Side Effects Of Thyronorm Tablet

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Side Effects Of TABLET Thyronorm
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could u tell me pl by taking thyronorm tablet is my weight is on the way of put on coz of what m taking dis tablet from last 4yrs n my weight is rapidly increasing is d side effect of thyronorm tablet or coz of thyroid my weight is increasing. ## Have you consulted your doctor? It could be caused by either one, or both. Thyroid problems and the medication to treat them can both cause weight changes, such as what you are experiencing. Has your doctor been checking your Thyroid hormone levels regularly with blood tests? ## can xryrova f 5 be taken on alternative days to lower sideeffects ## My daughter is taking now 50 mcg tablet thyronorm, her age is 11 yrs and wt is only 27 kg . She is having thyroid problem from the age of 3 and half yrs . Dr. advised her to take thyronorm for long lif... ...
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Tue, May 10 '16, 4:08 PM
side effects of thyronorm tablets
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Please suggest me what we do now we are taking 45 tablet of thyronorm a day . ## Sir I take excessive amount of(i think that 50 )Thyronorm tablets in a day.... What changed feel in my body ...
Updated 5 months ago.
Tue, Apr 18 '17, 11:44 AM
side effects of thyronorm
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please tell me more about side effects of thyronorm tablets as I have been on it since past 2 and a half years 100mcg, have psoraisis too! ## The side effects will really not change, though if your dosage is adjusted you may experience more of them. They can include: nausea, drowsiness, insomnia and weight gain. Read more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## my bro started taking thyronorm 125.hypothyrodism.he started taking the pills yesterday. suddenly nausea feeling yesterday,vomited today in the morning. today took pill. 5 mins on stomach pain,.what should he do?especially to remove nausea feeling ## I AM 47 YRS OLD SUFF TSH 17.5 AFTER TAKING ONE MONTH THYRONORM 50 MCG THIS REDUCE 0.400TSH DOC. ADV. ME 25 MCG DAILY BUT STILL I FEEL WEEKNESS CHEST PAIN THROUT PAIN LEGS PAIN PL... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
Sat, Jun 17 '17, 10:41 AM
Thyronorm Side Effects
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I am taking thyronorm 75mcg for the past 3 months. We are planning for a baby. Will this affect my pregnancy? ## Actually, it should help you. You'd have way more of a problem trying to conceive, if your Thyroid were left to continue being out of control, with its hormones, since they can affect the entire body. Just make sure that your doctor knows you are trying to conceive and let them know if you do become pregnant, that way they can monitor your condition and your medication dosage. Thyronorm contains the active ingredient Thyroxine. Common side effects that you may experience can include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and hair loss. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ...
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Sun, Jan 30 '11, 2:21 PM
side effects of thyronorm 100
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what is the effect of thyronorm on the thyroid parenchyma on long term usage say 15 yrs.because yesterday i did a usg scan for one female patinet who is on thyronorm 125 for past 18 yrs,now i went through her T3,T4,TSH reports they were all within normal limits.on usg her thyroid gland was looking shrunken ,smaller than normal for her there anything like that in the literature. ## I am 35 yrs old and taking thyronorm 125 for 12 yrs, my TSH is 1.00. I am trying to conceive. Should i continue with the same dosage? ## I take 75 mcg thirinorm for 5 days and 100 mcg for 2 days. By.mistake yesterday I took 2 tablets 100 mcg. Any side effects. Should I do something. ? ## I have been taking thyronorm for my TSH from past 12 years . Recently I did a lipid profile test and my LDL was 202 a... ...
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Tue, May 09 '17, 7:01 AM
Side Effects Of Thyronorm150
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1. test-6/5/10--TSH-125mlu/ml,T4-o.o8ng/dl--vidas-100mg 6/7/10------TSH-0.38,T4-1.32 vidas-- 18/1/11-------TSH --5.04,T4--0.61 vidas-125mg 20/4/11-------TSH---6.82,T4-1.21 vidas--150mg ## under wented a multinodular goiter and having thyronorm and thyroid sodium tab. completed 6 months course and again prescribed to there any side efects? ...
