Suboxone Side Effects

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suboxone Side Effects
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I have just started Suboxone 8/2, since the fentanyl patches (150meq) were not making a difference in the severe pain that I was experiencing. I was told there was nothing else they (dr.s) could do for me. They said they could not go up on the fentanyl. I saw 9 specialists at Emory University. Eight of the docs said there was nothing left to do and I would have to live with it. Only 1 doc, a surgeon said he could take out a portion of my brain so that I could not feel pain anymore. I opted for the suboxone trial. It worked better for me than the fentanyl patches. I divide my doses so that I can take the med every 4 hours around the clock. I dont know about the rest of yall but my pain doesn't stop around 9pm. The only thing I have noticed is that when the docs changed my bp med to lisi ...
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Wed, Jun 28 '17, 4:48 PM
Side effects of suboxone
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I have been on suboxone now for just under a month. I think it is an amazing drug, i have had no cravings or interest in returning to opiates, my drug of choice was oxy. I get up every day feeling happy, and am able to take on what ever the day brings me. I am also on lexapro for depression at this time. There is one problem after i take my dose, which is 8 mg. twice a day, I am extremely tired sometimes to the point where if i sit down I will nod off, so I keep moving and can usually fight through it. I am wondering do other people feel this way or does it get better the longer you are on it? Two other things that are sometimes very bothersome are dizzyness and extreme dry mouth. I just wanted to find out other peoples experiences. Thanx ## Hey yea I get the same nod as you, it starts ... ...
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Wed, Oct 04 '17, 11:36 AM
effects of suboxone
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I would some like some input on the effects of taking suboxone or subutex long term. ## Suboxone and Subutex are opiates, so the effects of long-term use are similar to those of any other narcotic. Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth and constipation. ## I've been on suboxone for almost a year now. The side effects of long term use is the same as if you were on pain meds. ## i want to know what effects does suboxone have on a pregant woman? Does the baby become depeant? Is it like the methadone withdrawl for the baby? ## The baby does become dependant. After birth, a baby will detox from it. Your best bet is to wean yourself off before giving birth. ...
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Wed, Feb 12 '14, 9:01 AM
effects of suboxone
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I recently started taking subutex or same thing suboxone. When I take my dose 8mg and try to go to sleep i have very strange dreams. The thing is, is I can't tell if I am really asleep when this is happening. Because it happens as soon as I lay down and try to go to sleep almost like I am halucinating. I was just wondering if anyone else had these experinces or if anyone else knew if this was a normal side effect. ## yes,don't worry it will go away after a while you must have just started taking it it happened to me and scared the poo out of me it was more of a startling thing for me just don't take it before you go to sleep if ypu are noding off the it is normal at first but you will a just iam thinking you are just starting the med's?If not its ok it happens from time ... ...
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Fri, Dec 20 '13, 12:01 PM
Suboxone allergy or side effects?
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I recently was switched from 40mg Opana er and Opana 10mg IR to Suboxone tablets due to upcoming CDC regulations. Since the switch my mouth and throat have become numb and tingle after each dose. I have difficulty swallowing, it takes a little more effort. This has progressively gotten worse through the month I have been on Suboxone. Furthermore my libido has become virtually non existent and i have not been able to climax since the medication switch. I am curious if the numbness, tingle, and difficulty swallowing are allergic reactions? I know loss of libido is common on some medications, but was wondering if this maybe be related to the Suboxone as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated. ## Hi Bob, Sorry to hear about your experience on Suboxone. From what I've researched, NI... ...
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Thu, Dec 31 '15, 3:04 AM
chantix and suboxone side effects
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what are the emotional side effects of chantix and suboxone while taken at the same time. ...
