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diet pills false positive drug test
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I am taking Apidexin and I am on probation. I am also taking Wellbutrin for depression. Would either of these test positive for anything? ## I'm taking the following prescriptions: acetaminophen 500 mg, advair 500-50 diskus, amoxicillin 500 mg, cetirzen 10 mg, clarithomycin 500 mg, cyclobenzaprine 10 mg, diclofenac sod 75 mg, floticasone 50 mg spray, ibuprofen 400 and 600 mg, loratidine 10 mg, mapap 500 mg, montelukast sod 10 mg, naproxen 500 mg, predisone 20 mg, proair 90 mcg, promethazine dm syrup, vitamine d2 50000 unit cap, promoslim diet pills, livlean diet pills. Will this make my urinalysis test positive for cocaine? ## yes promethazine can cause a false positive for amphetamines or methamphetamines. my son who has never done any drugs failed for it in er. after throwing a fi... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Wellbutrin.
Wed, Aug 16 '17, 3:27 PM
positive drug test
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I am awaiting a drug test to come back for my job and i take concerta lithium and lamictal would it show by the bite grip drug test ...
Updated 4 years ago in Concerta.
Fri, Aug 16 '13, 2:15 PM
Positive Blood Test
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is 0.15 ug/ml lower than 0.05mg/l ## From what I've read, ug and mcg are both symbols for 'micrograms'. The correct symbol for microgram is actually µg. However, there is really no way of typing that on a keyboard, so it seems as though they came up with other versions, two of which are ug and mcg. The conversion below indicates that 0.15 mcg is much lower than 0.05 mg... Micrograms into Milligrams: 0.15 mcg = 0.00015 mg Milligrams into Micrograms: 0.05 mg = 50 mcg I hope this info helps to answer your question! ## Looks like the correct microgram symbol couldn't appear in your post (other than the letter g). I know which symbol you're referring to though. Thanks for the feedback! ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Thu, May 30 '13, 10:58 AM
positive benzo test
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Hello I am on suboxone, and tested positive for benzos which I do not take BC there is a zero tolerance policy against them ... I am prescribed adderol neurotin Prozac and recently atarax ... I heard that antihistamines can cause a false positive is this true or could any other combo of my meds cause this to happen ...
Updated 4 years ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Feb 18 '13, 6:21 PM
Will I test positive
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I took 1 Percocet on Sunday now on wensday. I have to take a drug test. will it test positive ...
Updated 3 years ago in Percocet.
Tue, Apr 08 '14, 11:30 AM
Positive test for TCA
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I came up postive for TCA on a drug screen, but I take buspar and wellbutrin and lyrica and norco. Why would I come up positive? ## Is there a list of drugs that would make a person come up positive for TCA? ...
Updated 1 year ago in BuSpar.
Wed, Jun 22 '16, 11:40 AM
Positive Drug Test-Why?
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Was tested for THC 11/3/12 and positive, but have definitely not used since 9/4/12. Am overweight. Why would test be positive? Caused life changing problems and have appeal. ## It you were a chronic user, up until September, then it can linger in your body and be detectable for approximately 11 weeks. Learn more drug test details here. How often were you using it? ## pretty much every day ...
Updated 4 years ago in Diet / Weight Loss.
Wed, Nov 14 '12, 10:25 AM
Test is false positive
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I am on suboxone and have been for 1 yr. I havent taking anything other than my subs and over the counter allergy meds and tylenol arthritis. I have had to take 2 drug test in the last 2 weeks and both came back positive for morphine. Now doc dismissed me. May God strike me dead if i am lying i didnt take anything other than what explained above. Why is this happening??? I need to find new doc and am scared to death to put anything in my mouth. I need help and am at a loss. ## Morphine can come up as false positive from a lot of things. Tylenol PM, I've had a false positive for methadone from that. Tell them to send it to the lab for a more IN DEPTH test. I can't remember the names of the test but it will clear all that up Another thing that I seen happens was they mixed up a fr... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Jun 06 '16, 4:00 PM
positives on drug tests
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hey i was wondering if someone can shed some light on me failing a drugs test today the only meds i take daily are Mesalazine/ pentasa suppositories and slow release granule sachets, i aint not narcotics users i work in private security , my sample has been sent for further testing and I'm exploring all avenues anyone with sound knowledge on this matter if you could help that would be greatly appreciated, regards D ...
