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Pharmacy ripped me off

My husband has a prescription for 90 1mg generic xanax 90 count. We just got home and when he counted the bottle there were only 60 tablets. The pharmacist says the medication was double counted because it is a class 3 drug, however, I also picked up a class 4 medication today temazepam and it certainly was not double counted. Isn't there a way that we can find out if they shorted him? I should note that the pharmasist is being very defensive and rude..I know that they are wrong, but they say they are right..I should say the Pharmacy is new to Ca, It is CVS.. What happens if wwe have a stand off? Do we have anyway of proving them wrong. My husband has daily severe panic attacks and being shorted 30 is a big deal. Thanks for any help anyone can give me ## your best bet would go to th... ...

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Are The Pharmacies Ripping Me Off

When I grt my script filled (60 opana 30 mg) I am told they only have 20 and if I decide to take them I will not be able to get the rest when the order comes in. ## I have been told the same thing by 2 different pharmacies, It is a federal law that the pharmacie only fill a narcotic prescription once, even if it means being short on your script. The pharmacie will contact your dr and let them know that you are short and your dr will write another script. I know you can find pharmacies that will bend the rules and fill it twice to get you the correct amount. Or you can just go to a different pharmacie that has all 60. Hope this helps ## I believe you have 3days to get the rest of whatever they short you. Check with pharmacy. Supervisor or manager first ## What it really comes down to is ... ...

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Alvogen a Criminal Enterprise ripping off the American Sick

Alvogen's oxycodone product is a very poor product. It is does not work as well as other oxycodone products. The FDA allows the generic makers to vary the medications by 15 to 20% and states that the manufactures do not have to notify the public. This is criminal. I can not believe this allowed to occur in the U.S. Pharmacies that purchase this product are also as guilty. They know the product is subpar but are able to purchase it at a cheaper rate and then sell it at the same or higher price as other generics. Medicine in America has become purely a business for the purpose of profit at any expense. The ones who suffer are the patients. There is too much power in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and big hospital corporations and our elected gov... ...

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Hi, desoxyn is not discontinued! Or I just got ripped off by my drug store today! 3/13/2006. Only is availlable in 5mg. doses. For ADD / ADHD or Narcolepsy. Also for obesity but I never heard of any one getting it for that. I am 180 lbs. Dosage that works best for me Is 25 mg. 2 X Day. Some will tell you to use more. I think much more is bordering on abuse, instead of therapy. I have ADD & Narcolepsy! ## No it's not discontinued it's made by Ovation Pharmeceuticals. I think the name just changed but you can locate it under that. Good luck getting it. I have the severest case of ADHD ever documented in Washington State and none of the stimulants work half as good as Desoxyn and I can't get it. I could if I wanted to pay the $1000+ for it myself. Yeah right! Let me know ho... ...

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water pill ## Can anyone discribe what this pill looks like, I have 80mgs Furosemida by Serral that I bought in mexico (with a valid perscription) as a generic for lasix. I want to make sure I didn't get ripped off. ## This is listed as containing Furosemide, which is known by the name brand Lasix in the U.S., but I can't provide information on what it looks like, since it isn't available here in the U.S., so it isn't listed in the databases here. You can learn more Furosemide details here. This is a loop diuretic which is commonly used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Since it removes fluid from the body, it can easily cause dehydration, if you aren't careful, so follow your doctor's recommendations on the amount of fluid you should tak... ...

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pfizer BDN 25

pFIZER bdn 25. Bought them in Mexico they were supposed to be something they are not. Clearly got ripped off, but what are these pills? They are round, blue, and scored on the side opposite the BDN 25 marking. ## Hello, Sorry to tell you but this is the problem with buying pills in Mexico. They don't have to follow the rules of the FDA like we do here in the U.S and they do not hold their pharmaceutical companies to a strict standard like we do. I'm genuinely surprised there is an imprint on your medicine at all, most medication from Mexico tends to be a white unmarked pill. The only real way to know what is in the pill is to send one to a drug analyzer company, which may cost you money. I have heard of race instances where local pharmacies have the capability to analyze drugs o... ...

speckled xanax

Hey I found what appears o be Xanax in my sons room. They look speckled and don't have any numbers on them. They dont look very medicinal. I'm wondering if he Just got ripped off or if he has been ordering them from Mexico or Canada or something. That would raise more concern than if he just made a mistake ...

