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medicine for esr

my esr is 94 please prescribe some medicine . my age is 46 yrs . i am diabetic. using insulin ## ESR IS 95 , and uric acid is 8.5 ,TLC is 7,600 , DLC N 55 L 40 M 02 E 3 ,RA and CRP is normal limit ## My wife is now 32 years and her esr is 72. Please suggest me medicine to reduse esr. ## I am doctor and i have more than 249 tuberculosis and asthma patient all patient will be cure after taking long term treatment but 2 tuberculosis patient dont feel good because there ESR does not go down from 76 and 69 from last 3 month after taking treatment so please tell me which medicine is good for to reduce ESR ...

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Razo 20 medicine

I have been having Razo 20 for last five years early morning.After breakfast and do not have Acidity problem. The day i forget having it i have a problem. Are there any side effects of taking Razo 20 for a longer period. If so what is the alternat. doctor said to continue Razo20 . i am 37 years old please tell me what i should do...... ## i am suffering gastritis more than six months. After scan test it is found that Gall bladder is not visualized due to gases and grade I fatty liver.and others are normal. One of the dr prescribed Pantocid. another Dr prescribed that RAZO-L tablet. Which is better for me. I am having Hameglobin 12.9 and ESR test 23.(Recently done on 14/4/13) Please advice which tablet is better. Any side effect is there to take the tablet. I am taking Telma -H for Blood... ...

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atorva 10mg or fibator ls better for esr control

I have high ESR of 54 and Triglycerides as 280. I am.daily taling 1. eptoin 100MG 2. Atorvastin 10MG (after dinner) and Thyonorm 75 MG.( before meals) ...

esrd patient

I'm an esrd patient, on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. I was just prescribed lyrica for multiple pain sites. I've been reading, and am concerned about my future kidney function. Also my mother has Immacular holes in her eyes, they told her that's past two me. I already wear glasses. And I don't like the addictive side, I was taking oxycodone 15mg 3-4 daily. But was told they could kill me, because they build up in the kidneys. I like how they worked on my pain. But feeling scared to try lyrica ## Hello, TN Rog! How are you? It has been known to cause kidney stones in some people, which could be dangerous for you, if you already have impaired kidney function. And yes, it can also cause ocular damage, though it isn't common. Have you discussed your concerns ... ...

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taxim o forte

Dear Doctor, My son is 2 year and 7 months. he is suffering from loose motion (4-5 times a day) and high fever 100-103c. first doctor given enterogermina (twice a day) + zinconia syrup (5ml a day) + calpol syrum 250mg. but not progress in health. then they asked for stool test and bound bacterias and Pus cells 6-8/Hpf then doctor added septran syrup 5ml twic a day. but unfortunaterly no improvemnet seen in next 3days. then he asked for blood test. blood test result show PLATELET COUNT 5.62Lakh/cmm, ESR 70mm/hr, TOTAL COUNT-14300 CELLS/CUMM and typhoid is negative. now (today) doctor asked us to stop septran and added new medicine TAXIM -O forte syrup twice. we are very worried as it has been 9-10 days and he lost 2kg weight. please guide us best regards ravi ...

drugs for fever

Fever started 1 week after femor neck surgery. Elevated levels of ESR (above 100)and CPR(above 23). Doctor rules out osteomyelitis. Put on ant biotics by GP. Fever has not come down substantially after 3 weeks of treatment.Chill and fever starts in the afternoon after lunch and continues throught night. Doctor asking us to wait and continue. Surgical wound healed completely. No pain at the site of surgery. Pl advice what kind of infection is possible and the desired names of antibiotics. ## Hello, Vyjayanthi! How are you doing? This person really needs to be seen by a doctor again and have more medical work ups done to get to the root of the problem. There are things other than infections that can cause elevation of ESR and CPR. They are commonly elevated in people with some forms of ar... ...

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esr: what it means

My esr is 94. Is that a high reading and what does it mean? ## Hello, Jeff! How are you? ESR stands for erythrocyte sedimentation rate and it indirectly measures how much inflammation is present in your body, as explained by the NIH. And yes, the 94 is very high. Generally, in men, normal is 15mm/hr if they are under 50 and 20mm/hr if they are over 50. Abnormal results may signify several medical conditions, including cancer, anemia, kidney disease and thyroid diseases. Have you been experiencing odd symptoms recently? ...

