Norco 539

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norco 539
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White NORCO 539.. is that the real deal or just a knock off.. and also heard that now company's are going to make it to when u break on in 1/2 a chemical reaction takes the Codien out of it. Not that I care but is that possible? ## Hello, TX84! How are you? Yes, this is the name brand, so it contains 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen. Thus, it does not contain codeine and I don't know anything about the formula being changed, sorry. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## The Reply was almost confusing on the second part lol Could you be a little more better please. Im not sure if that was in pa... ...
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Wed, Feb 26 '14, 7:55 PM
Norco's 539
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Is Watson Norco 539 really Norco or is it a fake one? I'm boought some off the internet for pain in my back. Thank you ## Watson 539 contains 325mgs of Acetaminophen and 10mgs of Hydrocodone, the active ingredients in Norco. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and dizziness. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ...
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Mon, Jun 28 '10, 2:17 PM
norco 539 white pill
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I've never seen one thats white? ## Hello, Ace! How are you? Sorry about the confusion, I'm happy to clear this up for you. Norco is manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals and they have been removing the dye from all of their products, due to the fact that some people were sensitive or allergic to them. Over the past few months, they've all been slowly changing to white tablets. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Tue, Dec 10 '13, 4:21 PM
Norco 539 vs Watson 853
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Hello - I got my prescription refilled for Norco 539's, but I have always had the 853's with Watson on them. Some key differencws are the new ones are very chalky and can be broken easily while the 853's are much harder and break with a snap not a crumble. Also it's easy to scratch the norco 539 off of the face. Please let me know if anyone one has any experience with these and if they could be bad? Thanks ## How soft and crumbly a pill is depends on the inactive ingredients that the manufacturer has chosen to use. The FDA has a list of inactives which are classified under: generally considered as safe, and manufacturers can use whichever they wish from that list. These are ingredients that are considered safe for human consumption and to not have an effect on the effica... ...
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Sun, Aug 28 '16, 2:24 AM
norco 539 effectiveness
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I just refilled my rx with brand name Norco 10/325 and they are white and are not effective. The generic yellows worked perfectly to relieve the chronic pain I have in my c2 and c4 areas of my neck. Severe stenosis with other conditions make everyday stuff undoable. I have tried 4 different types of generics and 2 gave me a headache every time I took them? So what did the yellow dye do to help in the delivery of this drug? ## Hello, Marcus! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems you're experiencing. It actually doesn't have anything to do with the dye, it has to due with the nature of generics. Under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, they are allowed to differ from the name brand, in the amount of the active ingredient, by as much as plus or minus 20%, they also don't hav... ...
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Tue, Apr 19 '16, 12:39 PM
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PHOTO OF NORCO10-325MG TAB ## Norco contains Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. That said, since there are also generics on the market, I cannot possibly post pictures of all of the available tablets with this dosage, there are many different companies that make it and each must have a unique imprint to enable its identification. Some imprints with this dosing include: A 328, a white, oblong tablet IP 110, white, oblong 176, white, oval M 367, white, oblong V 3601, yellow, oblong RX 497, white, round NORCO 539, yellow, oblong WATSON 853, yellow, oblong And this just includes the ones I could find. Is your pill in this list? If not, please post back with the imprint and I will gladly look it up for you. ## what is the difference between blue and yellow norco ## is blue norco better than the ... ...
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Thu, Apr 06 '17, 2:46 AM
Norco 10 325 Mg Tab
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Why is it small and yellow, I was taking the lortab blue pill ## The color and size don't actually mean anything, the company may just manufacture their pills differently, so they use less fillers, than other manufacturers. What are the markings on the tablet in question? The name brand Norco that is a yellow tablet in the 10/325mg dosage is oval and has the marking NORCO 539 on one side of the tablet. There is also a generic, that is a yellow, oval with the marking WATSON 853. Another yellow, oval one with the marking 3601 on one side and a V on the other side. Do any of these match the tablet you have? If not, please post back with markings and I will gladly check it for you. ...
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Fri, Jun 17 '11, 9:26 AM
norco from pakistan
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norco 539 imprint. The 539 is slightly different than the imprint on the available picture of this product. Could it be counterfeit? The color is a darker yellow but I think that's ok. ## When you order from a foreign country, you always run the risk of getting counterfeit products, so yes, that is a possibility. However, some variations in the color and imprint are normal and do happen just through the normal manufacturing process. Norco contains 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, it is a narcotic pain reliever. Is anyone else familiar with these pills? ## Just as a follow -up on my NORCO 539 imprint inquiry...if the pill is NOT licenced to be made by WATSON how can one verify the ingredients? I guess chemical analysis but that is expensive. Any ideas? ## Verwon real... ...
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Mon, Mar 17 '14, 1:53 PM
Norco 10-325 mg Brand only
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Norco 539 which pharmacy drug that sells this brand. No generic please. Address Huntington Beach, California. ## Have you tried asking at your local pharmacies to see if they can order it in for you? Some can order it, they just don't always keep it in stock, since it isn't used as frequently as the generic. You should be aware, however, that you will be required to pay whatever the relevant price is for the number of tablets you need to purchase to fill your prescription. ## Guess what guys, you won't find one. Welcome to Fascist America. Nixon's jackboots on the ground, known as the lying 'DEA', has made it near impossible for your pharmacy to get the Norco it needs to fill prescriptions. They are only allowed a small disbursement each month. When that is fille... ...
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Thu, Jan 29 '15, 10:43 PM
what does norco 10 325 look like
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which colors are strongest to weakest? white, yellow, or peach ## The yellow and white oblong tablets imprinted with NORCO over 539 on one side and blank on the other, reportedly contain a dosage of 10/325. I think the white version might've came after the yellow one, but both seem to carry the same National Drug Code of 52544-0539. I also located a peach and/or white oblong tablet with NORCO over 729 imprinted on one side and blank on the back that reportedly contain a dosage of 7.5/325. Lastly, there's a smaller 5mg/325mg Norco tablet that's white with red specks; imprinted with WATSON on one side and 913 on the other. Hope this helps! ...
