Metoprolol Er 25 Mg Tab

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Metoprolol Tab 25 Mg Er
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United Healthcare is raising the copay on this ptescription and recommending Metoprolol tartrate, . arvedilol or atenolol. Titled subject is $45 in 2012 vice $3. for alternatives. Are the alternatives safe, same side-effect, and would my doctor have to change the prescription with my supplier? ## Yes, they all pretty much have the possibility of causing the same side effects. However, the Carvedilol is known to cause them far less often than the other options you mentioned. And yes, your doctor would have to give you a new prescription, because a pharmacy can't just change it, without their approval. Here are more details on these medications: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Wed, Nov 30 '11, 12:12 PM
metoprolol er 25 mg
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Metoproll 25 MG is rounf and has M 18 on one side ## That is correct, this is a 25mg Metoprolol tablet, used to treat high blood pressure and some other cardiovascular diseases. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dizziness. Read more here: Do you have any questions? ## i came down with uti . i was given antibiotics macrobid. after the last day i came down with fever and chills. then i was given cipro, took for 6 days but uti was still there . finally they checked urine culture, it was e coli bactaria and prescribed ceftin and after 3 days came down with upset stomach . any way i am still on ceftin but lower dose. in between low fever and chills continues off and on. at the same time i came down with skipping heart beats for which they have prescribed topro... ...
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Tue, Feb 15 '11, 6:14 PM
metoprolol er 25mg tab wock
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I have cirrhosis as well as type 2 diabetes and a blood ammonia level of 151. my doctor prescribed these as a way to get the ammonia level down and use less lactulose. is this correct. I also noticed I feel like I can sleep all day and my abdomen feels bloated. I am also on clonidine 0.1 and propranolol 20 mg for high bp but everytime it is checked it is between 105-115 over 70-80 I also take 2 other dieruetics, furosemide40 once a day and spironolact 100mg once a day. I look forward to hearing if this is all the right mix for getting the ammonia level down ## Hi, Scarab! Sorry about your health problems and this current ammonia issue. Were you still taking the diuretics at the time the test was done? Furosemide is specifically listed as being one that can raise blood ammonia levels and... ...
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Thu, Jun 13 '13, 1:28 PM
metoprolol er 25 mg tab myla
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What is metoprolol er 25 mg tab myla prescribed for. I have it one my medicine list and I don't know what it is for. ## Hello, Phyllis! How are you? Metoprolol is a beta blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain and hypotension. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Thu, Jun 26 '14, 10:37 AM
Metoprolol Succ Er 25mg Tab
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Is the drug above a circular white pill with "C73" imprinted on one side? ## Hi Frank, A white round pill imprinted with C73 on one side and blank on the other, is identified as Azor (amlodipine 5mg + olmesartan 20mg). This is an antihypertensive combination used in the treatment of high blood pressure. Manufacturer: Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. National Drug Code (NDC): 65597-0110 Learn More: Azor Details I hope this helps! ## YES IT IS THE WHITE ROUND PILL, CAN I TAKE IT INSTED OF LISINOPRIL 10 MG? ## MY QUESTION IS CAN I USE LISINOPRIL 10 MG INSTED OF METOPROLOL 25 MG? ## Can i take Lisinopril 10mg tabs and Metoprolol er succinate 25mg tabs at the same time ## So how does one stop taking Metropolol Succ ER? My husband is on 50mg currently and dr who prescribed it no help weaning him ... ...
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Sat, Jun 17 '17, 12:55 PM
Metoprolol Succ Er 25 Mg Tab
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I took Metoprolol tartrate tabs 50 mg,mfg by greenstone, is this the same drug? ## The 25mg would be a lower dosage and the ER designates the 25mg one as being a time released formulation. Metoprolol is a beta blocker used to treat high blood pressure and cardiac conditions, Did your doctor make this change in the dosing and formulation? Such changes shouldn't be made, without your doctor's approval, because sudden changes to the dosing of this medication may cause rebound effects, which could include elevated heart rate and blood pressure. ...
