Liquid Methadone

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liquid methadone
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PLEASE, I NEED TO KNOW IF LIQUID METHADONE COMES IN PINK OR IS IT WATERED DOWN because i have always got cherry red and never saw pink methadone until i got to this clinic and i take 150 mil. and with in 15 hours i need another dose. When i got cherry red i was able to take it every other day and i was fine. So can you PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON? THANK YOU. P.S. I TAKE IT FOR PAIN ## in my country methadone is dark green, however that is when it comes ready made, the chemist can get methadone crystals,speical water,and colourant to make themselves wich costs less aprently and that 99% of the time will taste less strong and be of a lighter colour, the chemist stands strong,oviously, and sais they make it right each time but if i were u i wud ask them if u can watch them make it ... ...
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Fri, Nov 17 '17, 3:06 PM
Liquid methadone 100 mg
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This my first time taking liquid methadone. The one I got is kinda like a mint green color. People I know who the methadone said they never seen it in this color, only like a cherry red or orange. I would just like Ike to know if the stuff I got is real??? Can anyone help me out here I would really appreciate it thanks ## Hi Dee, If you got your prescription filled at a licensed pharmacy then there really shouldn't be any reason to worry about the color. However if this had happened to me I'd probably contact the pharmacy where I got it filled at and verify that the drug and dosage are correct. My guess is that the manufacturer might've changed certain inactive ingredients, which they aren't necessarily required to announce to the purchasing public prior to making any al... ...
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Sun, Nov 05 '17, 5:41 PM
methadone liquid color
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I've been at my methadone clinic for two-and-a-half years in New York and I've heard that out west they have different colors such as orange, green, even blue, but where I'm at it's red with water. The next dose tends to get lighter in red. ...
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Sun, Jan 15 '17, 5:48 AM
white liquid methadone
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Is there any white liquid methadone ## There is clear liquid methadone & it tastes awful! ## There is light red liquid mmeta done aswell an it's not so bad ## I just took methadone it was a light green color...he told me it was clear but T his clinic they mix it with a green substance so they if it was tampered with when he brings the bottle back. In on 66mgs but mine is the cherry flavored kind which tastes bad but this stuff he gave me tasted even worse...I feel like it's starting to work but not really..somebody let me know please if they know anything on clear methadone with a greenish color to it..thank u ...
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Sat, Sep 24 '16, 12:33 PM
cherry liquid methadone
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im trying to find what cherry liquid methadone looks like ## In Australia the cherry colour methodone is made by Glaxo, don't know if that helps.???? ...
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Fri, Dec 23 '16, 12:20 AM
Orange Liquid Methadone
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Is it like water or thicker ## From what little information I was able to find, it is noted to be made from a syrup base by many manufacturers; meaning that it would be a thicker consistency than water. A liquid formulation ingredient list may look like this: Methadone Hydrochloride (HCL) BP 1mg/1mL Glucose syrup Green S (E142) Tartrazine (E102) Sunset Yellow (E110) Parabens (preservative) Ethanol Trace chloroform water. There are other mixtures as well that use different syrup bases like Sorbitol syrup or Unpreserved syrup. Additional information that I gathered states that "different liquid formulations only alter the medium in which the methadone is dissolved and will therefore have the same effect on the client." I hope this information helps! ...
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Sat, Nov 26 '11, 9:50 PM
liquid methadone picture
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What does 100mgs look like when you pour it in a bottle before water? ## Hi Amber, "Methadose" liquid oral concentrate with a national drug code of "0406-0527" comes in a red cherry flavor and is available in 1000mL bottles. Each serving reportedly contains 10 mg per mL, so if you have 100 mgs that would be 10mL worth of fluid. However there are photographs on google images displaying Methadose in a clear cup. Just type in "liquid methadone pictures". Below is also a list of the inactive ingredients, so you know it's not just Methadone by itself that's being poured into the bottle: Anhydrous Citric Acid FD & C Red No. 40 D & C Red No. 33 Methylparben Poloxamer 407 Propylene Glycol Propylparaben Water Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate Sucrose I hope this... ...