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red/orange liquid

My neighbor has a son with a history of Oxycontin abuse. She recently found a medicne bottle, label ripped off (only writing left said 200 mgs) with a red/orange liquid. Is this some form of liquid Oxycontin? ## it sounds like methodone a strong strong pain killer. it comes in a liquid form it can be red,green,blue and orange ## My daughter told me that she was getting lliquid oxycontin. I have been looking on the internet for hours and I cant find a picture. Does anyone know what the stuff looks like? So I know what I am dealing with. I would appreciate any help, Thank you and God Bless You ...

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schedule II Norco

Is hydrocodone acetaminophen 10 325, a schedule II controlled substance, under current law, 5-2-2014 ## Not under Federal Law, but it will be later on this year. Unless you live in New York State, if you do, all hydrocodone combinations meds have been a Schedule II there since February 2013. ## I live in Oregon, and have been taking Norco (schedule III), and Valium (schedule IV) for a while for back, knee, elbow, etc. pain. My doctor has me come to him monthly for the prescription. I am under the impression that schedule III and schedule IV controlled drugs can be prescribed with refills. Is that true? Am I being ripped off? ## Mike-your doctor is covering his license and preventing addiction for you. As of this year, I'm fairly sure we ALL will go monthly. My doctor who is a pain m... ...

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mallinckrodt m367

Okay everybody, Mellinckrodt is the Chinese cheap pill that is like taking powder. If you are getting this pill you are getting ripped off and that is that. Watson is good but the reality is rarely will you get something that is what it says it is unless it is a pharmaceutical non generic pain killer period. The feds hate the drug and all pain killers and the FDA don't give a s*** so maybe you get a good batch in your prescription refill or you don't. That will depend on what pharmacy you fill your prescription from. ...

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onapil 2 from India

Been on Clonazepam for several years. Lost my medication on holiday and couldn't get another prescription. Ordered onapil 2 India. It definitely works ## What was the website you used ? ## Has anyone got ripped off by a "jack" in India.... California ordering oxy from Delhi India with the name Maurine Patton???? ## Let me be very clear. Onapil 2 from India is does not have any benzodiazepam in it. I had it analyzed and it is very clear that this medication is a fraud. It is a lot of money to chance that maybe there is a good batch of it out there somewhere. Do not spend your money on this medication. ## Clonax 2 mgs green blank on both sides is this clonozapam ## I just got some, I am almost scared to take them! Any thoughts? ...

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mexican drug names

diclofenaco sodico 50mg; drug name is clonafec ## This would be Diclofenc, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory used to treat pain and swelling. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation. Read more: Do you have any questions? ## i bought diet pills in mexico..they said they are merida. they are yellow and blue capsules? i also bought fentyl they are brown pills. they are suppose to be adipex? i hope i didn't get ripped off! thanks for help. ## Whats is a safe recommended dosage daily,Thank You! ## Hi what is Craztronin in English and Azitromicina ## Can anyone tell me the corresponding Mexican drug? Depakote ER - (Brand) 250 mg Lamictal (Brand) 100 mg Coreg CR (Brand) 20 mg Zetia (Brand) Clopidigrel (generic) 75 mg Simvistatin generic)... ...

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Indian 10mg Percocet

I am planning on going to India next month,and I want to find 10mg percocets. Problem is, Of course I do not want to get ripped off. Does anyone know what imprint is on them, what companies in India make the 10mg,and what color etc. Also are they as potent as the ones in the US? Any Info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! ## Hi Olivia, This is definitely a tough call, being that many individuals in the U.S. who order pills through India pharmacies end up getting ripped off with fake pills or some that aren't nearly as effective as others they've tried. I'm only basing this off of the increasingly large number of posts I see on here with people complaining about this. Traveling to India in person may prove to be a completely different experience in terms of getting the ri... ...

