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how long i should take this tablet as the doctor advised me to star rejoint one thrice daily for my knees problems. ## Rejoint is a supplement, not a medication, it contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin, it's believe that injury and aging can cause less of these natural substances to be in our joints and that replenishing them can help with regaining mobility and lessening pain. Since it is a supplement, the side effects and possible risks of long-term use have not been studied. However many people swear by these products and have used them for years, with seemingly no ill effects. Read more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## what are the doses of tablet Rejoint. Is there any side effects of this medicine? ## There are reports that Gl an Ch tabs have very rare fatal side ... ...
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Fri, Feb 10 '12, 12:29 PM
Rejoint T
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what to know that rejoint tablets contain paincilar or it is a steroids ## Dear Pooja Rejoint is an nutritional supplement and not a steroid. It is has pain killing effects but after usage of about 25 days. It's is a key component of joint structure hence helps in healing joints over long term usage. Is safe compared to painkiller or steroids. Any other query do post back ...
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Mon, Sep 11 '17, 7:15 PM
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I am 31 yrs old and have been prescribed HCQS. Will this relieve my joint pain, and what is the pain medication associated with this pill? I know it is an anti-inflammatory but not sure what stops the pain? I hope it's not a narcotic. Thanks-Gee ## Actually, HCQS is used to denote Hydroxychloroquine, which is an antimalarial medication, though it has been shown to help reduce inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. Learn more HCQS details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## So over time I will be in less pain? Do yo know how effective this drug is? Thank you ...
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Tue, Jul 31 '12, 8:40 AM
CIIpro sore joints
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Few months ago I went septic.the doctors say o must take CIPRO for the rest of my I take 750 CIPRO twice daily but my joints hurt beyond believe ## Hello, David! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. Antibiotics can cause that in some people that take them, as a side effect. As listed by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. However, side effects usually improve after a few weeks, once your body gets used to a medication. Have you consulted your doctor? It would be best to have this checked out to make sure there is nothing else going on and to possibly get help for the pain. ## Why the rest of your life? Aren't They worried about antibiotic resistance? Cipro messed me up bad about 2 years ago an... ...
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Mon, Aug 17 '15, 4:05 PM
toe joint replacing
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Big toe may need to have hammertoe fixed and they want ti take the joint out..Big toe has e lesion n on the knuckle from stubbing it.It is healing,but slow. I am not a diabetic..I hve periheral neuropathy and PVD and ASHD ...
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Sat, Mar 29 '14, 2:18 AM
thumb joint removal
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removal of thumb joint due to Rheumatoid Arthritis ## I am sorry, this site is not medical professionals and I have never heard of such a procedure, does anyone else know anything? ...
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Wed, Oct 21 '09, 7:44 PM
Joint Pain
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I was in a severe accident in 2006 that caused many spinal fractures, herniated disks, and severe damage to my right knee. I've been seeing a pain management doctor who has prescribed me Opana 40 & 20mg. ER's to be taken every 12 hours. He also prescribes me Mobic for joint pain. The Opana does help with my spinal injuries, but doesn't seem to help my knee pain at all. The Mobic isn't working either. Should the Opana be helping me with my knee pain at all? I have been prescribed just about all of the available opiate medications including; oxycontin, methadone, the Duragesic fentynil patch, morphine, and nothing seems to be working. Is there anything available that would help my knee pain short of knee replacement surgery? Any information would be greatly appreciated... ...
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Sat, Feb 16 '13, 11:55 AM
Xarelto and joint pain
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Got one month to before my 90 days on xarelto is over. I have been experiencing severe pain in my knees, ankles, hips and elbows. Never had this pain prior to the medication. Doctor shrugged off my concerns. I really need to know if this will stop after I am done xarelto. ## Hello, Chelle! How are you doing? Has there been any change? Many people have reported experiencing various body aches and pains, while taking Xarelto, and these symptoms are listed as possible side effects in the FDA patient advisory leaflet. It may also cause dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. However yes, such symptoms usually go away, once the medication is discontinued, but it may take a few weeks for them to fully abate. If they are really severe, you should inform your doctor, ... ...
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Tue, Oct 18 '16, 2:35 AM
jointace dn
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this medecine was prescribed to my mum. i just want to know what it contains n how it helps in arthritis ## Jointace DN is not a product of the US, however I was able to retrieve the active ingredients in Jointace DN, which are Diacerein 50 mg + Glucosamine Sulphate 750 mg. Both ingredients are common in many joint/arthritis medications. For information regarding Glucosamine, please follow the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## Please specify difference between Joincerin M and Jointace DN as both composition is same almost. For same treatment two doctor given two different. Jointace DN is costlier. Is there any effect if it continuously taken for more than one months. Kindly suggest. ## how much long it can be t... ...
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Mon, Nov 03 '14, 2:56 AM
joint pains
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My wife sometimes is having joint pains and is having arthritis. She is doing regular exercise. Besides exercise what medicine she must take. one orthopaedic doctor suggested Kondro od. ## My mother was also dealing with arthritis, which creates a discomfort for her in her daily routine life. We had consulted with the doctor as our doctor has started her diagnosis and also recommended her to have hydrotherapy. So on the recommendation of the doctor, we had walk-in bathtubs in Spokane which offered her hydrotherapy and it can significantly help her in making her blood run smoothly and effectively. In this way, she can get a relief from arthritis problem. ...
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Sat, Feb 18 '17, 3:51 AM
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Due to sevear pain in both knees I can't even walk properly. Please sujjest me pain killer and routine physio exercises. ...