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Sun, Dec 28 '08, 9:32 AM
suboxone side effects - I need answers
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Hello everyone, I was addicted to percocet for about a yr, i have degenerative osteo arthritis, extremely painful, have had a total knee replacement and am due for another, along with 19 operation bandaid fixes (all knee related) I also work full time, take care of a massive home (cleaning daily) and my 3 kids and husband.. Ugh the percocet really allowed me to live again, no pain, full nights sleep. But I knew I was dependant and I had to give it up.. I have such an insane life schedule that I couldn't do cold turkey as I know what withdrawals are like and I can't take time off work... I started suboxone, the doctor has me on 10 mg.. Yes it was a miracle for about the first week, but I'm experiencing some crazy crap... Seriously vivid nightmares that I can fully remember, e... ...
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Tue, Jun 14 '16, 11:54 AM
suboxone side effects and questions
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Hi. My girlfriend is a recovering addict and takes suboxone regularly (prescribed). Its hard for me to tell the difference between the side effects of suboxone and the dope. She stays up all night restless and cleans and gets moody often. She also takes Prozac and was prescribed topomax but does not take topomax. Can you tell me if this is normal? Also is it possible to feel high off of proxy or H while on suboxone? ## Unfortunately, nobody would be able to answer your first question with any certainty but your GF, simply because side effects to the same meds may vary significantly among different people. There are certain tell tale signs that should make you suspicious...but then I'm sure you wouldn't be asking this q if you weren't already. That means you are at a point wh... ...
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Mon, Feb 09 '15, 5:55 AM
the effects of suboxone
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effects of suboxone while pregnant ## i am on 20mg suboxone daily and have been prescibed cipramil i need to know if anyone knows if there is any bad side effects ## Your child will be born dependent on need to consult a Dr bout this cause this could cause upper child to have many possible health conditions or not to be mean but you could lose your Childs life before its ever born....pls seek help... ## Obviously its to late & I hope everything ok...for those who read this in search of answers its pretty simple...what goes in you goes into your baby...if your dependent on a opiate then so will your baby...this can cause a whole host of if your pregnant & on suboxone then pls seek professional help...if not for you then for your child who didn't ha... ...
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Fri, May 31 '13, 4:19 PM
Suboxone Side Effects skin electrified
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Swim was on suboxone then he stoped taking it as i was on the biodone and he started running with me, he had around 12 mg of bio 24 hrs befor taking a quart of a 2 mg sub an hr later he took another quart an hr later he went into severe sweating, spuing ,diahrea and worst of all his whole body felt like it had been electrified,it has been 14 hrs and his skin is still on fire.Can anyone rekomend anything to ease this pain ## It sounds like he may have had an allergic reaction to the drug, but in cases like this I would highly recommend getting some activated charcoal to help rid his body of the drug. According to Dr. Al Sears, MD. he wrote an article that spoke of: "Most poisons in your body are attracted to charcoal even prescription drugs. Since your body reacts to most prescriptio... ...
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Thu, Jan 24 '13, 5:00 PM
Physical effects of Suboxone
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Took 10mg of suboxone ending at 8:30pm and 5 hours later I'm still feeling effects to the point of being uncomfortable. How many hours until this wears off? ## What specific effects are you experiencing? The FDA lists the typical ones for this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. It also carries the risk of being habit forming. Was this medication prescribed for you? ...
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Sat, Mar 25 '17, 8:58 PM
Effects of morphine after suboxone
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I have taken 8 mg of suboxone for the past 2 days, the last time being last night around 8pm. I just received a prescription for 60 mg morphine for a back procedure and am hoping to be able to take it by tomorrow night. The doctor told me since I only took it for a few days that's all I should have to wait (although I sure felt the shot they gave me!) Does anyone have any experience with this or answers that may help? ## Hello, Lolly! How are you? It usually takes about 72 hours, before other opiates will work, though it could be different for you, since you felt the shot without any issues. If your doctor doesn't feel you need to wait longer, then it is always best to follow their advice. It isn't harmful to try taking another opiate sooner, the Suboxone just prevents them ... ...
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Sat, Aug 05 '17, 4:31 AM
taking suboxone with random new side effects - couple things..
