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Is Metnax a new drug that has just come out? If so, what pharmaceutical company manufactures iy? ## I am taking Metanx ## Here's a link to the monograph page for more information on it: ...
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Sat, Oct 06 '07, 10:34 PM
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can this med cause bad foot pain? ## It really shouldn't, it is used to treat cases of such pain, caused by neuropathy. Have you spoken to your doctor or pharmacist about this problem? ## I got the med for foot neurophy, but since starting it the pain has become different and worse. guess i should check with him again'. ## I started having more pain in my feet, too, after starting Metanx for neuropathy, and one foot is getting real bad. My doctor can't figure out what is causing the increased pain. I also wonder if Metanx could be causing it. I hope there will be an answer somewhere to this question. ## i completed taking a script for 60 metanx for pain in my foot; i too had increased pain and my other foot stared bothering me; i could barely walk the first two weeks of taki... ...
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Mon, Oct 31 '11, 8:36 AM
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I recently went to a neurologist & had a EMG & EEG. When I went back 4 results....he said I might have some nerve damage in m legs? My legs jump & twitch on their own! He told me this matanx was a type of vitamin? I'm kinda confused. Any feedback would be appreciated. ## Metanx contains 3 different B Vitamins, it is suspect that a deficiency in them can cause or aggravate certain types of neuropathic pain. Are there any questions or comments? ...
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Mon, Dec 27 '10, 6:51 PM
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I recently went & had a EMG & EEG. My Dr. said I had some nerve damage in my legs? My legs jump & twitch on their own? My Dr. said this matanx is a vitamin? Any feedback would be appreciated. ## Metanx contains the active ingredients: L-methylfolate (Metafolin): 2.8 mg Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate: 25 mg Methylcobalamin: 2 mg These B-Vitamins are often given to try to help treat or prevent nerve damage, however, the only way they will help is if that damage was caused by a deficiency in these nutrients. If it was due to an injury, then they will probably not do much. Read more: Are there any comments or questions? ...
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Mon, Dec 27 '10, 6:24 PM
metanx, Folast
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do they have the same ingredients. What would u suggest for generic for Metanx. It helped the tingling in my feet at night when I went to bed, I was getting a full nights sleep but the Metanx will hot be covered under United Health care anymore. Got then renewed 2x at $40 for a 3 mo supply. Then told me they weren't covered anymore for it was a dietary supplement. My neuropathy is from diabetes2 and the depletion of B compound do to Janument. Please help ...
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Sun, Jul 10 '16, 11:18 PM
Metanx Vitamin
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trying to check on price of metanx tablets vs metanx capsules I take 2 a day & have 3 month supplt if tablets now ## I see their website lists capsules as being available, now. But they're still from the same company and under the brand name, so I doubt you'll see much of a price difference. Learn more Metanx details here. However, you could contact them and ask, they list a phone number, 985-893-4097 Can you post back and let us know what you find out? ...
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Sun, May 26 '13, 2:25 PM
metanx & footpain
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I have taken metanx for 2 1/2 mo my feet and ancles have gotten so sore i could hardly walk on them. I quit taking the med. 3 days ago and can feel a great differance in the pain leavel. ## After doing some major research Shaklee B Complex is equivalent to Metanx! Hope this comes through - they blocked my comment from yesterday! ## There have been a few people reporting that Metanx caused them worse pain and did not help at all. Unfortunately, it appears that it does cause this opposite effect in some people. Have you spoken to your doctor about using something else? Mommacakes, did you have a link to a site that sells the item in your post? If so, then yes, our site software does, sometimes, block those to prevent spamming. ## First, let me say that I meant to say Complex B from Shakle... ...
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Mon, Feb 15 '16, 6:11 PM
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taken instead of foloc acid ## I went to my doctor complaining of pain in my left leg and hip. I was diagnoised with a compressed nerve in my spine. I'm am scheduled for an MRI in 4 days. In the meantime I've been perscribed METANX TABLET PAM for Neuropathy, and GABAPENTIN 300 MG CAPSULE APO for leg pain. My insurance company will not pay for the METANX. MY question is Is METANX just a bunch of vitimins and not considered a drug by the insurance companies? Also what is the chance of this product doing anymore for me than over the counter vitamins that I could probably better afford? ## It is best to speak with your doctor about it, there may be a specific reason they want you to take these ones. Prescription vitamins are often higher in nutrients than OTC ones. ## Thanks for rep... ...
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Thu, Dec 03 '15, 11:44 AM
generic for metanx
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There are a lot of so called Generics that have names that sound like the real deal but they are not. Pam Labs is the owner of Metanx. Read what this has to say to find the real truth: What are your thoughts/opinions on the matter? ## @WDG, Despite what some people may say, I believe that generics will always be different than brand name medications. I mean, why else would they be so much cheaper unless there was something different about it? In the link you shared, they mentioned that "Breckenridge's authorized generics will be manufactured with the same exact ingredients & quantities as Pamlab's brand produc... ...
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Thu, Apr 21 '16, 3:20 PM
Generic for Metanx?
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I refilled my Rx for Metanx and it was a different color. I asked and the druggist said this was a generic for Metanx. I refused the Rx and went to another drugstore with my Rx. Am I wrong? Is there a generic for Metanx? ## Hello. My name is Kellie and I work on the Metanx Brand Team. Please note that there are no authorized generics for Metanx. To learn more, go to and on the home page, click on "Important information about your Metanx prescription." You can also go to for additional information. If you are interested on how to save on your Metanx prescription, contact Brand Direct Health at 1-866-331-6440. Thank you, Kellie ## Metanx is a vitamin combination, which contains L-methylfolate, methylcobalamin and pyridoxal 5'-phosphate and y... ...
