Is There A 10mg Methadone Pill Look Like

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what 10mg. methadone tablet looks like
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it is a orange round tablet with 5660 on one side the other side has dav or dan initials is this methadone 10mg. ## IT IS A 40 MILLIGRAM METHODONE WAVER IS WHAT THEY ARE CALLED THE STRONGEST ONES. ## Actually, this is a 200mg Sulindac tablet, it's a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that's used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach irritation. Learn more Sulindac details here. Are there any questions or concerns? ## i need a picture with information of a 10 mg paladin logo light green round 10one side line threw middle and p on other side asap ...
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Sat, Mar 01 '14, 7:06 PM
Is There A Generic For Methadone 10mg
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just looking to see if their is an generic for methadone ## Hi Julie, Methadone is a type of medicine called an opioid. It in itself is the generic medication. Some other marketing/brand names for this drug are: Symoron, Dolophine, Amidone, Methadose, Physeptone, Heptadon, Phy and many other names. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## Hello there I'm a chronic pain patient and I'm trying methadone out for a few weeks because I told my dr I hated the fenanyl patches.(its105• every day) when they use methadone. For chronic pain there are certain rules, use 1 pharmacy for everything, it actually has to say for pain on the bottle, if it's cool... ...
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Fri, Aug 08 '14, 9:06 AM
type of pill that looks identical to 10mg methadone
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I am prescribed methadone that are white rectangular pills & noticed that there were other pills that looked exactly the same in my bottle except it was jus a little bit smaller I believe someone switched my methadone with a pill that is almost identical charateristics ## Hello, Castillo! How are you? What are the markings on the tablets in question? That information would enable me to check them for you to see what they contain. ...
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Tue, Jan 07 '14, 3:10 PM
white 10mg methadone
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I'm looking for a program in the Tampa area that will allow me to take home the meds from the begining with the the purpose of weaning me down so I can switch to suboxone without major withdrawal side effects. I have some very personal reasons not to go to a place like PAR. Please help. ## Hi Mike! You would have to go to a methadone clinic to get the methadone. They will not give take homes when you first start to go to the clinic. You have to prove yourself over a period of time to get take homes. Private doctors can't prescribe methadone if you've had addiction issues. It's against the law. I was on methadone through a clinic and weaned down before I got on suboxone. You should be supervised while tapering down so you don't go through withdrawals. But, you will ha... ...
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Wed, Aug 06 '14, 7:19 AM
methadone 10mg pill with 54 172 on one side ca you find something equal that looks like like this
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i want to take the real methadone out of the bottlesd trade it for somthing that looks like the real thing ## tan capsule with the word meta on the side clear capsule with tan granules in side any ideas what this is ## Since Methadone is a prescription drug and a controlled substance, all markings on the tablets are logged with the FDA and cannot be used on some other drug. That means, it will be easy for someone to tell if you switch them. Not to mention the fact that it is very dangerous, you could send someone into withdrawals and/or cause an allergic reaction if you use another medication that they react badly to. Concerned Parent: The capsule marked Meta are Metamucil, a fiber laxative and available over the counter. Are there any other questions? ## Don't you dare do this. I... ...
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Fri, Mar 27 '15, 10:18 AM
10 mg methadone
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Are the numbers on some methadone pills 54/142 then scored on the other side? ## Yes, that is a 10mg Methadone tablet, commonly used to treat drug addiction and severe, chronic pain. It is a narcotic analgesic. Common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. You can read more here: Do you have any other questions? ## Yes i know, its my rx. I want to know if there is an otc med looks like them? I think the pharmacy might have mixed up my script. ...
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Wed, Feb 04 '15, 11:48 PM
Need To Know What A 10mg Morphine Pill Looks Like
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Can a 10mg morphine pill have NO markings or NO coating on it? Also does it melt on your tounge? ## No, all Morphine tablets have markings on them, to enable their identification and there aren't any that are meant to be dissolved in the mouth, in the U.S. Two that are commonly designed as sublingual tablets are Suboxone and some forms of Methadone, but even those in the U.S. have markings on them to enable their identification. However, all of this information isn't relevant to foreign medications, because other countries have their own laws. Does anyone else have any ideas what this might be? ## i have some small white pillswith an M on one side an #4 on lthe outher , what would thay be ...
