Oxycodone Shortage

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Shortage Oxycodone
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This is freaking ridiculous!!! Last month it took 3 weeks to fill the RX and this month, it's going on another 3 weeks. Pretty soon I'm going to have multiple scripts that I won't be able to fill any of them! This is going to screw up my whole cycle. I'm suppose to be taking the oxy with methadone at the same time for my pain. Do you realize how much gas and time I've wasted in the past 3 weeks? I've gone to the same pharmacy every day, you mean to tell me that none of them has them for the past 3 weeks! I get bogus excuse every like, ohh we can't fill methadone with oxy, or you need to be in the same county as your doctor, you are out of your zip code, we can't fill that many pills, you have never filled at this location....blagh, blagh, blagh!!! Or they... ...
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Mon, Jan 15 '18, 5:33 PM
Oxycodone Shortage
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I was told by a pharmacist that the manufacture's are trying to alter the drug. The goal by the DEA or the manufacturer is to prevent the selling of the drug on the streets. ## The current difficulty in obtaining the medication actually has nothing to do with attempts to alter it. The reason is due to the fact that the DEA uses a special formula each year to set a manufacturing limit on all controlled substances. The formula is based on how many legitimate prescriptions were issued in the prior year, as well as as information from the FDA and the manufacturers. Normally, this gives a good picture of how much will be needed to fill prescriptions in each new year. However, as more doctors prescribe a medication, this can sometimes put a strain on the supply, which is also affect by th... ...
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Sat, Feb 28 '15, 5:55 PM
oxycodone shortage 10mg
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I received a call that my oxycodone was ready for pick up at Rite Aid and once I got there the pharm tech had told me that it was out of stock and there wasn't anything they could do or substitute it with when I had asked, "I've taken this medication for years and never had this happen, do you know when you'll be in stock?" The pharm tech replied, "I don't know when they will come in, it usually takes at least two weeks anyway and there isn't anything I can do for you, you can have your prescription back" and gave me my prescription and told me to try elsewhere because she was too busy to call other Rite Aids. I was shocked. I took my prescription to Walgreens and they were also out of stock but in between customers the pharm tech called all Walgreens... ...
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Sun, Sep 21 '14, 5:24 AM
2012 Oxycodone Shortage
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I filled with CVS for three years and went in to fill my script and the pharmacist told me they have new rules, the doctor has to be within five miles of the pharmacy and you have to live within five miles of the pharmacy and refused to fill them. Then i went to walgreens and was told they didnt feel comfortable filling them at several stores and the others told me that they only had enough to fill there regular customers and were not taking on new people as i was a customer of theirs for at least three years until they were having trouble getting them ## I have been at the same pharmacy for 2 years and now they won't fill my prescription either, Everything is crazy right now, but we have to fight for the right to be pain free, I joined the Fight for Florida Pain Care network, you c... ...
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Tue, Jan 29 '13, 11:06 PM
Oxycodone & other shortages
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This all seems to have started around the same time Darvon was pulled from the shelves with nothing to replace it. (Darvon & Tramadol combined was finding some success in providing relief for fybromyalgia) I gave up on trying to get Walgreens to fill prescriptions for Oxycodone/Oxycontin. After trying Walmart, several Publix, CVS & most of the Walgreens in my area, I am trying the Morphine based product MS Contin instead. I had an allergic reaction to the generic brand and am now on day 2 of the manufactor's and am experiencing similar problems. The conversion formula from Oxycodone to Morphine isn't reliable either. Meanwhile, the local Walgreens are now out of Adderall going on 2 weeks, because the company that makes it (Corapharma & Barr make the two generics) app... ...
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Wed, Mar 27 '13, 8:03 AM
oxycodone shortage in texas
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anyone know what to do? PHARMACY ALWAYS OUT' OR SHORT', but whrn they have some its less and i have to take what they have and suffer rest of the time, checked all over same problem every where i go, HELP' on disability and cant afford the name brand ## I find it very alarming that a lot of the pharmacies love to price gouge ....I went from paying about $125 to over $1,000 for my prescription in a matter of two yrs. every month the pharmacies would go up $0.50 to a dollar! This month it went from $8 to $10 each pill ...this should be illegal! It's as if they are legal drug dealers. It is so unfair ## ok yess they defiantly shouldnt do that its like they are dealing them to the customers lol :) ...
