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need xanax doctor in minneapolis
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I have severe anxiety and I have no insurance and need to find a doctor that can prescribe Xanax or klonopin ## Then you would have to pay in Cash. This forum assumes you have the money to get the items you need. ## This website really doesn't assume anything about anyone. As to the fact that you have no insurance, that is actually likely to create a problem, when looking for medications such as this, since they are known to be habit forming and commonly abused. Not having insurance and paying cash means the person may be risky, because it is much easier for them to doctor and pharmacy hop to try to game the system and get more medications than they should. Do you currently have a GP that you see regularly? They may be able to refer you to someone and that could limit the issues you... ...
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Wed, Aug 30 '17, 8:03 AM
Substitute For Flovent
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I am taking Flovent Hfa 120 Inh 110mcg. Is there a good substitute that is not as expensive? ## There is no generic for any formulation of Flovent currently available, from what I've found the soonest that one may reach market would be around December 2012. Have you discussed this issue with your doctor? There are several other corticosteroid inhalers available, but I am not sure what would be cheaper, compared to what you are paying now, since you didn't state how much it costs in your area. ## You might find one in your insurance listed in the alternative list but I DID NOT. re: Discuss/Flovent-alternative-284510.htm ...
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Sun, Jul 31 '16, 9:29 AM
what do numbers on oxycodone mean
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On my prescription this month they changed my pills i use to get the long pill and one the pill is the number 10/325 .....8 per day these new pills they gave me are not working. Now this new pill is yellow in color with the number 230 on it on opposite side is a triangler shape please let me know what these are so far they do nothing for my pain i pay $80. a month i hate paying for something that doesn't work hope you see my point i get my prescriptions thru OPTUM RX my insurance man say there are alot complaints about this company i need help ## Edward, You were dispensed oxycodone with acetaminophen 10mg./325mg. They are distributed by alvogen inc. They are indeed the same drug you were formally taking but there have been reports that this formulation is less than effective. The b... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Oxycodone.
Mon, Feb 13 '17, 9:41 AM
free Lyrica prescription discounts or samples
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I have no insurance currently and need help paying for my Lyrica. ## Hello, Tonya! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're out of work. However, since there are generics available, there is no assistance program available for this medication. But there are pharmacy discount cards that may make it cheaper. There is one towards the right on each page of this site, you simply click the link, submit your email address, then print the card and take it to your pharmacy. The FDA classifies Lyrica as an anticonvulsant that is also used to treat certain types of nerve pain and some mood disorders. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, mood swings and weight changes. Does anyone else have any suggestions that may help? ## The company that makes Lyrica... ...
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Mon, Jul 17 '17, 8:07 AM
What are Opioid,Tramadol, Hydrocodone, Fentenyl dosages.
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I am 70 years old and have taken the following 3 medications for the past 4 years, hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10-325 T(1 tablet 4 times daily), Tramadol 50MG tablet(1 tab 4 times daily), Fentanyl patch 75 mh (change patch every 3 days). Jan 2017 my insurance stop paying for the Tramadol and hydrocodone unless I went through a pain clinic, I did go to a pain clinic. The pain clinic refused to prescribe both Tramadol and hydrocodone indicating a new law that will not allow it. The new opioid regulation indicates this level is to be monitored and know and understand the symptoms they are prescribed for, but the pain clinic indicate this level is above the limit and I do not need it. I have suffered from juvenile RA since I was 4 years old then degenerative rheumatoid arthritis my entire life, ...
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Tue, Apr 18 '17, 5:37 PM
Need do in Florida
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I'm in the process of relocating from Nashville Tennessee to Lake County Florida anyone know the rules and laws on pain management clinics herein Florida . I have been going to the same one for four years in Nashville however I cannot get home my appointment is the end of the week in Nashville Will a pain clinic see me in Florida with a Tennessee drivers license I do have paystub with my Florida address Would be paying cash due to no insurance ...
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Tue, Mar 31 '15, 7:32 AM
price of contrave with fepblue
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The pamphlet the dr gave said the cost would be about $70 per month without insurance and $45 with insurance. I work for the govt and have bcbs and CVS wanted me to pay $212 because they said I have federal insurance and couldn't use the pharmacy. What is everyone else paying and why can't I use this savings card? Why am I being penalized? When will it be available through Caremark mail ordering? What other pharmacy can I use if I can use this savings card? ## Hello, Wanda! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you've had. Usually, that only applies to those who receive subsidized insurance from the government, such as Medicare and that is exactly what I'm reading on the Contrave site. This does not usually apply to insurance you have, because you work for th... ...
