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Oxycontin Pill Color One Side Op Other 40
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i want the name of this pill i have its small circle and a little bit thick iys a peacy tan color and one side says 40 the other side says op ## 40mg oxycontin. The P stands for the pharmaceutical company who makes it. But its oxycontin. If you'd never taken it before, I wouldnt if I were u. Unless prescribed by a dr. they are addicting. And I'm not saying it lightly. You get dependent on em very fast. Sorry. Im.sure you weren't looking for my opinion of the pill, but rather just the answer to your question. Its a 40mg oxycontin ## That is correct, this is a 40mg Oxycontin tablet, even though the manufacturer describes the color as yellow, it is much more a peach/tan color. It is a very potent narcotic analgesic that may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, constip... ...
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Mon, Jan 09 '12, 2:35 PM
what color is 30 mg. oxycontin?
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what color is a oxycontin 30 mg. ## The new ones should be marked OP 30 and they should be brown, the same as the original OC 30 was, Purdue has kept them the same colors. Note: This only applies to Oxycontin. If what you have is some other formulation, then it can be any color the manufacturer wants it to be and only the markings on the tablet will enable us to figure out what it is. What are the markings on the tablet in question? ...
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Wed, Nov 10 '10, 5:30 PM
oxycontin small round pill
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small salmon color ETH ONE SIDE OTHER SIDE 315 SCORED IN MIDDLE ...
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Wed, Mar 22 '06, 2:32 PM
30mg oxycontin what color are they
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a round pill with the number 30 on one side and the leeter oc on the oher. it is a brownish color. looks like it may have time release on it. ## Yes, this tablet contains 30mgs of Oxycodone CR, a generic for Oxycontin, so the 12 hour time released formulation. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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Sat, Jan 23 '10, 2:28 PM
oxycontin 20 mg
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oc 20 ## Yes OC 20 is round, tan color pill is Oxycontin 20 mg, which is used to treat pain (moderate to severe levels). To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## what are the side effects if taken 3 times a week ## I have a fairly significant spinal injury. I have had surgury to my cervical spine and am putting off surgery to my lumbar spine as long as I can. When I was 40 I was told i had the spine of a 90 year old and I am now 62. I am in constant pain and I am agressively doing what I can to stay mobile at all. I was on 30 MG MS Contin 3 times a day with Oxycodone for break thru pain but I built up a tolerance and was switched to 20 MG Oxycontin only twice a day and I am miserable. I am still in cons... ...
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Sat, Jan 25 '14, 5:38 PM
60 mg oxycontin
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brown in color with nothing on one side and 2103 on the other side with a funny looking v under the number ## there is no such thing as an oxycontin 60 mg theres 40s 80s and 160s though. ...
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Tue, Jul 31 '07, 8:04 AM
picture pill oxycontin 20mg canada
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P on one side 20 on other side Oxycontin 20mg Pink in color ## I have one and I could post a picture, but I just don't know how to. ## Yes, this medication is listed as being a 20mg Oxycodone CR tablet, which is a Canadian generic for Oxycontin. You can read more information on it here: The NIH warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Fri, Sep 29 '17, 10:08 PM
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What is the color? ## OXYCODONE 60 MG IS RED. OXY 80 MG IS GREEN. PERCOCET 15 = YELLOW, AND XANAX 1.0 IS PURPLE FOOTBALL SHAPED. THESE ARE JUST THE GENERICS MY PHARMACY DISPENSES, AND THEY CAN BE DIFFERENT COLORS FROM OTHER MANUFACTURERS. ## I stopped 8mgs of subutex or bupenorphine, 3 days ago. I took it for 6 months. My sub doc gave me two 20mg of oxycontin per day to help with the withdrawal. I have not felt any withdrawal. I need to get the subutex out of my body because it has made me very sick. I know it has a shelf life. Does anyone know how long it will take to get out of me? ## Does oxycontn 80 mg come in round white pill ## The OxyContin 80 is green not white ...
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Tue, Jan 26 '16, 11:09 PM
gold oxycontin 40
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Bought some gold metallic oxyckntin 40mg has anyone seen these??? R they real or fake bc I know the ones I seen r a yellowish color and not a metallic gold.... ## Hi Anna, Just wanted to let you know that this particular Oxycontin 40mg tablet is supposed to be yellow in color (as depicted in a number of different drug descriptions). The problem with going off some photographs on the internet is that certain displays or lighting can sometimes make them seem like their metallic or off by a few shades in tone. For verification you can always look up the National Drug Code, which would be 59011-0105 for this particular tablet. Were you getting these from a legitimate pharmacy? ...
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Wed, Apr 30 '14, 4:40 PM
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its a small round lavender colored pill with G and 163 below it. Help identify for me please ## Yes, G 163 is generic Oxycontin, it is 40 mg controlled release Oxycodone. ...
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Tue, Jan 31 '06, 12:07 PM
Oxycontin 40mg, g162
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Round pill, peach in color, kind of thick ## Watson Oxycodone 20 mg helped me- these pills that are thicker and labeeled one side only G162- suck! I am not sure if they are 20mg or 40mg but to be honest it feels like NO Milligrams whatsoever! We all have to go back to PERDUE Oxycontin anyhow they are not making generics of this anymore! ## G 162 IS NOT 40mgs! This is a 20mg Oxycodone tablet. By the way, yes, they still are making generics of it. If you want the name brand then ask your doctor to write brand medically necessary on your prescription. There IS a different between name brands and generics, so sometimes they just don't work as well. ## Wow man, It's sad to see how many people are addicted to pain meds. Listening to how your talking about it. Was watching the news 3 d... ...
