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I was on oxycodone, 40 mg. and live in N.J.. The pharmacy's are telling me that as soon as they run out of it , it will only be available in oxycontin, has anyone else come accross this issue, it happened last month, 7-08.? ## yes,i also take the same thing,and i was also told the same thing.I live in Tennessee. ## That is exactly correct. Due to rampant abuse and theft, the time released Oxycodone is no longer available for generic production, only the name brand will be available. ## Yes, I have heard the same thing. I live in NJ. It was because of a lawsuit. The brand name company doesnt want to keep losing their business to the manufacturer of the generic. I have been on oxycodone for 5 years. I am currently without insurance and had to pay 100% of the generic. It cost 424.00 fo... ...
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Fri, Mar 31 '17, 3:21 PM
Oxycodone why?
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I've have have been on 30mg 6xday for 11yrs every 6months my NJ.Doc.would change this to another med.(avinza)or something else that worked.Then back to the 30mg.I never had a problem.I moved to FT.Myers 3months ago.with all my pain m... papers.I got new mri's and cat scans done so there would be no problems.There are problems!with this system.It's the doc.they know there is a problem,but they keep writing the same RX.then it's your problem.the pharmacy are robbing us blind.I can't afford 3-5 $$ a pill!they don't take insurance for oxycodone but take it for oxycontin?why is this?For people with real pain this isn't fair.what can we do to stop this.mess?anyone????15 pharmacy turned me away.So what can i do? ## It really isn't necessarily the pharmacies, but... ...
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Sun, Aug 07 '11, 11:42 AM
Oxycodone Doctor in NJ
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I need a doctor that will prescribe oxycodone 30mg in New Jersey. My doctor recently took me off of 30mg oxycodone because I tested "negative" for oxycodone because I lost my prescription that month. I was seeing him for 2 years. I have a serious back problem - 4 discs are herniated and 1 disc is GONE. Most doctors just want to refer me to a orthopedic doctor to get surgery. I DONT WANT SURGERY I am too young!! If you know of a doctor in NJ that will write oxycodone 30mg please email me {edited for privacy}. Thanks! ## Hi, Frank! I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. However, if surgery is a possible solution that would end your suffering, there is no such thing as being too young for it. It would do you far greater harm over the long term to keep taking n... ...
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Fri, Oct 20 '17, 12:37 PM
oxycodone 15mg.
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I've been living in Florida for 25 years due to a severe injury to my left femur that had been shattered in a car accident over 30 years' ago I couldn't live in N.J. through the winter months. I started having severe pain in my left hip and throughout my back about 6 years ago the Dr. Tried me on different meds. He put me on oxycodone and morphine about 3 years ago I have had a better quality of life. The last 2 years I have had problems getting my prescription filled just for the oxycodone. I get my prescriptions filled at a private pharmacy the cost is hurting me, I pay over $1,000. a month that's with the Dr. visit of $150. per month. I have to borrow money in order to get my meds. every month. I filed for disability 2 years ago with an attorney. If you can help me ge... ...
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Thu, Jan 22 '15, 10:59 PM
Filling oxycodone in NJ
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I had filled my regular oxycodone 30 mg script 2 and a half weeks ago. I have another script that is for oxycodone 10mg. In NJ is it going to be a problem to get it filled? They are different strengths but I don't want it to be an issue. ## There's a new pharmacy in Kearny NJ that said they guarantee to be able to fill any and all prescriptions. Care Fast Pharmacy 124 Schuyler ave. Kearny NJ 07032 201-991-2569 ## I don't know about jersey I'm in pa. But as long as the script is written differently it shouldn't be a problem as long as UR insurance covers it if u have ins I take another drug for narcolepsy and my ins would only pay for three 200 mg pills a day but my Dr wants me on 4 pills so he writes 2 RX One for 200mg 3 a day and one for 100 mg 2 a day to make up fo... ...
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Thu, Dec 17 '15, 7:36 PM
oxycodone 30 blue
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has a 224 imprinted on one side and a line on the other is this a 30 mg oxycodone ## There are numerous reports of this imprint being related to Oxycodone, although it has been debated on a related thread whether it is a 30 or 60 mg dose. Can you please reply with any other details which you might have? Such as the manufacturer, or country? This may be a newly emerging pill imprint. ## The blue pill you speak of is scored on one side, imprinted with 224 on the other, and contains 30mg of Oxycodone Hcl. This new brand is produced by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc and is distributed out of Cranbury, NJ. Be careful with this medication for it is known to be very powerful and dose-sensitive. ~ Dr. Oxy ~ ## THese new 224's are oxycodone 30mg time release that was pushed through by th... ...
