Potassium Cl 20 Meq Er

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potassium cl 20 meq er
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i am having muscle weakness in my legs and can't stand for long periods of time. i lose my balance easily. is this normal ## Got no directions about whether this tab can be cut in half. its a long white pill with US20 on one side. husband cannot swallow ## Why are you on the Potassium? The symptoms your describing are not normal, but they could be caused by the condition being treated or the treatments. Have you spoken to your doctor about the dizziness, weakness and balance issues? ## US 20 contains 20meqs of Potassium and yes, it is a regular release tablet, so you can safely cut it in half or crush it to make it easier for him to swallow. Are there any other questions? ## difference between potassium cl er 20 meq tablet and 90 mg potassium tablet ## I have read all the info from ... ...
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Wed, Aug 28 '13, 12:40 PM
Potassium Cl ER 20 Meq TA
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Is there an OTC substitute for this? I cannot afford this. ## There are over the counter Potassium supplements that you can purchase. However, if yours is low and your doctor wants to bring it up fast, they are not going to work like this will. Have you tried pricing it at different pharmacies? There are generics available. The reason I ask is because I have a bottle here and the first pharmacy I called for a price wanted over $40 for 30 tablets of the generic, however, I called another and was able to get their generic, in this same dosage, for only $12. Low potassium can cause severe health problems, so it is not something you can let go and hope it resolves itself. Did you doctor say why they want you on it? ## My friend's docter prescribes Potassium CL ER 20 MEG Tablets for leg ... ...
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Sat, Oct 22 '11, 9:14 PM
potassium cl 10 meq er
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I was taken one 10 MEQ of potassium once a day. now they tell me i need to take 50 mg a day but i called the pharmacy and they said that i need to take two of 10 MEQ capsules a day. So thats 20 meq. But is that to much potassium in a day. Because potassium comes in MEQ not mg. So should i take 2 tabs a day or go back to just 1 tab a day. They said that the 10 meq is equal to 750 mg so thats 1500 mg a day. Is that going to be to much potassium. ## i am taken 1 10 meq of citrate potassium 4 times a day, 1 chiorthalidone 25 mg, & 2 , 20 meg potassium cl er micro, i have my blood checked each month my potassium alway low & lately i am very itchy on my arms, am i having a interactin with the two potassium medication ? ## My client was told by her Dr. to take potassium 50 mg 2 x a day... ...
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potassium CL 20 meq er tablet
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My 1 year old son got ahold of my mother-in-law's potassium CL 20meq er tablets that expired 8/31/2013. I think he only took one. Should I take him to a doctor? ## How is he doing? Did he suffer any adverse effects? There is no danger from them being expired, however, there can be problems if he gets too much potassium, it can cause heart and blood pressure issues. The only other typical side effect, as listed by the FDA, may include nausea due to the potency. Any time you are worried that someone may be in danger, especially a child, you should contact poison control or your nearest emergency services. ...
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potassium cl 20 meq ERTB sand
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Hi my wife is taking. She had a trip to the hospital that resulted in this as well as several other RX. Am curious to know just how much potassium is this in English? And what is a normal daily intake of Potassium? Thank you. ## Hi Ed, Sorry to hear about your wife having to go to the hospital. I hope she's doing a lot better as of the time you posted this thread. Concerning the dosage of 20 mEq, this translates to 1500 mg (milligrams). In terms of what amount someone is supposed to have each day, it may vary depending on several factors (i.e. things like: age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hypertension, renal disorders, etc)... However, for the average adult, colostate.edu recommends a dosage of 4,700 mg per day. Hope this helps! ## Are you sure about the recommendation of 4700 mg of p... ...
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potassium cl powder 20 meq er
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I have been given a prescription by my physician for "Pot Chl Powder 20mEq" a month ago and I have been diluting a packet of it in 4 ounces (or more) of water and taking it two times daily. I seem to feel somewhat better; however, I have developed a problem since starting. I should also mention that I am also taking a blood pressure pill called "BenicarHCT'. In this period I have started having serious sight problems. Could this be the problem? ## Hello, Marian! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problem that you've been having. It is most likely from the Benicar HCT, since the potassium is just a supplement. These blood pressure medications can sometimes cause that in some people who take them and you may need to switch to a different one. What types of visi... ...
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potassium cl 20 meq er/lasix ratio
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I am taking 10 mg lasix twice daily and 20 meq potassium daily. Is this a good ratio? ## Hello, Eugene! How are you? Are these the doses your doctor has prescribed? There's really no definitive rate that I can give you for how much potassium Lasix depletes from the body, it can vary from person to person. Have you actually tested as being low in potassium? The FDA lists the typical side effects of Lasix as possibly including nausea, dizziness, increased urination, hypotension and dehydration. The potassium is known to irritate the stomach, so it should only be taken with food. ...
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Potassium Cl 10 Meq Tab
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Potassium Chlor Er 750 mg ( 10 MEQ) Where can I get this at a reasonable price as I am on a fixed income $22,000/yr ## Potassium Chlor Er 750 mg ( 10 MEQ) Where can I get this at a reasonable price as I am on a fixed income $22,000/yr ## I can't really suggest anything, since I don't know where you are located. Have you tried contacting local pharmacies to get price quotes? I had to pick up the 20meqs and here in the Seattle area, since this is a generic, it was only around $20 for 30 tablets. ...