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Mon, Feb 25 '13, 8:52 AM
2011 30 mg Oxycodone Shortage
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I am a 51 y/o who lives in Florida, suffering from chronic back pain, and have been prescribed to take up to six 30mg oxycodone tablets a day for over two years by my Pain Management doctor. However, when I went to fill my prescription almost 4 weeks ago, my pharmacy told me their distributor had stopped shipping oxycodone to Florida pharmacies. Since then, I have personally visited about 100 pharmacies but have been unable to find them in stock anywhere. As a former paralegal, I attempted to research the situation, but could only confirm that the DEA has yearly quot on all controlled substances (for oxy's is 98 million grams in 2011). From I gather from the Internet, it appears that the ENTIRE state of FLORIDA is not getting any shipments of oxycodone 30 mg. from distributors, but ... ...
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Fri, Jun 09 '17, 2:26 PM
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Tue, Apr 21 '15, 8:18 PM
oxycodone shortage in las vegas
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I'm an older man in real pain, I have driven and visited 60 pharmacies in the last 3 days to get my percocet prescription filled in Las Vegas and am unable to find them! I inquired if I had my prescription changed to norco if I co get those the answer has been no. Why can the government force citizens to live in pain, I need a tooth pulled but am afraid to have it done as there will be no pain relief!!! ## Hello, Dave! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you've run into. However, we are now into the time of year when there is virtually always a shortage of controlled substances due to mandatory manufacturing limits. To try to keep better track of the supply, each manufacture can only produce a certain amount each year and once they reach that amount, they can... ...
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Thu, Feb 05 '15, 6:35 PM
oxycodone shortage in las vegas!!
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I have an illness that caused extreme pain and the inability to walk. At least with pain meds I can get around. I ca no longer find any pharmacy to fill my medications. Even the pharmacy that I am a long term client. I can even get it there. Please help. I am not looking forward to bed sores. ...
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Tue, Mar 31 '15, 8:35 PM
oxycodone shortage at walgreens
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I too, went to get my monthly refil of oxycodone at Walgreens. None available. My pain pills are the only thing that allows me to lead a normal life; one without terrible, crippling pain. Do not know what I will do. Taking a large amount of over the counter pain meds is very bad and make me sick to my stomach. ## Hello, Sydney! How are you doing? Did you try any other pharmacies? This late in the year, there are often problems getting controlled substances filled, for two reasons........... One: Each pharmacy is restricted on how much they can keep in stock each month, it is based on their size and amount of customers. Once they run out each month, they cannot order more, until the following month. This is a DEA directive. And second: The DEA also restricts the manufacturers, they are e... ...
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Sat, Jan 06 '18, 12:37 PM
Florida oxycodone 30 mg shortage
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Have any of you tried to order from mail order pharmacies. I have Aetna insurance, and they have an rx by mail program. I just didnt want to wast time mailing off a prescription if they were out of the drugs as well. Thanks ## Call and ask them. ## I have Aetna Insurance as well and I tried the mail order. Do not wast your time, they filled all my orders except for Roxicodone. They really jerked me around, it was the pharmacy did would not fill the order. Good Luck. Let me know of you are succesful. ## When sending your scripts into your Insurances Mail order pharmacy - 1st Call them and ask if they are in stock 2ndly ASK for their PHYSICAL address to send in narcotic scripts not the PO Box. 3rd when sending in your scripts either pay the 5.95 for express mail or AT LEAST pay the 2.00 f... ...
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Thu, Oct 05 '17, 1:44 PM
Oxycodone Shortage In Florida 2012
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Can a pharmacist just be quite and fill the script the doctor ordered for his patient.They lie to us and then fill freds script for the same thing and smile while they do it.We are tax paying citizens in pain and the DEA has made a real mess of everything. Real patients cant even get their meds. ipetitions.com/petition/Oxycodone-shortage-myth-created-by-the-DEA ## The whole country seems to be in a sort of bind in so far as normal patients being depicted as addicts and many who are unable to get their scripts filled no matter who they are or what they do. I think petitions such as this one do significantly help; but the real question is, are they even going to do something about these complaints even with all the petitions floating around the net? We should hope so, but knowing our gove... ...
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Wed, Sep 20 '17, 5:40 PM
Oxycodone 30mg Shortage In Florida
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This is a nightmare!! I suffer from multiple auto-immune diseases such as Connective Tissue Disease, R.A, Livedo, Raynauds, & traces of Lupus. All of which cause EXCRUTIATING PAIN!! On top of all of those, my body attacks itself 24/7!! Over the years the doctors have tried a ridiculous amount of different pain medications. I called it the 'medication game', & it was anything but fun!! Either there was minimal to no relief with them, or they made me feel awful! They tried everything from Percocet 10mgs, Endocet, Methadone 45mgs per day, oxycontin, Hydromorphine 4mgs tablets & 8 mg tablets, & all medicatons are/were accompanied by Ibproufen 800 mgs capsules. During one hospital visit they even had me on a conjunction of Dilauded 8mgs PLUS oxycontin 20 mgs, every 3 ... ...