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Oxycodone Pain Doctors in NJ
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I'm having a hard time finding a doctor that will prescribe oxycodone 30mg in New Jersey. I have already had 2 back surgeries as well as numerous IV's and still with no relief. I have degenerative disc disease, 3 herniated discs and one completely gone. I'm in constant pain and nothing helps. I was seeing a doctor that was prescribing 90-180 oxycodone 30mg for almost a year until one day he up and closed his practice with no notice. I have always taken my medication AS PRESCRIBED but still no doctor will prescribe anything stronger then 800mg Motrin or just want me to have more surgery. I'm 33 years old with 2 young children and not interested in having more surgeries. I just want to live as normal a life as possible. ## Unfortunately, if you're not going to explore ... ...
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Oxycodone new jersey
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I had broken two vertebrae and dislocated my shoulder in a car accident on the GSP. Was seeing someone way up in N. Jersey. Good doc (but crowded office) but it's too far for me to drive. Anyone know of any other doctors in NJ that would prescribe 15mg or 30mg oxycodone? I was taking 90 15's per/mo. Tried living with out the pain killers but it's almost impossible. Any help would be appreciated! ## Hello, Keith! How are you doing? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. Due to the new regulations that were put in place by the DEA last year, you'll need to see a pain management specialist, if you require such medications on a long-term ongoing basis. A general practice physician won't be able to prescribe it for you. The FDA lists this medication as a narcotic ana... ...
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oxycodone what's in it??
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Is there codein in Oxycodone?? ## No! The active ingredient in Oxycodone is Oxycodone. It is a narcotic, however, it can cause reactions in people who are allergic to Codeine. ## oxycodone is a opiod pain reliever made of thesbian and codien which come or made out of the root of the poppy plant and man made compounds similiar to herion variety. PS I'm not the worlds greatest speller , but I took this out of the PDR,R.M. , NJ ## Oxycodone has nothing to do with codeine. It is actually derived from morphine. Codeine is an anti-tussive and has very little analgesic effects. ## ray. i have ben taking oxycodone for 10yrs i have bad back pine i dont like tham but want can do i do. ## Has anybody heard of oxycodein, is it the same as oxycodone? A friend gave me one for back pain one Sunday... ...
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Help with mild pain and Oxycodone NJ
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Okay to make a very long story short, iv played ice hockey at a very high level, semi pro until my size, 5'8 220, got in the way. From playing with guys double my size, I tended to take a beating lol. After I stopped playing I opened a success retail business to help pay for my dream of becoming a pro bodybuilder. ( expense and take a VERY long time.) from working out intensely for over 9 years, it's taken it's toll on me... We arnt talking " oh I lifted a weight my back hurts." Where talking 500 lb squats, 315lb for over 20 rep sets.. Deadlifts over 600 lbs 405 for 15+ reps for sets.. Etc etc. so my back, lower back, is WRECKED! But I fight thru for my passion, and no, nothing will stop me until the day I can't move anymore. Now.. To the juicy part... I never kn... ...
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Help finding oxycodone 15mg HCL in NJ
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I've been driving around this god forsaken state for days trying to fill a legit prescription. 15 mg Oxy. About to start withdrawal soon because of this state "cracking down" Pharmacies are not allowed to order it and as soon as it's in it is gone in hours because everyone who needs it is desperately searching. I have cancer and also have 6 herniated discs and been on this for a year. 8 per day I have one pill left and I seriously can't live or function w/out this at the moment. I hate this state. Withdrawal is terrifying not to mention the physical pain is unbearable. Anyone have any advice? I've been to 8 pharmacies in two days... Back order, no idea when it will be in. Not allowed to order it for me. If I drive to another state do you think I will be able to f... ...
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help w actavis oxycodone
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live in bayonne nj where can i fill my prescription for actavis oxycodone ## Hello, Sj! How are you? Your prescription is just for Oxycodone, other than making it brand necessary, your doctor can't specify a specific manufacturer's product. And as to finding the ones from Actavis, I'm sorry, but there is no listing of which pharmacies carry medications from any given manufacturers. Have you tried going in person to the various ones in you area to ask? This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## SJ, you might want to read the reviews about the Actavis oxycodone before you fill your rx - just letting you know that there are ALOT of people out there in... ...
