Is Tramadol The Same As A Hydrocodone

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hydrocodone and tramadol the three 50 equal to 1 7 5
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I ran out of my meds which is hydrocodone 10 325 I'm wondering what the equal to how many tramadol 50 milligramS ## Hello, Twisttle! How are you? I'm sorry, but you can't even convert between the two, they are nowhere even close to being the same in efficacy. The best suggestion I can make is to call your doctor and see what they suggest you do. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## 150 mg tramadol is way better than 1,2,3, or 4 hydros in duration and overall feeling ## What??? I get 60 50mg Tramadol a month. I get 180 7.5 hyrdrocodone a month. I would answer her "I don't know, maybe if you ha... ...
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Mon, Sep 07 '15, 8:02 PM
Why am I not able to fill my tramadol and hydrocodone together anymore?
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Hi, I have been taking 100mg tramadol and hydrocodone 10-325mg for 6years together for chronic pain. I recently tried to fill both my scripts and was told by the pharmacist that I can no longer fill both since tramadol has been classed as a controlled substance that I would have to pick one that I want to take. I am pretty upset. Is there a way around this, I am a nurse and have patients that get multiple narcotic perscriptions at the same time how are they able to do that. Many people are on different types of narcotics at the same time for chronic pain because they work differently I dont see how the government can do this to people. ## I am very sorry about the problem that you've run into. It really makes no sense, because there is no regulation restricting someone to just one b... ...
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Tue, Aug 01 '17, 9:34 AM
Hydrocodone 10 V325
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What is stronger and how do these 2 drugs compare.....10/325 hydrocodone vs. tramadol 50 mg ## You really can't compare them, since they aren't in the same drug classes. The Hydrocodone in the Vicodin/Lortab is a potent narcotic analgesic. But the Tramadol is just a centrally acting analgesic, though it is derived from an opiate, it is nowhere near as strong and effective as the opiate narcotic class. Both can be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. You can learn more Vicodin details here and you can learn more Tramadol details here. Which one has been prescribed for you? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Hydrocodone.
Mon, May 13 '13, 9:48 AM
Ip 190 500 is not Hydrocodone
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Hydros say IP 109 and naproxen says IP 190 ## Hi amanda, Thanks for clearing up any confusion between the two pills! From what I could gather, another differentiating factor is that Naproxen's tablet also has "500" imprinted on the other side of IP 190; whereas with Hydrocodone/Apap, IP 109 is the only imprint. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone You can learn more about this drug on the page for Naproxen Details Has anyone else actually misinterpreted the two different tablets? ## Is ip190 and tramadol hcl 50mg the same thing ...
Updated 4 years ago in Hydrocodone.
Wed, Aug 28 '13, 10:39 AM
Ip 190 500 Does This Have Hydrocodone In It
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i have a white pill with 500 on one side and ip190 on the other side, does this pill have hydrocodone in it and if so what dosage ## No, there is no Hydrocodone in this tablet, nor does it contain any other narcotics. This tablet contains 500mgs of Naproxen, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that's used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Learn more: Naproxen Details Is there anything else I can help with? ## Naproxen and tramadol, are they the same thing? ## Absolutely not. ## how many can i take before it affects me in a bad way? ## Pills are a lot like alcohol in the sense that its a slow & PROGRESSIVE toll it WILL take on your body more specifically your liver. And everyone's tolerance is different the more u take the MORE U become immune to them , hey 1 can be to... ...
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Sat, Oct 14 '17, 10:29 AM
can these medicines be combine with my daily meds. Tramadol 50mg tablet, and hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-500 tablet.
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Hi; I am taking highblood pressure medicine, Lisnopril-htcz 20/25mg tab and amlodipine Besylate 5mg table. I am taking a blood-thinner called Clopidogrel bisulfate (Plavix oral) 75mg, I also have a vitamin d deficiency so I am taking vit d 50,000 iu d2 (ergo) caps (RX). Can these medicine be taken with Tramadol, and Hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-500 mg tablet. I am also a predibetic. ## Hi Victoria, It looks like you posted your question twice within the same paragraph. However from what I could gather, there are a couple serious drug interactions that you should be aware of. The first being between the Hydrocodone and Tramadol combination. Using these two drugs together may increase your risk of seizures, breathing problems, as well as other dangerous side effects. The other interaction ... ...
