Menstruation Does Not Stop

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Menstruation non stop

Hi, good day. I'm afraid i don't know what to do as my menstruation is not stopping. It's already going on 2 months. Please advise. ## Hello, Angel! How are you? The NIH lists several different reasons things that could cause, but most commonly, it is due to a hormonal imbalance in your body. Have you consulted a doctor? Are you on any medications? How old are you? Have you ever had a child? How heavy is the bleeding? Has this ever happened, before? Are your cycles normally regular? ## What could be the possible cause of menstruating for more than 2 weeks? This has been happening to me since the last 2 months. What shall I do? ## I had a nonstop heavy bleeding for 2 months, early this year & I was diagnosed with having pcos. the doctor asked me to take tranexamic acid wh... ...

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non stop menstruation

Helo I have been on nur-istarete for 3months now ma period iz nt stoping. Since I started on 1 January now its 25 January it is still going on. The first 5 days waz normal the rest iz just coming out bit by bit until to day. I went to the pharmacy they gave m some pills to stop it bt its nt stopping wat should I do Coz am worried am tired of seeing blood every day ## Hello, Mane! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're having. That can be a side effect of this contraceptive, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, headache and mood swings. If it concerns you, you may want to look into trying a different contraceptive. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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Stop menstruation pills

I've been bleeding for year now. I went to the doctor and he gave me pills to stop the bleeding but it didn't work. Went to the hospital, they gave me Famynor contraceptive. The worked while I was taking them but I stopped after some time, and now bleeding is back again. What should I do? When I went to pharmacists they want a doctor's prescription. Please help me. ## Hello, Thato! If the contraceptive stopped it, why did you stop taking them? You should likely return to the doctor to have things checked out and you may need to take them, again. What is your age? It sounds like you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance. ## Hi, I am on a birth control for 3 months and it hasn't been my day to go to the clinic for another injection. I had a lot of alcohol on christmas and ... ...

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Menstruation stopes after taking Diane 35

My periods are always regular. My gyne give me Diane 35 to help my periods cycle. On 30 oct I start having brown clotting than it converted in to rich blood clot so I start taking pills . As told by the Dr (start taking pills on first day of menses)after 2 days the clotting stop completely and the white fluid starts coming normally!!! What should I do?? Should I stop taking pills? ...

Menstruation on xarelto

My menstruation was so bad on xarelto I needed a transfusion and was taken off xarelto. When can I expect my menstrual bleeding to stop? ## Hello, Julie! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem you had, that's terrible! Unfortunately, there's no way to be sure. As it cycles out of your body, things should return to normal, but it may take several weeks. Other side effects to stopping it, as listed by the FDA, may include headache, diarrhea and nausea. What was it replaced with? ## It was replaced with a IVC filter. No more blood thinners for me. ...

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Menstruation questions

hindi po tumitigil ang menstruation ko for how many months until nagdecide ako na magpacheck-up. My Ob found out that I have PCOS. niresitahan niya ako ng metformin 3x a day, provera for 7 days and lastly althea, sabi din niya nga kelangan kong magbawas ng timbang. first day ko plng mag-take ng provera, nawala na agad ung menstruation ko until naubos ko ung provera for 7 days. sabi ng Ob ko, 1st day ng menstruation ko, that's the time na iinumin ko ang 1st day pill ko. right after i took my last provera, kinabukasan nun, 1st day menstryation ko na nman. i am taking up althea for 3 weeks pero hindi pa rin nag-stop menstruation ko..side effects ba to sa althea? how many days will I wait para mwala 2? sabi ng Ob ko, 6months treatment daw ako, does it mean na hindi pa mareregulate ang m... ...

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cannex v and menstruations

I used contraceptives for 5 years,since then I never had my periods,I stopped using it lastyear and I'm now getting my periods but Every time I use cannex V I get on my periods,is this normal?plz help ## Hello, Pinkett! How are you? It can be normal to start bleeding, when using a cream like this, due to the irritation it can cause. Other side effects may possibly include discharge, dryness and redness. However, how many times have you had to use it? If you have repeated infections, then you need to consult your doctor. ...

medicine to have menstruation

my menstruation stopped and i took plenty of pregnancy tests which were always negative. sometimes i suffered from stomach cramps and its so painful... ## I had after morning pill last month and I menstruated for 3 days but it was light. I haven't had intercourse and the next month I kept having painful cramps, have done several pregnancy tests and it's negative. I don't know what is happening? ## I had a miscarriage in 2010 and i bled for one month. I was given some inj. and after that i was able to see my menstruation until April 1st, 2013. Since then my menstruation stopped. What is the cause and what kind of medication can i use to treat it? I am 37 years old. ...

Clotting during menstruation

I recently started taking eliquis and I always pass blood clots during my menstruation. Should I be worried? ## This medication has been known to cause such issues in women that take it, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, headache, heavier periods and easy bruising. However, if your periods do get very heavy, or the clots become large or more frequent, then you should have this checked out by your doctor. Can any other ladies that have been on it chime in? ## I'm having the same issue- had to stop BC mid pack because they found 2 clots in my lungs. I started on Eliquis last week and have had a super heavy period with clotting. I can't figure out if it's because of the mid pack stop, or the eliquis. Waiting for my doctor to call me back- it's very unn... ...