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Sun, Aug 25 '13, 9:58 AM
Methadone volume
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Looking to ascertain total volume in miligrams of the combined active and inactive ingredients of a 5mg. and a 10mg. Methadone pill ## I would like to know in a 40 mg waffer is a large, average or small amount to be on per day for a pain releaver? I also take 30 mg of roxey codone 3 X per day for breakthrough and it's only been 3 days and I feel it's working but I do feel alittle more pain then when I was taking my other medications. Do I need to give it more time? or possiably a higher dose? I take 1/2 20mg in the morning and 20mg the other half of a 40 waffer at night and the roxey for the breakthrough. Please email me with any information you think will help with my question ## Can you take volume with methadone 10 mg each? ## Can you take a volume with a methadone 10 mg each... ...
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Sat, Feb 18 '17, 10:55 AM
avinza vs methadone
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Do u know which med will likely give me more pain control and consistent relief: 10mg of methadone or 60 mg of avinza? I am currently taking methadone with very little relief and I was looking throughput my medical records and realized that approximately nine years ago I was taking avinza. I don't recall whether or not I had better pain control back then as compared to now because it's been so many years and my condition has worsened drastically in the past year. I wondering if anyone has any more information for me that could help me. compare the two medications. I'm not sure if I want to switch from methadone to avinza or ask to increase the methadone. Thank u. ## Hi Laura, Since your reaction to medication will be completely different than someone else's, no one can r... ...
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Fri, Dec 06 '13, 3:10 PM
round e 131 methadone
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want to know the identity of the pill ## i want images of e 131 methadone ## Hi catfish, You mentioned that you wanted to know the identity of this pill, but you already confirmed that within the title of your thread (re: methadone)... However if I can add any validation to that, E 131 is in fact listed as Methadone (10mg), manufactured by Sandoz. I don't have a photograph to show you, but I believe the pill's National Drug Code (66689-0810) should suffice as another point of reference. I hope this helps! ## can methadone help to flush out marijuana from the body? and if so, how long will it take? ## Any photos of a methadone pill? , ## Oxyctin,I just wanted to know what they look like just in case. ## Does the methadone pill imprinted E 131 have a score on the back? Or is it ju... ...
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Thu, Oct 29 '15, 7:03 PM
Roxane Methadone 10 Mg
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My wife is a chronic pain patient & is proscribed Roxane Methadone 10mg. it is next to impossible to find it now days.Of course she has a RX for it and has been taking it daily for a number of years. Where can she get her Rx filled. She lives in Tampa, FL.? ## Unfortunately, everyone in Florida is having trouble getting prescriptions filled for controlled substances due to the changes in regulations there. Some people posting have been looking for a very long time and are suffering because they don't have their medications. Learn more Methadone details here. I feel bad for anyone that has to go through this, but I am afraid that the best advice I can give is to contact your insurance company and see if they have a mail order provide that you can use to get it filled. Are there a... ...
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Thu, Aug 28 '14, 8:14 PM
what does oxycodone look like show the pill
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little white pill on one side has a line and on other side has a box with a m in it ## let me no what this pill is little white has a line down one side and a box with a m in it on the other side ## Freind thinks she has wrong medication ## I am still trying to find out about the 10mg morphine, CAN it melt in your mouth and is it possible someone scraped the coating off so that this would happen? ## Still waiting on replys does anyone have answer(s) ## As to the tablet with boxed M on it, are there any other markings, such as numbers on it? There is a company that uses the logo of an M in a box, but they also have other numbers on their tablets and I would need that information in order to identify it. As a pill that melts in someone's mouth, are you sure that wasn't Methadone? ... ...
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Sat, Sep 19 '15, 5:18 AM
Tapering off methadone, want to know what to look forward to
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I'm just looking for a bit of insight. I've been on methadone for about a year and a half now, but have been tapering for the past couple months. The most I've been on is 60mg, but I went down to 35mg after about 8 months of being on methadone in general. I went down 3mg a week from 35mg until I reached 20mg, then from there I have done 1mg per week. I know it seems like a while, but I think that was a really good choice for me. I have accidentally missed two days worth of a dose one time due to the weekend and I literally felt like dying. I starting withdrawing after only one day and was puking up stomach bile that very night. I am currently at 10mg, still going down 1mg per week from here on out. I want to know what I should expect as far as withdrawal symptoms go after I ... ...