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Sun, Feb 12 '12, 7:32 AM
das Side Effects Of Thyronorm
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i am pregnent of 16 weeks i am taking thyronorm 75 as told by the doctor to be continued will it effect my child ...
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Sun, Feb 20 '11, 3:09 AM
side effects of thyronorm 10 mg
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I had diagnosed hyperthyrodism before 3 yeas i was taken thyronorm10 mg upto 3 months then my health was very good. Now again i checked t3 t4 & tsh level in one small labrotary but seen normal at this time i was taking anxiety my problem is excessive sweating on hands and legs' headache on right side dryness and irritation on eyes and nose unpleasent taste difficult to breath and i cant sleep anytime i fell i am going to die and dryness on throat. And distrubance in digestive system. what is best solution for me? ...
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Fri, May 08 '15, 2:12 AM
Thyronorm 25 Side Effects
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my TSH is 6.4. consumption of Thyronorm 25 will reduce my TSH to normal or will it have some other effect on my body. ## Medications can affect everyone differently, so there is no way to say whether it will or will not work for you and improve your TSH levels. As to other effects, all medications also carry the risk of side effects, some that you may experience can include: nausea, drowsiness, weight changes and hair loss. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Fri, May 13 '11, 2:32 PM
Thyronorm 75 Side Effects
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If taking thyronorm has side effect and one has to take this medicine for life, do the side effect last forever? My TSH has dropped from 21 to 14 after taking thyronorm 50 for 2 months, and i am facing severe hair loss, plus scalp infection / dandruff which led to swelling of lymph nodes. I cant live life like this. I need to know, will i face this tiredness and loss of interest to exercise all my life (?) because even though i was at 21 TSH i was perfectly healthy, height, weight, skin, hair, activity level wise. Why should i take the medicine? Just tell me if the hair loss / tiredness / muscle pain will be in control after my tsh is normal? Please reply. ## Doctor my tsh level was 19.23 and weight is 75kgs and age is 25yrs and doctor prescribe me first thyronorm 25 for a month and the... ...
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Mon, Aug 21 '17, 11:34 AM
side effects of thyronorm 25mcg
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Can hypothyroidism be controlled? Or do we have to continue the tablet for an entire life time ## Hi I m 26 years old female n I hv tsh 6.5 so doctor told me to take 25 mg thyronorm plz tel me what wil be side effect by taking this tablets. ## I hv taking thyronorm 25 mg. During pregnancy I'm depressed and afraid to take medicine. Is any natural ways for getting sleep? I get good sleep after delivery? ...
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Mon, Mar 20 '17, 10:42 PM
Side Effects Of Thyronorm 100mg
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Through out the day a mild to moderate Whole body pain. ## Thyronorm contains the active ingredient Levothyroxine. What type of pain? Joint pain can be a sign of either an allergic reaction or a sign that you are on too high of a dosage. You really should contact your doctor about this, immediately. Are there any questions or comments? ## m taking thyronorm from 1 year now, 100 and now m on 50. i become very irritate and my hair has no shine now. plz suggest me what to do ## I am suffering for the last 30 years from Hypothyroid and but have started regularly taking the medication Thyroxin 100 for the last 5 years only .I am taking Thyronorm 100 and my TSH is 3.5 Am I taking the right dosage? And which is the preferred drug. Thyroxin or Thyronorm. ## Jess, they both contain the same acti... ...
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Tue, Aug 29 '17, 11:39 AM
side effects of thyronorm 25 mcg
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i am using thyronorm 25mcg.and i have a problem of dry throad and some time pain in right side of neck.and now i am missing my period too ## Hello, Puku! How are you? The FDA does list the dry throat and menstrual irregularities as possible side effects of this medication, along with headache, hair loss and weight changes. However, you should have the pain checked out by your doctor. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Fri, Sep 25 '15, 12:22 PM
Side Effects Of Thyronorm 50 mcg
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I am suffering from mild hypothyroid. And doctor advised me to take Thyronorm 50mcg. I am taking it since 5 to 6 months. And my weight is not increasing. I am only 44kg height 5.4''. My periods also come so late and very heavy blood upto 1 week. Please suggest me should I stop this medicine or should I take Thyronorm 25mcg? Please reply please. ## Hi, Poonam! You should follow your doctor's instructions and take whatever medication and dosage that they advise. As to your menstrual cycle, thyroid issues can affect that, just like the hormones that affect your menstrual cycle can affect your thyroid. Have you seen a gynecologist? You may be low in progesterone or have some other type of hormonal imbalance. ## I am taking thyronorm 75 since 1 year my periods came late& heav... ...