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Folitrax 10 mg for RA

I am taking Folitrax 10 mg - 2 tabs twice a week for about three years.I do not have pain in the body , but my ESR level is hovering between 40 to 60 . My doctor tells me that some person' s ESR level generally remains high and is a normal position. My age is 73 . My question is - Can I discontinue Folitrax now. I have thoroughly studied its side effects which far outweigh its curative effects.Please give your independent opinion based on your experience as my doctor has not discontinued it yet. ...

spondilytis and esr 94

I am age 35 years diabetic with strong neck pain. there is a bone grown on the neck part on middle of shoulders at top of back bone. Its quite prominent now. i am now constantly feeling dizziness, especially when i pick something little bit heavy also. Hb 10.2 heamatocrit 31.4 mcv 69.32 mch 22.52 am scared of constant dizziness and neck pain. Do i suffer from Spondilytis. Also I got a big painless sore in my mouth a month back which a dr told stomatitis taken rinifol but not healed yet..Pls reply ## I am age 35 years diabetic with strong neck pain. there is a bone grown on the neck part on middle of shoulders at top of back bone. Its quite prominent now. i am now constantly feeling dizziness, especially when i pick something little bit heavy also. Hb 10.2 heamatocrit 31.4 mcv 69.32 mch ... ...

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Antibiotic name for fever and cough

I have a baby. He is six years old. For the last 3 days/nights he has been suffering from a fever and cough. Please suggest me an antibiotic name that could help. ## Have you consulted his doctor? An appropriate medication will depend on what issue is causing these symptoms. The NIH lists the typical side effects of antibiotics as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Is he on any other medications? ## My son is 4 years old & he is coughing a lot. His mucous color is yellow and he has chest pan so please advise me on some treatment tips. ## My ESR is 138, wbc-14.0, and I have had a cough and fever for the past month. Please recommend me an appropriate medicine for treatment. ...

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Tablet Danzen Ds. Can it be used for any unknown infection in bodt

can this medicine be helpful in reducing ESR levels in our body or its ingredients have such benefits ## I want to know about the...and how I can use and watch cause mostly I use tab danzen d.s ...

Ihad A Sle Problem So I Had Use Predmet Tab For 3 Years Want To Know The Sideeffects

i had sle problem so there is a rashes in my face and i feal so tired the ESR rate must be above from the normal rate when i went to sunlight the rashes must increase i have to use predmet,azoran,hcqs for about 3 years i want to know the sideeffects and i want to know the complete cure from the disease ## i am suffering from sle.i have to use predmet 4 mg tablet 4 times in ady.i want to know the side effect.i want to know the complete cure from the disease. ...


Medicine for high ESR count Brand name Fibator or Fibalor ## I am having high Triglyceride levels & hav been advised Fibator. Could anyone tell how good & effective is this medicine. Secondly, I was adviced by my Doctor to take tablet Tonact 10 daily one at night. But when I took just 4 or 5 tablets, my tounge started feeling the burning sensation. I am unable to eat any spicey food or hot tea, coffee, etc. Please help. ## I have also been advised Fibator for high Triglyceride and have same query as Rajeev as to how good and effective is this medicine. I have not faced any problem/ side effect of this tablet ## whether fibator 10 can be taken with aciloc-150/rantac-150/zintac-150? ## I am having high Triglyceride levels & hav been advised Fibator. Could anyone tell how good ... ...

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Hcqs Ta

My RA was negativeI and cpt is normal had ESR 84 and jint pains and swellings started after throat infection. I managed for 5 months with pain killers and omnokotil advised my some doctors.After one Rheumotoligst Dr. has prescribed HCQS90 2times and Ezact and Rantec. and I took painkiller Ezact only 3 days with pedsinolan injection. Can i stop medicines as my pain and inflammation has subsidedafter 10 days.can I continue yoga as I feel quiet comfortable after that .Am 52 yrs old Male. ...