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Mon, Apr 24 '17, 2:17 AM
A Shortage Of Oxycodone In The U.S. why?
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I've been taking oxys 30mgs for years, for a reason maby someone can tell me? Everyone is having a heoard time: finding them in stock,IV went 2+ weeksevery day sbefore i found any 2 months in a row.im in las vegas,NV,Im reading, about this allover!!!! ## It seems as though most people are asking whether or not to put blame on the FDA for such a wide array of drug shortages. There's an article on this by CNN linked below: cnn.com/2012/07/25/health/fda-drug-shortages/index.html Strangely enough though, according to the FDA's webpage there is no current shortage of Oxycodone at all: fda.gov/drugs/drugsafety/drugshortages/ucm050792.htm#O You might be able to find additional information on previous Oxycodone shortages at The American Society of Health System Pharmacists Webpage. ... ...
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Fri, Dec 20 '13, 1:29 PM
Oxycodone shortage Jacksonville FL
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I'm hoping this link works, it not please go to DEA/Florida/2012 in your search. The reason we are having such a hard time with getting scripts filled is that once again, one of the Walgreen's Dist Centers is back under investigation for overselling and 6 of the major Walgreens Pharms are also. I spoke to my pharmacist the other day and most of the Walgreen's in Jax FL are backing off of the orders for awhile due to this new investigation by DEA, drivers are being stalked and harassed, Pharmacy personal are also being threatened. It is a very sad situation for the people who really need this medication. And it is not only the oxy's, it is all pain med's. They are just not being supplied properly period. consumerist.com/2012/04/dea-searches-six-florida-walgreens-pharm... ...
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Wed, May 22 '13, 8:05 AM
30 Mg Oxycodone Shortage In Johnstown Pa
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Can't find a pharmacy to fill my script for 175 oxycodone 30's. Anyone have any suggestions where to try? ## have you found anywhere yet?? ## Got it filled at Johnstown Pharmacy on walnut st downtown. Took me a week of searching. Hope next time is a bit easier ## send them down here to me in va plentiful around here. m's a's v's k9s 224s whatever ## This may continue to occur until into the new year. There are shortages most years during the last few months and there is really nothing that can be done about them. There are mandatory yearly manufacturing limits based on the demand for any given controlled substance in the prior year. Each manufacturer is given a certain allotment that they are allowed to produce that year and, once they have hit that amount, manufactu... ...
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Thu, Mar 03 '16, 10:58 PM
2011 Oxycodone 30mg Shortage In Florida
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back in the 80's Scotty's ,hardware store hicked up prices for ply wood and state of Fl,step in closed them down.Now there's an shortage med crisis,that people need and the state act like us injured human's have done something wrong.WE# just want our MEDS!! .don't let a few Bad APPLES ruin it for people who need it! really need to live a normal life!!!!!! ## I am very sorry that you are having trouble getting your prescription filled, however, this site does not manufacture any medications, nor is it affiliated with any pharmacies, it is an information only website. Have you tried talking to your doctor to see if there is some alternative medication you can use? ## I remember scotty's hardware, my dad mentioned buying stock in home depot back then lol. We have th... ...
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Tue, Apr 21 '15, 7:32 PM
2012 Oxycodone 30mg Shortage In Florida
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My spouse, who is in severe, chronic pain, has been a customer of Walgreens for many years. We live in Pinellas County, Florida. Everyday this week we have driven from Walgreen's to Walgreen's trying to fill his prescription for Roxicodone 30mg, to no avail. I cannot get any help from his regular pharmacy. I know that it's dangerous for them to tell a total stranger which store has them in stock, but I don't understand since they know him, why they can't call around or give us any assistance. I am at a total loss as to what to do & would appreciate any information that you could provide. It is so hard to see him in so much pain. Thank you. ## I had the same thing happen to me. Went to the same Walgreens for over a year. The pharmcist knows I have metal rods in my... ...
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Thu, Feb 16 '17, 1:33 AM
Why Such A Shortage Of Oxycodone In The Us
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I've been taking oxys 30mgs for years, for a reason maby someone can tell me? Everyone is having a heoard time: finding them in stock,IV went 2+ weeksevery day sbefore i found any 2 months in a row.im in las vegas,NV,Im reading, about this allover!!!! ## Sadly, it has really become a regular occurrence for shortages to happen during the last few months of the year and there are several contributing factors, so to explain.... All controlled substance drugs have mandatory manufacturing limits, the yearly allowable amounts are based on the prior years prescriptions and projected outlook for prescriptions in the new year. This is done to help lower the chances of theft and diversion, because with a restricted supply, every manufacturer and pharmacy is forced to keep a closer eye and muc... ...
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Mon, Dec 24 '12, 10:35 AM

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