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saliva drug tests

I had probation today and they gave me a swab test. The one that goes under the tunge. After so long the tip turned blue. The reason I asked is cause I had took opiates that night and I'm really freaking out. Does the blue tip mean I didn't pass it and does probation use the good ones that show all the drugs? Please help. I'm so worried I feel like I could have a heart attack. ## I'd say you are f****d unfortunately. Don't do anything when u know u have a probation meeting and give yourself at minimum 3 days on most oral drugs, 10 for suboxone, and a minimum of 10 days for marijuana. From what I've read (though I could be wrong) u need up to 3 days/72hours to pass opiates in a saliva test. I pray u r alright but u have to be more careful! ## Did you pass? I'd...

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xanax saliva drug test

How long can xanax be detected in silava have swab test in two days needa know asap ## Took I geen zanax bar have a mouth swab mondy how will i be able to pass ## I took 4 Xanax today and my clinic is giving me a mouth swab test in 7 days im so nervous and praying that it dosent show up, please someone help me and let me know? ## Can i by a house if im on ssi

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Saliva Test

I had a migraine as i often do and i was out of my regular medicine but a friend of mine had some stadol nasal spray so i used a squirt. I was called in for a job and they gave me a saliva test and sent it off. It had been almost 2 days. I bought and took a urine test and passed it. All was negative. But will it still show up in the saliva test? ## I took hydrocodone saturday night sunday morning eatly like 2 am well i have a saliva test wednesday i was wondering if theres a possible chance ill pass the test? ## Detection time in saliva for most opiates is approximately 5 days, which is about the same as that for a urine test. Learn more drug test details here. The precise time frame, however, will vary from person to person depending on various individuating factors, such as your overa...

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saliva drug test for thc

I smoked THC at 3:30pm and had to take a oral eze drug test at 11:17. I brushed my teeth and that morning and when I got there I washed my mouth out with peroxide and regular mouth wash. Am I going to pass and get the job. ## HECK NO ## I take probably about a bowl a day if that. I have not had any since yesterday the 27th @ 7am. I have a mouth swab test tomorrow the 29th @ 5am. will I pass my mouth swab drug test for thc? ## I had a oral drug test at 6pm. My last dose was at 9 am and i brushed like 6 times as well as mouthwashed and water and mints. Do you think i passed? 10 hours went by.

saliva drug test levels

I have been prescribed 3 norco, 10 mg each day. I took 5 the day before... Will my levels be off? ## I am drug tested weekly took extra Percocet the day before a mouth swab test will this show high levels? ## I took one hydrocodone 10 ml 14 hours before a saliva pre employment drug test. Will I fail the test? I am not a habitual user had not had anything else. ## Did you pass?!?!?!? I need to know im freaking out. You said 14 hrs before right? I took one 24 hrs before.

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Saliva Drug Test/UA test

My Probation Officer knows I take prescription pain meds for severe migraines. I am prescribed vicodin and when break-through pain occurs and I cannot get hold of the neurologist-most often the case-and the pain is severe enough I wind up in the ER...they may give me a shot and a small script to go home on. I have 8 weeks to go before probation is finished....just curious to know if tylenol 3 and vicodin show up on both oral swab tests and urine tests as opiates or if tylenol 3 shows up as codeine and vicodin shows up as an opiate. ## Codeine is also an opiate, just like the Hydrocodone in the Vicodin. Learn more Codeine details here. Learn more Vicodin details here. So, they would both register as such. Have you talked to your neurologist about something for breakthrough pain? ## Yes. ...

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Saliva drug test cocaine

I have used cocaine for over a month moderately and haven't in five or six days. Will I pass a saliva drug test given by the state? ## I have not used this drug in 6 days. Will i test clean in a saliva swab? ## I had cocaine six days ago. Will I pass a swab drug test? ## Doubt it. I had not taken any for 9 days and 22 hours and failed a saliva test. ## It's been 11 days since 1 day use of cocaine. Can I pass swab test? ## Cocaine came up positive in my saliva test (first time I got sober) two weeks later and again (second time I got clean) three weeks after I stopped using. How is this possible. I was a daily user the second time but occasional (maybe once or twice a month?) the first. Is my body just slow to metabolize? I was skinny both times at like 135-140 lbs. female medium...