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Thu, Nov 10 '16, 6:12 PM
Light pink liquid methadone
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I got liquid methadone and it does not taste like cherry`s, it taste like liquid Benadril & looks like it too! It`s light pink in color. Anyone know? Please let me know!!! Thanks ## Hi Brooke! The liquid methadone doesn't always taste like cherry. They add water 2 it and that interferes with the taste. It all depends on how much water they add. The more water they add, the more different. it will taste. You're still getting the same amount of methadone. ## P.S. As far as the color being lighter, that's because of the water they add. ## Methadone is red taken it for18 year's unfortunately it's one thing that is hell to get off of good luck and I do mean good luck !!!!!! You just got on the train get OFF while you can dumb ass!!!! Wish I cherry favor!! ...
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Wed, May 13 '15, 9:03 PM
clear liquid methadone smell
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I need to know if this is liquid methadone. It is a completely colorless liquid and smells minty-like. ...
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Mon, May 29 '17, 7:42 PM
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i have booked a family holiday for two weeks in lanzarote and have been told today that im not allowed to take my 150mg daily does with me because the doctor thinks i should go to detox first are they allowed to do this ## Your doctor isn't obligated to treat you or provide you with any medications, whatsoever, so yes, they certainly can. The only time any doctor is obligated to treat you is if you're in life threatening danger. Providing you with a medication such as this is not something they have to do. Learn more Methadone details here. And, if they did provide you with enough doses for a 2 week travel period, he could be held responsible if something untoward were to happen. I'm sorry, I realize it creates complications for you, but that's just the way it works. How... ...
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Mon, Sep 18 '17, 11:00 PM
Liquid Methadone color discrepancy
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My husband is taking liquid methadone has been for about four years and this morning he noticed his medicine was cloudy and then he took his other doses out and found several others of his doses were too. They were filled at the same time. Is this supposed to happen? And is it common? He said he hasn't bee feeling right for the last couple of days. I am worried, has anyone have this happen to thiers? And what could cause it? ## I'm not sure, but it makes me wonder if perhaps they didn't mix it properly. Has he tried calling the clinic or doctor that he receives it from to ask them? What are the symptoms he's experiencing when he says he isn't feeling right? ## never heard of cloudy methadone unless juice is added.even then its not cloudy. Is this is the clear or red ... ...
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Wed, Nov 15 '17, 8:11 AM
Liquid Methadone dose 70Mg once a day
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I currently take 70mgs of liquid Methadone once a day, but I used to take two 10mg tablets of Methadone twice a day. Since I have been taking the liquid I have went from 40mg a day to 100mg a day in just over three months, however I have decreased my dose to 70mg over the past few months because I was worried to be at such a high dose so fast. When I was taking the tablets I stayed at a total of 40mg in a day comfortably for six months, until I found a place in town that would keep me on methadone because I was traveling out of town just to pick up that prescription. The place I go to now prefers prescribing liquid and only one large dose every 24hrs, I don't think the liquid is as effective as the tablets and I also don't feel that one dose last 24hrs, that is the reason my dos... ...
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Fri, Oct 06 '17, 10:01 AM
Methadone Use
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I am new to the methadone and was wondering why my doctor would put me on methadone when he knew I had been addicted to Oxycontin before and had to go into the hospital for the withdrawals. They put me on the liquid methadone to get me off of the Oxycontin. How bad is it going to be to get off of the methadone if that time ever comes? Anthony ## Probably a big challenge to get off, Methadone is in itself addictive. Rob Check out the other Methadone Discussion on this site some of the other posters provided really good info. ## Anthony, I was once addicted to Oxycontin. There is a new drug out in the market that can be prescribed by a doctor. It also can be given in the privacy of your doctor's office. The new miracle pill is called, Suboxone. It changed my life. It detoxes you, sto... ...
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Mon, Sep 19 '16, 10:08 AM
Liquid Methadone Together With Morphine
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my mom takes 36ml of liquid methadone 3 times a day and 7ml of liquid morphine every hour for cancer. I want her to get off the drugs and into some sort of treatment for her cancer. Is she going to need help getting off the drugs? ## I am a Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer survivor. And really I understand your concerns. And I guess it depends on your individual situation. Just keep in mind that it is you Mother's choice whether or not to pursue cancer treatment. Treatment in itself is a living hell and just because she starts treatment doesn't mean she will be coming off of her pain meds. Some people would rather live their last days with as little pain as possible instead of adding even more pain, stress, and agony by going through a treatment that may or may not even work. If your moth... ...