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Increasing Dilaudid

Right now I am on 8mg every 4 hours. Is it okay to increase that to 12 mg every 4 hours. ## Are you having a problem with the 8mg, is it no longer working? How long have you been taking it? Learn more Dilaudid details here. This is a very potent narcotic, so any titration up must be done very carefully. Have you talked to your doctor? ## I have only been on the total 4 mg for just a few months. My GP is away right now and I will certainlly discuss a increase in mg. with her when she returns. I am in pain because of a shoulder pain. I had a replacement done 3 yrs ago and always have had a bit of discomfort. Within the last year the pain has increase immensely - that is why the morphine. I am now waiting for an U/S to see if I have ripped the tendon. Sometiime the lower dose helps, but al... ...

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deca durabolin search

Im starting a cycle and need to know who would be a trustworthy source, or some info on where to buy. A pointer in the right direction is all im looking for but specifics would be nice. ## email me I know a lady who as it and is very relliable n never ripps off anyone ## Need a good reliable source to buy deca-durabolin from. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. ...

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chantix and ovary pain?

I took Chantix for 12 days. On day 9 I was tempted to quit, as the nausea was awful. Finally (accidentally) found that taking the pill with juice instead of water gave me almost no nausea, so kept going a couple days. The reason I quit taking Chantix is because my ovaries started feeling like they were getting ripped out when I was on my period and again when I ovulated. This scared me as to what it was DOING to my ovaries, as we intended to get pregnant after I quit smoking. I'm 35 and have a history of spontaneous miscarriages. Have any of you other gals had this issue? Or is it just me? ## I have had the exact same issue. I had the worst ovary pains and never experienced anything like this prior to Chantix. ## "Nausea occurs commonly in people taking varenicline. Other less c... ...

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oxycodone for knee pain

I have pains in both knee chronic pain and lower bk pains ## Have a fracture and ripping off all muscle and internal bleed ...

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Fake Hydrocodone pills

Has anyone filled their prescription for blue Watson 10/500 pills from any pharmacies over the phone? I got 90 that look like my CVS refill, but have the effect of a vitamin. Ripped off again. ## I think I was similarly scammed. The color was greenish, not blue like the regular Watson 10/500 and tasted salty. I had been called 20 times and finally succumbed. Is this your experience too. The phone number was a 305 exchange ## I purchased Norcos over the phone. Came in a vacuumed plastic bag. They were blue with WATSON 540 printed on them. The looked real but when you take them it is like you are on valium, you don't get pain relief. Purchased from a 321 exchange. Anyone else with the same experience? ## I have also received fake pills from a 321 exchange. They are not real and will n... ...

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Opana ER and Oxycontin OP

One year ago my pain mgmt doctor put me on Oxy OP but it ripped up my gut. Then he switched me to Opana ER and it too caused horrible gut pain. I read that the new formulation was basically some kind of plastic or polymer to keep it from being misused by people who want to abuse it. Because I could not tolerate these medicines my doctor decided to just let me continue to use hydrocodone 10/325 for several months since it worked fine for me. Now he's telling me I have to go back on either the Oxy Op or Opana ER, or another one (can't remember the name of it but it starts with a N) and use hydrocodone for breakthrough pain. What is in it that makes this so hard to digest and hurts my stomach so bad? I don't understand why the doctor wants me to go back to one of those meds sin... ...

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Help fake diazipam check

Does anyone know we're to find all the codes eg authenticity so I can check them on a pharmacy site please ## I just received "Zepoze" from NPS pharmacy. This is not only an incorrect spelling of Zepose, the packaging has ESL on it, the pills are totally blank. These are clearly fake. Can anyone advise if they had a similar experience. I am not going to let this company rip me off. ## The same thing just happened to me. 6/6/16 I think we are just out the money and lesson learned. I did send a reply to SPN which sent me the tracking number and said that my order had been paid for via my CC. Told them they ripped me off and never again would they get my money. I think we have no other option than to understand we were taken. Lesson learned. ## Pam, the "medication" the... ...


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