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Tue, May 30 '17, 11:18 AM
chattanooga tn 37377 methadone
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I'm going to a methadone clinic but it is expensive,I have Medicare part A,B,and,D and am looking for a doctor to write me methadone so my insurance will dose is100mg daily so300 10mg tablets are what I need. ## I have been on done since1996,I need a Dr to write me methadone rx so my insurance will pay it. ## Hello, Timothy! How are you? I'm sorry, but under current law, a clinic is your only option for Methadone treatment. A private practice doctor is not allowed to prescribe it for addiction treatment or maintenance. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Tue, Dec 15 '15, 12:20 PM
what can i not take with methadone
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Can i take klonopin with methadone? This is my first time taking methadone they are 10mg but my klonopin I take about 50mg ## You CAN NOT mix methadone and klonopin !! Not on high doses such as that. It can cause respiratory failure. I could get into the medical explanation of it, yet it would be much more beneficial and correct for you to look it up....the effects of mixing methadone(any opiate really) with klonopin(benzos) Just be safe and research or ASK YOUR DR!!!! ## I have absolutely never ever heard of anyone in my life being on 50 mg of Klonopin. Are u sure that is the dose you take or is that your methadone dose? And u take 10 mg of Klonopin? I currently take 1 mg of Klonopin and I am allowed up to 3 pills a day, so 3 mg a day. I used to be on Valium 5 mg 3 x a day, but I defin... ...
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Mon, Aug 24 '15, 2:48 PM
Switch from methadone to suboxone
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Hi there I have been on methadone for just iver 1 year my max dose was 95mg. Due to weight gain I wanted to switxh to suboxone. I decided to do it fast rather than slow i went down 10mg a week until yesterday i was down 45. So the dr gave me 35 yesterday. 35 for today and tomorrow. Then sun mon tues wed i will have nothing. On thursday i will start the suboxone. Any help hints tips...what to ezpect detoxing any jnfo at all would be so greatly appreciated ## It pains me to read these. Look into Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Liver detox is very helpful ... wild harvest brand milk thistle/dandelion blend is very good. Hot water, lemon and honey thru the day. Try not to eat to much meat; veggies and brown rice is very balancing.....also miso.... I worked in a clinic and miso is an excel... ...
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Sun, Nov 19 '17, 8:43 PM
Mepragan and what it looks like
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Asc116 - white flat like pill. I found in my sons pocket ## This tablet is manufactured by Ascend Laboratories and they list it as containing 10mgs of Methadone, which is an opiate that is commonly used to treat pain and drug addiction. The FDA classifies it as a narcotic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Tue, Jun 14 '16, 1:01 PM
how does methadone compare to suboxone
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I take suboxone. I'm really trying to be 100% clean. I ran out of suboxone early and took 3 10mg methadone pills. I have never taken them before. I don't know if I should let them dissolve or how the mgs compare to a suboxone. I'm not looking to feel high. Just trying to end this disaster I got myself into. If anyone knows about these could you please offer advice? ## Stay with suboxon man. Don't mess with methadone I tell you it is bad. You will be on methadone for life if you keep on ...
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doctors who prescribe methadone in utah
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Been on 60mg of methadone for the past 12 years, been seeing alta pain clinic in Sandy, Utah. I provided them with a copy of the EKG that I have an upper gi burning that they wanted to run few tests and one of them was EKG last August one of the urgent care after hours because it was on the weekend, alta pain been asking me to get an EKG for the past few months and i gave them the one I had by urgent care, when they looked at EKG they said oh you're fine you're very lucky because your heart is fine and it's okay, all the sudden as of January 1st visit He tells me that oh you have a QT prolongation your hearts we want to switch your med's, anyway they put me on Opana er 30 mg twice a day with a cocktail of oxycodone Ir 10mg 4 times a day and 10 mg Valium three times a day... ...
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Wed, Feb 25 '15, 8:39 PM
the drug used to get off methadone starts with a c
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cybrox a pill used to get off methadone dont know how to spell or say it but i know its out there please help ## I heard about a new drug to detox off of methadone without withdraw. Only certain doctors can give it. It's taken in a shot every 2 weeks. Anyone tried this or know the name. I've been clean for 7 years on methadone but how do I get off it without using other drugs ??? Help. ## I KNOW WHERE SOMEONE ABOUT 19 YEARS AGO GOT ON METHADONE AND GO OFF OF IT AND NOW ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO THEY GOT BACK ON IT AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT THE MEDICINE CALLED METHADONE WILL HELP YOU ## I think you're looking for suboxone. It's different from methadone but you still need to take it daily. ## I've been on 10mg of methadone for 10 days from an off and on dilaudid habit. I... ...
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Sat, Mar 18 '17, 6:47 AM

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