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Problem regarding menstruation

I am 18 yrs old girl. I have periods since last seven days. And the bleeding is going on. While normally i have periods for 5 days . i am using some drugs to regularise my periods. The tabs were norlut, ovipauz, fetal for 21 days And 1 montj before i have bleeding upto 20 days thts why my doctor suggests medication.. Now i want to stop my bleeding ...

medicine for delayed menstruation

My period is delayed..but im not pregnant.. I have been spotting only for 3 days interval...then it stopped..what med will i take? Thanks ## I had intercourse with my gf but till now her period is delayed... Can you tell me the cause of this?? ...

white oralcon pills and menstruation

Hi. I have been taking oralcon pills for a month, now im on the 6th red pill and my period have started today and it normally goes for seven days so I want to know that after the last red pill If i continue with the white pills wont it stop my periods before the 7th day? Or should I take the red ones in the new packet? ## Hello, Grace! How are you? Your cycle may change, when taking oral contraceptives, so your period may not last a full 7 days, but that is okay, as long as your doctor doesn't see a reason to be concerned. Some women stop having periods altogether, while taking oral contraceptives, according to NIH reports. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I started taking oral cone t... ...

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Medicine to get my menstruation started

I had my period last may 15 and it's been 3 months now. Ever since I've started my period. I had an irregular period. I my first 5 years, my period stopped for a whole year. When it came back, it's the same irregular period i experience. Sometimes it takes 3 months for the next period. I never visit an ob for this matter. What would I need to do? Then Accidentally, I had intercourse last Tuesday (aug 12) and im totally afraid on what's gonna happen next cause it's just my second time. But im sure that we did it safe. Now,I wanna ask if there's a medicine that i can take that can start my period immediately. Hope there's a better solution and hope for your better advices. Thanks in advance. ## How got stopped period im a girl now 23 years ...

nur isterate and irregular menstruation

Hi, my daughter is 19 and a month ago started with nur-isterate. She has irregular menstrual cycles and she had a vaginal discharge that almost looks like flesh with a blood clot and her menstruation is heavy with pain over the lower abdomen. What could it be? ## Those can be normal side effects of taking this medication, according to the NIH. She may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, and mood changes. Has anything changed? Is she on any other medications? ## I've been using nur-isterate for 7 years. Then after that treatment I had my period from the 1st to the 31st. I want to know what's wrong? ## Hy I used nnur isterate long time ago nd i had my period normally, then I stopped, using it, I started using it again last month nd i started having discharge with blood an... ...

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diane 35 pills no menstruation after 7 days

Hello, I'm a first time user of diane pills. I finished taking the 21 tablets correctly, but it's my 6th day already out of 7 days being tablet free, but up until now i haven't had my period. Can you please help me? ## Some women do not have periods while taking oral contraceptives and it is usually nothing to worry about. The U.S. FDA lists the other typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and spotting. Are you on any other medications? Is there a chance you might be pregnant? ## Hi, im 23 yrs old. Tapos na ako magtake ng 1 pack (21 tablets) and then bumili ulit ako ng isa pang pack idiniretso ko po ung inom, pang 2 days ko na po ngayon nung bagong pack..tama po ba ginawa ko or dapat stop ko na? Para dun sa 7 day free tablet int... ...

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Irregular menstruation cycle and bleeding

I have been experiencing irregular periods for the past 5 months. I didn't have my periods for a long time and since the last 3 months I am continuously experiencing thin bleeding, sometimes only spotting, but no periods. I don't have any other health problem. My age is 22 and I am totally normal. Please tell me what problem I have. ## I'm feeling painful breast and hips under tummy for three weeks and it didn't stop, what can I do. I used family planning now i cute but no period for 5 month, pls help. ...

Metronidazole for pain during menstruation

Lately, I have been experiencing pain every time I am on my period and I have taken several drugs like felvin, valgin & painkillers, but it won't stop. I even experience vomiting and frequent bowel movements. I was told to take metronidazole, will it stop if I use it? ...

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Irregular menstruation, needs professional help

I am having irregular menstruation since last year. First, i noticed that the numbers of days shortened (from 5 days down to 3). Early this year my monthly period comes every other month and just this month i am experiencing blood spottings. It'll only stop for a week or so and it's back again. I am 22 years old an a virgin. I am overweight, 180lbs. I don't want to go to an ob gyne for a trans v. I am afraid and I don't want to tell my mom. I am also planning to take pills since lots of women I spoke to was told by their doctors to take contraceptive pills to regulate teir menstruation. I badly need a professional help. Thank you. ## Drug that can be use to cure toilet diesese when it goes to the extent of irregular period ## l removed jadelle 2 months ago , a week after... ...

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no menstruation for 6 months while breastfeeding

6 months na po aq d nagkaka period... Nung February po aq nanganak ## Hi, i am using daphne pills since January, but until now i dont have my menstruation. what can i do? ## Hello po. Im taking daphne pills and 2 months delayed of period. Nagpapabreastfeed pa ako sa anak ko. Normal po ba na hindi datnan ng regla? ## I took up daphne pills when I had my 1st menstruation last dec. 18, 2016. Breastfeed ako pero nahinto in the middle of january kasi ang payat ko na. So I decided to stop taking it pero nakatapos ako ng isang pakiti at yong pangalawa may sobrang 4 then I stopped. Until now feb 7, 2017 wala pa akong regla. I'm stressed kasi iniisip ko na baka pregnant ako. Possible ba na pregnant? Nanganak ako noong may 9. 2016. Bumalik ang regla ko oct, 2016... Please help. ## Hi, can i a... ...

Still no period my menstruation is regular i take diane35

This is my first time i take diane35 last period is june 28 and june 29 first i take pills.then after 1 pack finish i straight take no stop, i take another pack again....that is ok.?.bcoz i did not stop coz i know my menstruation is regular so no matter wat happen the blood is did come out? Dont know wat happen...i expect my menstruation is july 26...but till now no... ## Irregular menstruation can be a side effect of taking hormonal contraceptives, some women stop experiencing periods entirely, while taking them, according to NIH reports. Other side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, acne, and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I will like to delay my period about 3 days from regular period and may I know how to use Diane 35, 21... ...

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