Is Hydroxyzine A Benzo

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is hydroxyzine a benzo
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I have tested positive for a benzo drug test every week for 4wks. I have not had any valium in at least 40 days. I take doxepin, hydroxyzine, clonidine, levothyroxin, & suboxone. are any of these causing the positive result? ## Valium has an extremely long half life (50-100 hours) and after regular use can continue to show positive for several weeks. ## Look up the Ashton Manual! Valium and xanax can stay in your system for a very long time. It was in my system for 3 months and I had no choice but to go back on it. I call benzodiazepines the devil medicine. Look into it and know it is probably still in your system. Not to many doctors know the true work of these medicines unfortunately. ...
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Fri, Jun 09 '17, 5:20 PM
hydroxyzine is it a narcotic
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Is Hydroxine the same as Xanax, or Valium ect? ## Hello, Fallon! How are you? None of the medications you've mentioned are narcotics. Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine that's very commonly used for its sedative like properties, as well as to treat insomnia and allergic reactions. The FDA lists its typical side effects as including dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and sedation. Xanax and Valium are benzodiazepines that are commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. The carry the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Wed, Mar 30 '16, 3:24 PM
Hydroxyzine drug test
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Will hydroxyzine show up in a drug test? If so what will it show as? ## So if I take two 25mg Hydroxyzine (one tonight and one in the morning), how long before I pee clean? ## What type of other medication prescription/ nonprescription would cause my urine drug test to be positive for Benzos~alprazolam/xanax?? I do not take xanax.....I ONLY TAKE THESE MEDICATIONS !!!.....Methadone,Duloxetine,Cyclobenzaprine,Levothyrorxine,Atorvastatin,Prempro. ## I have to take a urine drug test for work. What will hydroxyzine show up as, if anything? Is it a controlled substance? ## After I take my last Hydroxyzine, how long does it take for me to be clean for a negative urine test? ...
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Sat, Oct 28 '17, 12:36 PM
Tested positive for benzos on instant test because of Hydroxyzine
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I just failed a test that was a instant 5 panel test. I tested positive for benzos and am taking paxil, hydroxyzine 50mg, and cumiden. has to be the hydroxyzine even tho i called pharmacist and she assured me it shouldnt have done that, but i promise that i dont take any other medications or illicit substances. All I can do is guess that it has to do with the cheap instant test. At a lab or a clinic they would do a gas chromography or whatever, and it would clear up this mishap! So ppl failing in probation instant test, tell your PO immediately to send it in for testing not instant! Warning! ## I'm currently on vistaril and I'm coming up positive for benzos on my urine tests ## I'm on home detention and take Vistaril will I fail my drug test for benzos ...
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Mon, Jan 09 '17, 7:18 AM
interaction of Hydroxyzine HCL and Benzodiazepines in a drug test
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I kept testing positive for benzodiazepines in treatment but the only medicine I tooke was 25 mg of Hydroxyzine HCL for itching? ## yes it does show up like that i failed test for same reason but i take 50mg daily. a secondary test though will show that your clear, request it to be done its a more indepth test and proves that hydroxyzine as sedative effects like benzos and thats why your getting that reading as they can both be prescribed for anxiety as well as itching ## I am testing positive for cocaine and benzoylecogine on a drug test...I have taken 2 strand tests. 2 weeks apart and both are showing high levels I take atarax which is a known narcotic and amoxicillin and lexapro... could this be why I am failing... ## How long does it take for hydroxyzine to get out of your system? ...
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Wed, Feb 18 '15, 1:02 AM
hydroxyzine in urine drug test for probation
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How long does Hydroxyzine AKA Vistaril stay in your urine? I have a drug screen for probation soon and I know they don't test for it but I heard it can cause a false positive for benzodiazepines which has me worried. I DO NOT take it regularly and have been taking it every couple days but not every day and only for the last 10 to 15 days or so, when I take it I take at least 50mg but sometimes up to 150mg but mostly 50 to 75mg per use, and not daily and as I said only for the past 10 to 15 days. If it helps I am 35 yr. old male 250 lbs and 5 ft. 8 in. I drink a lot of water and some beers also but will be drinking even more water and less beer until my test in 5 days due to fear of false positive. If anybody is kind enough to help me with an answer to this please do, and I'm hea... ...