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potassium cl 10 meq er capsules
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What are the side effects of Potassium Cl 20meq er? ## My grandmother has been prescribed this medication (Potassium CL) and has discovered them completely whole in her bowel movements, why is this? ## Kimberly, when some medications are time released, the outer shell of the tablet is NOT meant to be digested and is just expelled as waste, however, the medication is still released and used by the body, just as it is supposed to be. Many of these types of medications will even carry warnings about this in the drug monographs. Side effects can include: high potassium levels, nausea, diarrhea and muscle weakness. Did you have any other questions? ## Mom has always taken K CR and now it is ER. What is the difference. I thought CR meant time release. ## Kimberly, I really doubt that answer. ... ...
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Potassium Cl Er 10 Meq Capsule medicine
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I am currently taking Potassium CL ER MEQ TABLWAT. my potassium level was 2.5. so my doc called me and told me to take 2 of these pills aday. My question is how much potassium is in each pill that I take. And what other vegtables would you recomomend for me to add to my doet. I have food alergies to tomatoes, green peppers, onions, garlic, green beans. and lettuce gives me a really bad stomach ach when i eat it. So how can you help me? Doc took more blood today to see where my levels are at. Im tirred of getting all puffy and swelly because of this imbalance. thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you! ## Based on research I've gathered, the tablets you are referring to appear to come in doses of 8 meq, 10 meq, or 20 meq. The pills should be one of those doses, but ... ...
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difference between potassium chloride 20 meq and cl er
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My Doctor has changed me from potassium chloride 20MEQ SR MC to 2 potassium chloride ER 10MEQ ## Hello, Pamela! How are you? They are both the same, a potassium supplement in a time released formulation. The FDA warns that it can be very harsh on the stomach, so it should be taken with food. Did your doctor give any reason for the change? ## Yes my blood test showed my eGFR was 46 and 39 and my Creatinine is 1.39. I am going in for a kidney Renal with bladder test. Also Basic Metabolic Panel. Thank you for answering. Pamela ...
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potassium cl er meq ta and potassium cl tb meq sr mc
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What is the difference in the two medicines? I have two prescriptions. One costs nothing for 90 pills; the other one costs $13.37 for 30 pills. Can I take the lower priced medicine? Both potassium cl er and potassium cl tb are 20 meq each. ## Yes, unless your doctor, or pharmacist says otherwise, you can take either or. However, the FDA, does warn that it can cause some nausea due to its potency, so it should be taken with food. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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what is the difference between 99 milligrams potassium chloride 20 meq
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I was taking potassium cl er 20meq & im out of them so im trying to find something equivalent to that over the counter.how many 99 milligrams of potassium can I take to make 1 20 meq? ## Hello, Melissa! How are you? There is no direct conversion that I can give you. Has your doctor instructed you continue with the Potassium? Because too much of it can also be dangerous, so you shouldn't continue, unless they instruct you to do so. ## original prescription was for pota Chloride 1080 to take two 3 times a day; for some reason pharmacy gave me potassium tabs 10meg. to take 1 three times a day. is it same dosage? ## My husband is taking potassium 20 meq. Today we bought potassium 99mg. Can he take that? What is the equivalent to his 20 meq? ## Is 99mg of potassium more or last then ... ...
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Pot Cl Micro Er Tab 20 Meq
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MY NIECE HAS TO TAKE 540 OF THESE A MONTH AND thats if her pot, doesnt drop and im trying to find a place to help her with this med ,She has noinsurance,Who is the maker of these pills? ## The tablet you mentioned is a Potassium supplement and is not a name brand, it's a generic, so without more specifics, I can't tell you who manufactured them. There are several companies that make them and, since these are a generic, there aren't usually assistance programs for these. Assistance programs are usually only for name brand medications, which can be very expensive and are provide to help people that don't have any coverage. I can, however, look into it more specifically, if you can post back with more details. Can you ask her who the manufacturer is or what the markings are... ...
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4 potassium chloride 20 meq er taken with metformin 2000 mg 25 hydrochlorothiazide 120 diltiazem cd
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Drug interaction Want to no if I can take these 4 potassium pills for 2 days with my other daily medications ## Hello, Mare! How are you? As long as your doctor has approved it, then yes, they can be taken together. The FDA classifies potassium as a supplement and it can cause stomach pain and nausea, so it should be taken with food. The more pressing question, I think, is if your potassium is low, why do they still have you on the Hydrochlorothiazide? It is a diuretic and well known to cause potassium loss. Stopping it and switching to a different one might easily solve the problem. You may want to ask your doctor about it. Typical side effects to it may also possibly include nausea, headache, dehydration and increased urination. ## in the morning I take Glimepiride 2 mg, Amlodipine-be... ...
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klorcon 20 meg tab
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is it the same as potassium cl meq er ## Yes, Klorcon's generic name is Potassium Chloride. However this is not an extended release (ER) tablet, unless otherwise stated. Potassium Chloride is in the class of drugs called potassium supplements that are used to prevent hypokalaemia. NOTE: Orally, KCl is toxic in excess. You can click on the link below to view more information about this drug... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
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High blood pressure ~
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I am taking verapamil er 240mg tablets, hygroton 25 mg tablets, losartan 25mg tablets and my doctor wants me to take these bulky pills potassium cl 20 meq er tablets once aday. Potassium tabs too big for me take. Will pill dissolve in water? Why do i need this pill anyway? Any suggestions. Thanks. ## Hello, Jackie! How are you? No, you cannot dissolve them, cut them, crush them or break them. Potassium is very hard on the gastro-intestinal system, so they have to be slow released and specially coated to protect you. The FDA lists stomach irritation and nausea as being its most common side effect, so it should be taken with food. The reason you most likely have to take it is due to the Hygroton, it is a diuretic that's used to remove excess fluid from your body to help treat high blo... ...
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