Side Effects For Gabapentin

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Gabapentin Side effects?
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I started taking gabapentin 300mg daily 4 days ago and last night had some strange side effects. The first night I took it right before bed so had no side effects but was very groggy in the morning. The to next two nights I had this almost drunk feeling come over me, almost exactly 2 hours after taking the pill both nights. I was mentally impaired but had a kind of heavy head feeling and some slight tingling as I would if I were to drink. It passed and I was fine. Then yesterday I woke up pain free for the first time, and took the med for the fourth night and like clock work 2 hours later that feeling came over me and then I got double vision, trouble concentrating talking a ton, it makes me feel very uppity. Then I got this hot tingling down my back starting at the base of my skull dow... ...
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Thu, Sep 07 '17, 6:13 AM
Gabapentin Side Effects
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I am taking 600mg 2xs per day and am experiencing tingling and numbness in extremities (hands, feet, arms etc). I also have a metallic taste in my mouth. Has anyone else had these side effects on Gabapentin? ## Have you consulted your doctor about these symptoms? It can cause a very dry mouth, which may actually be contributing to the metallic taste, but it hasn't been known to cause the tingling and numbness in most people that use it. ...
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Fri, Feb 17 '12, 5:03 PM
side effects of gabapentin
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Is it ok to drink wine while taking this medication? ## No. Alcohol will only add to the rapid heart beat associated with this drug, and shortness of breath and general feelings of discomfort will follow. Gabapentin is useful in small doses for peripheral neuropathies and certain epilepsies, but side effects abound ~ many of which are life threatening. ## I'm not sure what Jim means by many of them being life threatening. Jim can you please post back with more precise details? As to the problems with alcohol, it's really that it can cause an aggravation of all of the side effects, so you may feel more nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and etc. than you would otherwise. Learn more Gabapentin details here. ## It's not a good idea to mix alcohol with any medication. With gabapentin... ...
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Sat, Feb 11 '17, 10:46 PM
pms-gabapentin - side effects
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pill- for facial nerve damage ...
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Mon, Mar 27 '06, 1:45 PM
gabapentin side effects feet
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Hi, I was taking Gabapentin for pain, only around 2 month, doc increased dose, my feet started swelling and I have numbness in my right hand fingertips? I've stopped taking it wed, this is now Sunday and I'm still swollen and numbness still there? I have read also that coming off it can be extreamly bad? But I've been ok so far? Should I start it again? Can't get app with my doc till fri ...
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Sun, Jun 18 '17, 9:42 AM
gabapentin 100mg side effects
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I take gabapentin 100mg several times a day for anxiety. I also take 6 milligrams of Xanax and 90 milligrams of adderall. Is it safe to be taking these medications together? ## Hello, David! How are you? I didn't find any dangerous interactions or problems listed, but it's always best to double check such information to be sure. The FDA classifies Gabapentin as an anticonvulsant that can also be used to treat certain types of nerve pain, mood swings and some anxiety disorders. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Fri, Aug 28 '15, 2:14 PM
Gabapentin 600 Mg Side Effects
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have been out of my head sometimes with this gabapentin medication is this normal ## I'm not quite sure what side effect you might be experiencing, but I went ahead and posted Gabapentin's side effect list below for your own reference: drowsiness tiredness or weakness dizziness headache uncontrollable shaking of a part of your body double or blurred vision unsteadiness anxiety memory problems strange or unusual thoughts unwanted eye movements nausea vomiting heartburn diarrhea dry mouth constipation increased appetite weight gain swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs back or joint pain fever runny nose, sneezing, cough, sore throat, or flu-like symptoms ear pain red, itchy eyes (sometimes with swelling or discharge) rash itching swelling of the face, throat, tongue,... ...
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Mon, Nov 21 '16, 3:41 AM
Gabapentin 300 Mg Side Effects
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I am experiencing swollen ankles and feet with slight discoloration on top side of my feet more. Could gabapetin 300 mg be causing this problem. ## Based on my research, Gabapentin does list "swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs" as a common side effect. I'm not sure about the discoloration you mentioned, but it's very likely to be related to swelling/inflammation. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Gabapentin Details I hope this info helps to answer your question! ...