Updated 3 years ago in Pentasa.
Fri, Jul 18 '14, 1:48 PM
klonopin positive test
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I take Suboxone and a birth control pill, that's it for 7 years. However, my last urine test came back positive for Klonopin and I have never taken this. Is there anything that can cause a false positive for this? They are trying to tell me it's a definite positive but I have NEVER taken that. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Klonopin.
Mon, Jun 06 '16, 6:03 PM
Positive Suboxone Test
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I work w/ chemically addictive clients. My question is, is it possible to test positive or have traces for suboxone if no medication is being taken by clients, primarly pregnant clients who are taking prenatal vitamins. ## Prenatal Vitamins are just vitamins and minerals, and contain nothing that would trigger a positive test for Suboxone; or any other drug for that matter. A typical Prenatal Vitamin ingredient list would look similar to this: Calcium, iron, folic acid, zinc, copper, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamins A, D, E, B6, B12, and C. Hope this helps! ...
Updated 6 years ago in Suboxone.
Wed, Sep 28 '11, 5:36 PM
False Positive TESTING
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I currently take dexadrine for ADD, celexa and wellbutrin for depression and anxiety vicodin for pain vitamin d3, calcium, zinc, and use ultravate cream for my rash from hailey hailey skin disease .................so my dr. did a medication agreement with me .............now drug urine test shows benzos ....positive , nordiazepam normalized 874 interpretation...inconsistent....oxazepam 748 interpretation inconsistent ....temazepam no amount just inconsistent.......my dr now says I am taking mass doses of benzos and he is detoxing me from my vicodin.........please help me to make him realize I am NOT taking any thing else ## I am sorry, I wish I could help you, but I checked our various references for medications that can cause a false positive for Benzodiazepines and nothing that you li... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Celexa.
Wed, May 14 '14, 11:40 AM
Can u test positive by just handling valium pills
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Last Wednesday I took my cat to the vet and he was given 5 mg of valium every 12 hrs and phenobarbatal 16.2 mgs every 12 hrs. The pills came cut in half and every time I put it in his mouth he spit it out and each time I put it in again it was wet and devolving between my fingers. I started giving him it on Wednesday twice a day for seven days. On the seventh day I tested positive for barbiturates? Can this happen? By touching or handling the pill in there natural form and if they've been broken and dissolving? Please reply A. S. A. P. I may go to jail if I can't prove this can happen. Emergency!!!! ...
Updated 1 year ago in Valium.
Thu, Feb 18 '16, 5:05 AM
False Positive Drug Test
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I have taken numerous over the counter medicines for sinus headaches, allergies, and pain relivers containing ibuprofen in the last 6 months. I have to take a pre employment drug test soon. I fear some of these medicines might show up as an illegal drug in my hair follicle drug test. Do I need to worry about this? ## It really depends on what you've taken and the quality of the test that is done. False positives have become fairly common. Just as an example, on a poorly done test, the Ibuprofen could give a false positive for Marijuana. This happens much more frequently with urine tests, however, there is always a slight possibility that it could do the same on other tests, as well. There are also reports of many over the counter cold and allergy preparations causing false positives... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Ibuprofen.
Fri, Aug 15 '14, 11:36 PM
clonidine positive test
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Clonidine does test positive I've been going to outpatient and I'm on vivitrol which is an opioid inhibitor and i do a drug screens everyday. I'm on clonidine and gabapentin for withdrawals and my drug screens test positive for bup. ## When you say its comes up at Burp. are you meaning the ingredient in Suboxone. ## What can you clonidine show up as in your urine? It was a panel dip test and it is being sent to the lab, it's not being tested specifically for clonidine so can it show up as anything else(it was a white oval #,02 ome ? when that is the only thing being taken? ...
