Side Effects Of Dytor 10

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dytor 10 side effects
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My question is about my father who is now 82 yrs. He is using dytor 10 from the last 2 months. Does it reduce sodium levels? Or both sodium & potassium? ## For what dytor 10 medicine is used,and for what dytor 100 is used ? ## I am also looking the answere for same ## Please tell me the side effects of Dytor 10. What's for this medicine is prescribed. Also the side effects of Tab. Gabastar M and Rosuvas 20. I am 70 yrs male. ## Can eidima caused by philerisis? What are the side effects of tide plus 10 tablets? My doctors prescribed for eidima. ## I am 41 year old taking Dytor 20 mg + kesol syrup + Lanoxin 0.25 mg to come from CCF. Now I am normal but my body mass not increasing , looking slim and slim but weight is constant from 2 month. diet also normal still this dose continue... ...
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Tue, Aug 29 '17, 8:30 PM
dytor 5 side effects
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Hello, I am presently on these drugs: Dytor-5, Losatan-50mg, Carvidilol-10mg, Acitrom-1mg for the treatment of left ventricles weak valves. I need further medical advise though I had lost a lot of my body weight due to taking wrong drugs until I came to India recently for proper diagnosis. ...
Updated 10 months ago.
Sat, Nov 19 '16, 12:48 AM
dytor plus 10 Side effects
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Does Dytorplus10 cause cramps in various muscles? ## Hello, Vikram! How are you? This medication is a diuretic that helps to remove excess fluid from the body to help treat conditions such as edema, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Thus, if you're experiencing muscle cramps from it, it is usually due to dehydration, because you're not taking in enough fluid to make up for the fluid it is removing. Have you consulted your doctor? How much water do you drink each day? ...
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Sat, Dec 28 '13, 2:58 PM
Dytor 10
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The Doctor prescribed Dytor 10 twice weekly as I am turning fat even though my weight remains the same Please advise ## Dytor contains the active ingredient Torsemide, it is a diuretic, that is used to reduce the amount of fluid retained by the body. Therefore, your doctor thinks that your body isn't eliminating enough water and that's what is causing your problem. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, frequent urination and dehydration. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions? ## Cardiac arrest, exces fluid in lungs, no urination ...
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Tue, May 21 '13, 7:24 AM
Tab Dytor 10
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Kindly let me know if dytor 10 takes for long, whether there is any side effect. ## Dytor contains the active ingredient Torasemide, it is a loop diuretic that's used to remove excess fluid from the body to treat conditions such as edema, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, hypotension and dehydration. Learn more Dytor details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## what is the difference between dytor 1 and dutor plus 10 ## I am 68 yrs old house wife. Recently my Mouth & right hand finger is swalling. My B.P. is 160/80. For swelling should I take Dytor 10 tablets. Please reply. I am eagerly waiting your suggestions. ...
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Tue, Apr 18 '17, 10:20 PM
Dytor plus 10
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my father had a valve replacement n by pass surgery n he is taking dytor plus 10 regularily in the morning. nw he has collection of hard mass in his breast n hv pain on touch. Is there any harm?? wat he should do to get rid of this problem???? ## Well, there are several possibilities as to what is causing it and the only way to get a correct diagnosis would be for him to see a doctor. It could be cause by adhesions: Dytor Plus contains the active ingredients Spironolactone and Torsemide, it is commonly used to treat high blood pressure and cardiac conditions. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Tue, Mar 29 '11, 1:16 PM
Dytor 10 pill
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hi im having dytor 10 for reducing my weight and my blood pressure and sugar are i normal level...taking this pill is right or wrong? i have started a day before...plz suggest me a gud answer as im going to get married soon i want to reduce ma weight ## Dytor contains the active ingredient Torsemide, this is a LOOP diuretic that's most commonly used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and edema. It is not safe to use it to try to lose with it, unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to do so. It can lower blood pressure, but its effects on weight are only due to the fluid it removes from the body. Removing too much fluid could cause dehydration and it is not the type of weight you'll usually keep off, anyway. Learn more Dytor deta... ...