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Thu, Apr 25 '13, 9:16 PM
gabapentin 3000 mg side effects
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I'm on 3000 mg a day and have been for 6 months for back pain. It affects me in various ways...forgetfulness, agitated but it helps with pain, is anyone else on this dose? ## That's the highest dose I've ever seen. I'm on 1200 mg and have a lot of forgetfulness that it worries me. I'm also very " whatever " about things. Don't care to workout. Just sad. ## Hello, Lisa! How are you? Yes, doses this high are not commonly used, anymore… though they were back when this medication was new to the market and the reason the higher ones aren't used much anymore is due to the issues you and Heather have stated. There is also a risk of your experiencing a seizure, if you miss a dose or stop it suddenly. Other typical side effects, as listed by the FDA may ... ...
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Mon, Aug 21 '17, 11:09 PM
gabapentin side effects elderly
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I am 72 and take 1500mg of Gabapentin along with .125mg of Mirapex for my neuropathy & RLS. Reading these articles make me very apprehensive. Should I have concerns? I don't think the Gabapentin is helping my neuropathy at this point as my feet just scream sometimes & they are painful when I walk. ## Hi Sue, About your concerns relating to Gabapentin's side effects, I think it's equally important to note that not everyone who takes these types of medications experiences them. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to try it (which you did); but depending on the long term benefits vs need factor, continuing its use is a risk only you can truly assess from what feels right and what doesn't. Have you talked with your doctor about trying any other alternative... ...
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Thu, Mar 23 '17, 6:36 PM
Side effects of 100mg gabapentin
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I take 100mg each night to allow myself a nights sleep without my mind racing through thoughts. My neurologist said the only side affect is sleep. Was I too trusting. ## Hello, Barbara! How are you? All medications carry the risk of causing side effects and yes, it can cause for more than just drowsiness. The FDA lists the other possible ones for this medication as including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings and weight gain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## That helps...I don't need it that badly so I'm off it. Thanks! ## I have seen UTI listed as a possible side effect on several sites, particularly in women over 60. I am 64 and familiar with what a UTI feels like. I had misgivings about taking Neurontin anyway and now I intend to stop. But I think t... ...
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Thu, Sep 14 '17, 3:26 PM
apo gabapentin 300mg side effects
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Since taking this drug for a week I have a mouth full of many lesions or canker sores can this be connected with this drug. It is quite severe the cancers or ulcers are the size of a Nicole each one and there must be over 10. Extremely sore. Salt water rinse every two hours and medicated numbing liquid like a mouth wash so I can eat once a day. Hello of a diet. Went off the meds for now. My mouth is just too sore ## Hi, Sherril! Sorry about how miserable you are, that's quite awful. From what I can find, it has been reported that Gabapentin can do this, though it is a very rare side effect. Have you consulted your doctor? There are other medications you can try that may not cause this problem, such as Lyrica. Learn more Lyrica details here. Sometimes one medication just doesn't ... ...
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Thu, Jul 18 '13, 12:02 PM
Gabapentin 900 mg/day side effects
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I've been taking one gabapentin 300 mg three times per day starting six days ago for severe spinal stenosis. It's been a miracle drug for me in terms of pain relief and makes oxycodone seem like a placebo. Unfortunately, starting two days ago I started to experience pronounced swelling in my legs and feet. I'm already taking 25 mg of hydrochlorothiazide for high blood pressure and I thought that would prevent any swelling but it hasn't. If I can deal with the swelling and being uncomfortable from it do I still have to go off the gabapentin? Are there any medical reasons I can't accept the swelling in order to have the benefits of the gabapentin? After the first two days on gabapentin I went from 10 mg of oxycodone every 4 hours to 5 mg twice a day, sometimes just onc... ...
