Roxy 10 Mg

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Roxy 10 Mg
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is there such thing as a 10mg Roxy? ## Roxy would be Roxicodone, a regular release formulation of Oxycodone and yes, it is available in 10mgs. This is a narcotic pain reliever. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Read more: Are there any comments or questions? ...
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Thu, Jan 06 '11, 7:28 PM
Roxy 20 Mg
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Freind is getting roxy 20s this morn, but I've never heard of them..... Do they exist? ## The 20mg Oxycodone is only available in the time released formulation that's sold under the name brand Oxycontin. Learn more Oxycodone details here. My information is only relevant to the U.S., but here there is no regular or instant release available in 20mgs. Are there any other questions? ## Thank you....she turned out to be full of it, they were roxys, but they were only 10mg...she was trying to get $10 each.... I was fine with that if they was 20s, but not 10 for 10 and she knew that so she tried to say they were 20s..... Nasty.... ## Not true been getting them for 3 yrs and they're grey ## What are RP/20 small white n round, are they Roxy's or in the Roxy class ## Billyd, Smal... ...
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Wed, Jan 18 '17, 10:34 AM
Roxy 10 Mg Picture
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What does a roxy 10mg look like? ## @Cody, Based on my research, they don't make Roxicodone in 10mg form. It only appears to come in 5mg, 15mg, & 30mg tablets. If you're not worried about the brand and don't mind generic options, Oxycodone itself does come in 10mg form. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Oxycodone Details I hope this helps! ## actually oxycodone if you look at the brand names is roxicodone and oxycontin. I looked it up when my sister first started getting them. so therefore you're wrong. All oxycodone is, is the generic name for them. in generic is the same damn thing just cheaper it does the same damn thing. ...
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Fri, Mar 27 '15, 12:16 AM
Roxy k/57
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I have a very light purple almost kinda beige & round pill it has a k on one half and a 57 on the other.It has the same shape and size as a blue roxycodone..Are these just another brand or are the 15mg's? ## Hi Bob, To answer your question, the pill you're describing marked "K 57" is identified as generic Oxycodone hydrochloride 20 mg. Manufacturer: KVK Tech Inc. National Drug Code (NDC): 10702-0057 A photo of the pill can also be found by running a search on Google images for "oxycodone k 57" You can learn more about this drug on the page for Oxycodone Details I hope this helps! ...
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Sun, Mar 31 '13, 8:29 PM
what does a roxy 10 mg pill look like
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I'm on Adderall and Subutex. I'm 40 yrs old with 7 kids. I'm really ill right now and can't work but want to do better in life for once. Please let me know what a roxy 10mg pill looks like? ## Hi Regina, Sorry to hear about your illness. My thoughts and prayers go out to you for a complete recovery from whatever it may be that's causing you this pain/concern. Medications such as roxicodone may be available in a number of different colors or imprints depending on who and where they're being manufactured. However, in my findings the 10mg dosage form is one that does not appear to exist at all. Only 5mg, 15mg and 30mg tablets are available by its US manufacturer, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in accordance with the following National Drug Codes: 23635-580 (5mg); 2363... ...
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Thu, Jun 15 '17, 7:17 PM
roxy pills
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I found a round peach colored small pill with 113 inprinted on one side. On the other side, there is nothing. I was told this was a Roxy. Is this true? If so, what is the differehce between that and the 10 mg oxycodone my husbahd is prescibed. Please help!! ## Hello, Susan! How are you? Yes, this is a 15mg Oxycodone tablet, which is a generic for Roxicodone, thus if your husband takes 10mgs, this is stronger. However, I can't provide you with any definitive information, since you didn't provide any details, such as the markings on the ones he takes. Can you please post back with more details? Thanks! ...
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Tue, Jan 07 '14, 3:45 PM
What Does A Roxy Look Like 5 Mg
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small white round pill with uppercase N on one side and 112 on the other side ## The tablet with the N 112 imprint doesn't contain Oxycodone, nor any type of narcotic. This tablet contains 10mgs of Hydroxyzine, an antihistamine which is used to treat allergic reactions and for its sedative like effects. Learn more Hydroxyzine details here. Why did you think it was a Roxicodone tablet? ...
