Is There A 2 Mg Green Klonopin

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Is There A Green Or Blue 834 2 Mg Klonopin
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I would like to know if there are 2 mg green or blue klonopins?VUDYW ## The 2mg ones with 93 834 on them, or TEVA 834 are white, round tablets. There is a green one with 93 833 or TEVA 833 that contains 1mg of Clonazepam, a green 1mg with M C14 on it, a blue 1mg with 2531 V.. A 2mg with E 64 on it. Learn more Clonazepam details here. The color, however, doesn't actually mean anything, it is the imprint that identifies any particular prescription medication. Do you have a pill you are trying to identify? ## Yes. I want to know if there are ANY 2mg blue/green Klonopin. The color is imperative to the answer.JLOMR ## Clonopin's are color-coded by brand but all to milligram pills are white when it comes to Clonopin. 1 mg come in yellow green and three different brands make blue ones.... ...
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Fri, Jan 05 '18, 3:12 PM
2mg Klonopin
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Do they make any other color than white 2mg klonopin? cause i have had green, yellow, and blue 1mg pins. so i am wondering if they make 2mg in a different color or are they white and that's it? ## Hi DYBO, Based on my research, Klonopin 2mg is only offered in white. Is there a specific reason why you're looking for this pill in other colors? ## bump!!> ## Do all states offer the 2mg?? My dr only gives me the 1mg 4x's a day but I'm still experiencing anxiety attacks and he won't increase my dosage or the mg. He also doesn't accept insurance so I have to pay $125 per visit and I feel like I'm going crazy each time I go bc he doesn't listen to me. He has diagnosed me w untreatable major depression but insists I keep taking this crap depression medication... ...
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Tue, Dec 06 '16, 11:24 PM
klonopin 1mg
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Is this yellow R34 clonazepam any stronger than the blue 1mg clonazepam? Because i noticed that the R is on alot of Alorazepam (xanax) which might be the manufacturer but i know for a fact that the yellow 2mg xanax bars have the symbol on them and they disorient me for literally 2 days... Jw ## I have never had any yellow bars, just white and green, all 2 mg. As far as yellow vs blue clonazepam 1 mg, they are just different colors, different manufactures. ## Are the 1mg klonopins approximately equal that of a 1mg Xanax? ## @Serafin5 (post #3), From what I could gather, Clonazepam (klonopin) is reported to be roughly equivalent in strength to Alprazolam (xanax). However some information I'm finding suggests that the medications may differ in so far as how quickly they reach their ful... ...
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Tue, Nov 11 '14, 4:34 PM
Is this a Klonopin?
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I have a small green pill wit 93 833 on one side and blnk on the other with a slot ## yes it is ## What is Klonopin and what are the effects? ## i have a white triangle pill that has a split down the middle of the m and on the other side it looks like a figure 8 do we know what this is? reply back to ## i found a yellew/orange pill in my b/f's bedroom it has M on it and the ither side days 751 please help me find out what it is? ## Shirley, Please see the page Drugs/Klonopin.asp for more information about this drug. Jen, The pill you're describing M 751 is a muscle relaxant Cyclobenzaprine, 10 mg manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals. Thank You ...
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Tue, Dec 06 '05, 9:36 PM
what mg of klonopin is this?
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its a round green pill with an M on front and not sure of the numbers on back . It was something something like 1-14 or 1-15. What mg klonopin is it 1 or 2 mg? ## Was the marking possible M C14? If so, this tablet contains 1mg of Clonazepam, which is a generic for Klonopin, it is a Benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety. Learn more Clonazepam details here. ...
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Thu, Nov 29 '12, 4:51 PM
rivatrol (klonopin)
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Green tablet scored in half has the #93 833 and another that says Mylan 477 Would like to know if these are generic and what mg. they are. ## Mylan 477 contains 10mgs Diazepam, a generic for Valium, this is a potent Benzodiazepine, used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Some common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and irritability. ## 93 833 is a generic for Klonopin or Rivotril, containing 1mg of Clonazepam, this is another Benzodiazepine, used to treat anxiety, nervous disorders and some severe cases of insomnia. Some common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and impairment of memory. You can read more about this here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Sorry, forgot to include the Diazepam link: ...
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Wed, Jul 22 '09, 6:34 PM
have you ever heard of a pink klonopin?
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it is bubble gum pink and is scored on on side and the other has an R on top and underneath the r is the number 33 if it is a klonpin what milligram and if not, what could it be? ## yes it is and 0.5ml ## what are the ingredents? ## Yes. The pill you are inquiring about is 0.5mg. Klonopin(Clonazepam). ## i get prescribed this... i used to get light green ones and when i switched pharmacies they gave me light pink ones but yes its kolonpin and 0.5 mg ## I was getting yellow .5mg generic Klonopin now after 2 years got switched to the pink ones. I swear they don't work as well. ## What milligrams is a round bubble gum pink klonopin with a V on one side and an inscription of 24/51 on the other side? ## Did it effect you the same or do you get a slight headache? ## Hi everyone, I am so g... ...
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Mon, Oct 23 '17, 8:19 PM
Blue pill with C1 generic for Klonopin
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So I know someone who just got this pill from Walmart. He has taken the green 1 mg pill for years. He is very agitated and this isn't working. He can't get it somewhere else for a month. This pill isn't working. ## Hello, Taffy! How is your friend doing? The best thing to do would be to consult his doctor, they may be able to adjust his dosage or prescribe something else to help, in the meantime. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ## He is okay but had a hard time this morning. I called the pharmacy and they said that he could ask his doctor to ONLY prescribe the green Teva pills. We have a call into his doctor no... ...