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saliva drug test methadone

I had to take a saliva drug test today. They sent it to a Clinical Reference Laboratory. They checked the W727 (07/oral fluid/ecst/synthetics). What drugs are they testing for? ## Hey I took 20mg of methadone Saturday night when do you think it will be out my blood and urine ## How do I test only for a methadone and not for any other drugs in my saliva drug test at my methadone maintenance Clinic I I were to put a little liquid methadone in my mouth after I put hydrogen peroxide in my mouth prior to saliva drug test will it show up only positive for Methadone or would it be a negative test,

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how long in saliva drug test

I took Xanax on Thursday am and had a oral swab test on Monday. Do I have a chance to pass? ## There are plenty of other jobs out there! ## Xanax might not show up in a saliva test depending on how many test are on the panel. But in general I would say it is detectable with an oral test for 24-48 hours. ## Hi I just wanted to say that drug tests are not always accurate. They are man made which means mistakes. If it comes back positive for something you are not taking it could be a false positive. I do know that saliva tests can detect metabolic levels which can make the test positive even if it shows negative but also saying still metabolic in the body. If so always use the emergency room excuse. I know it's a lie, but if you don't have a prescribing physician your f***ed. Don...

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how to pass a saliva drug test

Hi my name is john I have probation on wed believe going to get tested have mouth swab. I used cocaine on saturday night into sunday did like 8 ball between me and my girl. Will I pass my test on wednesday need some help please respond back. Any tips on what I should do to pass it and is there any way other meds may show up cocaine false postive I had a z pack for my cold someone said that might is that true ## I used crack and heroine on Wednesday had a mouth swap test with probation on Friday I dipped it in a cup of water when he was not lookin but my tounge touched it twice but only for a secon will this b enuf to get a positive test ## did your method work harold? - or did that swab test come back as positive? or did it come back as a 'problem swab test' in any way? would li...

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saliva drug test, hydrocodone

I recently visited my PM doctor and was given a surprise saliva drug test. I am on 15mg oxycodone IR for a herniated disc and a pinched nerve. Two days prior to that I took maybe half of a 5mg hydrocodone pill. Probably less than that though, I would guess closer to 1mg of hydrocodone, if even that much. I took the rest of the pill 4 days prior to the test. I took my prescribed oxycodone up till the night before the test. Will the hydrocodone show up on the test? It has been two days since they took my saliva and I have not heard back anything, yet. The hydrocodone was an old prescription from that same doctor, I took it because I was getting close to running out of my oxycodone. Should I be worried? I am very skinny, diabetic, and have a fast metabolism.

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saliva drug test crack cocaine

I've got a mouth swab today haven't done crack cocaine since Friday morning. Will I pass my test on Sunday by 7 pm? ## i last smoked crack cocaine 12am this morning. will i pass a swab test at 1:30 pm? ## Did you pass? ## Did he pass?q ## I took crack and had to take a saliva test 15 hours later. Will I pass the test? ## Will two small bumps of cocaine show in a mouth swab 15 hours later?? ## Did you pass??? I have one soon and am flipping out about it. ## I had coke on Wednesday. I have a mouth swab on Monday. Will I pass? ## I went in a crack run and need to know how to clean my saliva after 1 day ## I messed up and did crack on Sunday and have to put pass a drug test saliva drug test on Tuesday I never do it I weigh 90 pounds will I pass ## Sammy Sorry to say but it's hig...

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saliva drug test levels of xanax

I took a xanax on saturday morning and had a saliva screening on monday morning. Will xanax show up on the results? I'm 5'8, about 127 lbs. I'm not active and drink on average 5-6 glasses of water daily. What are the chances of will show up? ## YO, I won't say it's 100% certain but chances are very probable that you will. Benzodiazepine's take more then 48 hours to clear especially when utilizing a saliva/swab protocol. Just want to be real with yah. Peace....