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Thu, Jul 16 '15, 5:36 PM
tramadol and norco
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I have been on norco 7.5 for two years now. I have severe arthritis in both knees. I take one right before I go to work. I stock shelves at night, at a supermarket. It helps me get through my shift. My doctor retired; and now I have a new doctor. He has me on 50 mg on Tramadol. It's not the same. I'm in more pain now, then I was before. The drug isn't working the same. I have not abused hydrocodone. What do I need to do to convince my new doctor, that Norco is working, and I'm not abusing the pain medication? Any new ideas? please help. ## Hi John, I always say honesty is the best approach and speak from the heart, but whether or not the doctor accepts your message as truth is something that's out of everyone else's control and therefore I don't think it'... ...
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Thu, Jun 30 '16, 4:19 PM
can you take hydrocodone if allergic to codeine
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I have taken Tylenol 3 with codeine in it recently and I did get very nauseous and of tiny rash and when I went to get my root canal recently my doctor told me he couldn't prescribe me hydrocodone because it was the same thing I have been prescribed hydrocodone from the hospital due to my kidney stones and I've had no problem but he told me that he could not give me anything else but Tramadol since I'm allergic to codeine is that true ## Hello, Michelle123! How are you? No, that is not true, there are others you can try. They are all narcotic opiates, but they are different. The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, and constipation. Have you tried Tramado... ...
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Sun, Oct 23 '16, 4:53 PM
Should I take prescribed Hydrocodone Acetaminophen 5 500 tb?
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My rheumatologist recently administered cortisone shots in my lumbar region and also prescribed Acetaminophen-Hydrocodone 500-5 tablets along with Tramadol ER 200mg for my ankylosing spondylitis. Can anyone tell me what the Tramadol is for? I start a new job tomorrow and am reluctant to take either of these medications since i don't know how they will affect me. Should i wait until the weekend to start? ## The Tramadol is also an analgesic. Learn more Tramadol details here. And yes, I'd be very reluctant to start them at the same time as starting a new job, just to be on the safe side. I supposed you could try during your off hours, such as at night to see how they affect you, but you should be cautious, especially if you are sensitive to medications. I am and Tramadol caused me... ...
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Tue, Feb 05 '13, 10:40 PM
Substitute Tramadol For Hydroco Mg
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RAN OUT OF HYDROCOAPAP TAB 10-325MG, BUT HAVE TRAMADOL 50 MG, CAN I SUBSTITUTE?? ## Have you consulted your doctor? The Hydrocodone is a potent narcotic and the Tramadol is very mild, though it is distantly related, so you aren't likely to get the same effective pain relief that you do from the Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen tablet. ## If you are worried about your withdrawls, then yes you can. The max dose in 24 hours is 400mg. That's 8 pills. I did the same thing and took 200mg in the morning and 150 at night just to be safe. It will hold back the withdrawls and you will sleep comfortably. However, because its not an opiate, they will not "F" you up. You will not get HIGH from these. They do however trap seratonin for longer periods of time in your brain which for most peop... ...
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Mon, May 06 '13, 10:52 PM
What Is The Difference Between Vicodin And Norco
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I am currently taking Tramadol for lower back pain. It is not cutting it. It has been suggested to me to try Norco or Vicodin for more strentgh. do you agree? ## Norco and Vicodin are both brand names for the same medication, which is Acetaminophen coupled with the narcotic Hydrocodone. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, constipation, dizziness and dry mouth. However, only you and your doctor can decide if it is necessary for you to try something else. Is it your doctor that's advising you to do so? ## actually it is a registered nurse I know. I want to ask my doctor about it after I get some more info. I am also taking "SOMA" as a muscle relaxer. Any knoeledge of this? ## Soma contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol, a centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxant, ... ...
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Fri, Aug 19 '16, 7:57 PM
Hydroco Acetamin 5 500mg Or Hydroc 10 Mg Which Is Stronger
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which is stronger hydroco/acetamin 5-500 or Hydroco 10-500mg? Is it the same as Vicadin? I have a large tear in my rotator cuff. I just was given the 5-500mg. They told me it was Vicadin at the doctors office. I already had a bottle mostly untouched of the 10-55 because a doctor seemed worried that it was addictive and gave me tramadol which I can't say touches the pain. ## The one with the higher amount of the Hydrocodone is stronger, since it is the narcotic and the Acetminophen just helps it to work better. Both are generics for Vicodin, Norco or Lortab. You can learn more Vicodin details here. Another note that needs to be added here is that as of 2013, the FDA has made a request that all manufacturers lower the amount of Acetaminophen in these combination prescription products ... ...