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Tue, May 02 '17, 5:25 PM
Painful Injection
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I was on Enbrel ten years ago with pleasant results. Then Humana Insurance stopped paying for it and I went on Methretrexate for several years. As I aged it seemed my rheumatoid arthritis got worse so doctor put me on Remicade which I had to obtain financial assistance for. Five years of wonderful help on disease, my funding ended and doctor put me back on Enbrel with new insurance company. Enbrel had a program that helped me financially and I received my first shipment last Friday. Followed directions for new version of giving a needle. I had no trouble with old system of physically injecting needle myself. This tubular, self contained needle and medicine required concentrated action on my part and I did all the directions said. When it came to pressing the purple tab on top, my arthri... ...
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Thu, May 26 '16, 9:16 AM
naproxin side effects
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I would like to get some help. I took Naproxin for headaches for about a year or so and the results was a bleeding ulcer and I almost died. My problem is that I am self employed and have no source of income and didn't understand that this was a side effect. i am feeling better but, I would like to know if there is some help to get me some income not interested in suing our insurance is paying the hospital bills but, I have no income can you help? The Dr said I can't work for 3-4 months and I don't qualify for anything. I am not disabled only temporarily. Would appreciate anything you can do. Thanks Roberta Gordon ...
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Mon, Jul 06 '09, 4:49 PM
Help pay
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Ive recently been getting my Savella from my Insurance. Now, their saying I can't get it for free anymore. How can I get help paying for it? ## The manufacturer, Forest Pharmaceuticals does have an assistance program for Savella, however, I haven't been able to find any specific information on the requirements for it. You can call them to check into it at 800-851-0758. Learn more Savella details here. How much do you have to pay for it now? ...
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Sat, Jun 30 '12, 10:04 AM
pharmacies that will fill oxycodone in naples fl
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I am sooooo sick of being told that the pharmacies don't have my meds!!! I have a pain specialist in Lee county in Fl and live in Naples. I have been paying for my controlled meds at a pharmacy in Bonita when I have insurance that covers my medication in full !!! this particular pharmacy told me that they are no longer accepting insurance for controlled substances because they lose money so they are charging $3-$4 each for MS Contin 15 and even more for Norco or percocet. There HAS to be something illegal about this.....? I might as well just forget the stupid insurance and even the doc for that matter !!! I am paying $300 to see my doc every month and then another 2-400 for my meds and this month I just didn't have it so am only taking two norco a day when I am prescribed mscon... ...
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Tue, Feb 24 '15, 6:30 AM
name brand norco
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Generic Norco don't work near as good as the name brand can I get help paying for the brand name my insurance won't cover it and I suffer from chronic neck and back pain neuropathy also ## Hello, Zachary! How are you? I am very sorry that you're in pain. Unfortunately, no. There are no assistance programs currently available for this, since it is available as a generic, as well as the name brand. The best suggestion I have is to speak to your doctor about the issue, they may be able to prescribe an alternative medication that would work better for you. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Thu, Sep 11 '14, 12:48 PM
Coupon For Lo Loestrin Fe
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does anyone have or know of a coupon for this brand of birth control? my insurance sucks and im paying like $60 per pack. ## Have you tried your local planned parenthood? Even if you don't qualify for free assistance, because you work and/or have insurance, they usually can help you get things for more reasonable prices. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. Alternatively, have you talked to your doctor about using a different one that may be cheaper? ...
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Tue, Jan 15 '13, 2:21 PM
effectiveness of various manufacturers generic adderal
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Many pharmacies use whatever companies products are currently available to to dispense. Shire's name brand products are often covered under all but a few insurance companies. It is the "most effective" in Shire's opinion. Teva, a Israeli pharmaceutical firm, as well as others make generic off shoots of mixed amphetamine salts cocombinations. They may be in short supply in areas. Small independent pharmacies are not allotted as many of these CII stimulates. Paying cash is preferred by pharmacies if generic substitutions are not marked or not in stock. One takes what one can afford or even find. My MD always issues me three different but similar Rx's and DOES NOT label them "NOT TO BE ISSUED A MONTH APART." A issuance of a Rx of a CII like generic Adderal's... ...
