Medicine Tablet For Late Period

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medicine for 2 years late period
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hello ! my period started on april 29, 2014 , after that, it stopped and it came back on february 28, 2014... that is my last menstruation...what am i going to do? ## Hi i m.poonam .20 years old .i miss my periods .for what can.i do .pls guide me ## Hi my name is joy, i have miss my period for four month am 26 years old i need drugs ## Hello po, I'm 22 years old. What is the best medicine for late menstruation? My menstruation is two months late. What am I gonna do?Please give me advice. I'm so paranoid. Thanks so much. ## Pls i delay 2 my period what medicine i need to take.last month my period s may 8 this month i expected my period s 7 but until now not yet. ...
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Thu, Jun 09 '16, 5:45 AM
medicine for 3 weeks late period
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My period is late for more than 2 weeks what is the best medicine I can find in the pharmacy for I got my menstraul period now I take pregnancy test for two times around but it shows negative...please say what the best medicine I can get ## Hello, Mary! How are you doing? Have you gotten your period, yet? There are various reasons it could be late. Have you experienced a sudden change in your body weight? Have you been under a lot of stress? Are you exercising more? Are you on any other medications? Have you consulted your doctor? ## I'm 30 yrs of age. my LMP is 6 September and no periods yet, only very little brownish white discharge from few days.. had no intercourse without condom, UA negative.. plz suggest any medicine to bring back my periods ## I have irregular period. I'm... ...
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Tue, Sep 12 '17, 8:21 PM
medicine of late period
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Im taking marvellon 27 days and they said after 7 period will come but now 4 days past still period not come im worried bcoz I only have 3 days left.did taking marvellon in not same time in a day can cause of pregnancy? ## delayed npo aq ng 2 week what medicine need to take ## Hello, Star! How are you? No, different times of day wouldn't do that, as long as you didn't miss any pills entirely. However, were you on your period, when you first started it? If not and if you didn't use backup protection for that first week, then there is a chance you may be pregnant. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and weight gain. Andrela, have you had an exam done to check for pregnancy, yet? ## I am not pregnant. I just want to know what... ...
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Fri, Jul 01 '16, 5:55 PM
late period tablet
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my period is delayed for 3 days what tablet i should take. ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Mon, Oct 13 '14, 6:35 AM
mensol medicine for late periods
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On july 25th i had intercourse. After july my next period date was aug 19th and my period did not come. I did the home pregnancy test and it showed negative 2 times now. My next period date is supposed to be sep 15th and my periods still have not come. What can do? I started taking mensol yesterday and i dont know it's working or not. Can u pls tell me what to do? ## I'm a 24 year old woman. Since January my period is not coming on time. Now it's June. Before six months I got my period only two times. Is mensol the correct medicine for uprooting this problem? ## I'm 22 years old and my period is not regular. Whenever I take a tablet or do courses that's the only time I have my period...Lately the gap between my periods has been 7 months. Please suggest me an appropri... ...
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Wed, Sep 06 '17, 10:45 AM
Medicine For Late Period in india
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we make love just a day before period, from then now its 8 days and period hasn't come.. earlier in this month she has a operation of synus. is excess bleeding in her nose also cause to late period? Pls suggest medicine name to regulate her period. ## Has she taken a pregnancy test? The proper solution is going to depend on whether or not she is pregnant. There are several reasons menstruation could be delayed. Learn more menstruation details here. ## Me and my gf made love on 24 Aug and after dat she took pill unwanted...but till date her period did not come and the period date was on the 9th of sep......i wanna medicine to help regulate her period. Plz suggest which medicine she will take... plz reply, its very urgent. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Thu, Sep 17 '15, 5:18 PM
Medicine for early or late period
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Hi! I need med to get early period or to delay. We have religion function and I want to enjoy. Pls suggest me something to get 1 week early period or 1 week delay.. Pls suggest me. Thanks!! ## Hello, Janny! How are you? I'm sorry, but this late into it, there's really nothing you can do. If you'd looked into it earlier, oral contraceptives can often be used to skip your period. Do you have a doctor that you see regularly? They may be able to suggest something, progesterone might work, but there's no guarantee of that. ## Late period I took ovaral G bt my regular period is delayed 4 three days took pregnancy test n result is negative what to I do to have normal period. ## My period date is 26 in every month. I want to be delay the date. Because my velai treep ...