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hello Dr., I'm a 32-year-old male suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 7 years, by Blood Test for HLA B-27, is Positive my ESR is 110, day by day my body is becoming Stiffer & Stiffer, i am not feeling well, unless i take pain killers say Voveran & indocap SR, but as the effects of medicine dissapears, situation get worsts, i am just unable to walk, my backbone, neck, and (both knee joints) are inflamed with severe pain, if i do not take medicine i always feel feverish. Please help me. What do i do? ## My ESR level is 110. What can I do? Please tell. ## I think you're having ankylosing spondilitis. I have the same problem. ## My father has been suffering from RA for 15 years. Please advise me about any natural cure. Could "Life transfer capsules" help... ...

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Deflazacort Side Effects

i am sufferring with Post viral poly arthritis. Doctor has advised me to take Deflazacort 6 mg tablets for 10 days. Can i use this medicine for 10 days. Any side effects are there. my age is 35 years/female. ## In the month of february 2011 i got viral fever with arthritis (wrist, elbow,knee and ankle joints). pain was migrated from one joint to another (with in the above four joints). General physician suggested to do the Blood test for DsDNA, AsDNA, C-reactive protein (CRP)and ESR. Out four tests CRP and ESR positive with 3.8mg/L and 103 mm respectively. then he diagnosided that its seronegative rheumatoid arthritis and prescribed Prednisolone tablets for 15 days along with pain killer. Next i went to Orthopedic doctor. He said its not Sero-ve RA. We need to do the symptomatic treatme... ...

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zerodol side effect cause any problem in conceiving

Hello, me and my husband are trying for a baby, but 3 months back i had severe pain in my arm. Initially i avoided it or took some regular crocin but still pain was there so per my doctor's recommendation i started taking zerodol mr, & now its been one month that i am using this medicine. Pain sometimes is there in my arm, right thumb, shoulder end, but sometime its all gone....i have gone through all diagnostics - MRI, urine, HB, CRP, ESR, all results are ok, no problem anywhere...but i do feel like vomiting, nausea, throat pain, neck pain, no appetite for food. I just wanna know what could be reason for all these symtoms, and if i am taking all these medicine- zerodol MR, lyser frms, neurokind, pantop -will all these cause any problem for me in conceiving for baby? My period c... ...

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Folitrax 5 mg side effect

My wife, diagnosed with auto body immune , she has been advised for folitrax 5 mg, once in 5 days. She has Ben having mild headache , after 2 days of taking the 2nd dose. There is no other listed side effect is noticed. Pls suggest if this headache could be, because of the side effect of folitrax. Is she been given right medicine. Thanks ## There is not much side effect for folitrax. Dont gave too much importance to peoples talk. if are that much suspicious check CBC, ESR, FBS, HbAIC, Creatinine, SGOT, SGPT and Urine R/E and consult a doctor. If everything is normal nothing to worry. Repeat these diagnostics every 6 months to ensure you are perfect. ...


i am 40 years mail . i am suffering from acute anxiety and stress from fifteen years. i have not taken any medicine doctor has adviced me to take libotryp for one month. is there any side effect if i take this medicine for one month. ## My wife was diagonsed c.a.colon in Mar'06 & operation with chemo treatment was completed. In Mar'09 she was feeling back pain & feet pain. Dr. give her tab. ibotryp (once in day), tab ultracet (S.O.S),tab. Pan D & cap Revital in Mar'09. She feel some releif in the pain but not complete releif. Now(July 2010) we went to artro. Dr. he suggested some tests(RA factor, Thyroid, ESR, Blood Sugar, DLC, Uric Acid etc.) apart form other tests RA factor & Thyroid comes comes positive (Result RA 76 IU/ML, Thyroid 6.064 out of max... ...

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Razo L

One of the doctor presrcibed for taking the RAZO-L for three months for gastritis problem. after the taking the USG scan test for abodmen and it is found that Gall bladder is poor visualized due to gases and grade i fatty liverand also hameglobin 12.9 and ESR 23 . i am taking Telma -H tablet for blood pressure and Rosuvas - 20 mg for chlorestal problem for past two months. I am vegetarian, I am used to take Idli and Dosai and Rice items only always.Any side effect is there to take RAZO_L capsule for gastriitis problem more than six months, I am 57 years old. Please advice me . last two months I have taken PANTACID - 40 mg . No relief at all. Please advice me to take the capsule of RAZO_L ## I am takking razo l since last 3 months for gas problem is it s any side effects? i have a loss o... ...

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