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Ill try to keep this as brief and frank as i can while making sure to be accurate... Im sort of groggy at the moment.... Let me start by saying, I had taken pills among other things recreationally as a teenager.. never developed an addiction but taking pills was nothing new or unknown to me but I had stopped from the age of about 16-22 because I watched it destroy those around me... Okay, so in 2012 (22 years old) I began taking small doses of oxycodone (unprescribed) to self medicate severe chronic pain. I started taking a quarter of a 30mg pill (7.5mg dose) and would feel relief of pain as well as euphoria. I did not take it daily but the use was somewhat regularly. It wasnt until early 2013 that I began to feel an "attachment" to them although not yet physically addicted. By ... ...
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Tue, May 16 '17, 9:12 AM
bad effects while on suboxone for 2 days
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I just want to get back on my pain managment I didn't like the effects I got from the 8mg suboxone for two days,I'll take my 15mg perc and 30 mg morphine any day over those suboxone.I just want to know how long do I have to wait til I can do my pain pills ...
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Mon, Mar 01 '10, 2:34 PM
suboxin side effects
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What are the side effects of suboxin when you are taking it. Behavior wise. ## I,take suboxone 16mg and i also take gabapentin 200mg can that cause me to slur my words off and on ...
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Sat, Apr 28 '12, 7:16 AM
fildena side effects
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I need to know of ALL possible side effects of fidena. Is throat swelling a side effect?? ## Hello, Jen! How are you? Are you referring to the one from India that is one of their brand names for Viagra? No, throat swelling is most likely due to an allergic reaction and the person suffering the issue needs to seek medical treatment. Generally, these types of allergies just continue to get worse as the person is exposed to the substance in question, so it's not a safe thing to play around with. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can i take Fildena 100 while I'm also taking Suboxone? ...
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Wed, Aug 16 '17, 5:04 PM
depacote side effects
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I just started depacote for bipolar 2. I'm also taking suboxone 16mg and have been for 2 months. The first week I was taking 500 mg depacote and just started on 1000. I'm experiencing severe diareah and gas like never before. I'm also plagued with kidney stones and these are symptoms I've experienced with stones, just not as bad. Just curious if anyone has experienced symptoms like these soon after starting or upping their dose of depacote. Should I take my dose tonight or wait and see what's up?! This is horrible! ## Hello, Timmy! How are you? Those can be normal side effects of Depakote, especially with a rapid dose increase, such as the jump from 500mgs to 1,000mgs. However, it's usually transient and only continues for a short period of time. You may also exp... ...
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off suboxone
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No energy at all.think its all in my head.any advise. ## Hi Number 3! No, it's not in your head. That's one of the side effects of being off suboxone. It can last awhile, every one is different. How long were you on the suboxone for? Other than lack of energy, how are you feeling? ## New here. I have been on Subutex for 7 years. I am trying to get off. It has been 5 days since I had any and weaned before that. I STILL feel like my body is made of lead. I'm so close but can't handle this lack of energy and my legs hurt..... I'm so tempted to call the doctor for an appointment to get back on. Any suggestions? Thanks, ## im 45 days off subs. i jumped at taking 8 to 12 mgs a day & was on them for 5 yrs. my energy level is still pretty low but not as bad as it was. yo... ...
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Mon, Aug 25 '14, 10:46 PM
Suboxone 4mg
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is a 4mg tablet of suboxone a half of tablet or a whole tablet...could someone please explain this to me...8mg 2 mg what is what?? ## There are 2 dosages available, which contain the Buprenorphine and Naloxone, one is a 2mg/0.5mg and one is an 8mg/2mg, so yes, to take 4mgs, you'd have to take half of the larger tablet. This is a narcotic, so it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Wed, Sep 21 '11, 11:39 AM
side effects of adderall
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I take prescribed suboxone 8mg 2x day. My question is, will I be able to take adderall with suboxone? ...
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Sat, Feb 06 '10, 4:57 AM

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