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Saliva Drug Test Nothing came up

So I went in for a job interview & orientation, I automatically knew they'd drug test me. Little did I know though it would be a mouth swab test, so I wasn't prepared for that kind of test. I have never done that kind of test before. I do smoke marijuana daily, now my concern is not how to pass it, I've looked up plenty of info on that. So when they gave me a lunch break I just went home brushed my mouth real good and used mouthwash as well. Also sucked on a couple of ice cubes ate a greasy hamburger and then the rest of the time up until the test just sucked on Altoid mints and drank water.. These were just all things I had read to do to try to help pass this type of test. Well when they gave us this mouth swab drug test they let us do it ourselves. She said to just put...

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hydromorphone saliva drug test

If i took a dilaudid 8mg on a Saturday would it show in a saliva test on that Monday? ## I did hydromorphone today and I get randome saliva test will it be out by Tuesday and if not how can I make sure it is ## I, I'm taking a swab drug test.. What will this show up in my system as?? Cuz, I only have had a rx for the Norco and Tylenol 3... What will it show up as.... ## I have a rx for Norco and Tylenol 3.. But, I took hydromorphone will this show all three, or will they all be considered the same thing. In my swab drug test.. Will mouthwash, really work, to hide this?? Help.

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perk saliva test

I don't take perks all the time but i have dabbled this week...took a half of a 30 last nite around 11:30...n the other half about 9 am this morning... I have a saliva test for a job tomorrow at 2 or 4 pm... Anything helps... Please be nice.

Adderall saliva drug test levels

I took 40 mg of adderall on Tuesday, 20mg on Wednesday and was called this morning which is Thursday for an interview tomorrow Friday. I was informed they do saliva testing. Not sure if it's during the interview or when hired but will it show up on the test? ## I also weigh 125 pounds and have a fast metabolism I'm told is why it's hard to gain and maintain weight even though I don't diet or really exercise ## I drank Epsom salt and took a bath with it brushed my teeth used mouthwash and peroxide. I passed the test.Not positive it was because of what I did or if the amount in my stress very little undetectable amount. ## I found out my job has been performing random saliva tests. I take 150 mg in a week of adderall. Not a lot. I don't abuse it and break it up into qu...

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Adderall 30mg XR Saliva Drug Test

I took adderall this morning at 6:40 (it's Monday) and I have a pre-employment drug test at Kroger with a saliva drug test on Friday at 6 PM. I was wondering will I be fine for the test or am I just over thinking? Additional info: 130 pounds, 5"11, Fast metabolism ## How did the test go? I took 40 mg on Tuesdays 20mg on Wednesday and was called to interview on Friday.idk if they test at the interview or when hired I really want this job,and a bit scared of not passing. ## Went just fine passed with flying colors! ## I took 20mg of adderall this morning Tuesday at 730am without even thinking about my saliva test tomorow around 5pm. I have never taking it until this morning at 7. I ran 1 mile today and drank a half gallon to 3/4 gallon of water. Will it show up on the saliva test?...

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how reliable is a saliva drug test


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saliva drug test detect oxycodone

I have a new doctor my old doctor left and his partner took over.i have been taking Oxycodone for over 25 years for CRONIC cluster headaches. I was taking 12-13 a day with no brake through.he dropped me down the first new visit to 6 a day or 180 a month, he did a saline test and I have been taking them only when I needed them because I think he's going to dump on me and now days doctors don't give out pain meds so I'm trying to stock up. So my Question is since he did the saliva test I took 90 mg will it show I only have 90 in my system? ## I would tell him that with the drastic cut in the pills it was very hard for you to take them as prescribe. you just did not know what else to do but the pain was unbearable. and you certainly didn't want to do the wrong thing. Then I...

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