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Fri, Jul 22 '11, 10:27 AM
metoprolol succ er 25mg
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white, round, scored on one side, 293 on the other ## I have been taking Metorrolol succ er 25 mg white round, scored on one side, 293 on the other. refilled my script today given metoprolol succ er 25 mg tapar it is a white oval shaped tablet imprinted with m B ON THE FRONT. I am concerned about taking this as I have never gotten a pill like this in the 2 yrs I have been taking this drug. does anyone have any information on this. thx ## tapar just means it is a tablet manufactured by Par, a different company. You still received the appropriate drug, just, as I said, made by a different company. ## my doctor gave me the metoprolol 25 er for panic attacks. I read it is for your heart,does your heart cause the panic attacks? ## what family of drug is metroprolol. For instance Crestor is a... ...
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Sun, Dec 02 '12, 10:44 AM
Metoprolol 25
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My most recent refill of Metoprolol 25 mg came with white oval shaped pills twice the size of the previous prescription--I had none left from that supply to compare. Could they possibly be different dosages? ## It could be, or it could just be that the company uses different fillers, so their tablets are larger. What are the markings on the tablets? If you can post back with this information, it will enable me to check the dosage for you. Common side effects to this medication may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach pain. Learn more: ## Lr. white, round pill with the no. W 735, this is suppose to be Metoprolol succ er 50 mg. Can you tell me if this is correct. Thank you. ## Carolyn, yes, that is correct, that tablet contains 50mgs of time released Metoprolol. Common side e... ...
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Wed, Sep 07 '11, 10:57 AM
Metoprolol 100 Mg ER
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I take Metoprolol Succ ER 100 Mg Tab and would like to know if taking Metoprolol Tartrate 50mg Tab two times a day is equal to or the same as the 100er ## my husband has arrythimia and has been treated for 10 years with the same doctor. He was on metoprol 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. He has complained of dizziness and always being tired for along time. He was outside cleaning gutters and moving a ladder and became very very dizzy and sweating to the point where his clothes were soaked. came in the house no one was home sat down and became stiff. called someone to take him to his heart doctor. Heart doctor gave an ekg and then reduced metoprolol in half from 100 mg a day to 50 mg a day. 25 in morning 25 at night. He still was experiencing dizziness like he was going to pass out... ...
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Mon, Feb 18 '13, 7:20 PM
metoprolol succ er 25mg tasan
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round white tablet scored on one side 293 on other side ## The pill in description is Metoprolol succinate extended-release (25 mg). Metoprolol is used in the treatment of several diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially hypertension. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ...
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Fri, May 27 '11, 6:34 PM
Metoprolol Succ ER 25 mg Tasan
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This is a WHITE OVAL shaped TABLET imprinted with E 281 on the front ## Please send information on Tasan ## That is an abbreviation standing for the dosage form TA (Tablet) and the manufacturer, SAN (Sandoz.) So this is not the name of a medication, are you asking about Metoprolol ...
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Wed, Jul 16 '08, 9:30 AM
metoprolol succ er 25 mg tapar
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what is metoprolo succ er 25 mg tapar used for? ## Well, first of all, let me state the the TAPAR just stands for tablet, made by the PARR pharmaceutical company, so that has nothing to do with the drug name or use of the medication. Metoprolol CR is a generic for Toprol XL, it is used to treat several different cardiovascular diseases, including: high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and Long QT Syndrome. Some of the most common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and diarrhea. You can read more about this medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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Sun, Jul 19 '09, 2:18 AM
metoprolol succ er 25mg tasan taeth
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white, round, scored tablet with 293 imprinted on front ## The white round pill in description is Metoprolol succinate extended-release (25 mg). Metoprolol is used in the treatment of several diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially hypertension. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ...
