unmarried 22 year old girl. I have had irregular periods for 2 years and will usually get my periods every 30-45 days, but this time I did not get my periods for two months. I consulted a doctor and she suggested I take mensovit plus. I didn't get my periods still. I am very worried. Please tell me why this is happening? ## Hello, Jillu! How are you? Given that you always had irregular periods, because even the long cycles would be considered irregular, you most likely have some type of hormonal imbalance going on. The doctor is likely going to need to do some checking to help you get to the root of the problem and find a solution. Do you also get cramping? Are your periods heavy? ## Hi jillu, please take ayurvedic medicine for ashokaristam dabar India manfature and restore ... ...
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Tue, Sep 26 '17, 9:42 PM

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