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Fri, Nov 16 '12, 8:00 PM
10mg Oxycodone
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My two 5 mg oxycodone was changed to one 10 mg oxycodone - a round small pink pill that does not work at all. ## What are the markings on the tablets? Have you talked to your doctor about the issue? Learn more about Oxycodone Details ## 10 mg oxycodone is a small round pink pill with imprint 93 on one side and 7153 on the other - Some other names are roxy 10 mg or roxicodone 10 mg ## I have fibromyalgia as well as spinal stenosis with bulging discs. I also have a lot of back & leg pain which is flaring up the fibromyalgia even more. What more can I do if oxycodone 10mg doesn't help relieve the pain? ...
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Sun, Oct 22 '17, 12:09 PM
roxy pill picture
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pink, round, not 10 mg oxy, pill is fat, not flat ## @steve, Are there no imprints or markings on this pill you're describing? KVK Tech's round pink 10mg Oxycodone (imprinted with K|56) represents the only close depiction of this I could find. Not only that, but brand name Roxicodone tablets don't appear to come in the color least in today's current US market. One could speculate though that maybe they did at some other point in time...I just haven't come across any specific details to verify this. All I would say at this point, is if you got this filled at a licensed pharmacy you might want to contact them for an explanation. However, in the event that you received these by other means, I'd take a gamble and assume that they are probably counterfeit or... ...
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Sun, Jun 14 '15, 10:58 AM
what color is a roxy 15 mg 187 on the inside
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These look like they had gotten a little damp. Are the 187, on the inside of the pill, are they green like the pill or white? ## Hello, Mickey! How are you? This tablet is manufactured by Caraco Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 15mgs of Oxycodone in a regular release formulation. Looking at their list of ingredients, it appears that the coloring agents, FD&C Blue NO.2 and D&C Yellow No. 10 are used throughout the tablet, so the color should be uniform. These tablets are not coated. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Fri, Jan 23 '15, 5:40 PM
availability of roxycodone 30 mg in southern WV
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My brother takes Oxycontin 80 mg. for timed release pain management and 30 mg. roxycodone for break thru pain. He has seen the same doctor and went to the same pharmacy for over 10 years. Suddenly last month, drug store did not have the 30 mg. available for a few days and this month, I was told that 30 mg. were no longer available. I cannot get his medication anywhere ( the 30 mg.) Are they no longer on the market? ## Roxicodone (regular timed to act) and Oxycodone(contin) (longer time acting) are essentially the same medication but here apparently prescribed for different effects. Short and long term pain control. So, to summarize, they are essentially the same drug but with different prescription for use, and most likely different brands. ...
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Need to get off Roxy 30's
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Will tricare insurance cover the co-payment for me to go to the doctor to get suboxone prescribed to me? And if i go, is there any way that my EX HUSBAND (we are still married as of right now) can find out? I have been doing roxy 30 mg. and oxy 80s for a little over a year now. I want... NEED.... to stop, bad. But I get very bad withdrawals when I do not have them. I can't sleep, don't want go get out of bed, but don't even want to be in bed at the same time because my legs and back hurt so bad. I have endometriosis, which is a very painful stomach problem. I get prescribed Lortab 10 mg. (2 a day) for the pain, but they do not work. I was introduced to Oxycontin, and found it worked very well to control the pain. A little too well, I suppose, because I cannot stop taking the... ...
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Sat, Mar 05 '16, 1:33 AM
10 Mg Oxycodone Pink Pill
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10 mg oxycodone instant release is a small pink round pill with 93 on one side and 7153 on the other other name is roxy 10 mg or roxycodone ## Actually, a tablet with the 93 marking on one side and 7153 on the other contains 10mgs of Simvastatin, which is used to help lower cholesterol. Learn more Simvastatin details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness and joint/muscle aches. Additionally, there is no 10mg instant release Oxycodone, the instant release is a generic for OxyIR and is only available as a 5mg tablet. Roxicodone is a regular release formulation, which will take 15 to 20 minutes to start working, just like any other normal release medication. Are there any questions or comments? Is there anything I can help with? ## Roxycodone 10 mg is a small pink/ peach colored... ...
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Thu, Jan 05 '17, 12:34 AM
blue RC 100
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what kind of pill is this ## I was only able to locate that it could be Roxycontin 100 mg. I was not able to find a picture of this pill, so I am not 100% sure. Does anyone else know? Please post back with any information if you do. ## That pill is indeed Roxycontin 100 mg, a foreign formulation of oxycodone. ## could be a fake -- or overseas using fentanyl in small amounts as filler to give similar results .. or just chalk ... no manufacture in any country makes a pill in this ecxact formulation unless its underground ... its definitely not from usa canada or most of uk ... possibly india or mexico if it is anything real .... ...