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Thu, Jun 02 '11, 4:24 PM
white ethex pill metoprolol er 25mg picture of tablet
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white scored tablet with number 293 on back of tablet ## Due to copyright reasons, I cannot post an image, however, I can confirm for you that this is Toprol XL 25mgs. This is used for several diseases of the cardovascular system, including high blood pressure. Some of the most common side effects are dizziness, drowsiness and trouble sleeping. ## Elongated white pill indented on both sides.pill aprox. 15/16 inch long,on leftside with triangle , and letter M on right side as you face the pill laying flat on table, 25mg.Pill name METOPROLOL SUCC ER 25mg TAB NDC: 62037-0830-01 ## My prescription pills look as you described with M on on side and triangle on the other. However, the label does NOT say metroprolol succinate, only metroprolol er 25 mg. Is there a difference??? ...
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Thu, Oct 04 '12, 5:24 AM
actavis ph metoprolol succinate er tab 50 mg
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My generic toprol xl just changed to this and II want info on this manufacturer to see if there are any problems with it ## I was also changed to the Actavis Metoprolol success er 25 MG due to lack of availability or discontinuation of Mylan's generic version. I find the Avtavis version not nearly as effective as Mylan and am trying to learn the status of the Mylan MT1 version, or the effectiveness of other generics for this drug. ## Although some manufacturers have a reputation for more or less effective meds, I find that everyone's response/reaction is also going to vary based on several factors; including but not limited to one's unique body chemistry, metabolism, sensitivities to inert ingredients, etc. That said, trial and error may be the only way to determine what wor... ...
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Tue, Sep 13 '16, 6:26 AM
Metoprolol Succ Er 25 Mg Once A Day Or Tartr Half Tablet Every 12 Hours
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I am taking metoprolol succ er 25 mg once a day. My insurance co. doesn't cover these pills. I am cosidering taking metoprolol tartr 25 mg instead ( 1/2 a pill every 12 hours ). Would that be equivelant? And is that a good idea?>>>>Howard ## Yes, it would pretty much work the same. I had to do the same thing with some of my blood pressure medications. I have no insurance and there is no generic of the time released ones, so I go the regular, which is on the $4 prescription plan and just take it twice a day. However, this may not work well for everyone, so you'll need to try it, for about a month, and monitor your condition, to see if it's working for you. To be honest, the reason most doctors will prescribe something that is time released or a larger dose to ... ...
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Sun, Sep 25 '11, 9:04 AM
metoprolol succ er sw on pill
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I originally had a skipping heart beat which was tested and I was found to have no heart disease. Doctor put me on Metopropol succ er 25 mg tablets once a day to lower blood pressure. I had been taking for about eight(8) months with daily periods of skipping heart beat. My pulse rate had dropped from 74 to 64 times a minute and blood pressure was probably 122/72. When I got the last months supplies of tablets they had what looks like w/b on one side. I do not know what was on previous tablets. All of a sudden my heart is not skipping a beat anymore. Is it possible that the result is due to a change in manufacturer of the pill or is it possibly just a chance occurence? I have also cut back on drinking wine and caffein use. Thank you. ...
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Mon, Aug 09 '10, 6:15 AM
Can Metoprolol Er Be Cut In Half
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I am weening off this betablocker....can I cut the 25 Milligram tablet in half? ## Generally, if there is a score line on the pill, it is meant to be cut in half for these circumstances. Each tablet for oral administration contains either 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of Metoprolol. I haven't seen anything less than 25mg, but I don't see any reason personally why it wouldn't be ok to cut it in half and still take it as recommended by your doctor. ## Thx David...yes it does have a score line. ...
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Sat, Jun 18 '11, 6:43 AM
what does the 25 mg metoprolol pill look like
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Looks like it is oval with M on one half then a line and a capital B on the other side. Is this a metoprolol pill? ## Hi Ken, The white oval pill in description marked with the letter M over the letter B (separated by a score line) is in fact 25mg Metoprolol succinate extended release. For verification, the manufacturer is listed as Par Pharmaceutical and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 49884-825. Additionally, here is a link to the PDF prescribing packet for this specific tablet, straight from the manufacturer's webpage: Hope this helps! ...
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Tue, May 02 '17, 7:35 PM
metoprolol images 293
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I have a round white tab with the #293 on it. Is this Toprol 50 mg. XL? ## Located a match it's Metoprolol succinate ER 25 mg. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
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Wed, Nov 18 '09, 4:54 PM

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