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Mon, Sep 25 '17, 2:26 PM
methadone different liquid color orange
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I usually take methadone i get from the clinic but i wasted a bottle with dirty water out of the sink.. I was given a bottle of orange liquid from a family member who says it's methadone from hospice. I'm still scared to take it cuz ive only seen liquid methadone in pink and this is an almost clear orange color. ## I have been taking liquid methodone for the last 4 years for opiate dependancy. I was at a previous clinic getting 120 mil for the last 4 years. I have recently moved to another clinic and they have moved my dose to 200 mil, and I am feeling sick later in the day. My question is, why is the 200 mil not holding me till the next mornings dose at this new clinic when at the old clinic the 120 mil held me till the next morning dose. I am currently taking the Roxaine metho... ...
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Mon, Dec 05 '11, 7:20 PM
can liquid methadone be taken as a suppository
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I've been sick for many days unable to keep anything down. I'm prescribed 120mg of liquid methadone daily. Is it safe to take it as a suppository? ## It will work if you take it that way but be wary of it's onset of action and available medication in the blood stream. Meds given rectally are absorbed much faster than orally. If you must take it this way I would not take the full dose until you know what the effects will be. Always discuss this with the prescribing MD. ...
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Sat, Mar 04 '17, 8:50 PM
My Methadone clinic banned pills - stuck on liquid
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Hello everyone. I'm from San Diego, CA. I've been on Methadone for 3.5 years now. I'm on 80mg daily. I was on the pill form of Methadone for most of my stay at the clinic. They were METHADONE DISKETTES 40MG, they also had DOLOPHINE 5MG and 10MG. Those worked amazing for me, they actually weren't even generic, those are Brand name Methadone. So over 6 months ago, they banned the tablets and forced every patient who were on tablets to liquid Methadone. Ever since the switch, I've been depressed and most of the time I don't even want to leave the house. I was the complete opposite on tablets. Happy, wanting to do anything and everything, etc. So it's definitely impacting my life, negatively. I DON'T want to raise my dose, because I know 80mg is my stable dos... ...
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Thu, Apr 06 '17, 2:38 PM
Methadone NO NO NO!!!!!
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Methadone is the worst drug and most wicked drug in this entire world. They give it to people like me with pill problems and then you can never get off the stuff. I made the worst mistake of my life going into a Methadone program. The people at these palces pretend like they are there for you but they are not. They are there to keep you on this drug that rots away at your mind and body, and they do it well. They want your money. Do you know how cheap liquid methadone is? They milk off your addiction and act like they are doing something good for people like me. I HATE Methadone. I hate what it's doing to me and I HATE that I came in this place for a pill addiction four years ago, at 22, told I had one year and I would be weened off and here I am. I fight with these people all the ti... ...
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Wed, Feb 22 '17, 5:44 AM
Methadone Methadose
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Are methadone and methadose the same thing. I am on methadone right now and i am tired of going to a clinic everyday. So is methadose per-scribleable by a doctor once a month or something. thanks ## Stay clean and in 1 year you'll be going 1 or 2 x week ## Methadose is the liquid form of methadone and in my state (OH) it's what is given at the clinics. You would have to check your local laws but generaly speaking methadone maintenance is only done at a federaly regulated clinic and not in a Dr office. Have you considered Suboxone? The laws governing that are not as strict and alot of Dr's can prescribe it although they do have to apply for the rights to prescribe it. ## Carrie is correct. Methadose does contain Methadone, so it is the same thing, but when given for addiction... ...
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Sat, Sep 24 '11, 1:42 PM
Does methadone expire?
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I have had liquid methadone bottles in my safe for over a year now and needed to know if they expire? ## Yes, all medications expire, but that does not mean they become dangerous, they just start to lose efficacy. Overall, the FDA advises that you dispose of them and see your doctor, if you need a new supply. This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have a bottle of methadone and it said to take it all on the 6th and I didn’t and it’s the 14th now it expires on 12/31/17 can I still take the lil bit that’s left ...
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Tue, Nov 14 '17, 6:56 AM

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