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Wed, Jul 26 '17, 8:05 AM
Late Period Tablets
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My period is 15 days late. What should I take for it to come? ## i am 25 years old an not married i have got late my period and i am scared for that and i have pain in my abdomen side i wana know the name of the tablet to bring my periods as soon as possible. thankyou ## Where are you located? WIthout knowing this, I don't know what's available for you. Have you seen a doctor? Have you taken a pregnancy test? There are many things that can cause a late period, such as a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, or just the fact that you are stressing and worrying over it. Thus, a proper solution will require a proper diagnosis, as to what's causing the problem. ## i am 25 years old am not married i have got late my period and i am scared for that. in 2004 operate my right side ovary fo... ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Wed, Aug 30 '17, 10:17 PM
Late Period Medicine Name
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i found that my periods is not coming..late a week..there is so stressful situation for me..and there is no chance in pregnancy..i am 24 years old..please tell me soon to the late period medicine name..which i purchase in market..pls tell me.. ## I am not sure what all is available there for you to use and I am not a doctor, so I cannot tell you what you should take anyway. Learn more menstruation details here. Additionally, one week late isn't really anything to panic over, because your body cycles can change. Did you start yet? ## Plz tell me medicne to start m c .almost 15 days over n preg test is neg. ## late my period for one week....plz tell me medicine name,,,,i am 25 years old....i am not pregenent ## My period is late for 2 weeks. Which medicine should be take to regular my... ...
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Sun, Jan 08 '17, 12:20 PM
medicine for late period coming day
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My girlfrnd ask that her period has been delayed by atleast a one week... What is the medicin to have a late period...' ## My girlfrnd ask that her period has been delayed by atleast a 10 days... What is the medicin to have a late period...' ... ## i m newly married cuppled. My age she is not carried out her pregnancy. First night we r intercross with out condom. So plz tell me any teblet for his piriod reguligation. Now till 14deysis ranning to the intercross time. Thanks ## Hi miss . last few month we ont have any intercourse with my bf May 12 i have a period and it last until may 16 . then june 30 is the next menstration and it ends i think july 5 . july 18 that was my bf have intercourse . it is posibble that i am pregnant? 3days delayed already . what medicine s... ...
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Mon, Jul 10 '17, 6:49 PM
Advice for medicine for late period
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I am 24 Years old last month my period date was 6 Jan and this month its late for 4 days my stomach is painning as it pains before period and during period plz advice me the medicine so that my period comes again as soon as possible because I can bear my stomach pain ...
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Fri, Feb 10 '17, 4:05 AM
i need medicine for my late period 19 days
3 Replies RSS me im still worie about my condition my period to much late.may last period is on november 22,2015 but untill now still not come in not feel comportble im afraid to become pregnant..becoz im working in other country..plz help me wat i do.. ## myblast period is on nov 22untill 27 of november but untill now they ddint come i used preg. test but negative..i want to advice wat can i do this my happening with me..pls ## I am 46years of age. I got my last period on jan 23rd. We are rarely intimate. Now it's been one and half months since I have missed my periods. U/A and blood work says negative, but till now i didn't see my periods. Please advise me a medicine to normalize my periods very soon. ## Please help my g.f shi is not coming period at 15 days what madecion should he... ...
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Tue, May 17 '16, 6:14 PM
late period tablet name
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I want to know if what medicine i gonna take because i am 16days late of my period i am so worried..i like to know if whats tablet i gonna take pls reply so scared.. ## I USED CLOMID AND DUPHASTON DURING MY LAST CYCLE , I VE MISSED MY PERIOD NOW FOR 2 WEEKS AND PREGNACY TEST IS NEGATIVE ,WHAT SHOULD I DO ## Muje gaye 25day pure let hui hai to period konashi tablet Le ki abhi turant Ho jaye ...