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Tue, Mar 21 '17, 8:11 PM
Hydrocodone yellow Norco 10 325 availability
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I have a prescription for the yellow norco10 325.I've taken these for years and now I can't get them .the white ones does not help.I have Arthritis very bad and I really need to know who still carries them in the Mansfield,Arlington,Tx area. I'm 70 and these are the only ones that helps without me having to sleep my life away on the stronger pain meds.that I have taken. i'm 70 so I'll probably be sleeping soon enough. SO in the mean time I would like to have my yellow norco10 325 back. ## Hello, Della! How are you? The white ones with the NORCO 539 marking on them are the same as the yellow, it's just that the manufacturer has removed the dye from them. The yellow are no longer being made. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming ... ...
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Sat, Oct 07 '17, 3:02 AM
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OBLONG ## narco i belive ## Yes it's Norco 10 mg/325 mg Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Tablets ## THANKS FOR THE REPLYS-- FOUND THIS PILL IN MY YARD--DIDNT WANT MY GRANDKIDS TO GET A HOLD OF IT OR ANYONE ELSE FLUSHED IT-- THANKS EVERYONE ...
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Wed, Nov 30 '05, 8:44 PM
watson 418, watson 918, watson 539 or watson 593
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anyways the pill is a off white and yellowish colar and has a wierd oval, football shape to it. not sure what it is, i was told it was a norco but a wasnt really a 100% sure. if ya find anything wright me back. thanx ## 418 Watson : Cyclobenzaprine Hcl 10 mg. A pic. of the pill is at the following link: It's a muscle relaxer that works on certain pats of you works by blocking nerve endings at your central nervous system..It's geneic for Flexeril I have taken flexeil off and on, switcdhing bewtween baclophen and it because baclofen is non nacotic, nonaddicting..they I used to switch off. Flexeril made me lazy ## whoops fogot to give you the link to go to fo moe infomation egading flexeil...same thing ## damn the wrong pill but yeah a better hint to finding it ... ...
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Sat, Mar 25 '06, 2:58 AM
Pill Identification
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I found a couple of pills in my sons room and he's not admitting to what they are and I'm determined to find out. They are yellowish and say NORCO 539 on the same side, the other is blank. Thanks. ## hello- your son has a pain pill called norco, which is like lortab, although it only has 325milligrams of tylonol and 10 mill of codiene. ## I had a perscription sent to me from caremark it is atenolol 50mg it don`t look like the pill iv`e been taking it is white blank on one side on the other side there is a Z on the top and 66 on the bottom separated by a line going across the pill . Thank you ## Ifound a pill in my purse and don''t know what it is.. small, yellow andhas 40 stamped on one side and the other side 00. can you help me identify this poll? ## The pill you found... ...
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Thu, Oct 08 '15, 5:51 PM
vicodin pill numbers
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yes, I can't find a list of Vicodin that shows number on pill and strength. don't need photos, just numbers & strength for all Vicodin. 5 to 10's. ## Hi greg, Please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't brand name Vicodin's no longer being made? I was under the impression that it was replaced by Norco. At any rate, here are some of the imprints and dosages I came across online while searching for Norco (including generics): WATSON 913: 5/325 M365: 5/325 V 3604: 5/325 NORCO 729: 7.5/325 NORCO 539: 10/325 M367: 10/325 IP 110: 10/325 There may be a few others that I missed as well, since it's not very clear which ones are still on the market and which have been discontinued. On top of that I also realize they stopped making tablets with more than 325mgs of AP... ...
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Tue, Sep 08 '15, 8:41 PM
norco 10/325 wattson yellow oval or norco 539
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I've been taking norco for several years for a pinched nerve in my neck which causes numbness and burning in my left arm and hand and some times swelling , mostly in hand and fingers. Norco has provided the relief I need to live a normal life . The insurance I am with has discontinued the option to pay for norco, the replacement drug is not working for me.The pharmacy wants 2.50 a pill for norco, I was hoping to find on line for less, with out prescription on line ## There is no way to legally obtain it, without a prescription. Have you talked to your doctor about the problem? If they prescribe as brand medically necessary, your insurance may cover it. Additionally, there are several generics available, so if the current on you have isn't working for you, you may be able to ask ... ...
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Thu, May 17 '12, 9:33 AM
 NDC 52544-539
Norco 10/325 (Hydrocodone / Apap) Oral Tablet by Watson Pharma, Inc. ## Markings: NORCO;539 ## Shape: Oval ## Color: Yellow ## Active Ingredients: Hydrocodone + Acetaminophen
 NDC 55154-1150
Norco 10/325 (Hydrocodone / Apap) Oral Tablet by Cardinal Health ## Markings: NORCO;539 ## Shape: Capsule ## Color: Yellow ## Package Codes: 55154-1150-1 ## Active Ingredients: Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone Bitartrate
 NDC 52544-161
Norco 10/325 (Hydrocodone / Apap) Oral Tablet by Watson Pharma, Inc. ## Markings: NORCO;539 ## Shape: Capsule ## Color: White ## Package Codes: 52544-161-01, 52544-161-05 ## Active Ingredients: Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone Bitartrate
 NDC 54868-4034
Norco 10/325 (Hydrocodone / Apap) Oral Tablet by Physicians Total Care, Inc. ## Markings: NORCO;539 ## Shape: Capsule ## Color: Yellow ## Package Codes: 54868-4034-0, 54868-4034-2 ## Active Ingredients: Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone Bitartrate

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