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Hi I live in South Africa and have TLE and Fibromyalgia of which the pain was unbearable. The Dr upped my Cymgen from 30 to 60 and with in a week the pain had decreased by 80%, however she i lie down i hear swishing noises like if you had to hold your hands over ears. Also my body had no rash but yet somehow i am itchy all over head to toe, not crazy itchy but like as if something walked on your skin. I feel like one thing fixed 2 things wrong, are these side effects or am i NUTS!! ...

itchy skin

I've been taking simvastatin for about 4 months and have had a really bad itchy skin reaction, but nothing is relieving it. I do not see this posted as a side effect. Not using grapefruit juice, what else might it be interacting with to cause this great discomfort? ## I've been on simvastatin for over a year. Several months I contracted an itch. My PCP doesn't think it is the medicine, but I do. I feel like bugs are crawling under my skin. I have stopped taking it for a few days and the itch has subsided. I'm going to stay of the pills for a week then try them again and see if the itch comes back. If so, I'm telling my doctor he has to prescribe something else. BTW, I don't drink grapefruit juice. ## Many people just have problems and suffer these types of side e... ...

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Hi, i've been on Cymbalta for 4 days now. My skin is very itchy and my hand are very dry. Could this be a side effect? ## It could be an alllergic reaction, your best bet is to consult with your doctor, if you are having a reaction to this med, there are other alternatives that you can try. ## Hi Cindy, This does sound like an allergic reaction, I recomend calling you'r Dr. I just started Cymbalta, today will be my 3rd day, my Dr. said that it helps with diabetic pain,(which I have) and I would feel it working within 5-7 days. If you just started this and the itching is unbareable, go see the doc. Good luck 2 u. Feel free to contact me Sincerely, Leslie ## I just started cymbalta had immediate itchyness first few days day five went to the 60 mg and itchy blistery rash came out o... ...

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A skin that is itchy

I had my knee joint replaced in January 2012.Round about 15 April 2012 I started taking 2 Tramacet capsules per day once again for pain.On the 7th May 2012 I woke up during the night with severe itching of my skin.Ever since my virtually whole body has been itching at night and I have been overheating.I have tried lighter bedding and bed clothes but to no avail.I don't have a fever. ## Are you still taking the Tramacet? It's possible that you developed an allergy to some ingredient in it. Learn more Tramadol details here. Learn more Acetaminophen details here. What have you tried to treat the itching? Have you tried any antihistamines? ## I have tried antihistamines.They don't help. ...

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.025 mg and itchy skin

I have been taking this medication for only 4 days and today i noticed a very abnormal skin itch. Is this normal? Will it go away after few days? ## No this is a reaction stop taking it and call your doctor. ## Some people do experience some dry skin as a side effect from taking Levothyroxine, but it really depends on how severe it is. Is there a rash as well, or just dry, itchy skin? Learn more Levothyroxine details here. As Ang said, it might be an allergic reaction. ...

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Dry, itchy, red irritation

I was reading through the previous questions and I see that it is pretty common to have irritated skin after use with the gel. My first question is, I use 4 pumps every morning can I apply lotion to the application site after the gel dries? Or maybe a few hours after? Another question I have is, my prescription says to apply in the morning. But I work 3rd shift. Is it absorbed better in the AM hours? Or can I apply it after I have awoke around 10 which is my "morning" is there really any difference between application times? I talked to my pharmacist as well as my doctors NP but neither were able to give me a clear defined answer. ## Hello, Jay! How are you? The reason it's stated to apply in the morning, is because it's supposed to be done after showering or bathing. Th... ...

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Itchy rash on arms and legs

I was given A weeks dose of nitrofurantoin 100 mg for UTI and on the last 3 days my skin has been uncontrollably itchy. Small bumps, all through out my legs and arms. The itching seems to become more intense at night. Even a day after I've stopped the antibiotics. When will this stop? Should I see a doctor? ## Hi Kristina, Sorry to hear about your situation. Based on my research, the US National Library of Medicine does actually list itching as an allergic reaction from taking nitrofurantoin. Ref: However this is something that you should probably contact your doctor about as soon as possible if the symptoms don't go away on their own or become too bothersome/severe (which from your description seems like tha... ...

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levothyroxine itchy skin

My dosage of levothyroxine has been increased to 75mg 3 days ago im now very itchy but no rash just my face ears neck and chest is this the reason why? ## Hi, Lynda! It's not listed as a side effect of the medication, but it can be an issue with a thyroid disorder, in some cases. It may just be due to your body adjusting to the higher dosage, but I'd suggest having your doctor check things out, just in case. Learn more Levothyroxine details here. Has it gotten any better, or worse? ...

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Amos-clav 875/125 itchy ears

Three days into taking amox-clav for a sinus infection my ears started itching and being hot. The next day they were itchy again. I also had some episodes of lightheadedness. Felt like I could pass out. Are these side effects of the medicine? ## Dizziness/feeling lightheaded can be a normal side effect, according to FDA reports, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. The reports also list skin itching and irritation as being normal. Has anything changed? How much longer will you be taking it? ## I have four more days. The itching on my ears has stopped. Lightheadedness is no longer happening. I've never had symptoms like this before with antibiotics. ...

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Non-itchy rash from Contrave

I have been on Contrave for 5 days. 2 days ago, I noticed a splotchy rash on my buttocks, legs and around my armpits. It does not itch. My doctor does not know what it is and the only thing new is this medication. Has anyone else experienced this side effect? If so, does it resolve on its own? ## I'm in week five of taking Contrave. I had no side effects until I started the week 5 dosing (2 tabs twice a day). I developed a blotchy red rash mostly on my forearms. Ive list 10 lbs so far so I'm staying on the Contrave. Bum just going to try taking ZYRTEC to are if it relieves the rash. ## A rash is listed by the FDA as a possibly side effect of Contrave. Most side effects do go away, after 4 to 6 weeks, once your body gets used to the medication. Other side effects may also include... ...