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Fri, May 01 '15, 11:14 AM
Dytor 5
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i and m taking Amlong MT 50, Clopilet A 75, dytor 5 , Atorin 10 daily. Please tell me side effects . ## I am also taking since last 2 year.there is no as such side effect. This is safest pill avaliable in the market. So be assuerd ## what is the side effect of dytor-5 to the person suffer from pleural effusion ## WHAT IS THE SPECIFIC WEIGHT DID THE PERSON SUFFER FROM PLEURAL EFFUSION THAT EXIST TO HIM FOR LONG TIME UNTIL HE KNOW.EXAMPLE A YEAR ## WHAT IS THE SPECIFIC WEIGHT DID THE PERSON SUFFER FROM PLEURAL EFFUSION LOST THAT EXIST TO HIM FOR LONG TIME UNTIL HE KNOW.EXAMPLE A YEAR ## I have problem of water retain on legs and ankles. My kidneys seems to be little more of concern. Whether adding Dyror-5 is safe? My doc prescribed me Dytor-5, and am already on Clopilet 75mg,& Olmezes... ...
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Tue, Aug 14 '12, 9:30 PM
Long term side effects of Ecosprin for 92 yr old male
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My father has been prescribed ecosprin 75 along with Dytor plus 10mg, prolomat XL and cardace 2.5 by a cardiologist. He is taking these combination for the past 6 years from 2009. Is it safe to continue ecosprin... at this age on a daily basis. Any small scratch anywhere in the body starts bleeding and takes a long time to clot.. recently his food intake has not even been 20% of his usual intake.. Please suggest any alternate or reduced dosage. ## Hello, Devanara! How are you and your father? Given the fact that he is 92, I have to make a guess that his doctor is doing something right and it would be best to continue following their directions. While Ecosprin can cause blood thinning, which can cause bleeding that takes awhile to stop, it can also occur due to aging and the thin skin we... ...
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Sun, Jul 31 '16, 5:05 PM
livogen side effects along with other tabs
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I am 66 yrs old male, a heart patient. I am taking Livogen tabs with Daztor 20 mg,Dytor plus 10 mg,& Imdur 30 mg. My nipples are swelling and I have severe pain there. Can you tell me which tab causes it? ## Does livogin z changes the colour of stool like dark brown ## Does livogin z changes the colour of stool like dark brown ...
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Fri, May 05 '17, 7:07 PM
Lanoxin drug after-effects
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DOB: 14/08/1962. I was born with respiratory distress from my mother, had rheumatic fever in 1974 resulting in rheumatic chorea and my left-half of the body suffered involuntary movement & lately was diagnosed RHD with mitral stenosis. In 2006 I had undergone open-heart surgery for MVR. Once done I was also diagnosed with Afb. I'm presently on the following prescribed drugs: 1. tab. Pan 40 - 1 OD on empty stomach... 2. tab. Dytor 10 - 1 OD after break-fast... 3. tab. Lanoxin 0.25 - 1 OD after break-fast...6-days/week 4. tab. Doxosafe - 1/2 tab BD after meals... 5. tab. Warf 4 - 1 @ 18.00 hrs. regularly... 6. tab. Urimax 0.4mg - 1 @ bed-time for 90 days (since last 30 days)... 7. Syr. Neogadine - 2tsf BD before meals... Of-late since the last 6 months I have been experiencing ED ... ...
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Wed, Nov 30 '16, 4:54 PM
Difference between Dytor 20 and Tide 10
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Sir what is the compositional (Salt) difference between Dytor 20 and Tide 10 tabs. Is the strength of both the medicines is same? ## Hi, Rajiv! How are you? Both of these medications contain the active ingredient Torasemide, which is a loop diuretic that's used to help remove excess fluid from the body. However, you listed one as being 20mgs and one being 10mgs, which means they aren't the same strength/dosage. Learn more Torasemide details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and dehydration. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Tue, Jul 30 '13, 3:36 PM
Pioz Mf G 2 Zylos 50 Dytor plus 10 and Ecosprin 75
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i have gained increase of 10 kg, weight in two years after taking pioz mf g2 once daily. my diabties result is fine. what should i do. I am also taking Zylos50 (losatan potassium) once daily Dytor PLUS 10 and Ecosprin 75 one each also under control. ## Pioz MF contains the active ingredient Pioglitazone and Metformin, it is an oral antidiabetic medication. It can cause weight gain as a side effect, along with nausea, low blood sugar and flatulence. Learn more: The only thing you can really do is to closely watch your diet and make sure you are getting adequate exercise. Losartan is commonly used to help control high blood pressure. Its side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Learn more: Ecosprin contains Aspirin and in this dosage it is ... ...