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Wed, May 24 '17, 8:37 AM
green klonpiens with 833 on the and a line what mg are they
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I found a small green cricle pill with TEVA. on one side and a line in the middle of the other side and above the line the numbers 833 under my 16 years daughters bed this evening while i was getting her dirty laundry. What is this and how many mg is it ? ## Hi Idyha! These pills are 1 mg of klonopin. I take the same ones. Same strength and color. ## Idyha, this medication is a benzodiazepine. It helps with anxiety, panic attacks and nervousness. It is addictive and can b abused. ...
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Tue, Jun 10 '14, 2:37 AM
round green pill 93 833
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Is it a muscle relaxent called diazpam? ## The pill in description is Clonazepam (1 mg); which is a benzodiazepine derivative with highly potent anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, and anxiolytic properties. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## Klonopin (clonazepam) could be used as a muscle relaxant, It is generally a Relaxant. Diazepam is generic for Valium, which is another Relaxant medication. These are both Calming Medicines. used for Anti-Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, muscle relaxant, Anti-convulsant ...
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Fri, Feb 25 '11, 10:58 AM
what is this
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i have a small lime green pill numbers 93 and under 833 need to know what it is ## It is a 1 mg Clonazepam tablet. (the generic for 1 mg Klonopin) I have been on this for 14 years so I am sure! It is exactly what all of my pills look like. (personally I would call it more of a mint green color!! LOL Hope this helps! ...
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Mon, Oct 17 '05, 11:06 AM
pill 960 par
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color is green and white and is a capsule. maybe it is Klonopin ## The capsule in description is Chlordiazepoxide (25 mg). To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
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Wed, Jan 20 '10, 3:04 PM
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PILL 93833 GREEN ## I would like some information about this kalatapin 93833 green, such as what its for and the mg of it and also I would like info on the kalatapin 93832 yellow the mg on that. ## 93 833 contains 1mg of Clonazepam, a generic for Klonopin and 93 832 contains 0.5mgs. It is mainly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, irritability and short-term memory loss. ...
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Wed, Dec 03 '08, 8:32 AM
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Does anyone know about the 2 milligram kolonopin e65 round white pill. Are they good or what's better? On a scale from 1-10 what do you think. I just changed from 2 milligram greenstone xanex sticks even though they were the best for me I felt like I had to keep popping them. Any opinions please. Thanks guys ## The E 65 are ok but not as strong as green bars. But I also switched from Xanax to klonopin and feel less of a need to keep popping them like u said ## @Gucciswag, Pill imprint E 65 has been identified as Clonazepam 2 mg, which is the generic for Klonopin. It has a low potential for abuse so like Sean noted, you may feel less dependent on this medication. However, the truth is that no one can really say what medication would work best for you. The reason being, everyone react... ...
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Sat, Mar 30 '13, 5:38 PM
Zanax ,it is round , on one side it has a M and on the other side it has a line in the middle with a C on top and 14 on the bottom
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Is there a Zanax that is green and circle and have a M on one side and on the other have a line in the middle and have C on top and 14 on the bottom ## Actually, this tablet contains 1mg of Cloazepam, the active ingredient in Klonopin, it is also a Benzodiazepine, so is similar to Xanax. Side effects may include: nausea, headache, irritability and drowsiness. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## THE PILL U ARE DISCRIBING IS 1 MG KOLONAPIN/COLONZAPAME ...
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Tue, May 14 '13, 2:21 PM
teva 833 pill
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Is teva green pill same as a xanax or kolonapin do they have the same effects? .... is one mg same as a one mg of xanax.? ## They are very similar but still different psychotropic medications. ## Hi Olkaaaa! The green Teva 833 r 1 mg of Klonopin. I take them, myself. They r in the same drug category as Xanax. They r both benzodiazepines. But , everyone is different, and some medications work different for people. I take them 4 anxiety and panic attacks. They work great 4 me. ...
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Fri, Jun 06 '14, 12:04 AM
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small yellow pill with a line with a 5 above it on one side and 273 on the other ## chloniphin5 it's like a xanax without the narcotic. I was given them to come off of xanax10 of 5 yrs. there are also 10's which are green. ## also, not very potent! ## yellow pill scored one side .5 mg other side has 273 ## It is not Clonophin, the correct word is Klonopin and the generic is Clonazepam. This is the .5mg Tablet of it. ...
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Sat, May 20 '06, 11:48 AM
? 93/833
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A round green pill scored down the middle with only this number of 93 over 833 ## 93 833 is 1 mg Clonazepam ## It is a generic for the Benzodiazepine Klonopin. ## I just want to say thank you for the info on the clonazapam. My father had mixed his pills into one bottle and quite frankly I did not know what he had there. ...
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Tue, Feb 21 '06, 12:31 PM
round yellow pill v on one side
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my clonazepam read's 93 833 light green , and is scored..KLOPIN 1 MG... ## That is correct as to what this tablet contains, 1mg Clonazepam, the active ingredient in Klonopin. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Read more: Do you have any questions? ...
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Fri, Sep 24 '10, 4:37 PM
Klonopin Green Pills 1mg How Long Take To Get Out Ur System
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i just want to know how long it takes for a 1 mg klonopin to get out of yout system . i only took one \ ## Klonopin contains the active ingredient Clonazepam, which is a Benzodiazepine and they can be detectable in a standard urine screen for up to 6 weeks, after last dosing. There is no way, however, to give a more precise time frame, because it will vary from person to person depending on individual factors, such as your own metabolism, overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and etc. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## If you are not a long term user of klonopin then it only takes 2 or 3 days not 6 weeks. The only way it could take 6 weeks is if you are taking them regularly 3 or 4 times per day and for 6 months or longer. This is not a guess this is a fact. ... ...
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Thu, Jul 09 '15, 11:35 AM

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