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red face lil itchy face puffy

Hello i have been prescribed medrol 4 mg. For a sinus infection, along with a antibiotic,nasal face is red,lil puffy and im a lil itchy. Should i be worried, n call the doctor ## Hello, Linda! How are you doing? Yes, it would be best to have these symptoms checked out to be safe. There's a chance they may just be side effects, but you could be having an allergic reaction. Medrol is classified by the FDA as a steroid and its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia and nervousness. Antibiotics may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Has it gotten any worse? ## For a reaction such as this, I would feel more confident in asking my pharmacist. My opinion only, think they are more up... ...

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Augmentin 875/125 itchy rash

I started Augmentin 875 mg yesterday for a sinus infection. I have only taken two tablets, but I woke up this morning itching with a rash. I have read that this is a side effect, but do I continue to take the medication? ## Have you contacted your doctor? Antibiotics can cause a non-allergic skin rash as a side effect, but continuing the medication depends on whether or not it is an allergic reaction, or just that side effect. ...

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Macrodantin Itchy Side Effect

I was prescribed Macrodantin to treat my UTI. Twice daily for five days. About two days after I competed the antibiotics, I started to itch everywhere, especially my hands and feet. They feel like the after effects of mosquito or ant bites. It's been four days and I'm still itching. The more I scratch, the more swollen it gets. 50mg of Benadryl helps me sleep through the night but I wake up with the effects the next morning. Aloe Vera helps for a few minutes. What do I do? ## Hello, Cindy! How are you doing? Has there been any change? You might be allergic to this medication, and if that is the case, such allergic reactions tend to get worse with repeated exposure, according to the NIH, so it would be best to have this checked out by your doctor to be sure. If it is an allergic ... ...

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levothyroxine and itchy groin

I started on Levothyroxine about a month ago, 50 mg, but got severe headaches, so dropped the dose to 25 mg. I still feel exhausted but the headaches have nearly gone, but there is another very uncomfortable problem. I have severe itching in my nether regions, so bad that it is interfering with my life. I stopped taking the meds over the weekend, and the itching stopped. Now I am back on it, and the itching has returned, so it's definitely the Levo that's causing it. I have no transmitted diseases, no candida, no other reason for it. Will this fade in time, or do I have to accept that while I'm on thyroid meds, I will itch? It's awful... ## Hello, Cantsit! What a horrible problem to have! I understand why you're upset. This isn't one that's been mentioned, so... ...

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painful bladder and itchy body

at the clinic i got Doxytet and a 400 pill,,the bladder is better now but my body stil itchy very hard please ## Hello, Balue! How are you? Do you also have a rash, or just the itching? Are you on any other medications? You may be allergic to this antibiotic. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Have you finished your course of treatment with it, yet? ...

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Dry, itchy feet causes and concerns

Why are my feet so dry and look like they're getting darker? It looks like broken veins, it's very dry and itchy. It also looks red and sometimes has swelling. ## The swelling might be due to edema, though only a doctor can really give you a definitive answer. Sometimes itching and dryness are due to circulatory problems, according to NIH studies. I've experienced it myself, in the past. They also warn that it could be the side effect of some medications. Do you have any diagnosed medical conditions? Are you on any medications? How bad is the swelling? ...

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Levothorazine , low TSH and itchy rash

I have been on Levothyroxine for 20 years. three years ago I developed a very itchy rash been on steroids, changed detergents and used many creams recently went off a steroid cream which caused thinning of my skin with blood spots and tearing of my skin. Recently had more blood test and my TSH is .500 could the rash be from too much medication? ## Hello, Charlie! How are you doing? What dosage are you on? Have you seen an allergist/immunologist? It's very difficult to say why such a thing happens to anyone. It could be related to the medication, your thyroid condition, or not related to either one. What does your doctor think? Learn more Levothyroxine details here. ...

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Itchy rash after methylprednisolone

How many "rounds" of methylprednisolone should cure itchy hives all over body. If rash doesn't respond to methylprednisolone should I continue taking? Have completed two packs, then went to another kind of antihistimine, and now given methylprednisolone again! How long are you supposed to take this medication for the rash to go away? ## Do you or your doctor have any idea of what's caused the rash? The reason I'm asking is because if it's something that you're repeatedly exposed to, then that could explain why it isn't going away and why the medication isn't helping. Usually, Methylprednisolone works with just one round of treatment. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, insomnia, irritability and acne. Have y... ...

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Red itchy rash from Nexium or Ramipril?

Hi I am 49 and have developed itchy red rash with small bumps on my neck and face. Has occurred only in last two weeks on both sides. I do have herpes and asthma, and take Valclovir ... But meds for those are longstanding, whilst Nexium and Ramipril are new. I also have clinically isolated syndrome and recently had leg and eye issues causing the dr to revisit ? MS. ## It is possible that these symptoms are due to MS, but according to the NIH, they could also be due to medication side effects. However, an itchy rash most frequently designates an allergic reaction, which means you should consult your doctor immediately, because it could mean you are allergic to one of these medications, according to FDA reports. Other allergic reactions may include swelling and trouble breathing. How are ... ...

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can Althea pills cause itchy on vigina?

Can I ask if Althea pills can cause itchy in vigina? I have just started using this pills almost 8days and when my menstral stop I have feel itchy on my vigina. I didn't felt any itchiness on my vigina when am not using pills,since I decide to use pills because my husband will be arriving home frm ksa. It's my first tym to used this pill. Before I only used trust pills but never feel this irritation inside. Should I need to stop taking this pills? ...


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