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Sat, Jan 11 '14, 3:02 AM
Hydroxyzine White Pill 276 A narcotic in any way
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is hydroxyzine a narcotic or volume any type of narcotic in any way at all ## Hi venus, I can't find any information that classifies Hydroxyzine as a narcotic. From what I've read, it is an antihistamine that is sometimes used for premedication as a sedative. However, it supposedly doesn't share the same abuse, dependence, addiction, and toxicity potential of other medications that are used for the same range of therapeutic reasons. Learn More: Hydroxyzine Details I hope this info helps, please post back if you have any more questions or concerns! ## No its not it is used to treat anxiety but its not a benzodiazepine like xanax wish it was though ## Hydroxyzine HCL is a antihistimine used for allergic reactions, itching and as a antiaxiety medication. And due to the fact it ... ...
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Wed, May 18 '16, 4:06 PM
How Many Hydroxyzine 25 Mg Do I Take To Equal 2 Xanax
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how many hydroxyzine 25 mg do i take to equal 2 mg xanax ## They are not in the same class of medications, so there is no way to convert one to the other. Xanax contains the active ingredient Alprazolam, which is a Benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Learn more Xanax details here. However, Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine that's used to treat allergic reactions, insomnia, to prevent nausea and for its sedative like effects. Learn more Hydroxyzine details here. So, they just aren't interchangeable and, for either one, you shouldn't take more than your doctor has prescribed, because doing so may be dangerous. Is there anything else I can help with? ## how many hydroxyzine pamoate 25mg will equal to 2mg xanax ## Is it safe to take... ...
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Tue, Oct 24 '17, 10:47 AM
will hydroxyzine cause a false positive drug test?
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Will this medication give me a false positive on a swab test or u.a. test? And what do you mean a secondary in-depth test will show clear? What test is that? Please I need a response asap! Thank you! ## I tested this week for my outpatient program!!! After through research and attaining all information to my TEST came out NEGATVE for any substances they test for!!! :) so I think you have throughly check all medications your taking! But as for HYDROYYZINE FALSE positives for DRUG TESTiNG!!! ## I take 25 milligrams of hydroxyzine will it show up on a drug test ## yes it does show up and benzo but trace only.I had taken 1 pill 2.5 days ago and it tested positive as a false positive, dont trust this pill for drugging testing ## I failed my drug test, it showed up po... ...
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Fri, Feb 03 '17, 3:01 PM
Hydroxyzine Pam 25 Mg Cap effect on urine drug test
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can hydroxyzine pamoamate 25 mg give you a positive drug test? ## I took a 25 mg capsule of hydroxyzine Pam, and don't have a prescription for it, I was wondering if I will test positive on a drug test? ## yes i took 5 over the course of 3 days last time taking on the 14th of july and have been administered 3 tests on the 19th 21st and 24th all came back for benzodiazpines on a 10 panel ... I swear this stuff is never gonna go away ... so i'm on 10 days now on just 5 and this stuff needs to be gone for good never touching it again I have anxiety and was given it and regret it dearly. ...
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Wed, Jul 24 '13, 1:22 PM
Would any of the following cause benzos to show up in a drug test for a job I m on Zoloft 50mg Lisinopril 20mg and benadryl along with hydroxyzine
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I'm being treated for depression and panic attacks and anxiety disorders. I feel like I may not get this job that would mean so much for me and my well being to get me out of this rut....what should I do? ## If benzos ate a no no, I'm not sure they will let me work for the company. I'm not crazy or anything, things just happen in life that may require medication and not fair that a drug test can keep me from doing something I love :-( especially prescribed by my Dr..... ## Absolutely not!!! All the medication you listed you are on are NOT BENZOS !! THEREFOR IT WOULD BE INPOSSIBLE TO BE HOT FOR BENZOS !! ONLY IF YOU TOOK DRUGS LIKE XANAX, KLONOPIN, VALIUM, DRUGS LIKE THE 3 I LISTED YOU WOULD COME UP HOT FOR BENZOS ! BUT DONT BE MISTAKEN WHEN URIN IS SENT TO A LAB THEY CAN TEL... ...
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Fri, Jul 07 '17, 3:24 PM
Meloxicam,Hydroxyzine Pam, Hydroxychloroquine, Benadryl and Aleve
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I have Vasculitis and Lupus, therefore, I take a combination of the meds I listed, I have scripts for those required and OTC for the benadryl (200mg.sometimes more if needed during the night) and Aleve (440mg when needed). I tested positive for Benzo. Could any of these or a combination have caused a false positive for an instant ur test ? ## What are the side effects of taking Benadryl with meloxicam? Is it safe to take them together? ...
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Mon, May 20 '13, 7:44 PM
atarax, a benzodiazepine?
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atarax, a relaxant...what kind? ## THIS IS NOT A BENZODIAZEPINE! Hydoxyzine Info Click Here Atarax is Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride, it can release some anxiety and tension, relieve nausea, and has several other uses, but it is NOT a Benzo. ## Can hydroxyzine hcl work for insomnia during klonopin withdrawal? ...