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Thu, Mar 19 '15, 11:46 AM
Relief for the joint pain?
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I understand that there are many side effects of Eliquis. My 41 year old husband has been on Pradaxa in the past and had severe side effects. The dr. has pleaded with him to stick to this one for at least three months, as it is very difficult to get his INR right with Coumadin. What can we do to get some relief from the joint pain? My heart is breaking he is in so much pain. (We're trying heating pad and staying off his feet--right now pain is in his ankles, earlier in the week, it was his knees). ## Hello, Denise! How is your husband doing? That has been a very common complaint from people taking Eliquis and is a known side effect of it, as listed by the FDA. He may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache and easy bruising. Typical side effects tend to taper off, after about 4 ... ...
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Sat, Jan 31 '15, 3:59 AM
leg joint pain
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I resquest you kindly advise me I am suffering from my right leg joint pain since 8 years I am sugar patient also which is best medicine for my pain cartisafe D or free flex forte thanks for your"s coperation ## What's causing the joint pain? Have you had any tests done to determine the cause? Proper treatment really depends on finding a solution to whatever is causing the problem. Learn more arthralgia details here. What medication do you take for your diabetes? ...
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Sun, Jul 29 '12, 3:33 PM
pain in joints
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severe pain in left leg upper joint only when I stand. this pain is really severe, I am not able to stand any time but i can walk without pain. this only from a moth tme. i wish to know the reason for this and what si the remedy? ## No one is going to be able to give you a definitive answer just from a post on the Internet. Your medical history, as well as any medications you are on have to be taken into account. Plus, to get to the root of the problem and provide proper treatment, you will probably need a physical exam and some medical tests performed. What may remedy the situation will depend on what the findings are, after all of that is taken into consideration. From the information you have provided here, anything anyone suggests would be pure guesswork. There are many things that ... ...
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Fri, Nov 19 '10, 1:38 PM
hip joint pain
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My mum has been feeling a lot of pain at her hip joint. The doctor prescribed myodpaz for her. How good is the medicine. Samantha ## Hello, Shee! How is your mom doing? This medication combines the muscle relaxant Chlorzoxazone with Paracetamol to treat pain. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Has she received a diagnosis? ...
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Thu, Jul 24 '14, 3:58 PM
Rejoint Tablet Ingredients?
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I am a vegetarian and need to know the ingredients of Rejoint tablets that have been prescribed to me for ankle joint pain. ## Rejoint is a nutritional supplement that contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which are believed to help with joint pain and flexibility. That said, this brand is not available in the U.S., where I am located, so I don't know what the inactive ingredients are. Have you tried asking your doctor, or pharmacist? ## I have been prescribed EVION FORTE. On the box it is mentioned that Gelatin Shell- Animal. My concern is which animal:- cow, pig , any other . Can you help ## Did you know the source of chondroitin? as i have the same problem ## Hi Rejoint contains glucosamine which crustacean (carb) source and chondrointin which is bovine (cow) source ...
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Mon, Sep 11 '17, 7:26 PM
rejoint tablet side effects
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I have started taking rejoint for my knee problem and I want to know is it safe for a mother who is feeding... ## Hello, Kiran! How are you? I'm sorry, but since this is an over the counter supplement, it has not been tested for safety while breastfeeding. What has your doctor advised? Do you take any other medications? Are there any warnings on the bottle? ## dear Kiran, Rejoint is drug for joint diseases like osteoarthritis & are generally for people above age 45 . Such drugs should not be give to lactating (feeding) mothers ...
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Tue, Dec 08 '15, 3:54 AM
Can xarelto cause joint pain
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I took 30 mg a day from3 weeks, then dropped it to 20 mg per day. About 6 days after dropping to 20 mg, I started to get pain in joints, primarily hands, feet, knees, elbows, etc. I am being treated for PE's. My rheumatologist tested me for all connective tissue orders which were all negative. I am suffering and only take Tylenol for pain, which is not too helpful. I am debating if I should switch blood thinners or if joint symptoms will reduce over time with the Xarelto. Thank you to all. ## Hello, Cenzo! How are you? Joint pain has been a frequently reported side effect of Xarelto and it doesn't seem to go away, which has caused quite a few people to have to stop taking it. Another commonly reported problem is weight gain of generally greater than 40 pounds. Is there anything ... ...
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Sat, May 03 '14, 5:59 AM
rejoint tablets side effects
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side effect of Rejoint tablets. ,due to condroitin sulphate being its component ## Rejoint Tablets Side Effects ?????? ## pl tell regarding effect and side effect of rejoint thank you ## i feel some thing in my stomach after i taking re joint aflame i afraid that its going to make me a problem in my stomach can i put it in water and drinking it ... i take it after knees problem ...
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Sat, Aug 16 '14, 11:24 AM
Viibryd and severe joint pain
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I was on viibryd for a year and a half. Soon after starting the medication (40 mg) I started having aches and pains in my joints but I didn't think anything of it because I had recently had ankle surgery and attributed some of the discomfort from that. As the pain in my joints spread I became more concerned as I have Crohn's disease and there is arthritis that is related to Crohn's disease. So as the pain and inflammation increased I went to see my GI DR. and he felt it was Crohn's Arthritis and started me on Humira. Well this didn't help and the joint pain and inflammation continued to progressively get worse. So I was referred by my primary to a Rheumotologist and was started on heavy doses of Prednisone still with the diagnosis of Crohn's arthritis. This bring... ...
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Fri, Sep 11 '15, 4:45 PM

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