Updated 9 months ago in Clonidine.
Mon, Dec 19 '16, 12:44 PM
Can Prozac Test Positive
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i took a urine test and tested positive for benzos while taking proaz benzicaine and zanaflex the benzicaine is oral gel ## I was wondering if anyone else tested positive for benzos while taking 40mg prozac and 4 mg of zanaflex both taken together at nite.Also was using benziciane alot for mouth pain and tylenol pm to sleep? ## No, none of the medications you listed have been known to cause false positives for Benzodiazepines. Learn more Benzodiazepine details here. Did they name a specific one that showed up? Did you take anything else, even over the counter products? ## valium like ## I'm taking 4mgs of Zanaflex and had a drug screen done on me it came back as a false positive for benzo... Has anyone ever had this to happen? ...
Updated 1 month ago in Prozac.
Thu, Sep 14 '17, 4:29 PM
Positive oxycodone test?
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I took 3.5 mg of oxy Tuesday morning. I don't take it regularly. I had a pain management test on Thursday morning. Am I going to test positive? I've done the math for the half life of oxy; 3.5mg\2 until less than .01 then 4.5x9 for the number of half lives and I come up with 40 hours before it's out of my system, but I know most things I've read say 3-4 days. Any thoughts? ## By the way, I'm hoping like hell I DON'T test positive. ## Yes, unless you have a crazy fast metabolism, you'll test positive. ## Ok someone help me. I have a script for hydrocodone, and a script for balcofen. Yesterday at work I had a ua and I tested positive for OPI, OXY, and BZO. Now, my work sends this off to the lab. I DID take oxycodone and hydrocodone. I read somewhere it can come... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Oxycodone.
Wed, May 07 '14, 11:52 AM
false positive drug test
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I am on probation. I am on Zoloft, hydroxezine, prednisone, bactrim, ibuprofen. Can any of these meds cause a false positive for any illegal drugs? ## I am on probation and I go the 23rd for a drug test, can it make me fail and get in trouble? ## I currently take Sertraline. I had to have a drug test for my entrance to school. The only medication I take is birth control, Sertraline, and I was on prescription vitamin D. My urine test came back positive for Benzodiazepines. My Drs office said that the Sertraline wouldn't cause it. They had the lab do further testing. During that time I contacted my pharmacist and after he did some research he found that it can cause a false positive. I then found the zoloft insert online and it says right in the insert that it can cause a false positi... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Zoloft.
Wed, Jun 07 '17, 5:47 PM
Oxycodone Positive Test
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I am on MSIR and a Fentanyl Patch for chronic back pain and multiple orthopedic surgeries. I also take Nuvigil, Zoloft, Enjuvia, Prilosec, and Diovan for hypertension, Once per day I take two over the counter Equate Headache Relief which is Aspirin (NSAID) and caffeine. On my way to my pain clinic monthly appointment, I took my MSIR - two - 30 mg., and my Equate Headache Relief -- I had put my Fentanyl patches on (2 x 100 mcg.) before I left home. All my routine medications I took the night before at bedtime. To my amazement, my routine drug screen at my pain clinic came up positive for Oxycodone which I have not taken for months. I am confused and suspicious that something isn't right at the pain clinic -- meaning -- something happened AFTER I handed my urine sample to the tech for... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Oxycodone.
Thu, Jul 09 '15, 1:40 AM
positive pregnancy test
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Positive pregnancy test. Hello I had emergency pill 5 days back and yesterday was my period date.so today I did pregnancy test and it showed positive! Dose NORLUT-N help getting my period plz help Im living in india and don't no what to do since I'm not from here ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Tue, Feb 04 '14, 8:07 AM

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