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xanax purple
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xanax 10 scored film coated oblong purple color ## First, I would like to state that there is no 10mg Xanax on the market, it is only available in a maximum of 2mgs of Alprazolam. That said, are there any markings on the tablets? It is the markings that enable us to identify them. I am also not finding any purple tablets, but there are several blue, oval tablets, some of the markings include: G 3721, 1mg GG 258, 1mg 2089 V, 1mg BP 632, 1mg 605, 1mg and ALP 1 APO. And this is not a comprehensive list, since it is available as a generic. Can you post back with the markings on the tablets in question? ## The only markings on this tablet are Xanax 1.0 - not 10. There is nothing else on it at all and it is coated with a film, whereas alprazolam is not and is blue, the supplier said it is a b... ...
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Sat, Oct 25 '14, 3:21 PM
purple xanax
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Xanax on top and 1.0 is on the bottum. ...
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Fri, Oct 30 '09, 1:33 PM
purple xanax??
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Is there a such thing as a purple xanax? With a K on it? and there is a small triangle around the K. Im use to the blue and green 1mg but iv never seen or heard of these. and i dont want to take something if i dont know what it is. ## Is that the only marking on it? There are no Xanax/Alprazolam tablets available in the U.S. that meet this description. Where was it found/obtained? ...
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Mon, Apr 16 '12, 10:54 AM
purple xanax bars
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I want to know the difference between the purple xanax and the yellow xanax ## The Color. Pills are not required to be any specific color although they should be ## Hello, Michael! How are you? Eddy is correct, the colors don't mean anything. Thus, no one is able to tell you more about these particular pills. Can you post back with the markings on them? that is what would enable someone to tell you more about them, such as the dosage and manufacturer. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. ## Is there a difference between purple and yellow xanax bares? ...
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Sun, Jun 18 '17, 7:24 PM
is there a purple xanax
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are upJ90 alprozlam real xanax ## Yes there are: medschat.com/topics/is-there-a-purple-xanax ## No, no, no, they are duds. Do not buy this s***. I got badly stung - do not take these if they only say "Upj 90" ...
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Mon, Apr 24 '17, 2:50 PM
Xanax purple football IFA
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IS A PURPLE FOOTBALL STILL A 1 MG. XANAX?? IT HAS THE IMPRINT OF IFA ON IT... IS THAT A DRUG MANUFACTURER?? PLEASE HELP, I AM ONLY USED TO THE BLUE FOOTBALLS AND WHITE 2 MG. BARS. ## still wondering if anybody has seen this type?? ## IS THERE PURPLE XANAX ## This is a pill from a Mexican Manufacturer, other people that have purchased it from Mexico said it is a 1mg Xanax, but I am unable to confirm that with any certainty. ## I have been on purple xanax for 3 years they are a name brand of xanax the same as blue if they are oval shaped dont worry nothing has changed except the color if your blue xanax are round shaped then they are generic but have 2 mg's of alprazomlam... except they are a crude form of the drug ## um no blues r 1 mg brandy. do not listen to these dumbasses man the... ...
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Thu, Sep 07 '17, 4:48 PM
Xanax Purple Football Ifa
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how many miiligrams and is it from Mexico ## Has anyone seen what is supposed to be xanax, that is a purple football shaped coated tablet with only a large A stamp on one side? ## I PURCHASED SEVERAL UPJOHN 90 PURPLE .ONE SIDE SAYS UPJOHN 90 SMOOTH AND ON THE OTHER. SIDE JUST SAYS UPJOHN 90..WHAT MG.IS THIS.COLOR IS DEEP PURPLE AND I FIND THEY R STRONGER THAN BLUE FOOTBALLS. WHAT DO I HAVE? ## I don't have any information on the pill asked about in the first 2 posts. However, the tablet with the UPJOHN 90 marking contains 1mg of Alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax, which is a benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headach... ...
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Tue, Sep 16 '14, 5:42 PM
xanax 500 milogram purple
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are these used as sleeping pills? ## Well, first off, there IS NO 500mgs Xanax on the market! Yes, it is occasionally used as a sleep aid. From the color, I cannot tell you what this is or what the dosage is. Can you please post back with the imprint from the tablet? ## no such pill exists especially when the most commonly prescribed form is .5 mg and a typical o d rate is 10 to 15 mg ## Xanax comes in strengths of 0.25, 0.5, 1, and 2 mg. ## it's called a purple coffin and it will put you out for four days. ## Yes, I had them in the early 90, trust me 4 days, no hole joke ## have purple xanax , scored on one side, on the other it says INTERDRUGS across the top w/ a 1.0 under that in the middle. I am pretty sure they r real but what I worry about is if there is anything else in these... ...
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Thu, Sep 25 '14, 7:44 AM
is there a purple xanax upj 90
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i know there is a purple oval shaped xannax 1mg that says up John 90 on one side and the other side has a score. i just bought some very similar tablets, almost exactly the same just a different shade of purple and instead of saying up John 90 it says up j 90. is this still a 1mg alprazolam? ## Of course there is! The purple tablet, oval, biconvex, single score on reverse side and embossed 'UPJOHN 90' on the obverse is the brand-name Pfizer (originally Upjohn Ltd before Pfizer bought that company - cf HALCION 250mcg tablets, which are BLUE ovals of the same size but flat, thinner score on reverse, and imprint 'UPJOHN 17') XANAX - branded as TAFIL in Germany, Mexico and a few other countries, and as XANOR in Scandinavia, South Africa and a few others. In the USA and UK, t... ...