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doctors in nj that prescribe oxycodone
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Help, Seeking new Doc in NJ (Middlesex/Monmouth County areas) I have been going to a pain mgmt. doctor who was giving me oxycontin ER 40mg twice a day and 10mg Percocet 4 times a day for breakthrough pain. They have cut my meds in half in the last 2 months, I have always taken meds correctly and never had a dirty UA. My levels were always good. I have bulging and herniated discs and am in a lot of pain. They are cutting everyone down on meds because of over medicating some patient etc.. (and now everyone pays). I want to find new pain doctor who will give me what I was originally taking does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks for the help. please get back to me with suggestions. Thanks Again. want to find new doc before my next appointment ## Hello, AC! How are you? I am sorry about th... ...
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Fill out of state oxycodone
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Hey :) I'm moving to MI I'm a couple months & need yo find a new dr. I've been seeing mine in Nj for close to 20 years. He gives me my meds (opana & percs) with no problems. Can you let me know what dr you see in MI? Much appreciated. BTW, you can't get out of state prescriptions filled :/ sorry ...
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Pain management oxycodone
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Hi everyone. I'm 57 yrs old and have bad back pain my pm Doctor is upfront with me when he says he's afraid of going to jail for writing 3o mg oxycodone. I'm stunned when I see how much money my ins co pays him for all the shots he gives me each month. He has no problem cashing the cheques and doesn't care that they have no effect on my body- as long as his business profits and he has no exposure to the DEA. I understand his concerns but he is ethically obliged first to my health and pain reduction. Anyone identify? Anyone aware of pain management doctors who advocate for patients first and have the guts to take a stand against DEA guidelines who can administer pain meds relevant to the my needs. I live in Morris co NJ,Parsippany. All responses will be answered ...
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where to fill oxycodone prescription in nj
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I was in a car accident & have herniated disks in so much pain,&I can't find a pharmacist to fill out my prescribes for oxycodone 30mg. Can u please tell me of a pharmacy in nj I can go to. I live inirvington nj 07111 ## We have the same problem here in Calif finding a Rx with it and being in pain makes it very challenging. Try a 24 hr big pharmacy or a medical pharmacy in a bldg with a pain management Dr. That's the only way to find itand you have to do it before COB. Only downside is hours open Hope that works for you ## What's COB? Also, my Dr.switched me to Morphine (which I didn't want to increase my meds to that, but @least this time I did get them filled.I will do as I did do w/ my last type of meds &strictly only take 1 as I absolutely Need them! Just... ...
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pain clinics that prescibe 30 mg oxycodone nj
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I need to find pain clinics that prescibe 30 mg.oxycodone in Central NJ. My lower back has 3 vertabra sitting on top of one another ,disccs eaten away by arthritus. Constant intense pain. Please help. ## Any help with my problem of intense lower back pain? ...
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Oxycodone Acetaminophen 7 5 325
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What does the oxycodone-acetaminophe 7.5-325 tab manufactured by alvogen look like? The one I have is round and peach in color. It is not as potent as the Watson brand. ## Hi Eleanore, Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to Identify a pill without an imprint. I'll post Alvogen's contact info below so maybe you can ask them about the pill you have. Alvogen contact: 10 Bloomfield Avenue Pinebrook,NJ 07058 U.S.A. Tel +1 973 796 3400 Fax +1 973 796 3439 Mail: info@alvogen.com Web: www.alvogen.com You can learn more about this drug on the page for Acetaminophen + Oxycodone Details If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## Why would Alvogen 7.5 325mg be less potent than Watson and is that a very noticeable difference? I DI... ...
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what doctors prescribe oxycodone
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In Conneticut who prescribes OxyContin for pain management? ## Looking for a Dr who prescribe oxytocin in Essx NJ for sciattica nerve ## Hi ! My name is susan . for 6 yrs i have been struggling with pain . it worsened as time goes on .i use to b so active . from these pains it stops me from anything i do in life . im so miserable . i cant sit too lobg . drive in my car . losing sleep . its my lowet bac . and severe siatica . now its going down to my feet it numbs both my legs and feet . i fall rite down that i injured myself from my legs go numb .its so frustrating and very unhappy . i was a happy person . ppl use to tell me for yrs im very bubbly . now im miserable . its so hardvto get the help i need . i understand about ppl r addicted to pain pills but if ppl follow up rite and not o... ...
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oxycodone impossible to fill in FL
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I have been bedridden for a year because I haven't been able to fill my prescription in Florida. I had an antibiotic resistant bone infection & numerous spinal problems, & have taken meds since '91 & oxys/roxys since '96 (since so no Dr will fix) & flew to NJ to pay $1 for Roxicodone vs $12 in Fl. Pharm in NJ stopped selling controlled, and now no pharm in S.Fl will fill for "new patient"!!! HELP!!! ...
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