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Fracture Pelvic

what are the signs of a fractured pelvic, where would the pain be centered? ## A pelvic fracture is when one or more of the pelvic (hip) bones are broken. Signs and symptoms of a pelvic fracture depend on the part of the pelvis that is fractured. You may have life-threatening injuries if your pelvic fracture was caused by a high speed injury. Serious injuries may have happened to your chest, head, neck, kidney, and other organs inside your abdomen. Pelvic avulsion fractures do not usually cause any other life threatening injuries. Signs and symptoms of a broken pelvis include: -Bruising and tenderness over one or more of your pelvic bones. -Swelling in one or more of the areas over your pelvic bones. -Numbness or tingling in your genital area or in your upper thighs. -Discomfort or pain... ...

Compression fractures

I`ve been getting prescribed oxycodone 10mg pills for my back, I`ve seen a specialists who over time has prescribed it for me. He said I needed to see a general practitioner which I did but didnt like so I found another. I`ve used different pharmacies since the dr`s where in different locations now I`m red flagged or something. How do I get around this? Palm desert CA area ## What problems are you having that make you think you've been flagged? More specific details would enable people to give you better advice. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Where you getting multiple prescriptions filled for the same medication at different pharmacies and from different doctors at the same time? ...

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tablet setfrac is used for

The treating Orthopedic Doctor has advised to take the Setfrac tablets thrice daily to the Polly trauma patient whose right hand Ulna and Radius bones are fractured.The patient is also administered with Terifrac injection once daily since two month.We would like to know the necessity of administering the Setfrac tablets for bone jointing. ## I AM SENDING THIS MESSAGE FROM INDIA. CAN YOU PLEASE INFORM ME ABOUT THE USEFULNESS OF SETFRAC CAPSULES [MANUFACTURED BY GLASCO SMITHCLEAN] FOR THE TREATMENT OF A FRACTURED BONE? ...

stress fracture of the foot

Received my first Prolia injection in June. I have osteoporosis of the spine and osteopenia of the hips. I am 62 and in good health otherwise, do not take any other prescriptions except for vaginal premarin cream. On November 3 for no apparent reason I had a stress fracture in the right foot below the outer ankle. It is still not fully healed, but is much better. A week after the stress fracture I did a slow motion fall, while hobbling around on a relatives driveway, hitting their mailbox post, (with not much force) causing a type II shoulder sprain which still has not healed. My general physician referred me to an orthopedic specialist on Thursday to see what is going on. My GP recommended not taking the second shot this December. The gynocologist is the prescriber of the Prolia. Will ... ...

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Wife suffered femur fracture after years on Fosamax and generic Fosamax

Wife was just standing when her femur fractured just below the hip joint. She fell to the ground, in agony. Orthopedic surgeon said she DID NOT have osteoporosis, in fact her bones were very solid. She took Fosamax for years, for the last three or four, was on generic alendronate Sodium. Now has a metal rod in the femur, held in by a pin and screw. She faces months of pain and healing. Need to find a law firm willing to take her case on contingency basis, since we are on Social Security, and cannot afford to pay a law firm. ## We live in Amesbury, MA. Wife needs a walker to get around, had to spend money for plane trip back from MO, since she could not take a long car trip after surgery. Also had to pay to transport to KC Airport. Needed a shower chair, since she cannot stand to take a ... ...

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suboxone and scoliosis spine fractures

What can i take for scoliosis and two spine fractures when i take suboxone. And my pain chronic to severe. Can my dr perscribe me a pain medicine that i can take only when my pain is at its worst? ## Well they hAve me doing pain management for 4 to 6 x a week. But they said it would be ok if i was to take oxcodone 10mg instant release 3 time a day and w percocet 5mg every 8 hrs as needed . For atleast 3 to 4 months untill i can manage my pain . Would anyone or dr give me a answer it would really help . Please help me . ## I am not a doctor, but I can tell you that Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone, the latter of which is used to prevent someone abusing other narcotics, while they are under treatment with this medication. So, other narcotics can't be used with it, because ... ...

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what is zerodol sp used for in leg fracture

I had a fracture in my leg so my doctor advised me to take zerodol sp tid. After taking the tablet I am feeling stomach pain in my gastric region, difficulty breathing, and nausea when standing for more than 12hrs. Why am I experiencing these effects? ## Hello, Aruna! How are you doing? While nausea and stomach pain may be normal side effects, the trouble breathing is something you need to have checked out by your doctor. That could be the sign of a dangerous allergic reaction, as reported by the U.S. FDA. Has anything changed? ...