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Thu, Jul 20 '17, 9:59 AM
Purple Xanax With No Name On It
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ordered 1 mg brand xanax online and it was shipped within US. It does not say xanax on it......normal? Its just purple with a line on one side to split. ## If there are no markings on it, then it is not the brand name Xanax that is approved for use in the U.S. They are all required to have markings to enable their identification and both the regular and the time released have imprints on the tablets. The 1mg regular tablet is oval, blue and has XANAX 1.0 written on one side. The extended release is 4-sided, yellow and has an X on one side and a 1 on the other. With no markings, it is going to be difficult to determine exactly what you received. It may be Xanax, but is more than likely from a foreign source and they are not regulated like U.S. prescription medications. Is anyone familiar... ...
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Fri, Sep 18 '15, 12:17 PM
What mg is the purple speckled Xanax?
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I have a football shaped Xanax with pml 1 on them. It is also a lavender colored and I think there's speckles on it. What mg are they? ## I've only found a little information on these, so I cannot guarantee it's correct, but from the details my search turned up, these are from Thailand. They are sold under the brand name Pharmax, the manufacturer is Pharmaland, which explains the PML logo and the number corresponds to the dosage. Thus PML 1 contains 1mg of Alprazolam. Learn more Pharmax details here. Where were they found/obtained? ## xanax should never have specs if they do please never take them and they are not from thailand they are actually coming via thailand from china ...
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Mon, Dec 31 '12, 2:48 AM
xanax IFA
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purple football with an imprint of IFA, is this IFA the manufacturer? is it xanax? thought this was a one 1mg, but normally are blue. ## I believe the purple xanax is the equivalent of about 4 x 2mg of clonazapam.....they r strong....either break them in 2 or take a very strong pill! Addictive?......I used to be addicted to opiates.....these are sooo similar! ...
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Thu, Oct 22 '15, 8:11 PM
xanax 2 mgs.
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prescibed for anxiety,nerves,etc.A small round,bluish-purple,pill with the only marking being a 2.Is this a time released xanax?? ...
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Sat, Feb 25 '06, 8:04 PM
purple oval pill
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this is a small oval shaped lavender pill, the same size as xanax, and it is scrored on one side and appears to have an extremely tiny A' on the other side surrounded with might be a large, elongated abstract A which partially surrounds the tiny A. Thank you for any help you can give me! ## found a small oblong lilac pill with T4 on one side and scored 0 6 on the other side. What is it? ## found a large oblong purple pill and what to know what it is ## i have this too!? what is it the online identifyers wont find this pill ...
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Wed, Oct 03 '12, 4:58 AM
Upjohn 90 Purple
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Purple oval shape with score on one side and UPJOHN 90 on the other. ## I would like to know what this pill is ## Xanax 1 mg ## I received a shipment that was suppose to be 1 mg alprazolam(generic xanax) OH MY GOD- it certainly was not!!! I took one (keep in mind I have dealt with anxiety for years and for me it is cheaper to purchase legally over the internet.) I did a MAJOR search and came up empty handed, online and with my local pharmacys also. The pills were very light lavendar, oval shaped, one side said UPJOHN 90. The other side had no writing, however, it was scored. If you find out. Let me know! Thank you, Alycia ## The Pill You Described Is In Fact A Generic XANAX 1mg. ( Alprazolam 1mg ). The Reason You Came Up Empty Handed On Your Search Is Because These Particular Ones Are M... ...
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Fri, Sep 08 '17, 12:51 AM
purple football
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I just found this on my sons cellphone and I have never heard of this before. What is it all about? How addictive is this? I need any information that I can get. I do not know much about drugs. ## Are you certain it is Xanax? The shape and color do not necessarily mean anything, it is the imprint on the tablet that tells us what it is. ## if it is a xanax then it is a highly addictive benzodiazapene .. like a valium. xanax is prescribed as a psych med for anxiety but is just like valium. seriously difficult to detox from if used for long periods of time. i worked at detox centers and know what i am talking about. ## your son has a problem my girl friend takes those and i cant even be around he when you take it you are as dumb as a rock and you do not remember a single thing the next day... ...
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Thu, Jan 08 '09, 1:35 PM
purple pill xm10
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purple pill with a rounded almost diamond shape with XM1.0 & also logo which looks like a glass shape. ## There is no drug listed with this imprint, my guess is that it is something available over the counter. ## I would like to know that What name of purple pill XM1.0? what integradient? ## Xanax ## hi do you mean this purple pill is name xanax? ## its alprazolam 1.0 ...
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Mon, Apr 05 '10, 10:30 PM
xanax ig 213
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As the person ,per previously said the pill IG 213 marking,infact is 50mgs of Sertraline,I actually had my script filled with those and I also thought they were purple footballs, and I looked a little closer and noticed number weren't normal and I looked them up online, but we were pissed when we found out that sertraline 50mg is a zoloft for depression, of course it had me fooled I took two before looking up and was happy in a good mood ...
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Fri, Jun 13 '14, 2:04 AM
xanax color
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light blue elliptical shape scored on one side and marked Upjohn 55 ## Yes, this tablet contains 0.5mgs of Alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax. It is used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and irritability. Read more: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## a round, light to pale lavender-like in color; an M on one side and the letters, A23 on the other. ## Purchased online order of alprazalam from controlledpills that is purple, with Xanax 1.0 printed on it, scored with a film coating and raised edge, scared to try it, never seen a purple pill before ...
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Tue, Dec 07 '10, 12:18 PM
xanax photos
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purple, football shape ## Click here to see a picture of the pill. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## Xanax can also come in a variety of other apperances, depending on the specific dosage, as well as in a generic form from numerous manufacturers. Are there any other details which you can post about your Xanax pills, such as the dosage, as well as manufacturer? ## round orange pill small one side R opposite side -- 029 ...
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Tue, Jan 04 '11, 1:24 PM

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