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Mon, May 01 '17, 8:17 AM
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ARE GNC VITAMIN B-6 200, GNC VITAMIN B-12 1000 & GNF FOLIC ACID 1000 COMBINED A GOOD SUBSTITUTE FOR METANX? IS THERE A GENERIC FOR METANX AVAILABLE? ## There is a generic for Metanx now. I have been paying $42, but the generic is $18. Ask your pharamacist. ## There is NO generic for Metanx, anyone that claims to be a generic does not have the L form of folate (Metanx) that product would have both the inactive form in their product (racemic mixture). DO NOT TAKE THE RACEMIC FORM. If your doctor prescribes Metanx, please only take Metanx. ## A racemic mixture has both the L and R forms of the substance and should be OK, just make sure there is sufficient L form (half of the total weightj). I.e. Metanx has 2.8 mg of the L-methylfolate, make sure the generic has this or 5.6 mg of methyl... ...
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Sat, Oct 01 '16, 2:32 PM
Metanx Valuecard Rx
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How can i get a ValueCard Rx for Metanx? ## It is printable, from their website: Pamlab Valuecard Are there any other comments or questions? ## I have neuropathy of my feet and hips ...
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Sat, Sep 17 '11, 7:30 AM
Metanx Interactions
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With other vitamin supplements ## I can only advise you to discuss it with your doctor. Supplement products are not usually tested for side effects and interactions, as is done with actual prescription medications. So, it would basically come down to what the exact supplements in question contain, because getting too much of some nutrients, such as Potassium and Vitamin B12 can be just as dangerous as not having enough of them. Have you discussed it with your doctor? ...
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Mon, Nov 28 '11, 3:32 PM
FDA Approval of Metanx
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Is it FDA approved? My prescription plan stopped paying and the reason was it was not FDA approved at that time. Since I stopped taking Metanx my circulation is not that good and I want to restart. ## Spoke to FDA approval is not required as Metanx falls under a food supplement. It is not a drug it's a combination of vitamins and folic acid. It is monitored but it does require a prescription. ...
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Sun, Jun 11 '17, 7:31 AM
Metanx Over The Counter
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Is "over the counter" Metanx as effective as the prescription version? ## Hi Lynn, Based on my research, Metanx is a combination of Folic acid (3 mg), B 6 (35 mg), and B 12 (2 mg). I don't think that it would be any less effective as long as the dosage is the same as what a doctor would prescribe. The only thing that might be different is the manufacturer- but that shouldn't have any major effect on the supplement other than the types of "inactive" ingredients used. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Metanx Details I hope this helps! ...
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Thu, May 16 '13, 8:22 PM
metanx capsule or tablet
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Why the difference in price ? Which is better tablet or capsule?Do they both perform equally? ## Hi John, If you ask me, I think the difference in price is directly related to the cost it takes to produce tablets vs capsules. Please don't quote me on this, but from what I've read, tablets are reportedly much more cost effective to produce since they allow the manufacturer to pack the most material into however much space they need; whereas with capsules their space is limited. Also depending on the type of substance, drug companies may use expensive encapsulation techniques to keep the contents fresh and stable. Have you tried one or the other yet to see how you react? ...
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Thu, Sep 25 '14, 2:42 PM
Metanx large purple caplet
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Did Metanx used to come in a large purple caplet? ## Hi Rowena, From what I can find, it has been a purple tablet (not caplet) from its inception. Has a large "M" on one side and "PAL" on the other. ...
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Tue, Jun 12 '12, 9:40 AM
Patient assistance for Metanx
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Does anyone know of a patient assist program for Metanx? I have a client whom really needs this med but cannot afford it. Please Help ## There are some assistance programs that will help with almost any medication they can, rather than a specific one, such as, has he tried applying with them? ## i too have been trying to find patient assistance.What i found is a company directly affiliatted with the manufacturing company of Metanx. It is as follows; Brand Direct Sales 1-866-331-6440 Priceof Metanx 2 tablets per day (60 tbl) is $48 per month or $144 for 3 months (180 tbs) ## Another vote for Brand Direct here. ## None of the programs including those listed distribute Mentanx as it is technically of food product rather than a medicine, even though it is available only with a pre... ...
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Wed, Dec 12 '12, 10:57 PM
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I have been taking Metanx for about 6 months and it was working ok. I Recently lost my job and when I went to my Poditrist he told me of a new medicine that can save me a lot of money. So I decided to go to my pharmacist and get it. The name of the medicine is Folinic Plus. It cost me $16.00 for 30 tablets. What a savings! I also like the tablet form. I'm hoping it works. ## Hello, Sparky! How are you? Thank you for your very valuable post. Many people have had complaints about the price of Metanx. Folinic Plus is listed as being very similar, though not identical. It contains Vitamin B6, B9 and B12, it used as a supplement and sometimes to help support nerve health. Since it is potent, some people experience nausea, after taking it, according to the company website. Are there any q... ...
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Mon, Jan 26 '15, 6:17 PM
What is Mentanx?
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Is it used for your bones? ## Corrected spelling: Metanx® is a prescription combination product containing the active, naturally occurring forms of folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 used by the body. It is a prescription medical food for the dietary management of endothelial dysfunction in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. More details are available from the manufacturer: Hope this helps! Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ...
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Thu, Jan 15 '09, 7:44 PM

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