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Sat, Jan 16 '16, 10:59 PM
Gabapentin 300 Mg Cap Side Effects
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I started taking Gabapentin and about 8 days later I broke out in red sores and pimples on my entire back and shoulders. I wondered if anyone has reported such a reaction to this drug. I am now experiencing my throat swollen, red, and scratchy with white pockets. I did stop taking the medication and the skin is slowly clearing but the throat is still bad. Please offer some education back gound on similar concerns to date. Thanks J ## It really doesn't sound like something that was caused by the Gabapentin, especially what you're describing about your throat, that sounds more like a strep infection and the same could be true of the sores and pimples you had on your back, since it can also infect the skin topically. Learn more Gabapentin details here. Have you consulted a doctor? ... ...
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Thu, Dec 27 '12, 12:33 PM
Side effects of Gabapentin Tablets
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I have severe choking problem because I have COPD.Doctor has prescribed the above pill one per day 300mg.What are adverse side efects ## Gabapentin, a generic for Neurontin, is an anticonvulsant that has also been shown to help with certain types of nerve pain. Common side effects may include: dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and peripheral edema. You can read more here: Do you have any other questions? ...
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Sat, Nov 21 '09, 6:08 PM
gabapentin side effects rapid pulse
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is there any chances of high blood pressure & giddiness after taking gabapentin ## My BP has increased significantly since my Neurotin was increased. ## been on gabapentin for 17 months. first for hot flashes, then for pain from chostrocondritis. drs think i may have something called POTS. Im wondering if my heart rate increase is from neuron tin? down to 800 msg per day. i was up to 1600 per day. ...
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Thu, May 11 '17, 12:05 PM
gabapentin side effects rapid pulse
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gabapentin side effects rapid pulse from 85 to 105 at rest. Usually 60-70 at rest. ## And how are you feeling right now ? Did you notice these effects every time you took the Gabapentin ? Rapid heart beat is not specifically listed as a side effect of this medication, however there are other side effects which may be related ... such as dizziness, tremor, nausea, blurred vision. Have you had any of these? Medications which have a neurological effect on the body can certainly come with their own complications. Can you talk about any other details of your experience with this? ## The heart rate remains the same, but I feel better anxiety-wise, which is why I was prescribed it. Steill, I', concerned about the increased heart rate. The doctors say wait and see. Thanks ## Yes, I am exper... ...
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Sat, Jul 08 '17, 7:43 AM
gabapentin 1800 mg daily side effects
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I take Gabapentin 600mg 3 x a day & its not getting me thru the night(I am taking 3 advil 200mg once around 10pm & during the night as well) Am I at the limit for gabapentin or is there something else that might help me? ## Hello, Alan! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. You should definitely speak to your doctor, it might not be the right medication for you to handle your pain. There is also a risk of stomach damage and/or liver damage from taking the Advil frequently in such amounts. You are at the current maximum for the Gabapentin. The FDA lists the typical side effects of these medications as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and weight changes. What is causing your pain? ## Verwon, interesting that you should tell Alan that his... ...
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Sat, Jan 16 '16, 11:15 PM
Gabapentin 600 Mg Tablet Side Effects
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my father came from work. sweating bad. and feeling bad from the medicine. 72yr male, with weakness in his legs and knee legs go out. and his in bad health. giving by the va hospital. help please. mary ## Norman, has he contacted the VA hospital and prescribing doctor about the problem, yet? Gabapentin can cause these types of side effects in anywhere between 1 to 7% of the people that use it. Since it sounds like they were pretty severe and caused him problems walking, its probably not the right medication for him, or it may be too high of a dosage. ## I am a diabetic patient. I complained of pain in the body and hardened hand movements. Doctor prescribed Gabapentin USP 300 mg Capsules for night and 100mg capsules for the morning. I do not know for what reason did he prescribe this. Is... ...
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Wed, Mar 30 '16, 6:01 PM
gabapentin 100mg capsule side effects
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I am on 100 mg gabapentin and I don't do well with side effects like not being able to sit still or sleep. ## Hello, Doug! How are you? It's odd that it would cause you to have problems sitting still, because it is often used now to treat RLS. It's also known to cause drowsiness as a side effect, by the FDA. Other typical side effects may possibly include nausea, headache and weight gain. How long have you been taking it? Is this the only medication you take? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Gabapentin.
Thu, May 26 '16, 4:09 PM

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