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Sat, Mar 26 '11, 10:36 AM
Clopilet A-150 & Acitrom 10mg.
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Is it fine to take this 2 tablets for long time. I was suffered from pulmonary thromoembloism and get treatment for it. Doctor prescribed to take Acitrom 10mg + clopilet A 150 + Dytor Plus10 + Deriphyllin Retard 150. My PT (INR) is 3.15. Is there any side effects or any risk involve to continue the medicines. ...
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Fri, Feb 24 '12, 3:00 AM
betacap tr 400
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My mom 65 yrs old is prescribed for this medicine with dytor plus 10 by doctor due to high bp and irregular heart beat but after taking medicine see feel much deziness and muscular pain around the neck. Is this the side effect of the medicinemedicine. ## Yes, those can be side effects of these medications, as reported by the U.S. FDA. She may also experience nausea, increased urination, palpitations and hypotension. However, they are usually transient and go away, once someone's body gets used to the medication. If they do not, or if they worsen, she should consult her doctor, as she may need to try different medications. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Tue, Aug 30 '16, 4:01 PM
l n bloc tablet
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Iam using LN Boc 10 with Dytor Plus 10 for my BP Is there any side effect to aggravate eplipsy. ## I was using Telvas AM along with Ramipril 10mg for my Blood Pressure as per the prescription and with food habit changes my recent readings were 130/77 (earlier 140/90). Now my doctor changed it to LN Bloc 10mg. What could be the side effects? And will this change or further improve my systolic and diastolic readings? ## Can I use dytor plus 10 for weight loss? ## LN Bloc is listed in by NCBI as containing Clinidipine, which is a type of calcium channel blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Dytor Plus is listed as containing Spironolactone and Torasemide, these are used to treat the same types of conditions, by removing excess fl... ...
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Wed, Oct 19 '16, 11:35 AM
Ckd, hypertension and diabetes type 2
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I'm a patient of CKD (Creatinine 4.7) coupled with uncontrolled Hypertension. My Nephro has prescribed Minipres Xl5mg (BD), Siloken 50 (BD), Cilakar 20mg (BD), Maxivos .2mg (TDS), Dytor 10mg od besides other medicine for diabetes. My family physician (MD Internal Med.) is of the opinion that all the above medicines for PP is causing adverse effects on my Kidney and according to him I should take only two tabs for controlling BP and those are Coversyl plus HD 8mg (morning) n tab Natrilum 10mg (night). I want ur opinion. ...
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Thu, Jun 22 '17, 10:20 PM
Cardace 1.25
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Dear Dr. My father 65/m k/o IHD dilated ischaemic cardiomyopathy CCF DM II. takin Carvedilol(3.125 twice daily) Cardace 1.25 bed time, clavix AS150, Amaryl 1mg, Flavedon MR twice daily, Dytor 40mg 1/2 tab twicedaily. PL suggest if there would be any side effects of the above. He feels weak & his bp remains 100/80 to 90/70 ## I am not a doctor, but I can provide you with some information. The reason he is feeling weak could be due to his blood pressure being so low, when it's hitting 90/70 this can be too low for some people and can cause symptoms such as feeling weak, dizzy and tired. While most doctors will tell you the lower your blood pressure the better, this is not completely accurate. There are points where it can be too low and will cause those kinds of symptoms. In addit... ...
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Mon, Jun 20 '11, 10:10 AM
Ferritin intravenous inj.
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I am a heart patient with low iron and have been advised to take Ferritin inj... Is it advisable? ## Your iron being low is far more dangerous than undergoing to treatments to rectify the problem, according to the NIH. However, you should be made aware that some side effects may persist for the rest of your life, such as headaches and joint pain. What other medications do you take? Some of them may be contributing to the problem. ## I am presently on Cardace 2.5 mg Cardivas 6.25 HCQS 200 Dytor 10 Lipicure 20 Ecosprin 75 and meds for Diabetes. I also take a supplement One a Day and Folic Acid Renu ...
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Tue, Dec 27 '16, 10:37 PM

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