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Dog Rimadyl

My chiweenie was taking 1/2 Deramaxx 25mg once daily until the backorder began. I have 100mg tablets Rimadyl, would it be safe to quarter these and give her a quarter once daily? Thanks! ## Hi Migisi, If you feel that the vet prescribed a heavy dosage, then yes, I'd suggest cutting the pill into fractions when necessary, if not but to see how your dog responds to it. Even if there's not score/break lines on the pill I'd give it a try. The only time I don't recommend doing that is if the drug itself is an extended release version, because I'm not sure how that may affect it's chemistry. I hope this helps! ## Thanks David! ...

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tramadol dosage

I smoke but do not drink alcohol, no illegal drugs & always good health with perfect blood pressure. Fractured Sacrum with multiple pain issues. Taking 200mg Tramadol 3 x's in a 15 hr day with 0 side effects. Started taking 30mg Elavil in pm, makes me very drowsy. My Tramadol also changed from white tablets to yellow/green capsule. My heart has started to feel weird, with some pain (scary). Blood pressure still good. What's going on ? Cld my medications be damaging my health? My pain from injury prevents sitting or standing YET i was Denied Disability. Tramadol has allowed me to continue working. ## Yes, they could be damaging your health, that is always a risk associated with any medication. While they can be of great benefit, they also have the potential to do great harm. ... ...

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Jeffersonian Fracture to C1, Facet Fracture C5, L 4/5 herniated disc and more

I was in an awful accident, and my doctor took me off pain med a few months ago. I have had a lot of pain and have been acting like I am healing. However, he took me off pain meds because he is not allowed to keep me on them for over three months. I manage day to day, but I am a single mother to a 9 year old boy. I could really use a pain pill in the morning and when he gets home from school. However, my doctor will not prescribe me anymore pain meds. ## Hello, Boo! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. If you require pain medications on a long-term ongoing basis, you'll need to see a pain management specialist. The DEA issued new directives last year that limit what your PCP can prescribe, how much they can prescribe and how long they can prescribe it. Have you t... ...

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citromacalvit tablets

i sliped n fell after tht they took my xray n give this tablets for strenght ## i dnt to tak this tablets blindy.i want to have the knowledge of this particular tablet before taking since i m 7 month born what r the good n bad effect of the tablet since i do health check up every 6month no problem in any report ## i need indication,side effects of taking citromacalvit sachet once in three months for an 70 yr old women ## Sir, Please send the details, tablet- Citro macalvit, Tab- Shelcal OD & Oientment- Evalon Oestriol (how to use & dose). Please do the needful. With regards & thanks Arup Sen ## What are all the side effects of above tablets. I am 66 years old ## past 45 days i am taking this tablet due my bone fracture. pain has come down but i get irritation on my skin ## h... ...


For about 3 years now I have been taking Omeprazole 20mg. 1x a day, made by Reddy's, and have been feeling fine. Recently our prescription provider through our insurance sent me my new prescription made by Sandoz maufacturers; they are while as opposed to the bluish/gray made by Reddy's. I don't think they are working the same, does that make sense? ## Hello, Martyz4! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. Why have you been taking it for so long? Long-term use increases the risk of sudden hip fracture, which is why PPI's are usually only used for up to 4 months, at a time, then a break is taken. Learn more Omeprazole details here. And if you've been taking the same dosage for about 3 years, it could be that your body has just gotten used to the ... ...

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Atelvia cost same as Fosamax?

My doctor wants me to switch from generic Fosamax to Atelvia. I can find no prices online for it (yet). The drug rep told my Dr. it costs the same as Fosamax. He must mean the original Fosamax as generic is much less. It is NOT covered by MedicareRX program, while Fosamax and others are. ## The generic is much cheaper, however fracturing a bone will be much more expensive in the long run. The generic has a lousy absorption rate and is not consistently coated, resulting and many GI side effects. The new drug eliminates the time and compliance issues that this class of drug traditionally have. If a patient has so much as one drink of coffee within the fasting period this will eliminate 90% of the drug reducing it to an expensive placebo. You can have your Doc ask for a prior authorization... ...