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Tue, May 14 '13, 12:34 PM
Lortab 7 5
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What is the difference between Lortab 7.5 and Tramadol 50mg? I have severe pain from severe enamel loss on my teeth due to Gastroesophigal Reflux Disease and have been prescribed pain meds until i can have my teeth extracted. I have been prescribed both of these (not at the same time) and found the Lortab 7.5 to work better to control the pain. I also feel very dizzy while taking the Tramadol and doesn't seem to relieve the pain as much. Any thoughts, suggestions or info? ## The Tramadol is derived from an opiate, but doesn't have the same pain relieving effects, so the Lortab is stronger, because it actually has the narcotic Hydrocodone in it. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsin... ...
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Mon, Jun 30 '14, 7:58 PM
Ultrapap 50/mg
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Red and Blue Capsule ## This sounds like it could be 500mgs of Acetaminophen, a generic or store brand of Tylenol, but I am not certain on that. Are there any markings on the capsule at all? Letters, numbers and/or logos? ## I take this medicine for pain cointain 50 mg of tramadol hcl and 250 mg of acetaminophen very addictive Take care ## was taking hydrocodone-apap 10-325 dr. switch me to ultrapap 50/250 mg is that a good thing ## Okay, this is commonly sold under the brand name Ultracet and in some instances, Ultrapap, since APAP is medical jargon for Acetaminophen. And Roger, I am not sure how well it will work for you, the Tramadol is derived from a narcotic, so it can be addictive and cause the same side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. The problem... ...
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Sat, Jul 31 '10, 4:17 PM
58 93 white oval
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was given for pain from my doctor because it was a substitute for lortab? ## This is NOT a substitute for Lortab. Lortab contains Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. This medication is Tramadol 50mgs, it is listed as a narcotic, because it is derived from an opiate, however, it does not have the same benefits or effects that an opiate does, so it does not work like one. The name brand this is sold under is Ultram. It is not recommended for severe pain treatment. Here's the monograph link with more information: ...
Updated 10 years ago in Lortab.
Tue, Aug 28 '07, 10:49 PM
diference between norco
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I would like to know how many 37.5 mg of tramadol is equal to one norco 10-325mg. ## They aren't comparable and one cannot be converted to the other. Tramadol is derived from an opiate and shares some similar properties, but doesn't actually work the same as one and isn't as effective. Learn more Tramadol details here. However, Norco contains an actual narcotic, Hydrocodone, coupled with Acetaminophen. Learn more Norco details here. Thus, it is actually much stronger and more effective at treating pain. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Norco.
Tue, Sep 24 '13, 1:19 PM
Hydrocodone And Tramadol
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Will Tramodol come up looking the same as hydrocodone on a urine test ## Iam going to have a hair follicle test tomarrow. I want to know if I will pass I take vicodian 1 half maybe once a month. And I take tramadol 5 mg. Everyday. ## i know this is old, but what were your results? did you pass? ...
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Thu, Apr 09 '15, 1:49 PM
Will tramadol show up as hydrocodone
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I am out of my prescription for hydrocodone, but I also have tramadol. Would it show as the same drug on a drug screen? ## Paul, I'm wanting to know the same but I was taking Tramadol (does nothing) so I took a Hydrocodone. Did you ever find out your answer? ## I have a prescription for norco & came up positive for both norco & tramadol @ my pain management test. I've never taken norco & the Dr didn't day anything about the tramadol being in my system. Does this mean that there is tramadol in my norco ? They most certainly don't work for my pain like they used to for the last year or so. ## I made a mistake, I meant to type: I've never taken "tramadol"!! Excuse the error! I do have a prescription & do take norco & came up positive for both... ...
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Wed, Jan 25 '17, 11:34 PM
Tramadol vs hydrocodone drug testing
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Does Tramadol contain opiates? And when doing a drug test will it show up the same? Or as different pain medications? ## Tramadol will absolutely not show on a five panel test I take four 50 milligrams a day for back pain took a drug test for a new job it showed nothing ...
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Mon, Sep 12 '16, 3:10 PM
morphocodone false positive test
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I tested positive for this substance (morphocodone) but don't take it. I have 10/325 hydrocodone and 50 mg tramadol prescriptions. I don't take them at the same time. I also have 200 mg of trazodone. I use hemp seed lotions a lot. Which I bought at Walmart. I also tested positive for delta 9 cannabinoids. I haven't used any marijuana to warrant this. The doctor then expelled me from his service and gave me a prescription for addiction! I have Lupus, fibromyalgia, degenerative tissue disease, severe scoliosis, spondylitis, pseudo-gout and osteoarthritis. I am very careful with my medications. I had a complete blood work up the same day as the drug test at a different doctor's office and everything was fine there. What the heck happened here? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Hydrocodone.
Sun, Nov 16 '14, 7:48 PM

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