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Tue, Nov 05 '13, 4:42 PM
what can cause a false positive for benzo
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My son failed a urine test for a job that says benzos. He never takes any meds at all... Not even aspirin. What could it be? ## 7 days ago I took a half of a 5 mg Valium and today took a drug test that had a faint line on the benzo dip test. Will that show up if sent to the lab and if so can I use hydroxyzine as an excuse for the trace of benzo like a false positive ...
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what medications can cause a false positive for benzos
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NOT TAKING ANYTHING BUT HYDROCODONE, BUT SHOWED UP POSITIVE FOR BENZOS. NEED A LIST OF MEDICATIONS BOTH PRESCRIBED AND OVER THE COUNTER TO FIND OUT IF I HAVE TAKEN SOMETHING THAT WOULD CAUSE THIS ## I'm taking tramadol , gabapentin, and trazodone on a daily basis my job gave me a drug test yesterday and it was positive for benzos I've never took a benzo in my life is this possible ## I take lisinopril, adderall, xanax, loratab, and tested positive for methamphetamine, I'm 59 yrs. old never touched the stuff why would I test positive for this? ## Can any of these meds cause a false positive for benzos? Hydroxyzine, quetiapine, or oxcarbazepine ## Adderall could cause the false positive because it is an amphetamine. ## Hello Melinda. Believe it or not, it is not uncommon to ha... ...
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I need a doctor to prescribe me benzos of some sort for brea
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for breakthrough anxiety, I have been on methadone for over 25 years, then anxiety started acting up so they put me on seroquel 100mg 4 times day plus hydroxyzine 4xday also for anxiety, I am now convinced I need klonopin or something of the benzo class to take at bedtime to control this strong fear and anxiety feelings of death is iminent I NEED HELP ASAP ## Dear Alan, I am sorry to hear about your severe anxiety struggle, have empathy with you and do understand. I also struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. This started to happen years ago after traumatic prolonged incidents. I was prescribed Zopax 0,5mg, 3 times/day as well as Clift. Clift (anti~depressant) helped at first but after more severe traumatic events, I had too much pain bottled up over years and eventually paid a few vi... ...
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Sat, Jul 30 '16, 2:22 PM
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I used to take Atatax for itching and as a light sedative/antihistamine (1 tablet per night). Now Pfizer are no longer manufacturing this drug. my Dr has now prescribed Urbanol 10mg and I am afraid of taking this medication as i have read that it is the same as Zolpidem, Zolpihexal and these are for Insomnia and I dont suffer from Insomnia only the itching. My pharmacist said to only take them when necessary, and I dont feel that they will work the same as Atarax which I took everyday day!!! ## No, Urbanol is not the same as Zolpidem. It contains the active ingredient Clobazam, which is a Benzodiazepine derivative that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Atarax contained the active ingredient Hydroxyzine and it is still available. Are there any other questio... ...
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librium is this pill darkgreenandlightgreen
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capsule like pill dark green and light green with symbol of E on it and 613 ## Is loratab simular 2 xanax?? ## A Lortab is a Narcotic Pain killer and a Xanax is in the same class as a valium. very different. ## Joy is correct on those, though it should be noted that Xanax is a benzodiazepine, so it does have the potential to be habit forming. I believe that's why many think it's a narcotic or related to one. You can learn more Xanax details here. And the original capsule asked about with the E613 marking on contains 25mgs of Hydroxyzine, which is an antihistamine that's used to treat allergic reactions, insomnia, nausea and for its sedative like effects. You can learn more Hydroxyzine details here. The side effects are usually related to that and may include drowsiness, dizz... ...
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green capsule 613
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Seeing as to how this is not in the same class of prescription drug as Xanax but both are used to treat anxiety, is this just a more mild form of Xanax when talking about the effectiveness in treating anxiety?? ## Forgot to mention the pill I'm asking about is 25mg hydroxyzine ## Hello, Joe! How are you? The FDA actually classifies Hydroxyzine as an antihistamine, which is also used to treat anxiety due to its sedative like effects. However, since it's different, it doesn't tend to be habit forming like a benzodiazepine. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## In all honesty then is there anything stronger or more beneficial about the 25mg hydroxyzine rather than regular old Ben... ...
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ua results faulse positive
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will hydroxyzine pam, trazodone or zolpidem give you a false positive for benzodiazepines and if the answer is yes, where on the internet can I find documentation showing this? Thanks ## No, none of the medications you've listed have been known to cause false positives for Benzodiazepines. Learn more drug test details here. Was the person in question taking anything else, even over the counter products? ...
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Tue, Sep 25 '12, 4:01 PM

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