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Pain management with Opana ER

Can someone tell me if the still make the rapid release Opana I have 5 fractures on my spine and my Dr. prescribed me the extended release Opapa.It took 8hours for me to notice any reliefThis is not gonna do they still make them or is there another kind. ## Hello, Nick! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. Yes, the regular release formulation is still available in 5 and 10mg dosages. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Needin 5 or 10 milligrames tabs ov valime can't get from no where can u help me ...

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Percocet and pain management

Can anyone tell me what to look forward to when I go to management for the first time. I have advanced osteoporosis with frequent fractures and now my spine is compromised. I've been on norco,10 mg for 7 years and recently was changed to perco cent 10 mgs but I cannot tolerate then. What is a good med to replace it. I refuse to have spinal shots. ## What types of issues did you experience with the Percocet? The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. There is a form of Hydrocodone, which is the active opiate in Norco that is available in a time released formulation. The name brand is Zohydro, so if it worked well for you, you may want to ask your new doctor about trying it. ...

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Can Soma be taken with Ms Contin?

I have been on antidepressants, Cymbalta, Lamictal, Ambien & Klonopin. I'm am currently off ambien now and weaning Klonopin, soon to be off. No complaints. My only trouble with Trazodone is major headaches. I do stress exercises daily for chronic low back pain and surgery for l1 fracture. I've just come off five 10/325 norco to 15 mg ms contin 3 a day. My pain is better but not fully controlled. I'm very aware of addiction and dependence, so the less controlled substance the better. What I'm looking for is advice. My sleep cycle is horrible due to a lot of different medical issues, such as kidney stones. I have colon polyps surgery in two months. Plus I deal with regular stress. I go to a therapist and many doctors just wanted opinions of staying on ms contin. It gav... ...

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 Tetanus Immune Globulin, Human, TIG

Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, is a bacterial infection characterized by muscle spasms.[1] In the most common type, the spasms begin in the jaw and then progress to the rest of the body.[1] Each spasm usually lasts a few minutes and spasms occur frequently for three to four weeks.[1] Spasms may be severe enough to cause bone fractures.[6] Other symptoms of tetanus may include fever, sweating, headache, trouble swallowing, high b...
help pain management no insurance

I am a cancer patient who found out in hospital that I lost my job and insurance. I need immediate help for pain. Have looked for pain management, don't know who to trust. I honestly am begging for help ## I would ask to talk with the social worker at the hospital, they actually paid for my perscrption. Also ask to talk to the financial dept not only for the hospital bill, but also about the meds, your doc, can several times help. And get ahold of hospice, you do not have to be dieing, and they could be able to help. If your doc makes a referral it can help greatly. They, helped me when I fractured my lower back I sincerely hope some of my suggestions help. Forgot one - do you have a pharmacy you have used? They also have connections! ## All pain docs accept cash. You will not get s... ...

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tramadol active ingredient change

Hi everyone, I've been taking tramadol for a few years for a severe spinal stenosis, knee pain both knees (work related) upper arm pain, osteoporosis arthritis, etc. When I first started taking tramadol it was for a broken metatarsal in my right foot. I was originally given Vicodin, but I made me too loopy so took it to my doctor and asked for something else, he prescribed ultracet. It was great, no loopiness at all, I was still able to drive, work, etc. This became my drug of choice for pain. I requested it when I broke a metatarsal in left foot, then a fractured right big toe. Fast forward a few years to 2008, I lost vision so I started walking and catching the bus. That's when all of the other pains started. It began with pains in my back and left leg, and leg would fall asle... ...

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My Xray Report States That I Am Having Hand Fracture Problem And M Severe Pain In Even Dont Able To Work For Sometime Is This Recoverable Doctor Has P

my X-ray report states that i am having hand fracture problem and m having severe pain in hand ..even dont able to work for sometime. is this problem recoverable ?? my Doctor has prescribed 3 Medicines 1)OSTEOWIN-PLUS Tablet 2)ACTIROL SACHET & 3)ENZOWIN Softgels so i want to know about the formulations of all these medicines. Regards ## OSTEOWIN PLUS TABLET INDIA'S FIRST COMPELETE CALCIUM THERAPY CONTAINS CCM+CALCITROL+VITAMIN K2 ## Drives Away D3 Deficiency Vitamin D deficiency is a major concern in India affecting all age groups. ACTIROL SACHET a brand of vitamin D3 containing 60,000 IU of Cholecalciferol has been introduced to address this health concern. Increasing awareness on Vitamin D deficiency and its implications is widening the market of Vitamin – D... ...

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