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Thu, Apr 05 '12, 12:51 AM
10mg. roxicodone is it the same as 80 mg oxycontin
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I have been in pain management for 12 yrs. I have just been changed to 10 mg roxicodone 4xs day. use to take 10 mg perocet. Plus my normal 80 mg. Oxycontin 4 per day. My question is what is the difference between 10mg roxicodone and 10mg perocet ## Hello, Suzie! How are you? Percocet contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone, the Acetaminophen augments the action of the narcotic, so it makes it more potent and effective for some people. However, the Roxicodone only contains the Oxycodone, by itself. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Not in the least the same Roxy 10 not nearly as strong plus quick release.Oxycontin 8... ...
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Mon, May 29 '17, 6:56 PM
Looking for a dr in pa or nj that prescribes roxycodone
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Have bulging discs already was on 10 mg of Percocet in August was on them for 7 months already had 4 epidermals chiro ,trigger point shots and still in bad bad pain in my neck and back .. ANYONE has any good dr that prescribe higher dosage please let me know ## Hello, Ryan! How are you? Unfortunately, there's really no listing of doctors according to what medications they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to and find listings for you. Learn more Oxycodone details here. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. If you require such medications on a long-term basis for the ongoing treatment of OCD, then you'll need to see a pain management special... ...
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Opana ER 40mg review!
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i wanted to get some more feedback regarding Opana 40 mg ER and any side affects that you may have. I have two herniated disc's L4-L5 & L5/S1 & I have stonisis of the spine as well.. I am only 39yrs old and my pain management Doctor referred me to this type of pain medication since I am way to young to have back surgery. I am currently on my second steroid IV of dexamethasone which is a series of 3 intravenous doses and they have done nothing so far with the inflammation. I have been taking Generic Hydrocodone 10/325 2 pills 3 times a day and it's not helping so my doctor put me on Opana starting tomorrow, 40mgs twice a day. I live in FL and they have super strict laws so they will not give me any type of Oxycontin or Roxycontin. Anyways, how long have you been on opana ... ...
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white pill 100 and 155
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A small white round pill one side is blank and the other has a split down the middle with the numbers 100 and 155 on either side of the split. I was told this is a 30mg percocet?? ## I cannot find a listing for this tablet, however, I can tell you that there is no such thing as a 30mg Percocet. Percocet contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone and is available in a max dosage of 10mgs on the Oxycodone. Does anyone else have information on this tablet? ## if its 30 mg is not perccet. Percocet means oxycodone mixed with acetominophen or tylenol. percs are made in 5 and 10 mg. 30 mg is pure instant release oxycodone with no tylenol. these are called roxycodone brand named, also made in 15 mg. then there is oxycontin which the only difference is controlled release oxycodone made in 10, 20, 40 ,... ...
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30 mg roxicet capsule
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capsule ## First off, I would like to state that there is no medication called Roxicet. This is a confusion of the names of two different brand name medications; Percocet, which contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone and Roxicodone, which just contains Oxycodone. The Oxycodone is a narcotic and can cause side effects such as: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Can you provide the imprint from the capsules? That will enable to us to help you determine what medication you have. ## sorry but you are wrong, roxicet is the new generic form of percocet, I just got some from CVS for a migrane and it said on the bottle "ROXICET 10/500" ## have got roxycet from a drug store in GA. they are generic and they are red and white with no marking i have never seen this before. I do l... ...
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ROUND WHITE WITH THE NUMBER K10 ON IT ## I have a new medicine that is a white tablet with ETH and 446 is supposed to be 30 mg. oxycodone can you verify? I also have another oblong with squared off corners white tablet with M and57/71 which is supposed to be methadone. ## First, for the original poster, I would like to state that K10 IS NOT OXYCODONE This is nothing more than a generic or store brand of Extra Strength Tylenol, containing Acetaminophen 500mgs. ## Now, ETH 445 is Oxycodone 30mgs, regular release, a generic for Roxicodone. This is a narcotic pain reliever, thus highly addictive. Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, nausea, constipation and dry mouth. M5771 is 10mg Methadone. ## my friend took a pill with k9 on it and was told it was a generic roxycodon... ...
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