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Thu, Mar 20 '08, 1:09 PM
Fake Oc 80 Oxycontin
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How can I tell if oc 80 is real? ## Hi Misti, If you could provide the imprint(s) on the tablet, along with a physical description of the pill (color, shape, etc), then I can help you determine if it's real or not. I have seen a round green 80mg Oxycodone tablet with the imprint: M 596; and another round green one with the imprint: ABG 80; and one other that is oval and green with an imprint of: 33 93. While I'm sure there are a few others out there besides these three that are 80mg doses, once you post back with more details, we can narrow down the search. I hope this helps! ...
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Wed, Jun 06 '12, 11:04 AM
are these oxycontin?
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Found two small, round, white pills. I know generic oxy can be white. One has a KU on one side and perforation on the other side (along with something you can't read.. seems to be a O or a zero). The other pill has no perforation, but has PA on one side, and 308 on the other. Any help would be great. ## is this oxycontin orange like color G 164 on one side nothing on the back side. ## I really really dont think either are oxycontins. You know you can call any pharmacy, Eckerd, Walgreens, ask for the pharmacist and describe the pill or pills and they tell you exactly what they are. I've done that so many times. Good luck ## small white round perforation on one side and 7033 on the other side ## can an oxycontin be big and white with the number 512 on it ## a round white pill with... ...
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Thu, Jun 09 '16, 12:22 PM
My maroon/brick red colored 60 mg Oxycontin replaced with??
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I know my maroon/brick red color 60 mg oxycontin was replaced with a VERY believable look alike by a so called friend and these pills have no markings on them, just the same color and size. Since I'm in PM I am worried out of my mind!!! What could these be? Any pics would be helpful too!! Thank you in advance!!! ...
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Sat, Oct 31 '15, 11:17 AM
generic oxycontin 20 mg
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pinkish-mauve in color with a single line marking it in half,alittle smaller and thinner than an 80 mg oxycontin ## I cannot tell you anything about it unless you provide the markings from the tablet, that is what identifies it, not the size and color. Can you please post back with this information? ## There are NO other markings except the line down the middle on one side of the pill. ...
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Fri, Oct 23 '09, 5:58 AM
The New Generic Oxycontin
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pharmacy orders my oxy continue 80mg with no gel or any other harm reduction additives in it what are the names of different suppliers they have the choice of using that now produce the generic with out gel . Recall filled my new Rx from Pms and they contained gel.one side said 80 the other a p. where do they order the correct ones from in Ontario Canada as they seem very confused? ## Every pharmacy is going to have different suppliers based on located, availability, supply and demand, etc. So if you have a specific pharmacy in mind that you regularly visit, it would probably be best to get a proper list from them directly. My suggestion would be to take note of the particular pill that you're interested in and write down the imprint on the pill along with the color, shape, and a ro... ...
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Sat, Feb 23 '13, 2:00 AM
Is this a opana or a OxyContin.
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OPON on one side. 60 on the other side round. Reddish in color ## If the marking is OP 60, then it is a 60mg Oxycontin tablet, which contains the narcotic Oxycodone in a time released formulation. Learn more Oxycontin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have been given 60mg oxycontin for severe pain however I have some concerns. Because this is controlled release does that mean a dose of oxycodone throughout the day at 60mg? Or a dose of 60mg that last throughout. In other words is it gonna be like I took 60mg of oxycodone at once? ...
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Sun, Oct 07 '12, 12:26 PM
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OVAL SHAPE, GREEN IN COLOR ## Pictures of oxycontin. 1118 inprinted on one side and 93 inprinted on the other side. Oval shaped and green. ...
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Fri, Mar 24 '06, 8:18 PM
Oxycontin vs. Generic Oxycontin
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Much to my surprise 2 days ago my pharmacy gave me generic OxyContin instead of Brand OxyContin. I have been on 40 mg. OxyContin 3x's daily and have been for 15 years. I don't think twice about them as there is a 2 hour window to take it and never any problems with them, only my Sister knows I have even have to take them (I'm 57 years old). These Generic Oxycontins are identical in color, size, markings, everything which is odd. The only information I can find on the content of the drug is that the generic is the same as the brand name Only in the inactive ingredients but the active ingredience are different. The reason I'm asking about them is I feel absolutely terrible, I'm having stomach pains, all my joints hurt, having very bad headaches and I rarely get headach... ...
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Thu, Sep 28 '17, 3:36 PM
how many companies make 40mg oxycontin
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Could you please let me know how many companies make 40mg oxycontin the 40mg I get from perdu pharma I had 1 past right through me still round but the color change from brown to white and they are taking way to long to work and do not last. Would like to try a different 40mg from another company. ## Hello, Barry! How are you? Currently, the time released formulation, Oxycontin, is only available from Purdue. To try to keep better control of the supply in order to curb theft and diversion, the others were removed from the market. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. There are generics available from multiple manufacturers of the... ...
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Sun, Jul 17 '16, 12:15 PM

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