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Wed, Nov 02 '16, 9:48 AM
side effects of thyronorm 50mcg
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what are the side effects of Thyronorm 50mcg if a person take excess dose. ## Taking too much can make the usual side effects more severe, it could make someone very sick and in a real excessive amount, it could cause death. The normal side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and insomnia. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ## i had my bypass 9 months back and i take thyranom 100mg as i have hypothyroid.My question is why is my weight gaining so much and when should i take my meal after taking this pill and i get lot of weakness please help me ## Amina, as I said, weight gain is a normal side effect, it can happen because of your Thyroid condition, as well as from the medication itself. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? The same applies to the weakness y... ...
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Tue, Oct 10 '17, 1:46 AM
Side effects of Tab. thyronorm 25
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I have been prescribed Thyronorm 25 for 4 months. My TSH is 5.43. My thyroid antibody test is positive. I want to know what are the sideeffects. Do I take this only for 3 months for lifelong. ## On how long you will have to take, you will need to consult your doctor. They should do more testing, after you've been on it for awhile and update your usage of it accordingly. The side effects to this medication may include: nausea, dizziness, hair loss and weight changes. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have recently started thronorm 25mcg since last 3 weeks. I am suffering from low hear beats of about 62 with mild headache. Can it be side effect of drug ? what precaution I should take? ## i am diagnonised for hypothyroid for last 8 months due to infection of thro... ...
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Sun, Mar 27 '16, 4:04 AM
thyronorm 100 side effects
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Hi sir i got thyroid from past 1 yr and i am 22 yrs old i consume 100mg of thyronorm early morning i am preparing for CS exam i feel sleepy after reading 2-3 pages i am loosing interest,Increasing body weight upto75kgs, plz provide any solutions has to why is this problem... ...
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Sun, Mar 09 '14, 7:14 AM
side effects of thyronorm 12 5mcg
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what are the side-effects of taking thyronorm 12.5mcg? Are there any side-effects when I skip the dose for a day? ## hi I am 21 year. i am taking thyronorm 12.5mcg.should I take tablet in pregnancy.please tell I am fear about it.and it won't effect. ## hi I am 25 year. i am taking thyronorm 12.5mcg.should I take tablet in pregnancy.please tell I am fear about it.and it won't effect. ...
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Tue, Oct 18 '16, 1:17 AM
side effects of thyronorm 200 mcg
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Hi.. I m 27 year old.. i have the TSH problem in past 6 years and i m taking the eltroxin 150 mcg..but my TSH not getting fixing level always getting diffrence, now doctor said to take thyronorm 200 mcg... i don't how to work this.. kindly suggest me.. ## dont worry gopinath i too had tsh >150.i took 300mcg tablet it come down to 1. ...
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Thu, May 19 '16, 2:10 AM
side effects of thyronorm 100mcg
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I have thyroid problem and have started taking my medicine THYRONORM 100MCG since two months . From then onwards im not getting my periods.. will u please suggest me what is the problem why it is being delayed ? ## Have you spoken to your doctor about this, yet? It seems likely that it may be too high of a dosage for you and you might need it lowered. This side effect usually on occurs in people that have been given too high of a dosage. The normal side effects, on a regular dosage, include: nausea, drowsiness, hairloss and weight gain. Read more: ## what are the effects of taking 200 mg of thyronorm ## my age is 33 mine tsh is 86 so doctor prescribed 200mg for first time and am decreasing weight i am taking since 1 month thyronorm 200mg should i continue ## I am 24 years. Had early mar... ...
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Tue, Mar 21 '17, 10:25 PM

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