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pain reliever ## This is a Mexican drug that contains 50mgs of Codeine, which is a narcotic pain reliever and 50mgs of Diclofenac, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. This is a narcotic pain reliever. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## What is the standard cost of this medication from the pharmacy? ## is lertus a opiate? ## I just took half of one last night cause 50mg of codeine is alot for one person. made me feel good for 5hours then went to bed woke up dizzy ## I have been using "Lertus Cd" for 1 year now. I use 400 mg daily (about 4 tablets). I cant seem to live without it. I have congested hearty failure, diabets and have extreme nerve damage in my right foot, that when I dont take this medicine, I cant w...

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Just got these for broken rib pain and am in Mexico but know know the dose or frequency to take ## Lertus CD contains: Codeine Phosphate 50 mg + Diclofenac Sodium 50 mg According to this link the manufacturer of these pills is "Asofarma de Mexico" Because I am unable to locate any specific details regarding the dosage and administration of this medication; the best thing I can do is provide you with the contact information of the manufacturer. This is the company's contact email: [email protected] Here is the link to their page with an address and phone number: asofarma.com.mx I hope this helps!

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inflimation pain ## I haven't found a significant amount of information on the drug, but what I did find is posted below for your convenience: Active ingredients: Codeine (50mg) + Diclofenac (50mg) Therapeutic Indications: Analgesic (pain relieving) narcotic + Anti-inflammatory nonsteroid. It appears to be manufactured in Mexico by Asofarma. Learn More: Codeine Details Diclofenac Details I hope this info helps!

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These pills are GOOD! I just got a prescription from mexico (50mg of codeine). I only took half tho cuz 50mg of codeine is a lot to take at one time. It worked great for several hours. ## Just wanted to post the medication dosing guidelines for Codeine, in case you didn't know: "The usual adult dosage for tablets is 15 mg to 60 mg repeated up to every four hours as needed for pain. The maximum 24 hour dose is 360 mg." "Adult doses of codeine higher than 60 mg fail to give commensurate relief of pain and are associated with an appreciably increased incidence of undesirable side effects." "When the patient no longer requires therapy with codeine sulfate, doses should be tapered gradually to prevent signs and symptoms of withdrawal in the physically dependent patien...

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price on lertus cd xlm what the priees for 20 tabs ## The price of any given medication (OTC, prescription, or on the street) can vary 'greatly' depending on who or where you are buying it from. That said, It's really impossible to get an average price, without knowing any of those details. Have you checked prices at your local pharmacy?


I have been taking norco 10mg/325 for about 3 yrs for chronic back pain and went to laredo Mexico they prescibed me lertus 50mg and said that it is equivalent to percocet. Are they equivalent or nothing alike?? Please help!!! ## Based on my research, Lertus 50mg contains the active ingredient: Diclofenac Sodium 50 mg. Diclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat mild-to-moderate pain, and helps to relieve symptoms of arthritis. In my honest opinion it's not very similar to Percocet or Norco at all in terms of potency. The only thing that makes these drugs similar is the fact they they can all be used for pain. But the difference in potency is probably night and day, depending on your tolerance levels. I personally have only taken Norco before so I can...

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i live in mx and the doc gave me this med is it dangerous?im knd of fraked out cause hes always given me tylex cd and i heard the diclofenaco wasnt good,please help i had an operation n my back ## Lertus CD contains Codeine and Diclofenac, so it combines a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory with a narcotic pain reliever. The main concerns about it are the the Diclofenac can cause stomach irritation, which could lead to ulcers and long-term use could cause liver damage, but this only happens to a very small percentage of people that use it. Normal side effects include: nausea, dizziness, stomach irritation and constipation. Learn more: Have you tried discussing your concerns with your doctor?

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I am taking vicodin. In Mexico I bought Tylex CD & Lertus CD. Are they the same strength as vicodin? ## fgjhgfhgfhgf ## to the 2nd poster. you are taking some very dangerous drugs. your baby may suffer birth defects and withdrawl syndrome from the Alprax use. I suggest you see a doctor ASAP! ## Shelly, the Vicodin contains Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. Tylex-CD contains Acetaminophen and Codeine and the Lertus--CD is llisted as containing Diclofenac and Codeine, so these are all different medications. The Codeine is still a narcotic, but the dosage and safe amount you can take in a day can be quite different. Do you have the dosage information on any of them? These details may enable me to help you more. ## I am taking NORCO 10/325 I bought Tylex Cd in mexico 500mg/30mg what is the...

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I was in Mexico and found out through an MRI that I need pain meds. So I was prescribed Lertus capsules, 140 mg once a day. But when I came back my Dr. said that Lertus is bad for my kidneys.

I'm in Mexico right now and I'm a regular Heroin user. So I was looking for some Oxy-Cotin but it seems that since october 2012 they are banned from farmacy over here. So I took a prescription for 200$ to be able to get those Lertus CD and men I've been screwed. This dont work at all. I took 2 tabs, after I took 4, and now I just took 8 and nothing at all. My normal prescription is 100mg of methadone and let me tell you it is 3 times stronger than 8 tabs of those Lertus s***. So dont waste your money on that stuff and especially on a doctor to get the prescription. Better slam your head with a hammer. No really it's plain s***. Of course I'm a hard user but also very experience and has I did not took any heroin for more than 10 days now, anything would make me feel b...

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