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Tue, Sep 27 '16, 8:51 PM
tablet for period pain
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My wife experiences pain in her stomach during her period. It's gotten so bad that she is crying. Please suggest any tablet. She is 20 yrs old. ## Mai priya mera periyad month ki 10 tarikh ko aata hai lakin abhi tak aya nahi hai please koi upae bataye ## Mera periyad 10 din late ho gaya hai please koi tips bataye ## give me drug for pain reliev in stomch pain in preiod ## Whenever I menstruate I feel pain in my abdomen. So sometimes I take this medicine called Lofnac 100 (rectal suppositories). Does it have any side effects? What other types of medicine should I take to reduce the pain? ## Hi. I'm on Eliquis and I was wondering if I can take Midol when I'm on Eliquis to help with the pain from my period? ...
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Thu, Aug 17 '17, 10:24 PM
periods tablets
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Hi I am 31years old and I am mother of twins .i was told by my gynae 2have Yamini tab for 21days .1day it was okkk when it comes 2periods 2nd day it was very less and I could c black spots n my pad ...3rd day it was extremely less 2 ...and by evng it was finished.i Calld my gynae she said to continue Yamini from 7th day again ...I need advice ## Pls wat drugs can i take to See my period is a day late ## My period is on the 14th but is late what drug can i take to help push it out ## I am 35 years old I have periods problem my period is coming only one day what can I do for more periods please help me mam immediately ...
Updated 2 months ago.
Mon, Aug 07 '17, 10:19 AM
Medicine for two months and three weeks late period
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My period stopped for about three months, at first I thought I was pregnant so I went to the hospital to check and I was told it negative so the doctor prescribed a medicine for me, which didn't work I later went to a different hospital and she also gave me a different medicine. So about a week time my period started flowing and it also flowed for three months with this bunch of big blood clots. And after that it began flowing normal after three months, and that it has stop flowing again. I need help please. ## Please advice me which medicine I can take for 2 months delayed period ...
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Sat, Sep 02 '17, 1:43 PM
meprate tablets late periods
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What will be the side effect of taking too many meprate tablets at once without knowledge? How can i overcome these side effects? ## my priods is 25 days late.plz give me drugs name. my all reports is all normal.blood passur is 80/60 is low. ## I was intimate with my bf and I missed my periods for the last 25 days. I have not found any symptoms of pregnancy but still my periods are not coming. Please advise. ## Hi. I'm a 22-year-old unmarried girl. I haven't had my period for the last 3 months. I have not had intercourse or anything. Please tell me what tablets I should take? My family is very strict and I can't go to a doctor. Please help me. I'm very nervous about my health. ...
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Sun, Sep 10 '17, 12:58 AM
Late periods
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I'm 18 years old n my periods are mostly late but this time it's been 4 months since I haven't got my periods I'm really worried could you plz prescribe me any pills ## My daughter 15 years old is taking Dicorate 1g from last 15 months. Her periods always back by 7/10 days. But this time it is about 20 days passed. Kindly suggest, does she needs any medicines ? Or is there be any problem for her ? ## @Rishabh, Sorry to hear about your daughter's experience with Dicorate (Divalproex). From what I've read, this medication can have a strange effect on the regularity or presence of one's menstrual cycle, and it does actually list this as a side effect on the drug's prescribing packet. Unfortunately, there's really no way to know for sure when/if her cycle... ...
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Sat, Nov 30 '13, 7:36 PM
tablet for before date periods
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Hi I have family outstation for our retual nomes and unfortunately the day when I reach there will be same or one day later for my date so please advice me medicine. Thank you ## Hi if I consume Meftal Spas tablet before my periods will it be delayed for a wk, as I've got to attend an important family function this wkend ...
Updated 23 days ago.
Wed, Sep 27 '17, 10:41 PM
Medicine for late menstration
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I am 2 days delayed... My period start June 4 end June 7 and now my period not yet come... What medecne I drink so that my blood come? ## Bakit delay po ang menstration ko 2 days na po? Anung bang dahilan? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Wed, Aug 03 '16, 6:09 AM

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