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Fri, Jul 14 '17, 3:43 PM
Discount Card
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My mother has been using the drug Pennsaid for knee pain. We recently had to change insurance companies and she went from paying $40.00 per month for this to now paying $136.00. This is totally unreasonable for her to have to pay this amount. I was curious to see if your company offered any type of drug discount card that would make this cheaper for her. This has helped her in her walking quite a bit but now has become a little too pricey for her. Thanks... ## Hi Donna, Sorry to hear about that crazy price increase. These pharmacies always find little ways to squeeze an extra paycheck out of people and it's a bit ridiculous to say the least. As far as saving money on her prescription, there are plenty of free Prescription Drug Discount Cards out there that you can find on google, wh... ...
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Thu, Jan 31 '13, 2:20 AM
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Im thinking of switching from strips to zubsolv next month because I have no insurance is there anyone whos switched and liked it? ## It is the same, just under a different formulation and brand name, so it should work the same. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there a big price difference? ## I know you posted this a long time ago, but if you haven't switched, I would not recommend it. I did and it is awful. I was down to between 2 to 4 mgs of suboxone a day. My ins stopped paying for them so 3 weeks ago my doc switched me to zubsolv, telling me that it's the same even better. He said stronger and easier to get off of. I got 30 5.7 tabs and ... ...
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Wed, Mar 22 '17, 7:47 AM
Doctors that prescribe pain killers in Abilene, tx
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I have no insurance and want to find a doctor that can help with my pain. Since I have no insurance I want to make sure the doctor I go to can help before paying out of pocket. I've been on tramadol and 3 different anti inflammatorys and none have helped at all. ## I have chronic pain and have a lot of trouble getting anyone to prescribe my pain medication for me in Abilene, tx. Any suggestions? ...
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Tue, Apr 04 '17, 1:05 PM
Lexapro Brand versus generic escitalopram
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I have taken 30mg of Lexapro for past 4 years. After the deaths of my son and his wife in a plane crash the depression and anxiety were more than I could bear. This past May I was changed to the generic escitalopram. God Forbid!!!! What a nightmare. Within three weeks I was suicidal, I was going through SSRI withdrawals which are vicious. I am now paying over $225.00 per month for Brand Lexapro as my insurance will NOT cover it even with prior auth or any other reason. My Medicare Advantage plan leaves a lot to be desired even though I pay a $152.00 per month premium. Has anyone else had problems with the generic Lexapro? My pharmacist said I am not the first. ## I've been on Lexapro for 4+ years and got switched to generic as well. Initially the generic just didn't work (it was... ...
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Mon, Sep 11 '17, 9:22 AM
ky doctors willing to prescribe oxycodone 30mg
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Hey I just moved from pa to ky and looking for a dr that will prescribe my oxycodone 30mg that I have been on for years.. I haven't had any luck finding a dr that will prescribe my meds. I have had several back surgeries and need another surgery but don't have insurance right now. Does anyone know of any doctor around here that will prescribe my meds? I have medical records and MRIs that prove I need surgery and in severe pain!! ## Hi, Sasha! Unfortunately, without insurance it is going to continue to be difficult to find a doctor willing to prescribe it and, if you do find one, you'll be on another adventure to find a pharmacy that will fill it. Paying cash is one way that people have used to doctor and pharmacy hop, in other words to scam and get multiple prescriptions for... ...
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Tue, May 23 '17, 3:35 PM
can you ask a pharmacy for non-generic ambien
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My pharmacy gives me a different generic ambien almost every month. Can I ask for non-generic since I am paying without insurance? All of them work slightly different. Some hardly work at all. ## Hello, Jerry! How are you? Yes, you can do that. You can also ask your doctor to write the prescription as 'brand medically necessary' or whatever the equivalent is in your state. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, funny taste in mouth, sleep actions, hallucinations and next day hangover-like effects. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I wouldn't mind a generic ambein if i knew one that worked consistently. I read different opinions on all the generics. So would name brand be inconsistent also? I can n... ...
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Sat, Mar 26 '16, 8:27 PM

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